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Please remember this is the announcement of the project and early, early days yet.  We’ll keep everyone in the loop as the process moves along.

 At some point Nora will share her thoughts.  As for me?  I think this is going to be a lot of fun.  ~Laura

Edited 1/13/15 at  9:30 pm:  My contact at Omnifilm saw the questions about where the show would air. Again, this is early in the process, but they definitely plan for the series to be broadcast in the US — they are in the beginning stages of determining which networks to partner with, so no news on that front yet.  They are also working diligently to bring the series to Canadian and UK (including Ireland) audiences… and perhaps other countries as well.  

Since the news was only announced this evening, I think we need to give them just a little more time to work out details.  ~Laura 

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Vancouver, BC, January 13, 2015 – Omnifilm Entertainment has secured the rights to bestselling author Nora Roberts’ latest trilogy from Berkley Books, The Cousins O’Dwyer. Lost Girl Executive Producer Emily Andras will write the television series adaptation, entitled “Blood Magick”, the title of the final book in the trilogy.

Blood Magick is a contemporary genre continuing series set in Ireland, featuring sorcerer cousins Iona, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer as they face off against the ancient evil of the dark sorcerer Cabhan.

The series begins as American-born Iona Sheehan arrives in Ireland, where her ancestors’ blood and magic have flowed through generations – and where her destiny awaits. She tracks down her cousins, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer, and since family is family, they invite her into their home and soon she joins their mission to defeat Cabhan.

“We at Omnifilm Entertainment are delighted to be in business with Emily Andras, the very talented Executive Producer of Lost Girl, as she adapts Nora Roberts’ thrilling Blood Magick trilogy for television,” said Paulo de Oliveira, Omnifilm SVP Scripted Programming and Executive Producer.  “Nora Roberts is an author of unparalleled popularity, and we look forward to seeing her wonderful work realized for the screen.”

All three books in the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy – Dark Witch, Shadow Spell, and Blood Magick, – debuted at #1 in both paperback and e-book categories on the New York Times bestseller list. 

Nora Roberts is the bestselling author of more than 200 novels with more than 500 million copies of her books in print worldwide.  Every Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb title released in 2014 hit the New York Times bestseller list, keeping up a streak started in 1999.

“I’m very excited to bring Blood Magick to series television,” said Andras. “These characters are so passionate in their fight to protect their home and each other, it’s easy to be drawn into their dangerous quest. Set in Ireland’s enchanting County Mayo, the books detail a haunting and sensual world. With Nora’s stories guiding us, we look forward to bringing Branna, Connor and Iona to life for the millions of Nora Roberts fans throughout the world.”

The project is being structured as a Canada/Irish co-production and will be pitched in the coming weeks.

Nora Roberts is repped by UTA. Emily Andras is repped by the Alpern Group. Paulo de Oliveira (Outlander) and Brian Hamilton, Gabriela Schonbach and Michael Chechik of Omnifilm Entertainment will Executive Produce.  

About Omnifilm Entertainment Ltd.

Omnifilm Entertainment Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading independent television producers.  Since 1979 Omnifilm has produced hundreds of hours of award-winning programming including drama, comedy, factual and lifestyle series, documentaries and children’s programming.  Omnifilm’s recent scripted series include: Arctic Air on CBC, which garnered the highest premiere for a CBC 1-hour drama series in over a decade; and Primeval: New World on CTV/Space, SyFy Channel, Prosieben and UKTV; Defying Gravity (ABC, CTV-Space, Prosieben and BBC), the Gemini award-winning gang drama Dragon Boys (CBC) and long-running dramedy Robson Arms (CTV). One of Omnifilm’s earliest dramas The Odyssey was nominated for an Emmy and featured a young Ryan Reynolds. Omnifilm’s teen drama Edgemont discovered both Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and the Beast) and Grace Park (Hawaii 5-0).

Currently Omnifilm has three non-scripted series in production: Ice Pilots on History in Canada, National Geographic in the U.S. and 62 countries including France, Germany and UK; Jade City soon premiering on Discovery Canada, and Namaste, on Youtube, Amazon and iTunes worldwide.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Omnifilm Entertainment is a vertically-integrated content company handling development, production and post-production, delivery, and distribution of their brands on both traditional television and digital/VOD platforms.

And here’s how the announcement looked on The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Ooooo! I’m so excited to hear about this. I know these books will be made into a great t.v. series. Can’t wait. Congratulations Nora. 🙂

    1. Love reading cousin trilogy can’t wait fir more n the series patiently waiting



  3. Wow! Congrats, Nora! This sounds like so much fun! I love that trilogy. Woohoo! Champagne time!

  4. Wow! How exciting! Oh, Branna & Finbar, you shall continue to charm the pants off me!

    I see that it will be an Ireland/Canada production I hope that still means it will air in the US. If not, I’m moving to Ireland for the season. LOL


  6. WOO HOO!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!! Congratulations Nora, this is awesome!!!!

  7. OMG!!! I can not wait for this series to hit TV… I feel several of Nora’s Books should have been done either as a movie or TV series… This news tops it all… The books were fantabulous.. Once I started reading them I had to finish them as I was unable to put them down…

  8. LOVED this series! You felt you were there, I plan to visit Ashford Castle and their falconry center this year!!
    The characters were so great, Nora you made them feel like friends!!!


  9. This is fantastic …I really enjoyed these and I can’t wait to see them on the screen!

  10. Very excited to hear this. I just started to read Dark Witch (although I am really missing Eve and Roarke but that will be taken care of soon).

  11. HOORAY!! Can’t wait. Doing my happy dance.
    Congratulation to Nora.

  12. Congratulations Nora! I can’t wait to see this come to life! What an awesome accomplishment!

  13. Wait, where’s Fin? He wasn’t mentioned at all. You can’t not have him, he’s one of the major players in the books. Without him, the entire story line is screwed.

    1. Rebecca

      Please don’t read into the press release. It’s an announcement and an overview. And it’s very early.


  14. Yes! I have been wondering if we would be seeing any more of Nora’s amazing books on screen.

  15. Yeahhhh! I’m so excited and can not wait. I loved these books. I love all of the other Nora Roberts TV movies that were made.

  16. OMG I am so excited!! This was an awesome trilogy and I wanted more when I finished the last book!! I can’t wait I hope we get it to see it in the US!!

  17. Would Love to see this. Do not want to wait but will….
    Good Luck…

  18. Holy moly! Wow! Yowza! Very proud to be a Canadian knowing that this wonderful trilogy by Nora will be brought to life in a TV series. Having seen all the made-for-tv movies from her books, I am sure this will be the best yet. I absolutely love Outlander, so anyone involved with that series should do great justice to the Cousins O’Dwyer story. Can’t wait for more news. Keep it coming. And thanks for sharing this!!!

  19. I can’t help thinking the Circle Trilogy would’ve been a much more interesting choice for this.

  20. Congratulations Nora! Can’t wait to see them…. (along with the other which I won’t name to prevent a blogalanche). You rock!

  21. Oh WOW that is so exciting! I’ll look forward to seeing it when it’s finished . Congrats Nora!

  22. I’m of mixed feelings. I’m happy for Nora that someone felt the books could be written into a series. I watch Bones which is based on the books by Kathy Reichs who also helped out on the program when it started. It was different from the books and I am still not sure if I like it. But that’s just me. If we get to see it in the United States, I will definitely give it a try.

  23. I really hope this takes form because all through the reading of the trilogy I couldn’t help but wish the story was made into a movie, so, so much cool stuff going on. Putting positive vibes out there!

  24. Fantastic!!! Congratulations Nora. Love the books will love the show.

  25. Am still waiting to read the last of the series.. Book land was sold out so waiting for new shipment to come in. I wouldn’t drive 45 miles for another author.. Hope it comes in by the weekend and looking forward to the movie. Nora Roberts/ JD Robb, best books I’ve ever read.

  26. OMGoodness! I am so excited to see this! This is definitely one TV series that I will watch!

  27. I love when her stories go to film. Can’t wait to see it. Maybe one day Eve will be on the screen too.

  28. Love Nora Roberts books that are turned in the movies. Awesome. I just hope to see three weddings too.

    1. I agree! I absolutely love this series! My sister gave me a signed copy of Blood Magick for Christmas……so special : )……she gets me!!!

      I found myself wanting more details and a glimpse at the weddings. It would be great if she could bring some of that to the series.

      Can’t wait to hear how this unfolds!!! Love! Love! Love!!!!!!

  29. Awesome news! I love the Cousins O’Dwyer series and cannot wait to see it on tv.

  30. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! I absolutely loved the trilogy. I have always thought that Nora’s Trilogies would be great for TV. I am so excited, something to look forward to!!!

    Congratulations Nora!!!!!

  31. So excited to hear the news! Congratulations for writing a wonderful trilogy and having it be made into a beautiful movie!!

  32. I am so excited about this I can hardy stand it. I have always wondered why Nora’s wonderful fantasy or supernatural based series were never brought to either the big or small screen. (I think the Morrigan’s Cross series would be fantastic!) The story lines have so much detail!
    I am curious about one thing. Does series Television refer towards a film, a mini series or a television show? I couldn’t tell.
    Either way….so excited!! *Happy Dance*

  33. Congratulations Nora Roberts. I have enjoyed the film’s made from your books before and I am looking forward to this production. You have brought me (and untold others) so m a NY hours of reading enjoyment. I want to thank you for enriching my life.

  34. What great news! I’m very happy to hear this, especially as I’m just starting Book 2 of the trilogy. (Because Nora is such a prolific writer, I usually wait until I have all three books in the trilogy before I start reading, so I can read right through. 🙂 ) I’m also proud that it is a Vancouver company that recognises the potential for a series. Hopefully this will just be the first of many.

  35. Congratulations Nora! I appreciate all of your books, especially love your fantasy inspired works. Hope you have some input as to how the screen play reads, would be disappointed to lose the essence of these much loved characters and places. I seriously hope this runs in the states, please keep us informed!!

  36. Omg I can’t wait this is so great to hear!!!!! GO NORA!! Just love these characters OMG WOOO HOOOO

  37. Ooooh nice! Let it be good if it comes to fruition. Chesapeake Bay Quartet next…pretty please.

  38. When I read the news I got tears in my eyes. I think I have read almost every book Nora has written, with the exception of the “Death In…” Series . I just loved this trilogy, and hope we get the T.V. Series here in Australia. I have seen several of the movies made from her books, but was disappointed because great hunks of the stories were missing. I hope the T.V. Series can include more detail from the books.I am so looking forward to seeing it!

  39. Wow! This is SO awesome! A tv series from this wonderful trilogy! I can’t wait to see it! Congrats to Nora and everyone involved! 🙂

  40. Crossing fingers it will be on a channel I can get with my cable account.

  41. Oh my god I have waited so long fir more of nora books to come to television and a series to boot. I am so excited. I can’t wait. I’ll be setting on pins and needles till they come out. And I will be watching for more news. So happy for you nora.
    I have all three books and am getting ready to read them. I’m there for you akways. I so love this. Yay, yay, yay.

  42. Give me an N. Give me an O. Give me an R. Give me an A. What does it spell? AWESOMENESS!!!

    This is just wonderful, exciting and happy news to be waking up to!!!!! High hopes it’ll reach South Africa.

    Congratulations awesome Nora and everyone involved.

  43. I love this series. It’s one of my favorites! It really is amazing and congratulations, Nora!
    I can’t wait to see it. Will it be on networks that we can get in Baltimore?

    Yay! Carol Rubright

  44. Congratulations Ms Roberts and a big Hurray to us who will enjoy the series! The only thing is, I really hope the TV company will stay as close to looks on all the actors, as I have seen them in my head, from Ms Roberts description! Good Luck!

  45. Congratulations! This is fabulous news indeed! I absolutely loved this trilogy and can not wait to see it! Here is a thought that you may consider as well… after this project is completed maybe you can look into doing a series on the MacGregor family series? Air it on BBC I think it could be the next Downton Abby! I feel in love with Mac and the entire family! I think you would have another hit! Happiness!

    1. I don’t actually do TV or movies. I write books. A producer or productions company has to express interest in a book or series, contact my agent, make an offer for an option. Then we decide if it seems like a good fit, or not, take the offer, or not.

      I’m really not involved until somebody makes an offer.

  46. Yippee!! Hope they do it justice! I’m curious to see how they’ll do the time traveling/dream traveling thing, and to see Fin’s house, and that scary scene in Cabhan’s cave.

  47. This a great news for us fans, however a question. I know Nora has previously said the she leaves the editing, marketing etc to the experts but in the case of screen plays how much input does Nora have? Does she have final say or does she trust to the “writer” to get it right?

    1. It’s early, early, early, but I can tell you I’ll have input. In fact, the producers asked for that input in selecting the screenwriter, and I was thrilled when my choice of Emily Andras agreed to write the script. I have a lot of confidence in her and the producers.

  48. Omg, hope it gets the go ahead and is shown here in Ireland. Have bought most of Nora,s books and this trilogy has been my favorite so far.can’t wait to see if it all happens.

  49. I am soooooo excited right now!
    I think all of Nora’s work should be made into movies and TV shows!!
    Love love love NORA ROBERTS

  50. Congratulations Nora!! This is very exciting news! Lost Girl was an amazing show so I have every hope they will do Nora justice in the adaptation. Although not my favorite of her trilogies, (and I know we all have our favorites) it should make a great series! I’m looking forward to it!!!

  51. Well, it would seem all the opinionated drivel regarding your trilogies some chose to rudely express is not shared by industry experts, neither in opinion nor when putting their money down. I am excited by this announcement not because of all the shiny shiny things it could bring, but because of the well deserved acknowledgement of a job very well done. My heart is happy for you today! (Btw, I read Blood Magick twice, back to back, because I rushed through it so fast the first time trying to defeat Cabhan)

  52. I am thrilled to hear this news ! Such a great trilogy brought to the screen, I can’t wait …I immediately started thinking what actress could possibly play the part of the beautiful Branna ? It’s going to be fun to put faces to the characters. …and here’s a cool thought, how about a contest to have a few fans visit the set for a day, maybe be a background character? How exciting that would be !

  53. OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m going to be FAMOUS!!!! 😉 Kidding – but oh my GOSH! I am SO excited about this news! I’m half way done with Shadow Spell and am soaking in every minute. Love it, Love you (Nora) and LOVE this news!!!!

  54. Very COOL! I loved this series and think it will make a great TV debut. Congrats Nora!

  55. I think this is wonderful news! From the beginning I felt this would make a wonderful movie! Actually I think all your books would make wonderful movies. Looking forward to this event. Congratulations Nora. Your talent is awesome!

  56. Congratulations, Nora!! I hope you will be able to choose the actors to portray the characters. It would be so cool to see how close your selections would come to the “visions” of the characters you have painted in our minds!!

  57. thanks for letting us know . Love all the series set in Ireland , Home of my soul. This serie svery special as for my 50th few years ago did a trip to Ireland’s West Coast. Went to Cong in homage to the Quiet Man , only to discover Maureen O’Hara was there to attend QM celebrations , and who was also staying at the Ashford , but one Nora McRoberts whilst researching this series . Hoping it gets aired in UK

  58. Awesome!! I loooooved the series! I hope they preserve the integrity of Nora Roberts’ books. Can’t wait!

  59. congratulations. hope they make a series of Chesapeake Bay books. They were the first I rad of Nora”s and started me on the journey I am still on.

  60. Great and definitely worth waiting for.
    Imagine this – the distant future (2060?) and there’s a Nora Roberts/JD Robb channel?
    But, unlike today’s TV channels. would they run the movies of the In Death books in order or would they show them randomly and confuse everyone?

  61. What exciting news congratulations to you Nora , love all your stories based in Ireland , tis the home of my soul
    these have a special place in my heart as
    Had a wonderful three week holiday there a few years ago celebrating a rather large birthday! on the west coast , went to Ardmore and stayed in Cong paying homage to John Wayne and the Quiet Man we were 3 nights in a B and B at the same time as Nora and the wonderful Maureen O’Hara where living it up in the Ashford , Turns out Nora was there doing research for this Trilogy !!! Cant wait , hope they film in Cong xx

  62. I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly but I sure hope they do the books justice!! I read these books 3 times already, and I feel like I need to read something else just so I can say I have read something else so I can go back to read them again!!!! I am a huge Nora fan, and I wait to see what happens next!!!!

  63. OMG! This is so exciting. I always thought The Circle Trilogy would have made great movies. Being able to see The Cousins O’Dwyer come to life on screen will be amazing. Congratulations Nora.

  64. I wanted to say, I finished Blood Magick this weekend. It is one of the first books in a long time that made me cry at the ending, not just because it ended but because it was so well written and I loved all the characters. Now with the new News of it being turned into a series (will it be a mini series) would be wonderful as long as they do this wonderful trilogy justice because it was absolutely fantastic. A BIG thank you to Nora for her brilliant mind and creating characters you truly fall in love with, all of them.

  65. So excited to hear this news!! Just finished listening to the books and absolutely LOVED them!!! I miss the characters already.

  66. I really enjoyed these books and hope that the screenwriters stay as true to the books as they can.

  67. Break out the bubbly. Congratulations, have been reading your books forever it seems, and am looking forward to another movie or series. Wow, it is well deserved. Can’t wait. Look forward to other updates.

  68. I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much Nora, you inspired me to write and I hope someday I’ll be as good as you are p. s myy pen name is going to be Marie Great so check it out when I publish. Happy holidays

  69. I can’t wait for this tv series. You have no idea how excited I am. I loved reading this trilogy and can’t wait to see the characters brought to life. I just wish there was more news and dates and information floating around the internet!

  70. Just wondering what the latest news is on this project? I haven’t seen anything lately and wondered if I missed something. I saw on IMDB that Emily Andras is working on another series right now, Wynonna Earp. Thanks for any update you can give. I hope this project is still a go!

  71. Laura, this is so sad. It would have been great to see it on the screen.

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