5 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/9”

  1. There are references to Eve’s, Roarke’s and others closet organization. Mine is haphazardly organized by wear-rarely wear, then around the house, business casual, and some for nicer events and a few seasonal pieces. How do Nora and Laura organize their closets?

  2. It is hard to decide with so many well written males in all the stories.

  3. I loved that he knew who Ford was. He was also a great friend to Cilla. I was really worried when he was in the hospital.

  4. Too shy to really want to meet in person However, Gregory Peck would have been nice to meet. Then, Agatha Christie, Dick Francis, and Nora Roberts. Then, the guy who wrote The Great Influenza about the 1918 flu pandemic.

  5. Dear Nora,

    First and foremost, how lovely for you, to wander through, your own woods?!

    I am isolated, in East Sussex in England at the moment, and to see all the exquisite different shades of greens, on the trees, English Countryside, at its best?!

    I Housesit for a living, and because people, are not allowed to go on holiday, I miss walking, all the different breeds of Dogs, so much!’

    You wouldn’t beable to comprehend, how I have re read over, and over again, eighteen of your books?!

    It has kept me sane?!

    Thankyou so much, for all your wonderful stories Nora, and keep yourself and your Husband, safe and well.


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