December? Seriously?

November blurred by, and now December’s decided to blow in with wicked winds, chilly rain and gloom. I’m hoping that improves.

For all its speed, November was pretty packed around here–which may be why it seemed to whiz.

BW and I had our November week at the spa–joined for a couple days this year by Jason, Kat and the ultra-adorableness of Griffin. Kat was invited to participate in Nemocolin’s Nov-Feb art show! She brought up the paintings she chose for it–it’s an animal theme–and they’ll hang until February.

Kat’s menagerie.

We’re so proud of her! And her talent gave us more Griffin time.

This is always a working trip for me so that’s early workout, then butt in the chair until mid afternoon. A reward of a lovely treatment, then a meal someone else cooked.

Always a good deal.

Home again, and a lovely Sunday at a sweet baby shower for me.

And boom, it’s Girls’ Night Out in Boonsboro. Always a fun time–and a little extra special as Kayla joined us. Serious fun to hit some of the Main Street shops with my girl.

Blink, and it’s time to prep for Thanksgiving.

Pies! Pretzel rolls! All baked on Wednesday. Apple sauce, cranberry sauce–also on Wednesday’s list.

Baking done!

And Thursday’s the cooking extravaganza. A little different this year as my girl’s now a vegetarian. So in addition to my traditional sausage stuffing I did an apple and raisin stuffing (dressing) with veggie broth in a casserole. And a lot of roasted veggies I hadn’t tried before.

Kayla wasn’t coming around until Friday, for leftover and pie (especially pie) but I wanted her to have plenty of choices. And Kat and Jason made a vat of mac and cheese as it’s one of her favorites.

I made roasted beets! And am very glad I looked up how to peel those suckers so learned to use gloves and a plastic cutting board. It’s CSI time with beets. But Jason–very fond of them–gave the finished product a thumb’s up.

Thanksgiving buffet

We had so much food we set it up buffet style rather than on the table.

Griffin’s private buffet.

Griffin and the dogs continue their love affair. In fact when he woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday, they raced up to make sure his parents weren’t torturing him. And that, at 1:30 a.m. was that. I come out when I hear the whole gang troop down the stairs.

Atticus and his boy, a love story.

The dogs in heaven with some middle of the night play. Griffin–toddling now–drunkenly walking across the room to them. Daddy keeping the dogs relatively calm, Mama patiently reading the boy his Baby Shark book until he finally gives it up.

I make sure to shut the dogs in our bedroom.

Twice before the little family gets up on Friday morning I have to stop Atticus from heading up. I literally hear him sigh when I catch him and say: Nope.

More Griffin time for me on Friday. Jason and BW haul all the Christmas stuff up from the storage shed. It’s early decorating for me as this is my only free weekend.

And here’s Kayla for those leftovers. More thumb’s up (not the beets, but everything else.)

When Jason and his fam pack up to head home, Kayla stays awhile and helps me decorate. She’s off to NY for a cross-country run. (Brr!)

I finish it up, and enjoy having my house look so festive.

Yesterday a four-hour wrapping marathon with wonderfully silly Christmas movies.

Today, workout done, I’m sneaking in time to write this. If Kayla has any energy left after her whirlwind trip to The Bronx and her run, she’ll come up and wrap for me. Otherwise, I’m back at it.

Then I pack for our annual girl holiday trip. Two days of shopping, champagne and girl pals. A lovely way to kick off the season.

December’s packed, too. Our Holiday Signing’s next Saturday, an annual party next Sunday. I have my tooth implant replacement on Monday–ugh. This is the dark spot in a bright month, but it’ll be–hopefully–over and done as there are two more events that week.

I expect Christmas to come rushing at me, but I’m ready for it.


30 thoughts on “December? Seriously?”

  1. Wow! I need a rest just from reading all that! I have boxes of decorations out. They’re making me feel guilty, so I suppose I’ll tackle them today. It’s always a pleasure to see into your world. Thank you for that.

    1. I was lucky enough to be in Maryland for Girl’s Night Out and honored to meet you, Laura and all of the wonderful authors at Turn the Page bookstore. Your schedule leaves me panting, so much energy and fun! Have a very merry holiday season.

  2. Can you share your recipe for the roasted beets? Good Christmas movie to check out is Klaus on Netflix. Wonderful movie and I have a family connection as a cousin is one of the animators! Sounds lije you are all ready for Christmas…I need to finish up!

  3. WOW! Definite nap time after reading your schedule! I still am shlepping the totes out of the basement! Somehow that was a lot easier several years ago!!! Muttering darkly here!

    Love the roasted veggies!!! Turns all of us into serious veg lovers!!!

    Happy Holidaze to all!

  4. My twin granddaughters turned vegetarian at the same age as Kayla. They are now eating meat. Tho I do make more veggies now. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. Sounds like an amazing, fun and wonderful whirlwind of a Thanksgiving! Love the wrapping/movie combo. Brilliant idea. And the love affair with Griffin and his canine friends makes my heart melt. I literally said Awww when I saw the pic. Such good dogs and such an adorable cutie pie of a kid.

    As someone who also is going through the dental implant mess I feel your pain. I had one done a few years ago (old injury from childhood moon-bounce accident that got infected as an adult) and one from a crown that came out this year. My next step in the surgery process is in two weeks.

    My one hint: Halcion. It is a pill I take an hour before the surgery that means I’m still awake and can follow directions but HAVE NO MEMORY of the ugh dental surgery! (Of course only take this meds under doctor’s supervision and with dentists you trust). Makes the whole ugly mess so much easier. I don’t need it for the last part when they are fitting the implant but the removal and the second stage (putting in metal plate thing) it is a life saver.

    Good luck with your dental work! But most importantly HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your whole family! Thank you for helping make mine so much better with your books and your posts. All of which make me smile.

    Thank you for always giving me a place to dream, escape the every day to and let me explore parts of the world (or the future) from my own home.

    Happy Holidays

    1. I agree with the halcyon! I had the same with my dental implant surgery. It’s a life saver!

  6. So much wonderful food! My sister-in-law makes a dressing that includes various spices, mushrooms and shaved carrots. It has become a favorite dish at our Thanksgiving meals. So sweet that the dogs checked on Griffin when he woke up; not so good that they woke the entire household, but good to know they’ll be there for him in need.

  7. Sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful and that little Griffin is adorable (probably not at 1:30 though!). Have a great Christmas and find time to rest in January, ha!

  8. Major kudos to Kat! That’s excellent! As always, many thanks for sharing.

  9. My Christmas decorating will not start until Wed; have been at my son’s family home this week and we are going home tomorrow. Unfortunately Tuesday is a funeral for one of my dear SS ladies, then making a dessert for our Christmas celebration at our weekly Bible Study that night. Rest of the week and following is all packed with events so will be busy for the next 3 weeks. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am looking forward to ours.

  10. I read your busy schedule, and i am amazed- where do you get your energy from? You would think that w/your writing and social obligations, you would just order in some items- rolls, cakes and salads at least! My hats off to you.
    I’m sorry about your dental implants. I am going in wednesday for a tooth extraction. It’s the upper fourth from the end, and I’m thinking of skipping the whole dental implant headache, & just leaving the spot bare. I don’t smile that widely anyway, & i’m not sure it’s worth the hassle and expense.
    Thanks for your posts. Have a relaxing (?) and happy holiday season.

    1. Chevy, I got a bridge years ago some time after a tooth extraction between molars; they started shifting together & not in a good way. The bridge works to keep them in place & gives me a bit more ‘power’ when chewing. It’s 2nd molar from the front, lower right. Just fyi.

      1. thank you. i didn’t even realize that the bridge is an option. Now i know what to ask when i go there. thanks again

  11. Nora, thank you for sharing a part of your life. I know the holidays take on a whole new
    Light with a little one around. Sorry about the dental troubles,but this too shall pass. Have a blast in New York!

  12. I’m in awe of your writing accomplishments and amazed at your stamina! Happy winter, Nora.

  13. And I think I’m busy! LOL Wwe’re not vegetarians but do eat lots of roasted veggies. Our latest: roasted Savoy cabbage. Delish! Have a blessed Christmas!

  14. Thanks you for once again including us into your life. It makes us feel as if we know you and your family. Congrats to Kat and hope her show goes well. So much creative talent in your family. Griffin is so adorable and growing so fast, as they always do. Can’t wait for your next post about your Dec adventures. Thanks again for sharing.

  15. WOW you have been busy! Griffin is still adorable and I don’t blame you for grabbing every minute you can with him. They grow so fast. Would you share your recipe for sausage stuffing? Thank you for continuing to get my favorite authors. I hope you have the merriest of Merry Christmas!

  16. Wow! So much going and doing. I feel like a sloth. Although I do have a work from home job. I’m in the customer service program for a major retailer on their online site.
    Griffin is adorable. Toddling is so cute. Love that he and dogs are buds. My sister’s cat would do the same thing when my niece’s son would be lying on the niece’s bed. Rear up on her hind legs to see what torture was being done to him. I told Anna, the niece, ha that’s her baby, not yours.

  17. Well, I don’t have quite your early start, Nora, but I’m getting there. Have several of the “store bought” gifts I’m giving this year, but need to get started on my “from my kitchen” gifts. I’ll get there. Can I just say your Thanksgiving buffet looks delicious. Such a great holiday. And I LOVE your kitchen counters. Also your lovely candle display at the top of your blog. So festive. I’m all about the holiday scented candles. Wishing you and all of your family peace and happiness for the holidays and in the New Year, Nora! And also to you and your family, Laura- and to all of my fellow fans and readers out there!

  18. Rockefeller center, the ice rink at Christmas, a scene from your latest novel on that stage. It has come to mind when I read you about Christmas.

  19. What a whirlwind of events…had me laughing with the episode of the dogs and Griffin…he must be a dream to watch in action…❤️❤️

    Look for many more updates..

  20. What a whirlwind November you all had.

    Congratulations to Kat on her paintings…I so enjoy seeing her start them on a trip and then witnessing the beautiful piece once it’s finished.

    Certainly had me chuckling with the Atticus and Griffin adventures..

    Good luck at the dentist and wishing you a wonderful December❤️❤️

  21. Happy holidays to you and your wonderful family! (People and puppies). I hope all works out for you with your tooth replacement. Love, love, love your books! One of my favorite things to do is curl up in my big comfy chair, with my kitties on my lap, and read one of your books. Thank you for that. Your gift of a great story is truly unsurpassed.

  22. Happy Happy Holidays. First of all, Nemacolin has a special place in my hewrt, that’s where my husband proposed to me on bended knee at The golden Trout. Not sure it’s still there.
    Enjoy your time off and Happy wrapping and Happy Griffin time.

  23. Happy Holidays Nora and Laura!
    I just want you to know my mom, Gail, is your #1 fan, she loves your books. I think she has bought every one atleast once. She lends them to her friends and past coworkers and has to rebuy them lol. She takes joy reading and rereading each one of them. Its amazing, she can gobble one up in a matter of days. Reading what you write is her favorite hobby. I would love to get her a signed copy or to take her to a book signing. She is in chemo and the cancer has spread from her lungs to her brain and to her spine, so traveling is hard where she is in so much pain. She was given 2 months to live and we are now celebrating our 5th Holiday season with her. For that I am truly thankful! The joy you bring her and as an escape while she is going thru this makes me happy. She loves the romance, the mysteries and the trilogies of your novels so much. I would like to do something special for her for Christmas (or just because) where we are never sure how much time we have left. Any ideas would be great, she has suffered so much and deserves so much more than what I can do or the cards she has been felt in this life.
    Best of luck in the New Year

    1. Hi Julie,
      If you send me her mailing address, I’ll mail out one of Nora’s holiday cards to your mom. They have some lovely non-book items at Turn the Page Bookstore ( as well as Inn BoonsBoro amenities at Gifts Inn BoonsBoro ( that may surprise her!


  24. I can’t wait to snuggle in and get reading the latest NR and JD Robb books. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Many thanks for the sharing.

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