Encore in Death discussion space

Encore in Death is on sale now! And here’s the space to discuss any and all points of the story.

What did you think of Encore? Did you catch any of my teasers?

Share in the comments! And please be aware that spoilers will show up in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Encore in Death discussion space”

  1. Thanks to an unexpectedly speedy delivery by the USPS and a relative calm weekend, I was able to enjoy Encore this past weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pacing, story and character engagement were all “on”.

    Some quick thoughts: A) The killer’s identity really did catch me by surprise. I totally expected it to be one of the multitude of assistants… but that would have been too easy. B) Like Summerset, I appreciated that this case allowed Eve and Roarke to come home without being bloodied and bruised. C) And finally, the whole anniversary gift scene was SO perfect and incredibly romantic! It also reminded me that the whole time-space continuum is really tight in Eve-world. Of course it was suspicious that Roarke was “in the area” so much over such a short time… I just missed it because it was over a couple books 🙂

    Now, my one question… will Eve and Roarke arrange to buy the metalwork piece with fairies that Peabody wants to give Mavis????

    Thank you, Nora, for another great read ❤️

  2. Read it in one day, as usual. Identity of killer did keep me guessing, so that was great. I had wondered if Eve was going to find a way to share her Magic with the rest of her dept. The way it happened was awesome and, I believe, another showing of understanding and acceptance.
    Found all the teasers! Great job JD. Now the waiting begins for the next one. Will pack for Greece & Ireland as I wait.

  3. Loved it. Guessed the killer. Didn’t get the Game of Thrones reference. I, too, wonder if Eve and Roarke will buy the fairy sculpture for Mavis and the lamp for Peabody. Love that Roarke bought the building foe Eve. The eviction will be sweet.

  4. Loved the upcoming idea of the eviction. I feel like Eve’s torture chair is in upcoming jeopardy by nefarious means. The only time I want time to speed up in the books is when Mavis is pregnant, like hurry and bake that baby! I need the birthing classes, baby showers, birthing scenes. Neooow.
    And I was focused on the wrong perp the whole time. Loved it, as usual.

  5. Loved the story, and really enjoy the deepening of the relationship between Eve and Roarke. My one problem is the stigmatization of Borderline Personality Disorder as it is used in this story. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in treatment of BPD, I’ve seen this happen again and again in novels. BPD is used as a scapegoat and inaccurately represented, as sadly, it is here. You can call someone a “malignant narcissist”, a characterization that does seem to fit Eliza’s character as written. But BPD is a separate disorder and sufferers are usually the exact opposite of narcissistic. They feel too much and in my experience are too much in tune with the other person’s emotions. They may personalize and need too much, but it’s about fearing rejection, not believing that they’re the only one that matters. I feel BPD was used as an easy, throwaway euphemism for “monster” here and that is grossly unfair and stigmatizing. I would have expected better research on the matter.

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