Notes from the Cranky Publicist desk

Time to share some social media updates!  We’ve had two cover reveal videos on Facebook  recently. (The first is also on the  St. Martin’s Press You Tube channel.)

The first for Of Blood & Bone, book 2 in the Chronicles of The One, out December 4.



You can pre-order Of Blood & Bone at your favorite retailer now:

Turn the Page:


Then, in early 2019, there’s Connections in Death — #48 in the series —  out February 5.



Again, you can pre-order everywhere now.

Turn the Page:
Google Play:

Nora and JD are on Instagram! OK, we’ll be completely transparent here:  I’m posting on the Instagram pages.  Some people prefer to bypass Facebook but like IG for the photos.  Not all the content will repeat on all social media but I think it could be fun to follow. Search for Nora Roberts  (@norarobertsauthor) and JD Robb (@jdrobbauthor).

Finally, some #randomkatness (and a repeat photo).  Nora mentioned Kat’s design for the baby blanket in the Girls in the City post, right?  Well not only is she designing it to honor the family that came before the baby, but it’s REVERSIBLE like this one she made for her niece.    My mind is completely blown.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

16 thoughts on “Notes from the Cranky Publicist desk”

  1. I love you, Laura.

    I thought I always wanted to be Tracy . . . you know, the youngest Partridge Family member who shook the tambourine . . . But instead, I decided I want to be you.

    Everyone fell in love with C.C. from “Shelter In Place” and wanted to be her. Not me. I wanted to be you.

    You are literally my dream job. And I say this with all due respect to you and your queen. You keep on doin’ whatchyer doin’. Because if I’m honest here . . . and I absolutely have to be . . . no one could do it better.

    But it doesn’t stop me from wanting to be you. Have a good weekend.

  2. Wow, Kat! The blanket is indeed mind-blowing. I can’t wait to see the new one. You rock!

  3. Hi, I have a question. Is the In death book that comes out in September going to be on Audible? Contractions in death is up for pre order but not the one that comes out in September.

    Also Kat is very talented. She can grow babies and knit awesome blankets. That is so great!

    1. Yes, Leverage will be in audio. We haven’t made a formal announcement yet, but starting with Connections in Death, Nora’s audio books will be produced by Macmillan Audio. St. Martin’s Press is part of Macmillan so audio preorders will be up at the same time as the paper/ebook orders. Brilliance produced Leverage and — as has been tradition — will probably post the pre-order links about two months before publication.

      And before anyone asks, having susan Erickson perform the In Deaths was one of Nora’s stipulations before she agreed to the change.


      1. This information is so welcoming, especially the Susan Erickson part. For those still purchasing the actually discs, there are small details that can make or break the book. The last audio book I purchased (actually cd’s) was packaged so horribly that I freaked when I saw your news. I quickly looked at the spine to make sure it hadn’t come from Macmillian. It hadn’t. Those details matter and while Brillance did a great job with packaging, I will continue to buy ID audiobooks until they force me to upgrade to downloads. Thanks again for the information. (and yes, I would have been the one to ask about Susan.)

      2. I adore listening to the in death because susan reads them so well, when I read the books I can hear them in her voice! Well done Nora for the continuity! thanks Laura.

      3. I adore listening to the in death because reads them so well, when I read the books I can hear them in her voice! Well done Nora for the continuity! thanks Laura.

      4. Glad to hear about the audio for Leverage… Also so glad Susan will still be reading. This is the only book series I’ve read where I prefer the voice reading the book more the the voices I created in my mind when reading it myself.

  4. Thank you for the updated information. Not cranky at all. The blanket for her niece – Wow! I look forward to seeing the baby blanket.

  5. Laura, I envy you! I know there must be days you’re tired, overworked, etc., but like Peabody says in one of the earlier books I just re-read, it must be “Living the Dream” a majority of the time.
    Nora treats you like a close friend, not just someone who works for her. You’re doing the job you want, working for a prolific author, who writes more than one genre. The new publisher seems to have innovative publicity ideas. I’m getting use to the new cover designs. They seem to be doing right by Nora/JD.

  6. Somebody knows how to do double knitting. The blanket is a difficult work of art. Go Kat!

  7. Hi Laura, I hope I am not asking a repeat question, but I just re-read Happy Ever After and Parker and Mac talk about Parker’s college boyfriend who wasn’t there for her when her parents died. His name was Justin Blake. Could this be the same Justin Blake that shows up in The Witness? Sounds like the same selfish a—–e that they mention! Just wondering! Thanks !

  8. Love the Laura! Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see Kats baby in the gorgeous blanket. Decided to keep Shelter in Place for my airplane book – it’s going to take everything I have, plus vodka to get me through the trip to the Grand Canyon this fall. Looking forward to seeing some of my Inn Boonsboro murder mystery friends this summer at the beach. And yes, Kayla looks like a beautiful ballerina still. Loved the New York experience!

  9. Totally off the wall comment–where & when is Nora taking her yearly main vacation? She always has the most interesting comments and pictures of her trip.

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