6 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/11”

  1. And this is just one of the reasons that Ford is one of my top favorites of NR’s heroes! Roarke will always be top, of course, but Ford could actually nudge him a bit here & there! And shoot, I could beat him at poker! Not many people play worse poker than I do!

  2. Ford is a gem. We should all have a Ford in our lives. Cilla’s mother is selfish, self-centered and a piece of work. Ford is the perfect foil to her.

  3. Very good point. So glad you highlighted this book. I’m enjoying this reread very much. Keep Ford’s balance in mind during this time of stress. I like imagining how he would view what we’re going through.

    1. wonder how he’d work a pandemic into the graphic novels?? ‘Cause I bet he could! They announced yesterday that Mick Jagger & Keith Richardson released a song they wrote about the pandemic; the video is a camera moving at very high speed thru the empty streets of London.

  4. I saw this movie but haven’t read the book. After all the comments, I need to read it! Definitely. Thanks for the nudge.

  5. This chat has reminded me of all the reasons this is one of Nora’s best and one of my favorites!💖

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