A Statement from Nora

To set the scene for this post: Early this evening, I shared the news on Facebook that Nora’s Brazen Virtue will be adapted for a Netflix movie and provided a link to The Hollywood Reporter which broke the story.

Within seconds the reaction came — and completely shocked me. So much outright hatred for the actress. Nearly 1,000 comments in an hour with a large majority making rude, inflammatory comments about Alyssa Milano and how they would never watch the film. Ever.

I gave Nora a heads up about the comments and what she saw and read stunned her. So much so, she wrote a statement for Facebook and asked me to post it here as well. ~Laura

I’ve read many of the comments on Laura’s announcement of the Brazen Virtue adaption for Netflix, starring Alyssa Milano. And I’m simply and sincerely appalled.

The vitriol, the hatred, the anger, the bitterness and the demands are astounding to me.

By and large I keep politics off my pages. That’s my choice. Now many readers have dragged their own onto this page, so I’m going to state, for the record: I’m a liberal Democrat. Always have been, always will be. And as one, I’ve always believed everyone has a right to their political beliefs, and has a right to express their opinions. But I don’t have to tolerate insults and ugliness on my page.

For those who want to claim Freedom of Speech—look it up. This FB page isn’t the government. Some have comments on here using ‘liberal’ as a slur, an insult, equating it with communism. Others have used outright slurs against an actress, while claiming she should keep her opinions to herself. (No doubt those same people would be quick to assert their own First Amendment rights.)

Some will never read me again because Milano will headline this adaption. One reader stated she intended to BURN all my books in her collection for this choice of actress.

Think about that. Burning books. Get a visual? I sure do.

Another claims she can only support ‘like-minded’ artists. Really? I only imagine the books, songs, movies I’d have missed if I felt this way and refused to read, watch, listen to those who contributed to or performed them who hold different political viewpoints from my own.

Over this past long, hard year, we’ve lost over 400,000 friends, loved ones, neighbors to COVID. We’ve been isolated from each other, and I for one yearn for the company of my pals again. I wonder, truly, why this grief, this hardship hasn’t taught so many of us we need each other. Instead, as illustrated by that comment section, it’s hardened far too many into an us and them mentality.

The viciousness I read in too many comments below hurts my heart. And realizing because I’m a liberal Democrat, many of those comments are directed at me for that reason alone is a real eye-opener.

Watch the movie when it comes out, or don’t. But lobbing nastiness at an actress or threatening me doesn’t do anything but illustrate your own limitations.


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  1. Laura and Nora-

    Just adding my support as a huge fan.

    A conservative grandmother

    1. Me too! As a conservative, I’d likely never watch or read much of anything if I based it on similar politics! I don’t understand people who think it’s okay to verbally attack anyone like this. Or why they think you are in charge of casting! Just know, you have my complete support and my prayers. Some days I really think the world has gone crazy!

      1. How awful! One of the downsides of social media is that it emboldens viciousness from relative anonymity. These verbal attacks are an unfortunate symptom of the current climate of our country. I wonder how many things they like will have to be eliminated from their lives upon examination of their source. I’m guessing very few will take the time and effort to find out who and what they’re supposed to hate, but will continue to be purely reactionary. It’s not good enough to just not watch, they have to politicize, attack, threaten and generally act like vicious animals. It’s terrifying!

        1. You have my complete support and always will! Who cares what others think. This narrow-mindedness is what had gotten us in this current predicament!

    2. I read to enjoy books and that includes books of a variety of subjects and opinions. Even if my views differ, I would have missed many good books if that narrowed my choice. I will continue to enjoy your books since you are one of my favorites and I am not a Democrat.

      1. I too will continue reading you’re books and I’m a independent there’s enough political stuff I’ve had it i enjoy these books and will continue to buy and read.

    3. Which “In Death” book was Ruorke’s Irish family first introduced?

    4. I’ve always really appreciated the lack of politics in Nora’s books. Frankly, I want my entertainment to be just that. Thank you for years of enjoyment and escape into your stories.


      1. Nora has alway kept politics out of her books. I’m a conservative but no matter Nora’s political views is her business. Why bring this into her page? I’m sick of all the political bs.

    5. I am a staunch conservative, but I find diatribes by anyone annoying and upsetting to my peace of mind. I have spent the last four months re-reading the “In Death” books because I enjoy them so much. I am a die-hard fan of Nora’s and intend to stay that way. Thanks so much for the pleasure you give me.

    6. Wow, I am saddened. I can’t help to wonder how much I would have missed if I stopped to ponder about books, plays, movies, media etc… and dragged out the politics, opinions that always seemed to add a tidal wave to the ocean of wonder that I have enjoyed. These things have added to my life in ways that if I had to do it again I would love too. I invite my daughter, sons, granddaughters, grandsons to dive in ! Our only rule is to learn something. Be kind.

    7. I’m with you! I’m about as conservative as you can get but good night, Nellie, why on earth such a hoohaw over something like this? I’ve enjoyed 98% of Nora’s writing and am an especially avid fan of the In Death series – she’s talented and brings much pleasure to my reading and I honestly do not care what her politics are. Not my business. I’m a newly retired interior decorator and have done homes for those with vastly different life styles than mine – big deal – again, not my business. I don’t ask if they cheat on their taxes or kick puppies in their spare time, so figure their politics or lifestyle is not up for my approval either.
      A Conservative Great-granny in Texas

  2. I have been reading NR since 1981. I have seen the movies that have been made at IBB. Looking forward to Brazen Virtue.

    1. I am an conservative but I always try to have an open mind. Nora Roberts is my favorite author. Her political beliefs is her business. If someone didn’t read or watch a movie because of someone’s political beliefs nobody wouldn’t be reading anything or watching any movie. I do not see the actor or actresses political point of view just the character they are portraying. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do??! That’s what is so great about America we have a choose.

    2. Oh Gloria, I wish I had heard about her that long ago!! I was introduced to her in the early 90’s by a co-worker and have been reading her since. Of course, I’ve read all her work, but think of the years I could have been reading her!! Envious!! She’s a blessing.

  3. Well stated, Nora. I agree that I would likely have missed out on a huge number of great books if I prejudged them based on the author’s politics.

    I happen to like Alyssa Milano. I have been watching her since she was a kid. I look forward to seeing her take on her role in Brazen Virtue. I don’t have Netflix as I live very rurally and don’t get high speed, but hopefully I can visit someone who does.

    Cheers and thanks for writing so many fantastic books!

    1. Netflix lets you download some shows for later and it streams with very little buffering-you might find it works for you (and they have trials.)

      Liberal Democrat who would like better internet options for rural America and who loves Nora and Romance.

  4. Nora and Laura, I am so sorry you had to deal with all that ugliness. How hurtful…and mean. Please know you continue to have support from millions of fans, I am sure, and our profound gratitude for the joy you have given us for many, many years. I am praying this country will start to heal in these next years from this brand of vitriol. I am doing all I can to contribute to the healing, and I appreciated so much your drawing a very healthy boundary about what is and is not acceptable as comments. Thank you for everything you do! Your words, as always, are powerful.

    1. It is very unfortunate. I wondered why Laura made to comment to keep posts to congratulations. There is no need at all to comment like that. Don’t like her? Don’t watch. Why does every post I see always bring politics in to it? Happy for you and look forward to watching. Of course no I have to re read the books.

      1. I felt there was every need. I just posted the announcement and all comments focused on the actress rather than Nora. So I went back and asked people to limit their comments to congratulations.


      2. As a conservative Republican and an avid fan, I couldn’t agree more.

        There has been ugliness from the actress, politically, and American has had enough political ugliness. It all needs to be left alone. From all sides.

  5. I am sorry you had to deal with that. I can’t understand why people have to get that obnoxious about what seems to me to be a trivial thing. You don’t like someone’s political stance? Don’t destroy anything that person has worked with or on. I for one don’t care about what political stance a certain person has. Life is too short for that kind of taurus feces.
    Just my $.02.
    Diane Roach

  6. WoW! People need to get a life. It’s a movie based on a book. I can’t remember reading the book, so I will go look it up and see if I can get a copy of it. I will have to get NetFlix for a day to watch it when it comes out.

    Sending CYBER HUGS to Nora and Laura!

  7. This is the first I’ve heard of a Netflix movie and that’s exciting! I don’t care who plays what. I don’t do politics one way or another. Sad that others are so intolerant and narrow minded.

    Congrats, Nora! What an exciting accomplishment!

  8. I am so sorry that people have reacted in this manner. I love your books, in fact I am sure I have this book in my collection. If I don’t, I will soon. Looking forward to seeing this movie on Netflix. Thank you for your comments.

  9. I am astonished by some people feeling the right to criticize others. I don’t like some of your books because of the genre they are in BUT I don’t criticize you. You have right to choose what you write just as I have the right not to buy those books. I do still consider you my favorite author and just qualify it by saying that I have chosen not to read some of them. I don’t say they are terrible because of the topic you chose to write about, how could I when I chose not to read them.
    I too am a liberal Democrat so there we are two peas in a pod. I think the last four years made people feel they had the right to hate on others to use the vernacular. THEY DO NOT have that RIGHT! Words hurt as much and sometimes more then fists.

  10. Reading for the joy of reading is non-political. Bully for you Nora and Laura.

  11. Nora, its always astounds me, that so many people try to tell you what to do, what to say, and what to write! I say if you don’t like the actress don’t watch the movie. You have freedom of choice. Change the channel, turn off the TV, your choice! Buy the book or don’t, your choice. I personally think it’s cowardly to threaten an author online.

    I personally love all your books, and to be honest, anyone who has read your books has to know or have an inkling that you are a liberal!! 👍

    1. Rose is right, anyone who’s read a NR book should be able to see she’s a liberal. She obviously cares about the planet and humanity!

  12. I am so sorry you received such nasty comments. Many of these people have no concept of what respectful discussion is about.

  13. How lovely that there will be a new movie, based on your book, Nora. Congratulations! And congrats to Ms. Milano. I know you’d rather be dreaming up new stories or spending time with your children and grandchildren instead of addressing a few readers, who are determined to paint the world with a single brush. Please keep telling your amazing stories. Please continue to give us hope that brighter, kinder times are ahead. Sorry to you, too, Laura. Please keep taking your photos to show us there’s beauty in the world, too.

  14. Hello ladies,
    Time to re-read Brazen Virtue and reconnect Netflix. This will make my daughter so happy. Does anyone know when the movie is coming out? Don’t want to miss it while I have my face in a book. LOL. Good job Nora. Love Allysa since WHOSE THE BOSS!

  15. Well hey! Here’s another liberal Democrat- and I would read Nora no matter what her political leanings were. I don’t think Nora need worry about losing readers- we have proved over the years how loyal we are. And the reader who plans to burn her books? Well, guess what? Nora already got you money, cupcake. So there’s that. Carry on, Nora and Laura- don’t let the tiny minds get you down. Guess I’ll have to give Brazen Virtue another spin to rev up for the film. Love to you both, as always.

  16. I never read this series. Is it at TTP? Will call and make a country road trip to Boonsboro. You probably have more snow than us. I love supporting small local businesses.

  17. I am so sorry. I would never had made such a comment. If a don’t like the casting, I don’t watch the movie.

  18. I read what books I enjoy and never think about author’s political party. The burning books part is scary to me. I can agree to disagree with people if they are kind to all

  19. You know what? There are some actors/actresses/authors/musicians who seem kike they are not good people. Si I may CHOOSE not to wacth/read/listen. Never ONCE have I felt the need to scream my opinions in person OR on the internet. I will say here that people who sling ‘liberal’ around like it’s a curse word are just IGNORANT. Appreciate the hell out of you Nora, and you too Laura.

  20. I cannot believe what l just read. Seriously people get a life. Nora has kept me sane during the 299 day lockdown we endured in Melbourne Australia.

  21. I am regularly astounded with people that seem to need to express their opinions, while objecting to others and their opinions. It makes me so sad.

    I look forward to the film adaptation! The entertainment field really needs to read more of your work.

    I will wait with great anticipation for the premier of Brazen Virtue!

    How can anyone not like Alyssa Milano?

  22. Dear Nora and Laura,
    I am totally stunned and appalled at the hate that has been posted. What happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”
    Ignore or delete these comments, and please continue to do what you do best—-write fabulous stories!

  23. Nora and Laura … I am absolutely appalled about what the two of you have just posted. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that such a reaction to an actress or book could be so evil and vile. It truly makes me sick and, it breaks my heart that so many would think it is okay to turn on you, with such horrid vengeance, and leave those types of messages for you. I don’t know where these people think they have the RIGHT to react this way and imply that they are totally right in everything they have said and done and that you have no rights whatsoever, just because your thoughts and beliefs don’t line up with theirs. How in the world have so many awful people become so hateful, mean – spirited, evil and vile. I know we all have the right to our own opinions, and if someone feels this way, that’s fine. Just keep it to themselves and go on. They don’t have the right to try to control or demean or try to destroy others who don’t agree with them. To want to burn books ( an abhorrent idea to me, to say the least ), not buy your books or try to shame you, or others, to make people bow down to their way of thinking and acting … well, they are only hurting themselves and showing how ignorant they are. It will be their loss , when they no longer read America’s best author. I am truly sorry that you and Laura were subjected to such uncalled for hatred. I know you two are very capable of standing up for yourselves but, I just want you guys to know that I am behind you 100%. I love all of your works and will forever be a dedicated Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb reader and fan. Love you both.

  24. Dear Nora and Laura,
    I am at a loss as to why on earth are you are getting so much abuse,correct me if I am wrong,once a book gets picked up to become a movie the Author has no say as to who is going to be the lead actor/actress, I am at disgusted at those who have nastily sent there views,as to the burning books,whoever they are disown them from your website,I love everything you have written,and love you both for all the good you do,ignore them Gerry,xxx❤❤

  25. Wow! How disgusting to do this to you Nora. My family fled Russia years ago, and I can definitely say you are not a communist by what you write. You only give everyone the joy and entertainment we need right now. If this is how these people feel, you don’t need them as fans. I love all of your books and I am eagerly awaiting your latest JB Robb book.

  26. I haven’t read any of the comments. I became a progressive gradually although I have always thought that way. Trump becoming president made me realize how important being actively involved in politics is. I had no idea who Alyssa Milano was until I read Nora’s opinion piece here. I Googled and agree with Ms. Milano’s opinions. Nevertheless I would support her opinions if she was a conservative as long as she didn’t support trump. However I do not think anyone has the right to insult anyone. My problem is I don’t have Netflix!

  27. Just appalling Nora.
    I’m a huge fan of Brazen Virtue. Love, love, love the story. One of my favorites of your books. Can’t wait to see it come to “life”.
    I applaud your statement. You certainly have many fans who could care less about your political leanings or who might be chosen to play a character in a film or series…neither has absolutely anything to do with the STORY which in my opinion, is the whole point.
    I look forward to every single word you write. You are truly a very gifted writer. Don’t let them spoil this wonderful recognition of your awesome work for you.
    Laura, thank you too for all you do.

  28. Wow!!! Sooo soo sad this happened. Can I just say the email in my inbox saying there was another ‘Fall Into The Story’ post made me sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me (my bday tomorrow) as I sooo enjoy Nora/Laura posts…with any insights, Nora life (the best), Boonsboro life (bucket list to come and visit one day), info about books etc. Was THRILLED to read there was going to be a movie. But what fallout—what absolute crap.
    I could go on about politics, and appreciating life for the simple things we need to go back to being grateful for, but I’m sure it’s all been well-said, and overly said.
    Be nice out there, people. We’re all we have. Let a just be better, know better, do better.
    Hugs to Nora & Laura & clans.

  29. I would like to add one more comment. To the woman who wants to burn your books, I can think of only one political figure who advocated burning books. That person was Adolf Hitler. I wouldn’t want this woman to read your books, if this is who she is emulating.

  30. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve seen. How or why would anyone think they have the right to post such crap on Ms Roberts’ social media page? Absolutely astounded at the temerity of people.

    1. I like Nora am a liberal Democrat and like her I believe one’s beliefs are theirs and theirs alone. If what this actress says is offensive to you that’s on you not Nora. If you say that you won’t read Nora that’s your choice. But remember she did not pick the actress, the producer did. Don’t take your hatred of the actress out on Nora, she doesn’t deserve it.

      1. I believe you have misunderstood my comment. I am not criticizing anyone’s beliefs, I am questioning the idiots that would think they can dictate what actor is chosen for any role, albeit Ms Roberts or any other author.
        My politics – left right or sideways – are not in question here and perhaps you should not throw stones so quickly.

  31. Thank you, Nora and Laura.

    It’s not necessary to agree with Alyssa Milano’s politics to watch and enjoy the film. And if her politics annoy you so much that you can’t watch the film, fine, turn off the TV and shut up. The current batch of conservatives spends a lot of time screaming about cancel culture, and yet they’re not open minded enough to put politics aside long enough to enjoy a simple television program. And oh, by the way, Alyssa’s politics are about human rights. When did that become a bad idea?


  32. I am truly sorry you have to put up with those comments. I can’t imagine the range of emotions that you feel. Please know that there are a whole bunch of us (both conservatives and liberals) who LOVE your stories and are open minded enough to accept individual choices. Sending virtual hugs!! KEEP up the good work and try not to be discouraged.

  33. Nora & Laura,
    I totally agree with every word you wrote in response and the responses of those that wrote in support of Nora and Laura. I wish I had a way with words, but that’s not my talent. An actor’s job is to act, what their views are, are just that, their own. I don’t care what their views are, if they can do the job and do it well, great, I’ll watch it, I’ve enjoyed Ms. Milano’s work through the years, so I’m excited to see the movie, especially since I loved the book.

    On a side note, I had the pleasure of meeting Nora & Laura at a book signing weekend In 2019, and they were very kind, caring and went out of their way to be sure that all of the fans that were there, felt that we were special. They are both very professional and love what they do and as one reader (and fan) I’m very thankful that Nora’s books have been a very special part of my life since the 1980’s. I look forward to the upcoming book and the thought of any books being burned is just so awful and wrong. Keep your heads up, stay strong, safe and warm.

  34. I really don’t understand people. I have friends and family who have different views than me but that doesn’t make them bad people. God didn’t make us all to be the same. Were is all the love and acceptance of one another? I’m a republican but I love Nora’s books and her voting choice would never stop me from buying her books or watching the movies based off her books.

  35. I hadn’t read about the movie being made but I’ve always liked Alyssa Milano’s acting. I too am a Democrat and have been ever since I was old enough to vote. I credit peoples actions and attitudes to the leadership (?) we’ve had these past years. It hurts to see and read what is happening in our world. I’m hoping there will be change now. And if we quit reading books and watching movies because of political affiliations, what a narrow existence it would be.

  36. Voltaire said I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

  37. I missed all the hoopla, as i don’t check out Facebook often. I won’t waste my time reading those comments. I’m sad but not surprised by it all. I am a conservative, and after the vitriol of the last 4 years- time spent against a president they despised- what it has done is divide the country. Now there’s a call for unity?
    I won’t let politics interfere with my entertainment. I (and i suspect half the country who share my beliefs) will not watch the film due to Alyssa’s involvement. They have a right to hire any actress they want, and we have a right not to watch it. I despise the cancel culture we have now. I don’t write angry letters- we all have a right to our opinions, and life is too short and precious to spend it on hate. The idea of burning books is bringing us back to the crusades and the inquisition.
    I will always read most of your books, as you are my favorite author. If only they came out with an In Death movie- but good luck finding an actor to play Roarke!

    1. With all due respect, surely you see the irony in saying “I won’t watch that movie if she’s in it” and then in the next breath decrying the concept of “cancel culture”? You absolutely have the right not to subject yourself to watching the movie because you don’t like the real-life views of the actress, but that’s literally a manifestation of the cancel culture phenomenon. It’s no different than a person with liberal political views saying “I’ll never watch James Woods again” or whatever.

      1. That’s leaving out a massive amount of information and is simplifying a great many complicated things but I can agree that perpetuating hate does nothing to cure hate only continues to fertilize it.

        1. In reply to Tammi that is. In all due respect. Nothing but love. As a Rep/Con I am tired of all of it as much as the next person. Wish we could get back to a time when politics weren’t so pro dominant.

  38. Let’s listen to one another with respect. Let’s be grateful we have freedom of speech.

  39. I will never understand why people have to spread their negativity on social media. Why can’t people just be happy that an author they like is having a book come to the screen. I think Netflix will do a good job. I admire You for standing up and saying something. You Nora are my Hero.

  40. Nora and Laura,
    I am so glad that Nora wrote what she did and Laura posted it! How dare people say such things about the actress and attempt to threaten/bully Nora!
    I’m a registered Democrat, who’s actually a little bit conservative, but not on the important issues! I have voted in every election since I was old enough to register (back then you had to be 21). I even vote in Theo local School Board elections and my daughter is 55 and my granddaughter goes to a private school.
    Book burning is a scary visual! Freedom of Speech is applicable to both sides Democrats and Republicans.
    Thank you Nora, for not being afraid to stand up to your readers!

  41. I have been reading Nora’s books for so many years now and never once have I ever been disappointed. She keeps current politics out of her stories and I appreciate that. I am dismayed that anyone would be so swept up by what’s going on that they would say the horrible things they’ve been saying. If the problem is the actress chosen, that’s the producer’s call, not Nora’s. My fellow readers need to back off and quit making idiots of themselves.

  42. Anyone who brings politics into Nora’s stories is doing themself a disservice. If the problem is the actress chosen by the program producers, that’s their call, not Nora’s. My fellow readers are being horribly unfair.

  43. Couldn’t love you more, Nora.

    Re: this awful virus… I just lost my father in law to complications from COVID.

    Life is too short for the hate some people carry.

  44. My fellow readers seem to be blaming the wrong person. Given the current political climate, they’re hurting Nora not the producer who hired the actress.

  45. Bravo! I’ll make this comment short and sweet!! Any narrow minded, judgmental reader who chooses not to watch the movie and/or read your amazing books will be the smaller for it! I love your trilogies, stand alones and, of course, Eve Dallas! Continue to do what you do (wonderfully I light add!)!!!

  46. I have to tell myself that the posts I read were, in a word, juvenile!!!! When you sell the movie rights to your book, you have NO CHOICE as to the choice of actress for the movie!!!!

    What was supposed to be an awesome announcement turned into a rude, immature backlash against Nora!!!!

    I get being upset about the the Casting Director, the Director, the Producer, and the Studio Executives choice of actor/actress. To take it out on Nora is beyond the wildest of imaginations.

    Those of you who posted that garbage on Fall into the story should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!! GROW UP!!!!!

  47. I, too, am a liberal Democrat and it saddens me that anyone, especially in “the land of the free” would be so intloerant of others. Our differences are what make the world interesting and a better place. It would be beyond boring if we were all the same.
    My mom was a Republican and my dad was a Democrat; it made for interesting dinner conversation.
    Sorry Nora, quoting from another author’s (Mercedes Lackey) books: “There is no ‘one true way’.”
    I, for one, enjoy the talent, honesty, guts and intelligence Alyssa Milano has displayed all her life and can’t wait to see the movie!

  48. Now there’s another reason to stay away from FB. So happy that I never thought of having access. Once again I’m sorry to hear that you have been subjected to the ridiculous things undisciplined “people “ say. Burn unwanted books? How short sighted. Donate them so sheltered but isolated people can enjoy the wonderful worlds Nora creates. Weaponize social media with insults and vitriol? What good manners. Just because you have the right to “speak your mind “ doesn’t mean you should! An ugly wound has been opened across our country, and the ugliness, once hidden, is being exposed. Thank you, Nora and Laura, for being creative gifts. I look forward to the Brazen Virtue film. May have to go back and reread the book. LOL

  49. I am with you, Nora. I don’t know how I would have made in through the last year without my books and my DVDs. Both take me out of myself and somewhere else. I don’t get Netflix so won’t see the movie until it comes out on DVD. It will give me time to finish rereading the In Death series and then I will reread Brazen Virtue.

  50. Nora Roberts, you will always be my favourite author. Your stories have helped me through some really hard and testing times. I am really grateful for that. So sorry to see you had to face such ugliness. I would like to say for every hateful reader out there , there are thousands who love you and your work. Keep writing . Stay strong and blessed.

  51. Anew Nora roberts movie. I can’t wait for it as I have read both books and thought it would make a good movie. I am sorry that you had to deal with this sort of negative reaction.

  52. Dear Nora, I am so sorry you have to endure this awful prejudice, I believe you have a true following, and maybe the insults and bad language are through ignorance and bigotry. 🤗🌈 I will definitely be watching the film I have all the DVD’s of your films.🤗 Take care STAY SAFE.

  53. I like her as an actress, when you look at it even Kira Knightly would not be OK with her political views or Natalie Portman, or actors from my country or former Yugoslavia, because of politics I shoul not know many languages especially English, listen to music or read or watch movies, but I do. So suck it up, be kind. If everybody who are important decided she is the best, she is. If you want someone else the pick a book, write a script, find the actors, produce the movie bla bla bla. It’s easy to write hate, be productive for once and find a hobby.

  54. The question that comes to mind is does that include JDRobb books too. It’s sad that people will react that way and deprive themselves of good books just because they have different views than someone.

  55. Yes this is sad. You don’t need these people to read your books, there are millions of us who do and will always read them. And more than once.

  56. When social media appeared, many people decided that it was their own private platform for judgmental assaults in a quasi-anonymous setting. Given the current political nightmare of our nation, ALL of the hateful wretches have been compelled to attack, and I am only sorry that they have felt justified in coming after you and artistic license. They do love their hateful soapboxes.

    I daresay for every 1 of these Dumas (our family code word) people, whom you surely will not miss, there are another 500 who appreciate the liberties that we enjoy as American citizens, including our inherent right to not watch a movie we do not wish to watch, or to not read a book that does not interest us. We also wait with bated breath for the next Nora Roberts novel. Glad that you let them have it, girl. Only sorry that I missed my chance to jump into the fray.

  57. I’ve read your books and reread your books because your women characters are strong and your storytelling is captivating. Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment.

  58. So many good points in Ms. Nora’s message.
    I am surprised so many readers were surprised at the negative comments. The divisiveness in the USA (and the world) is the biggest challenge these days. Everyone seems to have a need to be heard and to be “right”. All I see is ignorance and disrespect. Thank you for all your writing Ms. Nora. My wish is you bring Eve Dallas to the screen. She would certainly wake up a few people, I’m sure!! Xo

  59. In started to read a few comments yesterday but got so sick to my stomach by what these people were writing that I stopped reading. I can’t believe that people are so self-righteous and feel they can judge others for their beliefs. What had this world come to? 🥲☹️☹️I love your books and will continue reading and watching any film that you make🥰🥰

  60. I’m so sorry to hear about all the negativity. After reading the initial post, I did not read any comments.

    I love most of Nora’s books. As with everything in life, there are some books that I prefer to others. That means the others won’t be reread or reread as often. Nora writes such a broad range of books and uses so many subjects, there are bound to be some of greater appeal than others. I take that as a sign of a great writer.

    I have found most of the movie adaptations of Nora’s books, just like many, many movie adaptations to be lacking the richness of the books. I find many Hallmark movies to be lacking, whether or not they were based on books. I treat them the same as the books that don’t appeal to me and don’t watch them again. None has been terrible, but it is virtually impossible to capture the richness of the book in a measly two hours or less.

    As for the Brazen Virtue adaptation, I hope Netflix is able to do a better job. They seem to have fewer restrictions, so hopefully that will happen. I am familiar with the actress pretty much in name only. I’ve seen her in a few things, but not a lot. I never watched her programs regularly, so don’t really have much of an opinion on the casting. As far as I know, Nora probably was not involved in that process.

    I’ll watch the movie when it’s released and have an opinion then. Regardless of what that opinion may be, I will only share constructive criticism of the type I would want to hear if I were the writer or the actress. There is no point in being vicious. I wish people would go back to being civil. There is a way to agree to disagree.


  61. Well, finally a reason to subscribe to Netflix! This is fabulous news!!!

    Thankfully, I have not read the comments. However, I wonder how many are bots who are paid to do this.

    And, perhaps it is just me, but it is time to put away childish taunting …there has been enough real pain caused by this virus…be kind or be quiet.

  62. Nora and Laura, I am so sorry you were exposed to this vitriol. I never go on Facebook, even for Nora, because it is so toxic. For that reason I’m glad you added the book discussions to Instagram.
    I’ll watch the movie because I love Nora’s stories and who cares what people’s politics are. I love Alyssa Milano and follow her on Twitter. Don’t always agree with everything she says, but I don’t feel the need to be judgmental about anyone’s views.
    We need to get back to the time we could be respectful of each other, listen and work together. Is it possible? I’m ever hopeful.
    Thank you Nora. Your books have gotten me through the last year as they have gotten me through many crisis in my life.

  63. I don’t understand at all. Why not this ? I love this actress Alyssa Milano I first saw her on who’s the Boss? and then in Charmed, she is wonderful!

  64. Let me just say for the record, that it’s not you, it’s the assholes that attacked you. I had to leave both of your Facebook pages because lets face it, those places are problem areas, they are too toxic and I’m trying to clear myself of any toxic places.

    That being said, anybody who is attacking both you and this movie, they should be happy that they’re getting another movie at all (because movie adaptations from you are rare). Do they not realize that this might be the first real step to an In Death movie or TV series out of either Netflix or HBO Max? (I subscribe to the latter).

  65. Yeah Nora! Just adding my vote for what you said. Often the nasties take up a lot of the oxygen, so I want the rest of us to voice our support for you, your books, movies from your books and for many more books to come. Those other people will just be missing out. Glad their bad behavior is being called out. PS – all I care about the actor is that they fit the part.

  66. Well said. Ignore the hateful because you can’t fix those who choose ignorance. Take care.

  67. Liberal Democrat here! Breaks my heart that people can be so cruel as if their opinion is the only one that has a right to exist. It doesn’t. We can be different. We can believe differently. But we don’t have to destroy one another. Nora brought us together in this sacred space to share what we love. Be kind to each other. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Or be quiet. We don’t have to share everything we think and feel.
    I love you Nora. I love what you have put out into the world!!

  68. I am a liberal/conservative and while I may not always agree with other people’s opinions I was raised to be respectful and have had many conversations with friends with opposing viewpoints and we can respectfully agree to disagree. That said I don’t buy books based on political beliefs, in truth until now I didn’t know Nora was a liberal Democrat and I don’t care, I buy her books because I love the way she writes, the stories she tells and respect the talent and work she puts into each book. I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and will continue to be one because I love her books and respect her talent. I’m so sorry that many people felt entitled to be so disrespectful and to act so badly but it reflects badly on them not Nora and it’s their loss. Please know that so very many of your fans are appalled at these responses you do not deserve it.

  69. Thank you so much for this statement, Nora.
    Not only will I be watching the adaptation, but I’m off to re-read the book as it has been a while.

    To all those with hatred in their hearts, I pity you. The only one you are harming is yourself.

  70. ‘Cancel culture’ is a sword that cuts both ways. That being said, I can’t think of a more polarizing casting choice. Still, all publicity is good publicity, right?

    1. So being told I don’t belong in the US, being compared to Joseph McCarthy, being accused (because I’m a liberal) of supporting pedophilia–that’s
      just all publicity?

      You may consider the casting choice polarizing, but nothing warrants that viciousness.

      1. Nora, I did not intend to pile on with the scorn heapers. You have come to a point in your life where you have made the choice to reveal a part of yourself that you have previously kept private. That was brave and kind of scary. Now you are reminded why you have kept it private. Do I agree with the hostility being directed toward you? Of course not. Did I agree with Ms Milano when she proclaimed that the entire Republican party should be tried for treason? (Hmmm, what’s the penalty for that again?) Of course not. I understand that this experience must be horrifying for you. You are a writer and like all artists you feel things deeply. Often, people suck and life is hard and I suppose that is why bazillions of people take their refuge in the stories you tell so tirelessly. You seem like a genuinely good person, and your work–those stories you create every day–makes life a bit better for a lot of people. That’s kind of important when you think about it.

  71. Long time reader and fan. This is a first time I heard of the Netflix show and am happy to hear of it.

    I look forward to watching it.

    Too much unhappiness bleeding into places where it has no place. Just sending my support of good news.

  72. Sad thing bringing politics into Nora’s blog. I long ago realized that myself, being a die hard Republican would probably never want to have conversation with Nora Roberts liberal Democrat. We are both too opinionated. HOWEVER, author Nora Roberts is one of my favorites. Do I see her personal views in her books? OF COARSE I do! They are HER writings and as such, I would expect nothing less. I can make a choice to read or not to read, to watch or not to watch. Please leave your nasty opinions to yourself.

  73. Ok, so I do not discuss my politics either usually. I’m conservative, but don’t vote just Republican party, I choose a candidate, individually, as what they represent to me. It seems to me very immature to rant and rave over the choice of an actress to play a part in a movie, because she doesn’t have the same political beliefs that you might. It seems entirely over the top to deny yourself a favorite author for the same reason. And burning books?!? The people saying and behaving this way are NOT a reflection of all conservative people, certainly not the ones I know. BURNING BOOKS?!!! My God people, read some history and recognize who you are behaving like!!

  74. Thank you, Nora, for something that desperately needed saying. It brought tears to my eyes. We need more people who will stand up so eloquently to all the online bullies and trolls who seem to be fighting against their own best interests. All the best to you!!!

  75. I’m having a hard time understanding how anyone could read Nora’s books and not understand where she falls on the conservative/liberal spectrum on social issues. YEAR ONE, for example, was not hard to read between the lines. As always, I’m giddy for the success of another romance writer–and as die hard fan, I’m beside myself with excitement.

  76. Nora, I am sorry that you had to deal with this issue, it really shows how ignorant and biased people can be . I have been a fan of yours for a very long time and will continue to be a fan. You keep writing I’ll keep reading. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment I have received from your amazing books they have helped me through some rough times.

  77. Sorry you had to face that when you should have been receiving nothing but congratulations, so…congratulations and well said in your response ❤

    Now I need to pull out Brazen Virtue for a re-read and look forward to it coming to Netflix, fingers crossed Netflix Ireland won’t leave me hanging!

  78. I’m with you Nora, love your writing and don’t understand the continuing vitriolic comments made by people. Aren’t we all of the Human family?

  79. I am so sorry this is happening. People need to get a grip. I am never going to ignore or burn the books/art work/music of someone whose work I enjoy. That is like the mother of all temper tantrums and childish.

  80. This is shocking, and so sad. I hadn’t heard of Alyssa Milano, whose views would seem to coincide with mine, but that’s beside the point. It’s not hard to guess at Nora’s views from her novels, but also beside the point. I watched the inauguration of America’s new president from the UK, and was moved by the ceremony’s emphasis on unity, truth and the obligations incumbent on those swearing an oath of office. Plus Lady Gaga and Amanda Gorman! Peace, love and tolerance! And an adaptation of a Nora Roberts novel has to be a good thing.

  81. I was on Facebook this morning and read your statement. I was horrified. And the comments were scrolling by so fast i couldn’t read them. I, too, am a liberal Democrat and have been shocked by the hatred. I have been a fan of yours for too many years to count and will always be. I haven’t read that book but i will and i will be watching for the movie. Remember we love you. Keep on.

  82. So I’ve read the comments and two things came to mind – posting on social media has given humans less accountability and respect for one another. It also shows the pain we have inside but rather than addressing our insides, we shout to the outside. Would those hateful things be said to Nora Roberts in person? I highly doubt it. Secondly, doesn’t this forum know that there must be a little bit of Lt. Eve Dallas within the author? If not, let’s just say, We Don’t Mess With Her!! And we LOVE her, truly.

  83. Ms. Roberts, thank you for standing up for Ms. Milano. Thank you for being proud of your liberal Democratic roots (I am one also). There is too much vitriol in our society and I wonder how much social media has contributed to this. I have many friends and family members who hold opposing views but we manage to get along. In any event, I am a fan of yours, I will remain a fan and I eagerly wait for each new book you write! Thank you!

  84. What? That was my first response and my second was “don’t we all have a right to disagree with others decisions” It is how we react and voice back that counts. Like Mrs. Roberts stated above “I wonder, truly, why this grief, this hardship hasn’t taught so many of us we need each other.” This not the time to slam or hurt others it is a time to embrace and come together. Why does everything have to go back to ones political beliefs? Who cares? I will watch with pride and continue reading Nora Roberts with pride. Honored that she has chosen to share her words and thoughts with us. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment!!

  85. How truly sad. Please know you’re appreciated, loved, respected and supported by so many readers. Your comments resonated for me. It’s been a year, and even without the challenges there isn’t a need for the hatred to be spread. Congratulations on the movie deal!

  86. I totally agree with what you said, Nora. People can be so simple minded and mean sometimes. Thanks for your books which I happen to be a great fan. You are so very creative and it boggles my mind at how many books you can turn out in a short period of time. Keep up the good work. Don’t let mean spirited people ever get you down. We have to stick together. Thanks.

  87. I just think it’s interesting that it took Alyssa Milano playing a NR character to incite the anger. Anyone reading a Nora book would immediately understand she is a Liberal Democrat. It shines through in every single book.
    I guess I’m just gobsmacked that Nora is being hated on for something that was never a secret and easily identifiable well before now.
    Reminds me of what happened to the Dixie Chicks. Still hurts my heart and infuriates me 15 years after the fact.
    Shameful and soul crushing to be confronted with such blatant intolerance and hatred.

  88. Nora,
    I am so sorry that some readers believe that they have control over your work and act out so dreadfully when reality crashes in. I don’t know why so many have lost the ability to respectfully disagree or just remain silent. I am excited about the adaptation of this title, though I will admit to some nerves — this always the case when a favorite book is adapted, as it will never quite meet my imagination 🙄.

    Again, my sincere apologies & more importantly my endless gratitude for the hours of joy you have given my friends, family, & ME (especially teaching during COVID 😷🤬!)

  89. Nora,
    I am so sorry that some readers believe that they have control over your work and act out so dreadfully when reality crashes in. I don’t know why so many have lost the ability to respectfully disagree or just remain silent. I am excited about the adaptation of this title, though I will admit to some nerves — this is always the case when a favorite book is adapted, as it will never quite meet my imagination 🙄.

    Again, my sincere apologies & more importantly my endless gratitude for the hours of joy you have given my friends, my Mama, & ME (especially teaching during COVID 😷🤬!)

    1. Sorry for the double post! Was typing on my phone while it was updating— never a good idea! L

  90. This post makes me love you even more! Thank you for standing up for decency ♥

  91. I’m so sorry A-Holes are everwhere these days unfortunately many feel my way or the high way anymor and have forgotten the “if yu can’t say something nice” rule i belive Alyssa is a great actress do i agree with her political views ehh maybe not dosent mtter like your books her acting had nothing to do with political belifs im excited to see yet anoter of your amazing works become a movie how cool is that i hope they do the rest with the oppisit titles and i cant wait for your next book .

  92. Brava Nora and I’m so sorry you have to deal with all the negativity. Now I need to reread Brazen Virtue sooner than later. Designated this year as my year of Nora. Recently decluttered my bookshelves and put all yours front and center with plans to reread all or as many as I can this year. Just finished the Ardmore Trilogy again and currently on Born in… You are much appreciated. Stay strong. Hugs and Love.

  93. I have come to fully realize how nasty people can be this last year. Though it shouldn’t surprise me, it continues to. I have been a fan since I was 14 and will continue to read every book you’ve written, and watch every film made about them. You are a treasure and I applaud your statement today. You’re books transport me into different careers and lives with strong female characters I can appreciate. I fell in love with my Celtic heritage because I was first intrigued by Ireland through your works. I just hope you know there is more love for you than the hate and ugliness you experienced today. Bless you Nora and keep on keeping on!

  94. I am a vociferous Christian conservative. I’m so conservative that I make Reagan look like FDR. The things I think and believe may well set fire to your hair.

    However, I’m an adult and as such I can not understand why people have to be so cruel to another human being. The viciousness of the hate is unconscionable. These people need to step back and really look at what they are saying. I might not care for Alyssa personally, but I enjoy many of the shows she’s been on. Charmed was a must watch/turn off the phone/laptop down show for my Husbunny and me. Her guest star roll on Castle was one of my favorite episodes.

    Cancel Culture is getting insane, on both sides. If you’ve never seen the first season ender for The Orville, I highly recommend watching it. I believe Seth McFarland is quite the “prophet” with this episode. Having folks telling you “I’m burning your books” over a casting choice that was likely not your decision to make, is so many forms of wrong I can’t count them. These people need to wake up and smell the hypocrisy.

    Ms. Roberts, I have loved your books since I first picked up the Donovan books. Though our politics don’t agree, it won’t change anything for me. You have been an auto-buy for me from that first book and you will continue to be so until you pass the inkwell to the next muse. (which I hope to be never, unless you start pushing politics in your books. You’ve never done it and I know you never will.)

    God’s blessings to you and your whole family.

    Kae Farrell.

  95. I will always read your books! If they are made into movies, I will watch the movies regardless of the casting decisions.

  96. I am a huge fan but even more so after your comments. I’m so glad we are alike. I like how Allysa thinks as well as all the famous performers/singers at the inauguration. I side with them, all the famous movie stars who have spoken out, the late night hosts such as Kimmel & Cobert and the people who do not agree with how divided our nation has become because of one person. Too bad the girl who wants to burn the books doesn’t just donate them to her library so other people could enjoy. There is too much hatred right now, it’s a shame they can’t see that.

  97. Bravo! Tired of people thinking they have a right to sling vitriol, shame, and sanctimonious hate. Buy or don’t buy, read or don’t read…this is a free country where you can make your own choices, but you do not have a right to malign and insult. This IS NOT FREE SPEACH. Thank you for speaking your truth.

  98. It would be so nice if we could go back to the times when it was ill advised in polite society to discuss religion, politics or money. There are so many things I used to enjoy to take my mind off the stress of living in the age of information. The former president was not always a nice person but instead of taking the higher ground everyone has lower themselves to his level. Our country is collapsing and few people seem to care. Everyone is right fighting . There’s no room for compromise. We all want our way and too bad for the other guy. Join up or get beat down. Thanks for listening to one of the “deplorables” that I ‘ve heard needs to be de-programed.

  99. I really can’t believe how intolerant we as a society have become of people with different viewpoints. It’s seriously troubling.
    And if you only seek out or support artists of the same viewpoint as you? You are really missing out. On some amazing art, some amazing artists and some amazing opportunities to grow and learn.
    As for me, I’ve supported Nora quite a bit over the years and I hope she knows that her works, the opportunities to meet her at book signings, and to stay at her beautiful inn have supported me too, through a variety of seasons of my life. I am beyond appreciative. And while it sounds like we are of a similar political bent, none of this has anything to do with politics.
    So, thank you, Nora, for your wonderful work, for the engagement with your fans that especially at this point in your career you don’t have to do. I’m sorry this ugliness has made its way to you.

  100. I have not seen the post nor the vitriol it generated, but I am not surprised. That said, Congrats on the Netflix nod. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  101. I’ve never read a Nora Roberts book but plan to now. Thank you for the pitch-perfect response to the vile reaction to Ms. Milano’s casting. You have a new fan. (Quite a few, I suspect.)

  102. Just sending some supportive and caring thoughts to Nora! No ifs, ands, or buts. 🙂

  103. Thank you Nora and Laura. Well said Nora, you have my complete support and I look forward to the next book in Feb. Here’s a big virtual HUG to you both. Stay safe.

  104. Can’t believe people are so nasty!! I gasped with joy when I saw the announcement and ran to tell my nana (both of us are longtime Nora fans and Alyssa fans!). I’m so, so excited for this and will support Nora & Alyssa always/have been reporting any nasty comments I see <3 Are there ever any plans for Netflix to adapt the IN DEATH series??? THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING TO EVER EXIST! Sending lots of love and support from the UK and can't wait to see the movie! <3

  105. I agree Nora Roberts. Well said. I don’t understand people being so nasty. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I have read and will continue to read every thing you write Nora Roberts and J D Robb.

  106. I’d like to say unbelievable but sadly in todays climate of divisive politics I can’t. I love both Nora and JD books. They are on my favourites bookshelf and will remain there (except when I re read of course).
    Within great stories are words of wisdom which are stated clearly now above for all to see. It’s a shame that you have to respond to this kind of unacceptable abuse. As for burning your books! You’re right Nora, it happened in Germany in the ’30s. If people now find your books offensive then don’t read them. No one is forcing you to.
    I have always been Liberal Democrat although I generally keep my views to myself. I think given your heroes and heroines attitudes it’s pretty evident how you feel even though it’s not stated but we are reading works of fiction. Escaping from our daily lives into worlds of romance and adventure; suspense and excitement.
    It doesn’t matter what your politics are. I read works by authors who I think have political leanings which are diametrically opposed to mine. I enjoy them for what they are.
    I take my hat off to you Nora – and you too Laura – there is enough stress, distress and nastiness in the world without having to put up with this.
    Keep on giving us more of your fabulous fiction please. I’m sure for every reader you lose you will gain ten more.
    Thank you for many hours of pleasure and looking forward to many more.
    Stay safe.

  107. Oh my gosh…the political hate has infiltrated yet another medium. Come on people now, everybody get together, try to love one another right now. An old sentiment that could be wonderful.

    1. Another old sentiment: What the world needs now is love sweet love — no not just for some but for everyone!!

  108. Ever since the beginning of Internet 2.0 & folks had the opportunity to put their comments out there in whatever language, the trolls came out of the woodwork. They’d never dare say these things to people’s faces but they sure do dare when they can hide in the anonymity, unless they’re backed by a mob. I’ve fought the tears many times this last year; watching the hatred grow; the people claiming to be “True Americans” but seem to have no idea of the wonderful concept of this country! I understand Garth Brooks has many people claiming that they’re never listening to him again because he played at the inauguration of “Chinese Biden”, etc. I have to wonder if we’ll ever have unity again, no matter how much we try, because these people (and I hope & pray they are a small percentage in this country) refuse to listen to anything other than their own thoughts/beliefs.

    Not long ago, I saw a review of Naked in Death; the woman hated it! She didn’t like that a Conservative was the villain; that the book espoused beliefs against true family values & she’d never finish the book or read another one. All I could think was, your loss, sweetheart! There are truly great characters in the books & Eve’s story is inspiring. But this woman couldn’t see it; it went against her beliefs in it’s “casting”. And so it goes.

    I do love Brazen Virtue; I feel a reread coming on; plus maybe I’ll go re-watch Commando. That was my first exposure to Ms. Milano. Keep up the good work, Nora & Laura, and ignore the trolls as much as possible!

  109. You have an incredibly large number of stupid people following your FB! Color me not surprised.

    My sympathies to you all.

    Duct tape can’t fix stupid,
    but it can muffle the sound.

  110. There was a happy past time when politics did not fill all the gaps and spaces in our lives as people. We did not ask ourselves, nor did we care, what political ideas a person had, only their human and personal qualities. Nowadays it seems that we only look for the melee with the other. We disqualify him, we annul him as a person and we award him the worst insults and disqualifications solely because his political opinions are different from ours, neither better nor worse, just different. There was a happy time, where we were just men and women. As someone from outside the US, I now bring a phrase from you, from you people of the US, which sums up the faith in democracy: “I do not share your ideas, but I would die to defend your right to express them.” We can all express our opinions, with respect to each other, without insults and disqualifications, and that, my friend, is democracy, and you, the citizens of the United States, should defend as representatives of the oldest democracy on earth. It’s just a tip from a foreigner.

  111. I love Nora and all your wonderful books. That being said Alyssa Milano has spent 4 years posting all kinds of hateful comments about half the popluation. She wants to cancel everyone who has a different opinion than her. It only seems fair that if we are going to engage in cancel culture than both sides should get a turn. A much better idea is to support one another and accept that God made each of us with our own mind. Let’s not cancel anyone but be glad we live in a country where we are free to decide for ourselves what we want to say and do. God bless us all.

    1. There’s no justification for what was said to and about me—and Milano— on my Facebook page. There is no both sides when people come on my page and viciously attack me.

  112. There are too many bullies in the world. I never have given bullies power and I never will. I love Nora Robert’s work and I would not let politics change that. If all of this bothers people it is possible to love a person’s work, but disagree with opinions and I plan on continuing my support for Nora as well as watching the Netflix show in question.
    Nora, I rarely reach out to authors in any way but please know there are plenty of fans who still support and love your work.

  113. It seems to me if a person does not agree with an author or writer, they should just not watch or read the story. If they do not like the actors on a film or show, just change the channel. There’s no reason to attack. And do they really think that someone will change their mind in response that that attack? Ms. Roberts, I commend you in your stance against these small minded attackers. And beg you to please keep writing your fabulous books, I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  114. I’m so sorry that you, Nora & you, Laura had to deal with remarks that are so hateful, it’s crazy… There’s just no excuse for people behaving the way they did/or are…and burning books??? What the heck?? Just wow…Where has COMMON SENSE gone??…as someone said earlier… another reason to stay away from social media!
    Congratulations on the movie deal! I loved Alyssa Milano in Charmed, it was one of my favorite shows!
    Can’t wait for the next books to come out! And now I have another to look up to read, as I’m not sure I’ve read Brazen Virtue.. And if I’m not mistaken, my preorder of Faithless in Death will be downloading soon! Can’t Wait! I love all your books! Please take care!

    1. Common sense is no longer common.
      Common sense is a learned behavior.
      So is racism and hatred.
      But by the flip of the coin, so is kindness, respect, and generosity learned.
      Teach well.

  115. I swear I remember this from one or more of Nora’s books, and have seen it stated in other author’s books…
    The Rule of Three – What you put into the world will be returned to you… times three.
    I have taught it to my children.
    I know what I want 3x of!
    Blessings to all.

  116. It is sad that people can be mean about an actor.
    Alyssa Milano will do a good job . She’s an actor it’s what they do. I am sure all of us who have read the book have thought about which actors would be good as the characters , I am sure no one would come up with the same actors

    I am hoping the In Death Series will be made into a series & whoever plays Eve & company will also do a good job . Watch it or don’t it’s your choice

  117. Hi Nora, so sorry re the ugly vitriol you have experienced and glad I dont have FB. When I read your books or watch the movies, I do not think of politics when I am drawn into your wonderful , creative worlds. I love your books and have been devoted to your In Death series since you first book was published. Just recently recommended your books to a lady in her eighties and she has devoured them. Here in Australia, we are on the outside looking in, yes we have trolls, but do not have this massive divide, negativity and hatred. I wish the best for your country during these difficult days. May we continue to have the joy of reading your books . You are an inspiring, fantastic author and thank you for your prolific hard work.

  118. Whatever happened to compassion and loving our fellowman. If I can live with a husband who has total opposite views than I have and love him for who He IS not necessarily what he agrees with, then we all can allow others their view points. The election is over. Lets prayer that President Biden is given wisdom to make the best decisions for America. We need to love on our fellow man. I am a nurse. I have collected Covid tests, I have seen what this virus has done and the cost to so many people’s families. You can’t imagine . Nora I bless you for the outlet you have given me through your written word. Keep up the great work. You ,of course, have seen some of the parallel of what we are living and the series The One. I am reading it again and again recognize and appreciate the skills my mother taught me. THANKS from Lancaster County PA

  119. Oh Nora! You have my total support. Kudos to your comments ;and those small minds, while they may affect your net, aren’t to be valued. as you well know. Keep up the good work!!

  120. Thank you Nora for hoursand hours of wonderful escapism. In my opinion our biggest challenge is to remember that political differences don’t make us enemies. As my and many other grandmothers have said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  121. You write, we’ll read. Always a choice. Thanks for your voice and your no nonsense response.

  122. Beautifully put, Nora. Thanks for the clarity and your wonderful work. I’ve so enjoyed all your books and especially your In Death series. I’d love to see Eve Dallas on Netflix! Here’s to the return of sanity in 2021.
    All the very best

  123. Just here showing my love and support for you guys, Nora and Laura! Forget all the hatred and scum that was wrote to you. I will always support and read/watch all your books and movies. I’ve been a fan since I was 17 and I’m now 30 and I will always be a die-hard fan.

    Wishing you great health and much happiness


  124. I don’t choose my reading/viewing/listening material based on politics. I actually enjoy an eclectic mix. The artist/creator just has to have talent. Nora/JD certainly does!

  125. Being from the South, I use the expression “Bless Your Heart” often. If said with love, it means just that. If said with disdain, it means one doesn’t have the sense God gave to a billy goat ( they eat cans and butt their heads against walls). As an avid reader of your books, I feel blessed to have read most of them – recently finished reading the whole “In Death” series again! I hope you know that some people don’t know how to be kind about politics.
    Thank you for so many wonderful hours of joy and wonder!

  126. There it is
    Succinct, truthful, heartfelt., non-judgmental
    M.C. “Jake” Jacobson
    Helena , Mt.


  128. Well said Nora!! Burning books! Just the rationale to come up with that because one doesn’t agree with the casting of a film. It’s outrageous!
    I’m grateful to you for the hours of excitement you’ve given me with your writing. Right now I’m reading the ‘In Death’ series from book 1….again! Each time I do I find more to love.
    If I could ask just one lil’ thing….please Miss, can we have more …Novellas?😉
    Thank you again and I’m off to return to Book 26!📖

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