TTP Weekend

As we gear up for Nora’s travelogues from Florence, here’s a belated recap of the Turn the Page 18th Anniversary Weekend — a busy three days that led directly to the RWA annual conference for Nora (and me).

The weekend started with Nora’s final first pitch for the Hagerstown Suns who will be moving to Virginia next year.  We have a great shot of Nora on the mound, courtesy of Bruce Wilder’s friend, Richard Dougan.

Photo by Richard Dougan

The first order of business on Saturday was a sit down in the courtyard of Inn BoonsBoro for a radio interview with Jane Cowan of the Australian Broadcast Company that aired on July 23 (click here for the interview).  Some readers on Facebook asked why they sat so far apart and it was because Nora sat by the microphone and they filmed the interview.

IMG_1199Then it was onto the signing.  The line was around the corner when the staff at Turn the Page opened the door at 10.  The stellar lineup of authors included Kristan Higgins, Deanna Raybourn, Mary Blayney, Laura Kaye and Kathryn O’Sullivan.  They chatted with readers, signed books and had a fabulous time during the four-hour event, including the corporate entertainment photo shoot.IMG_1200

One of my jobs during a signing is to take photos of anyone who would like to pose with Nora.  Here are a couple from Saturday:

photo (43)

Amanda (with Nora) is a regular at TTP events.  She’s currently battling colon cancer and reads a Nora book at every treatment.  Her nurses now know to ask about which Nora she’s reading!

photo Donna

Donna (left) and Neva (right) are another set of pals who love to come to the events.  I’ll probably take their photo in September too!

IMG_20130713_143759 IMG_20130713_143444

Stacey (below with Nora and then Kristan) is another regular at the signings, but this time she brought work along with her and promoted the Howard County Library System.IMG_20130713_124508_826

Lora comes to nearly every Turn the Page event and this time she won a door prize (signed by JD herself).


Jessie (right) brought her mom Becky (who was thrilled to meet Nora!) for the weekend.

Sunday was the first Fall Into A Brunch with Nora event at Dan’s Restaurant & Taphouse.  Seventy readers took up every available seat to enjoy a delicious meal and great conversations about books.  They also raised over $1000 for the Discovery Station in Hagerstown by vying for one of the four gift baskets on display.

Nora and I stopped at every table to chat and for photos, then everyone went out on Main Street for the official group shot.


The Fall Into A Brunch with Nora gathering at Dan's Restaurant and Taphouse.



12 thoughts on “TTP Weekend”

  1. my bookshelves are lined with Nora Roberts and J. D. Robbs. I try to keep in touch with the latest and this will help so much. Keep writing.

  2. Pretty eventful summer, huh? Still hoping I can make it out there soon!
    I cannot wait for Italy stories! I can’t be there, so this is the next best thing 😉

  3. I would love to meet Nora someday, but I am afraid my health will not let me. I think have read all of her books, including Whiskey Beach, I have most of them on paper back but quite a few in hard copy. I have just received a Nook & a IPad for Christmas and have many of her books on there also. I have already pre-ordered her latest book. I really enjoy her Trilogy books and story lines that refer to people or places that are in other stories. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  4. Having been a fan of Nora’s since her first Silhouette romance, I would love to be able to attend one of these events some time. Unfortunately, I live across the continent, but I will put it on my list. 🙂

  5. Not being able to be there it warms my heart that Nora is constantly surrounded by lovely fans in all the gatherings she provides.
    It was lovely to read about Amanda finding distraction in Nora’s Novels… I’m sure when she reaches the OK point it will be sweet to see the books and say “hey, I read and conquered” 😉 praying for her recovery.
    Thank you Laura for keeping is on the scope 🙂 Looking forward for Italy with Nora… now I’m craving the Villa and I lent it to my husband’s niece… going to call her tomorrow and asks if she’s done with it ahahahah
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

  6. Without you Nora Roberts life wouldn’t be worth living! Not original but so true. Thank you for keeping me distracted and in good company as I watch over my 89 year old mother who has bone cancer and needs a full time caregiver which I lovingly volunteered to take on. Keep those paper books coming and God bless 🙂

  7. Looks like everyone had fun.

    Sending *hugs* to Amanda.

    Looking forward to the travelogues from Italy.

    ~ Kelly (jns ADWOFF)

  8. I love to read Nora/JD books, one of these days I hope to come to an event and meet her and everyone there, and bring my daughter, grand-daughter, and my mom too.

  9. Has anybody but me have a copy of “promise me tomorrow”? I never see it mentioned anywhere.
    Went to Italy last year, Florence was spectacular.

  10. I had an excellent time traveling to Boonsboro, Maryland. I learned so much about myself & Nora’s fans. Thanks for taking the great pictures Laura & managing all the details. I’m especially thankful to Nora & her family for opening up a small public portion that I could be a part of for a short but life changing time. Also I’m thankful to all that helped plan the brunch event it was a bonus I still find myself smiling when I remember the chat I had with Nora & Eva a friend I made in the book signing line. So many beautiful people to meet & excellent authors that never got tired & were happy to see us in the long line of fans. Read the books from Claudia Floyd, Kathleen O’Sullivan, Kristan Higgins & Deanna Raybourn. Still to read Dennis E Frye & my favorite Nora Roberts – first ever hard copy I’ve owned from her. Signed with Cheers for Whiskey Beach & Best for Kindred in Death & Have Fun for Inner Harbor. I’ll never forget the moments with Nora & her fans & the great people of Maryland & the beautiful mountain with there rich history & deep green color everywhere you looked. Peace to all of Nora’s fans keep on reading.

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