Fall into Fall

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  1. I love hearing about your garden and trips and how you work. I look forward to the live event. Enjoy New York and being with family.

    1. Have fun. family trips always the best. Hope no more rain in New York when you’re there. Waiting for the BRIDES book.

  2. Enjoy your visit in N Y. I’m just hanging, hating that summer is ending. My oldest grandson is visiting from CA so that will be fun.

  3. Have fun with your friends and NYC!
    No Bway shows on tap???
    Excited about FB Live while you’re there!
    Safe travels…you are precious to us.

  4. Enjoy your trip to New York. Time with family is precious! Have a good day with your friends. Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. Soup looks delicious! Safe travels to NYC! Looking forward to the new book. It’s still in the 90’s in Texas. Very thankful for the upcoming cold front that will drop us into the high 70’s later this week.

  6. Loved your response about last time you left the house
    Thought immediately “there’s Dallas’ response to Roarke”

  7. Love the beautiful gardens. Your soup looks delicious. Have a great time in New York city.

  8. I love hearing about slices of your life and the pictures are a treat. Hope the weather is good for y’all while you are in NY.

  9. My tortilla soup definitely did NOT look like that . . . yours looks much better than mine. Ah, well, it’s another reason I’m glad the husband likes to cook, and does so with a brilliance I’ve yet to master. Thanks for the update; looking forward to the next.

  10. Thank you for the pictures from your garden – lovely as always. The tortilla soup and sourdough bread look delicious. You have a wonderful work ethic that I admire.

  11. Well maybe the second, as you had your girls trip to the “haunted hotel,” right? The New York trip sounds like fall fabulousness! So wonderful! Your soup and bread look amazing!!! Love your beautiful wooden vase that is holding your arrangement. Lovely! Enjoy the season!

  12. Enjoy your trip to NYC! I’m really enjoying “Identity”, but I have to say, it’s making me a little tense with the build up! Won’t give anything away, but it sure is a great read! Once again, thanks for the great stories!

  13. On a rainy day in a Motel in West Virginia I found myself browsing the book shelf for an interesting read. I found the first book of the McGregors .
    I have enjoyed all you have written. Currently reading the dragon heart series on book two.
    I’m wanting to express gratitude for the gift you share with us all. Your brilliant.
    Lea Lundquist

  14. Ha! Here in Texas it’s still summer. We had a brief taste of fall and mornings are cooler, but we’re still in the 90s. At least the 100+ degree heat has abated. The last day for that was around 25 September. It was 104 degrees. We’re in the hill country in central Texas, you’d think we were in the desert. Although the desert might be drier-lol.

    I have to share something with Nora. My nephew who is 42 was reading over my shoulder one day and now he’s hooked on the In Death series. His mom who was my sister, my husband, and I all read the series. Now, he’s checking them out of the library and reading them on his phone. He’s in the army and due to retire next spring. I’m proud of the kid.

  15. We’ve made Chicken Noodles with Veggies Soup and currently are enjoying Sausage Minestrone with Veggies soup. Mmmmm!
    Have an excellent trip!

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