Let’s All Take A Deep Breath

Yesterday we announced on the JD Robb Facebook page that Amber Entertainment has optioned the In Death books. And the comment section exploded. Reactions ranged from excitement and delight to abject despair and even anger–with every possible emotion that falls between. Casting suggestions (and demands) flew like grapeshot.

I’m going to take this opportunity to address some of those concerns, suggestions, demands.

Β First the option is for a feature film, and is in the very early stages of development. I’ve met face-to-face with the producer, twice. She has not only read the books, she gets them–and the characters. I’ve turned down option offers before, for this series and for my other work because I didn’t feel it was a good fit. This feels like one.

Will it be? No absolute guarantee, but I have to trust my instincts.

No, no and again no, I will not write the screenplay. I have no idea how to write a screenplay, and have no desire to learn. I like writing books. I will, however, have input. I’ve already seen a very rough outline of the script, and when I saw something that felt off-character, I pointed it out–and my input was respected.

Will the movie be an exact reproduction of the book? Again, no. It can’t possibly be. It’s based on the novel, translated from the novel to the screen, interpreted by a director, a cinematographer, a screenwriter, and far from least of all, by actors. Both the producer and I agree the film must, absolutely must, remain true to the core of the book and the characters. But yes, some things will be left out, some things will change in order to make the shift from page to screen. Those who demand any movie be a pure copy of the book are going to be disappointed.

Movies are a different form of storytelling, but adaptations can and do work, and often beautifully. Yesterday, I answered a comment, one (of several) that claimed all adaptations fail, with two examples of excellent ones–and did this straight off the top of my head and after a glass of wine. I could name more, dozens more, but then this post would go on forever.

I could also name dozens that failed–at least for me.

Did those failed adaptations ruin the book for me? Absolutely not. The book remained exactly the same, and I only had to pick it up, read it again to be pulled back into a story I loved.

I value so much the investment readers have in this series. The depth of that investment often staggers me. And I understand some concern. Believe me, I have a pretty big investment in the series myself, and want it done right, want it done well. I’m realistic enough to know not every scene will make it to the screen. It can’t.

The investment, the concerns, I understand. The anger from some is a little astonishing. Let me reassure all. No one will drag you from your homes or places of business and force you to watch the movie, if indeed it happens. Watching a movie, like reading a book is a choice. It may very well be, as a reader, you prefer your own image of the books and characters, and don’t want another vision to mix with that. No problem at all.

To those who demand: Why, oh why, is she doing this! She doesn’t need the money! I ask: Why, oh why, do I write the books? They matter to me, and I’m thrilled the characters and stories I created have this chance to appear on screen, in theaters, to reach an audience who already loves them, or has never read a single book in the series. I write for money–it’s my job. But if money was the driving force for me, I’d never have put the first word on a page.

On to casting–which is far down the road as I haven’t yet seen a finished script. The contrast in readers’ wishes and hopes and visions (and the brisk dismissal from other readers of those visions) illustrate just how diverse those readers’ images of the characters are. Some of the suggestions leap to actors a decade–often more–too old. A wonderful actor can certainly shave some years off, but a decade or more? I don’t think so.

However, the popular insistence that any actors cast be, basically, physical clones of Eve, Roarke and the gang isn’t going to make top of my priority list. Do I want, and hope for, a cast that reflects and embodies those characters? I really, really do. But you know, I’m not going to turn thumbs down on an incredible actor for Eve because the actor doesn’t have a dent in her chin, or one for Roarke if he isn’t quite as tall as I’ve written. My priority will be, again, that good fit–and talent. I want the characters interpreted well, I want them respected, and my fondest hope is that they just rock it out.

I’m not in charge of casting–I wouldn’t know where to begin. But again, I’ll have input. Actors act, and a really good actor becomes the role. Gregory Peck became Atticus Finch, Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lector. For me Tom Cruise became Lestat, Michelle Williams Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lawrence became Katniss (and Mystique!) That’s what I’m looking for when the time comes–actors who can make me believe–as their creator–they’re the characters.

And even with what I consider gorgeous performances, when I pick up the book the movie was based on, I’m back into it, and into my own vision of the characters. The movie is a movie. The book is a book. Two ways of telling a story.

Whatever happens–if indeed it happens–I can promise you everyone involved wants this to work and work well, everyone involved understands the readers’ investment and emotional attachment and will do everything possible to respect the work itself, and that investment.

I love books. I love movies. It will be an incredible thrill for me, as a writer, to see characters I love, pulled from books I’ve written given a chance to kick some butt on the big screen.

348 thoughts on “Let’s All Take A Deep Breath”

  1. I only started to read the books last year.But I’m right up to date now,and I just want to say I can’t wait!Just because it may not be what people were expecting,it doesn’t mean it can’t still be well crafted and enjoyable.Thankyou for giving me hours of enjoyment with Eve,Roarke and the gang……

    1. I am so so excited!! My cousin has been reading the in death series from the beginning….she got me hooked a few months ago and I have been telling her I hope so bad this incredible series will hit the big screen!!! I am busting at the seams!! Cannot wait to see who will be the ones to bring Roarke and Eve to life! I already know it will be great…..Nora Roberts has perfected the in death series …. I am sure she will give us nothing less on the big screen! This made my day!

    2. Ditto for me! Any further word on a movie or better yet a movie series!?

  2. The movie option too me is a failure waiting to happen, sorry but it is, very very very few book have been turned into great movies with sequels, hopefully this will not happen and the director will be one like the “Harry Potter” movies that actually got it.
    Television or a mini-series would be the best way to run; a much larger audience and enough room for the story lines.
    Either way I am excited for this and so is my entire family whom have read every “In Death” book to date.

    1. Let me just toss out a few movie adaptations

      Silence Of The Lambs, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me, The Green Mile, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, Jaws, The Hunger Games, The Natural, Sense and Sensibility, Star Wars. I could add a slew of marvelous graphic novel movie adaptations.

      That’s a grab bag, and some personal favorites–I could go on.

      And yes, I could list others that I feel failed to translate the book onto screen well. But there are a whole bunch of a lot more than very, very few adaptations that made great movies.

      1. I agree, there are many et books that turned into great movies. I for one can’t wait to see this if indeed it happens!! I love the books and reread them often, and would love to see them on any screen!

      2. I have to say, if you are going to go by the books, Harry Potter movies were a complete fail. That being said, the movies for the most part were great. Although I often wondered if they had actually read the books before they wrote the screenplay. They were however great stand alone movies. I look forward to the In Death movie. I don’t have any preconceived notions of the actors because in my mind they are not any actors but my own make believe people based on Ms Roberts description. I do hope they stay truer to the book than some of the previous ones based on her novels, but I’m sure it will be great, and if not, I will so as she suggested and just go back to the books. Which I would do in any case.

        1. Up until maybe about a year ago, I detested the Harry Potter movies. Mind you I say this as someone who owns all 8 and went to every midnight premier; I walked out every time disappointed. It wasn’t until I sat down and watched them all at once with my boys (ages 8, 3, and 7 months which was a crazy idea!!!!) did I realize that they are actually really great movies. My disappointment had come from the fact that scenes that *I* felt were important were left out; I was too focused on a literal translation of basically EVERY page to the screen. When I watched it with my boys, the oldest of whom had just started reading the first book, I saw them in a completely different light. I saw them as millions of people who had never read the books did. The movies and the books are two completely different things, not because of the producers or directors (although some were better than others), but because of the medium in which the stories are being expressed. There is no way to do a literal translation, a lot of character growth is through internal dialogues but that doesn’t translate to the screen so other scenes are made up in place of that. Others just aren’t possible due budget or even technology. I tend to look at movie and book adaptions as two different things and I have been less disappointed that way.

          1. very well said. to enjoy a movie that comes inspired by a book one must not look at the movie with a checklist of things that changed or where missed but on its on beauty creation. there adaption of a good story not the retail account page by page word by word of the book.

        2. If you watch the talks between Steve Knowles (screen writet for most Harry Potter movies) and Jo Rowling you learn that it became known early on the movies couldn’t be a direct copy of the books. In addition to the books becoming longer around book 4…There were subplots (S.P.E.W.) that even Jo Rowling ended up regretting into. Plus all the concerns Nora Roberts outlined above. This it was decided in movie 3 to make a conscious departure. The movies would be from Harry ‘ s point of view. And would only center on his and Voldemort ‘s coming to battle. As Jo Rowling explained, there are things you can do on screen with scenery that she needs pages to do. Conversely there are things she can do on a page (explain Harry ‘ s thinking) that may not translate to the screen the same. I do not think those movies were a fail. It was more like seeing a different news broadcast of an event.

          I imagine that it will be similar with the In Death movie. Nora Roberts accepted the offer because she felt the producer would respect what she built (Jo Rowling turned down multiple offers too according to interview) That person will find a director who will do the same.

          In the end no matter how much we love the books/characters they are not ours. They belong to the writer who brought them to life.

          To Nora Roberts: You mentioned some excellent examples of books brought to screen. As to what actors the readers see being too old….to be fair Eve and Roarke have been around awhile. I always see Roarke as Chris Noth because he was young enough to be Roarke when I first found the books. πŸ˜‰

            1. Naw, I can’t see Chris Noth for Roarke at all, Jennifer – though he’d be a pretty good Det. Baxter.

              He’ll always be “Black Cat” Logan from LAW & ORDER to me – dangerous, but in a short fuse on the verge of exploding way.

              1. Oh, I can’t see him as Roarke, either πŸ˜‰ I don’t think he could pull off the long hair πŸ˜› Or the accent. I just thought the comment about him was funny, because if there was ever a true “Mr. Big,” Roarke is all that and a bag of chips! Any day of the week & twice on Sunday, and any other cliche you can think of.

      3. Those are fine examples & you’re right. You gave “birth” to these children. We just met them on the road & fell in love with them. Making a movie based on them will give more folks a chance to fall in love. My oldest daughter isn’t a reader (IKR??!!), but after seeing the 1st Twilight sat down & read the entire series. Do what you do, girl. I trust you. And as always…thanks. PKCenters

      4. The original The Haunting, Mary Poppins, The Lion in Winter, Along Came a Spider, the original All the King’s Men, The Lincoln Lawyer. the Bourne movies, The Hunt for Red October, From Here to Eternity, The Bone Collector, a lot of Dracula or Frankenstein movies, Sounder, Old Yeller, The Last Picture Show, Ben Hur, original Cheaper by the Dozen and ….. It’s a Wonderful Life. Many many more …. book to screen can work with the right director, actors and screeenwriter. I look forward to seeing the movies.

        1. And might I add that when the SyFy Channel first announced they were making a series from the Butcher Dresden books, I was appalled. How could they even match the books? Who could play Dresden the way he is in my mind? I watched the first episode in trepidation and spent much of it pointing out all of the things that were wrong. Then the second and I found myself falling in love with the show. Yes, there were differences, but I came to realize that those differences did in no way shine badly on the books and that they didn’t make me want to stop reading them. I was heartbroken in fact when they canceled it and I own that season on DVD. So, yes you might feel that making these books into a movie is terrible, but give it a try. Who knows, you might end up owning it on Blu-ray/DVD ……

        2. I totally agree with several commenters including Nora Roberts. I just saw Maleficent Sunday and absolutely enjoyed the twist in an old fairy tale we’ve all read, no doubt. It didn’t ruin anything, it was just purely entertaining. However, that being said, when the re-release (theatre) of Gone With The Wind happened in my late teens/early twenties I was horrified! UGH, it left out husbands, children, etc. LOL Oh well, I got over it and read the novel many times again after. Harry Potter is an excellent example of movies that don’t repeat the book but are totally enjoyable anyway. I own all 7 books and all 8 movies! They are well worn and loved.

        1. I thought it was a book based on the GL screenplay, published before the movie. Which seems pretty convoluted, actually. However it happened, amazing entertainment trifecta.

          1. They released a book about the time of the original (and still greatest) movie. The movie took off & the marketing folks started going bananas, as much as they could. Didn’t do really very much then, but boy, the stuff for #2 & #3. I actually collected a bit of it…so many, many years ago.

      5. I’m excited for you and will think good and positive thoughts for you! I’m really glad it’s going box office and not made for tv. That means bigger budget, and let’s face it, better actors. My opinion is my own, but made for tv’s are always a huge disappointment for me. They come across as low budget and have really bad acting, but box office movies… well they’re a different story. It’s easy for we readers to be book snobs! While the book is ALWAYS better, it’s because I know the details that the movie couldn’t or didn’t include. It’s like knowing a secret that the rest of the non-readers will never know. (Harry Potter books are a case in point) But for that to happen, the movies have to follow the book closely and not deviate from the true storyline.

      6. I’ve said for years now that the movies coming out are not worth even the $1.00 rental to watch. There are so many good novels out there to make movies from if they can’t think of anything worthwhile. Angelina Jolie would make a great Eve…… and I hope that they don’t ruin the movie by having someone like Jaclyn Smith….

        If I had watched lifetime Nora Roberts movies first I would have never read her books…

        1. There is no way Angelina Jolie would ever be able to do justice to the role of Eve. Mariska Hargitay or the actress who plays Kate Beckett on Castle would be much better as Eve.

          1. πŸ˜€ Marlene – you do realize you just said an Academy-Award winning actress who’s also an action star (TOMB RAIDER movies, WANTED, SALT) isn’t as good as Stana Katic (that’s the name of the actress who plays Beckett on CASTLE – and probably the popular fan choice for Eve right now)? I didn’t say Jolie was the ideal choice by any means – just that if a major movie producer’s going for a “name” actress to play Eve, she’d be a less awful choice than Sandra Bullock or Scarlett Johanssen, say.

            As for Mariska Hargitay – she’s Stana Katic plus twenty years. (Seriously, it’s eerie to realize how much the two look like Mother and Daughter – I always wished CASTLE or LAW & ORDER: SVU would have done something with that.) In the mid-Nineties when the IN DEATH series was first being published, Hargitay would have been a great choice for Eve as she was about the right age then – but now that she’s in her Fifties she’s a bit old for the part.

          2. Nora has said that her vision of Eve is much younger than many of the suggestions. In the books, Eve is not thirty yet or maybe just over. Too young for Angelina. Thank God

          3. Marlene,
            Couldn’t agree more with the (2) actresses you mentioned. I love Mariska but think she might be a bit old to play Eve (now). Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) would be great but she’s getting close to 40 now (think will be 38 this year–2016) but she would be excellent. I don’t know what actress today would have the talent to play Eve. I’m still trying to decide who should play Roarke–I can’t think of many who would do him justice based on the descriptors, his charm, cunning and mystery!
            One comment I’d like to make is that I would LOVE for them to make a move, or better yet as someone else mentioned–maybe would play better as a TV movie/mini-series BUT please do justice to the books. Because NR/JD Robb are so descriptive with the characters and storyline, they need to get it as close to that as possible; really capture the essence of the characters.
            Some of the movies you mentioned are terrific; but they did not follow the book. The only TRUE way the movies work is typically if you HAVEN’T read the books–generally just too much departure with the movies which is Hollywood, I guess, lol!!
            I’m late posting this but I do hope a movie, TV movie/mini-series is in the works!!!

      7. Thank you for addressing this. All I have to say is that I know you love the characters as much as we do and knowing that you will be involved settles me. I trust you and your choices because these are your characters and you love them without a doubt.

      8. I appreciate you taking the time to go into detail on this subject, and it really helped me to understand the process. I also agree totally that the book and movie stand on their own. Everyone was so disappointed that”One for the Money” by Janet Evonovich was so different, that the actors didn’t look right. It is true that they are different but for me it works. It’s a very good movie that I have watched multiple times. Same with”Killing Game” Eve Duncan looks different than she should but it works. And when I go back to reading other Iris Johansen Eve Duncan books I sees her the way Iris intended. They are separate forms of entertainment , both enjoyable. Of course, the book is always always the best :). I am so excited about the chance to see the In Death characters in a movie!! I absolutely love Eve and Roarke and all the rest! Thank you for such a wonderful series!

      9. I can’t wait for a “good” movie to be made to see if my own imaginary images of Rourke and Eve are in anyway comparable to someone else. I know that you cited the many good books that have made magic films but there has also been the case where a good film has been made out of a lousy book and as your books are not lousy you have a damn good start!

      10. There are many great adaptations. The Princess Bride was spot on. I am impressed that you value your readers investment in the world you’ve created, and look forward to the movie.

      11. I love your books have been reading them since the first one I picked which was Irish thorbred and I don’t know what every body is fussing about because you might torn this series into a move if it fails and I don’t think it will that’s your business not theirs as for me I will just keep reading your books that I love so much and wait to see what you are going to do with the others thank you Nora for the many hours of enjoyment I get from your books

      12. I have to say the main reason those all made good movies is because I would venture to say that when those movies released three-quarters of those movie goers had not read the book first. It’s a given that if you read the book first you will be disappointed in the movie because the movie version leaves so much out, they have to because its only an hour and a half to 2 hour at most movie! That being said, I’m very excited about the possibility of this movie, and even though I have read the books more than once I’m sure I will still enjoy the movie because I ready know the book is much better so there is no room for disappointment! LOL

      13. Nora, I’m sorry to contradict you, but Star Wars was not a book adaptation. It all came out of GL’s head. And yes, you’re right, there are many great adaptations out there; one of my favorites is the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice, (Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy). Or maybe it’s the Lord of the Rings Trilogy… But not the Hobbit, unfortunately.

        I think what worries me is that I’ve watched every single adaptation of your books & thought, did they read the books? When they wrote the screenplay and cast the actors, did they even have a clue of how the story went or even the character’s age? The closest I got to enjoying one of the adaptations was Carolina Moon & I still felt the characters were shallow and shadows of what they could have been, esp. the 2nd female lead. And that’s one of my favorite of your books. What they did to Tribute & Carnal Innocence; pitiful.

        I tried listening to one of the In Death books on disc, but the voices weren’t as I hear them when I read, so I quit about 5 chapters in and went back to the book. But it took may rereadings of that book before I got the other person’s voice out of my head when reading those chapters. It’s not as easy to wipe the effect from the mind as just picking up the book again. I wish it were.

        I’m going to hope that if the adaptation goes forward, the folks working on it pay attention to what they’re doing; that they don’t cast the lead because they’re a popular name at the moment, but because that person is a good fit for the character, (again, Tribute & Carnal Innocence) and that they pay attention to the original story. No, we can’t fit every detail in a book into a movie. Think how long the Lord of The Rings movies would have been if they had done that! They left out huge amounts of story & characters, but the movies still worked. Fingers so tightly crossed!

        1. See answer up thread re Star Wars? I’m very likely confufused on the timing, but not the love (g).

          Other movies based on my books were made for TV. Nothing against that but a much different treatment than a feature.

          I just wish people would relax a bit, not angst so much and so far in advance. There isn’t even a script yet, and it’s amazing how many readers are already predicting failure and disappointment.

          1. Well, readers went viral over the adaptation of Lee Child’s great character Jack Reacher when Tom Cruise was cast as 6’5 250lb blondish Jack Reacher. I like Tom Cruise but there was no possible way he could project Jack Reacher. All 50 million fans who absolutely love Jack Reacher vehemently protested the casting of Tom Cruise. Lee Child spoke confidently about that casting choice, then. I think there are something like 18 novels in the Reacher series now and I’ve yet to hear of more movie adaptations in the pipeline. I have no way of knowing how many movie-goers, naive to the series, ran out and started reading the books based on their movie experience. Probably not too many. It’s my guess (and personal experience) that it’s the other way around: readers go to these movies hoping to see their favorite character/s come to life on the big screen.

            The other huge uproar of late was the adaptation and casting of Christian & Ana from Fifty Shades. OMG ~ people just went ape s**t over that…. blowing up the internet. They’re still griping about it and declaring they will boycott the movie.

            Final note on epic failures: MM Kaye’s fabulous novel The Far Pavilions was cringe worthy. Amy Irving portraying an Indian princess ~ could it get any worse?!?

            On the plus side: the epically fabulous novel The Thorn Birds did pretty well in production.

            Understood that you’re not in charge of casting, but with some influence over it
            I hope beyond hope that our movie-Eve & Roarke at least look the part, as close as possible. And Roarke has a good Irish accent. I believe this is more important than the script (because your story is already great) ~ the right Eve & Roarke will bring in viewers and keep them coming back for more. IMO ~ as both a reader and a movie aficionado.

            ps: Lee Child had a fleeting cameo in his Reacher movie. Hope to see YOU on the big screen for your 15 seconds of fame πŸ™‚

        2. Karen,
          Nice post and certainly agree with many of your points. I mostly agree with the fact that it doesn’t have to be a big name draw/most popular actress at the moment–although with Hollywood, they want a name that will, at a minimum, have fans excited about the movie. If it’s an “unknown”, they it could be doomed before it starts. However, saying that, anyone who’s read the NR/JDR books, would immediately be elated about the prospect of a movie–just hoping it stays somewhat true to the characters.
          Hoping if the decide to move forward, the adaptation is worthy of what has been written!
          BTW, I am/was a huge Castle fan and one of my “board mates” actually mentioned these books (saddened that Caskett doesn’t have this type of active love life!) I was hooked after Naked in Death and have read the entire series to date–and interested others in these books.
          I’m going to enjoy the ride with the In Death series but eventually, hope Eve and Roarke do decide to start a family–especially based on their horrific beginnings. In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to work and raise a family so I know NR/JDR would make it realistic, plausible and fun!

      14. I love the books. i have them on my nook and in book form. i will go see the movie if it comes out if for nothing else but to support Nora. i just hope casting goes well. i havent seen what others were saying who they think wold be good but when i watch Castle i can picture Kata and nathan fillion as eve and roarke. MMMM I LOVE ME SOME ROARKE. good luck. jeanie

        1. It’s funny you picture Eve as Beckett in Castle because that is exactly how I picture her. I don’t really have a picture of Roarke though.

          1. I can see that. She’s a little older than Eve, but she has the right look and is the right height.

            1. Actually, Amy – Stana Katic is about the right age to play Eve now. She’s 35, I think (she was 29 when CASTLE started) – and Eve’s 33 in the latest books in the series.

              1. I agree the actress that plays Beckett on Castle would be perfect for Eve. She has the talent to play anyone she set her mind to. Would love to she her as Eve.

          2. I agree she would make a great Eve, if we were dealing with television. Because they are talking film, and because she has to dominate the screen, I’m not sure Beckett could do that.

            1. Because they are talking film, and because she has to dominate the screen, I’m not sure Beckett could do that.

              I think Stana Katic could as well as any of the other choices, most of whom are also television actors as well, Cate. The problem with a “Movie Star” as Eve is – WTF would you cast that wouldn’t be monumentally miscast? The closest I can think of is Sigourney Weaver, who’s at least a decade too old for the role – not that she wouldn’t kill as an older Eve Dallas, mind!

            2. PS: Another “television” choice – Alana de la Garza (Det. Martinez on FOREVER) would be a good choice for Eve as well, I think. Not my first choice, mind (that remains Stana Katic), but watching her and Ioan Gruffuld interact every week kind of gives me a “Lifetime Channel IN DEATH series” tingle…. πŸ™‚

      15. And that my friend is the definition of entertainment. Some good, some bad, but entertainment non the less. From one perspective to another.

      16. I have always thought this series would make a phenomenonal set of movies!! Eve Dallas is probably my favorite character and I have LOVED watching her character evolve. As far as Rourke, no man alive is as gorgeous as my imagination has made him, lol. Do not let naysayers get you down, there is a huge difference in your books and “Harry Potter” and I cannot imagine any screen writer cutting out the revelant details to Eve and Rourke’s “make up”.

      17. I love the books and the image of the characters that I carry in my heart and head. I will have to think about it before I would go watch the movie if it happens because I do love the characters as I see them. But with that said I am thrilled that I might have the opportunity to see the books on the big screen. I have seen other books made into movies I loved and others that disappointed me, but I think it is fun to see how other people see the characters that I have made my own. As always, Love you Nora! Thanks for all your work, tolerance and love that you show your fans. Please keep them coming. I can’t imagine not having a new In Death book to look forward reading. It rates right up their with Christmas and Vacation week.

        1. Nobody, and no movie or television show, is ever going to perfectly match what’s in your head – so unless you’re willing to swear off adaptations altogether, it’s not a good idea to Go There.

          Sometimes the changes from book to film or television enhance characters and enrich the stories, and become canon – like how Tony Randall made Felix Unger in THE ODD COUPLE so much like himself (fine arts lover, WWII Veteran, former radio star) that that’s pretty much how Felix is played these days, or how Sir Alec Guinness’s portrayal of George Smiley in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY informed John le Carre’s writing of the character in SMILEY’S PEOPLE and THE SECRET PILGRIM. And…. sometimes you get things like Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, or Gary Oldman as George Smiley(!) – who are just awful.

      18. I love all of the Nora Roberts books and really really love all of the JD Robb books. (I own a copy of every book and movie) I would like to add to Nora’s list all of the James Paterson books that where made into movies and a TV series. No they were not identical but they were awesome. You can not take a book that is over 300 pages and put all of the thoughts and events that happen into a 2 hours movie so yes somethings will be a bit different. Like she said the key is not to find the person who looks like we think they should but the person who can portray the character in the way that she sees them. I for one am looking forward to this possibility and I hope that it does get a chance to happen.

        1. I’m also a James Patterson fan but was disappointed with Along Came a Spider and his latest Alex Cross with Tyler Perry in the starring role. He was totally wrong. Kiss the Girls wasn’t bad and generally followed the book but I am an Ashley Judd fan.
          I love reading the In Death series and hope, as long as Nora has the creative juices, she’ll continue to please us fans with her writing. I know she’ll stay true to the characters and her input is invaluable, paramount to a successful movie–should she decide to partake in the adaptation.

      19. that I have said that if I end up not exactly liking the movie then I’ll just read the books again. I read the 1st wives club and loved the book. Then saw the movie and was aware of what was changed but still loved the movie. If Nora has faith in the people that will be involved then I do too as she is the one that created the characters that we all love. Also for my two cents the actress that I think would fit the character of Eve would be Hillary Swank. She can be vulnerable and kick ass when needed. Also for Peabody I think Jennifer Lawrence would be great. But I’m sure I would like any actress that was picked to bring them to life. For Roark I used to think Clive Owen would be fantastic but I think he may be too old for the part now. But wouldn’t Jonathan Rhys Meyers be great? He’s even Irish.

      20. Yes, Nora, I agree there are many books that mad wonderful movies. Your list includes many of my favorites. I have also watched many that were such failures I was actually offended. I suppose a mini series could capture more detail but you mentioned only a movie and getting Eve, Roarke and the gang in a two hour slot will be difficult. I will HAVE to see the movie but I’m going to think of it as a part of the story….because certainly it could only whet the appetite to learn more about this community of people who have become my friends. These books have gotten me through some very difficult times in my life. People who have never read your do not understand how you really can draw the mind into the story…and take me away for just a little while. Thank you. I wish I had the talent to write that you do. πŸ™‚

        1. I can’t imagine any of the In Death series being anything but fantastic. I hope you find great actors for Roark and Eve and am immensely curious as to who you get to play Summerset (good luck) and Galahad. Do you think you can find a cat like him? Especially the two different colored eyes?

          1. Michael Caine or the especially the gentleman who played Alfred in the first Batman (with Michael Keaton) could easily pull off playing Summerset!

        2. I totally agree that a series would be fantastic! But to stay true to the books you will probably have to split up the stories. Otherwise you will have to skip so much of each story. If you do it I can’t wait to see who you choose for Mavis! (Good luck) also Eve and Roark!

          1. I think I already wrote a comment but if it did not go through I am all for it but I hope you do DVDs as well so I can buy them and watch them over and over again! I LOVE the “In Death” series. I continually listen to them on Audible since I have trouble reading.
            Elizabeth E. Jones

      21. I will be so excited if this movie is made! To play the role of Dallas, I like
        Stana Katic and for Raorke, I like Colin Farrell or Sean O Meallaigh

        1. As you can see from my Gravatar, anne, Stana Katic is my choice for Eve – and I suspect a popular one to boot! There are several actresses who people feel would be a good Eve – Katic, Alana de la Garza from FOREVER, Sarah Shahi from PERSON OF INTEREST (though she’s short), and though she’s an outlier IMO Angie Harmon from RIZOLLI & ISLES.

      22. I would love too see your works turned into live action. My gf got me hooked and have read everything too date. Keep it up.

    2. I love the idea of a TV series! That way they can keep the correct story line and not have to skip parts. However either way I expect to see them all even though I rarely go to movies. Too many people and too much noise! What about DVDs that can be watched at home again and again just like I love to listen on my Apple since my eyes aren’t very good for reading. That way I can see them again and again just like I listen to them. I listen to them over and over again
      I REALLY hope you do them. If movies PLEASE make them into DVD’s as well. I just know they will sell fantastically!el
      Your devoted fan,
      Elizabeth Jones

  3. Your comments covered it all. Wishing you all the luck. Thank you for creating the “In Death” series.

  4. I think it’s a marvelous idea! And I look forward to watching any of your works on screen! And some encouragement, you most likely already know there will be negative feedback as well as positive, but what matters is that you are following your heart and vision for this. That is what will make this an Epic Success πŸ™‚ Good Luck and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! πŸ™‚

  5. I completely agree with looking for the right fit rather than a physical duplicate of the characters. Appearance can be created, talent cannot. Although I do believe that a series would be better; every character shows so much depth and growth from book to book that I am not sure how that will translate in one movie. That is entirely my fault though because I tend to focus on the characters now rather than how they were. I still am completely excited to see this on the big screen. I do have one question, will the movie be based on Naked or will it be multiple books in one? I know the screenplay isn’t complete yet but is there a direction in terms of which book? Thank you for taking the time to write to us and for reading our comments.

  6. I know you’re not an actress Nora but I always picture you as Eve. Haha I know, but your characters are strong and I look forward to seeing them put to screen. My only wish is that this series never ends. Thank you for your talent to draw me into every book you write. Whether it’s a JD Robb or Nora book, I will continue to enjoy them.

    1. Thanks, very flattering! But I’m old enough to be Eve’s mother–without the psycho tendancies!

      1. That’s exactly what I thought when I read it! Dallas is like 29-30 (academy at 18 + 11 years on the force!)

      2. It’s the picture of you on the book jacket in the long black leather coat that Roarke gave Eve that does it …you totally look the part, which I’m sure was the purpose …total homicide cop attitude written all over this photo. It’s a fabulous photo of you!!
        I have to admit I’ve seen a few possible Eve’s, but never have I seen anyone who matches my dream vision of Roarke; he’s bigger than life. I guess I lean towards a mini-series out of pure greed…much longer .. more episodes. But I have confidence you will ensure that the characters’ personalities match the book ..that is what we will “see” ..much more important than physical characteristics, I think ..more memorable.

      3. That’s funny…..and you still have a pulse; thank God!!!! Completely engrossed with the audio books, as I drive hither and …….um, back again!! Lol
        Whether I am listening to Jd or to you (currently “genuine lies”), I fear the day will come when I have listened to them all…..until then thank you for endless miles of enjoyment and hope you never encounter a “brain fart” for long. Your huge fan, holly

  7. I have read and loved ALL of your books. I look very much forward to seeing them on the big screen. Can’t wait.

  8. You nailed it Nora! I particularly liked the comment that, no one will drag you from your home to go see the movie if you choose not to. I adore the In Death series. I also loved the Twilight and Hunger Games series and think the movies are very enjoyable. As a faithful reader I hope whoever is picked to write the screen adaption will do the same justice. I also trust your judgement and am not gonna sweat it! LoL.

    1. Twilight does not count as a GOOD adaptation. great books awful movie. I would love to see an in death movie or TV mini series.

      1. And, on the other hand, I would posit that the Twilight books are terrible books and the movies couldn’t possibly be as bad. Every person is entitled to an opinion, and I think it was rude of you to comment that way in direct response to another comment. It just causes the dialogue to disintegrate into insults and hurt feelings.

        1. come on people grow up I think this is Nora’s business she writes beautiful books and so far it is only in the thinking stage stop giving her a hard time as she said nobody twist your arm to read the books and nobody it going to twist your arm to go to the movie if it happens

  9. I am a HUGE fan of the In Death books. (all of your books actually) I didn’t know how to feel when I saw the books were going to be made into a movie. I guess I’m a little jealous because I’ve been reading them for so long and even though I recommend them to everyone, I feel a little bit like they’re mine and I don’t really want to share..lol…The movies rarely live up to the book but like you said, its ok. The books will not change and that is our first love anyway. Keep them coming because if you stop writing them, then I’ll really be outraged. πŸ˜‰

    1. I love your comment about not wanting to share. It exactly matches my feelings. It is probably ridiculous of me, but, whenever I hear that someone has read a book that I love, but I did not recommend to that person, I am a bit taken aback. The reaction is quite different if I have just met someone that reads the same books as I do. I am so excited to have someone to talk to about it.

  10. I agree completely…. a book is a book and a movie is a movie. I create my own images of a book character and if the movie character fits my vision then I can mesh the two. I love the movies that have been made from your books so far… I feel the actors have embodied the characters and brought them to l life.
    As for Eve and Roarke…….. contacts and hair color works wonders….. it’s the personality that will bring them to life.
    Looking forward to any movies from your books.

  11. I think it’s great that it’s going to be a movie and that your absolutely right about the difference in movies and books. Thank you for your stories!!

  12. I’m so conflicted about this news, and Nora, you’ve hit the points as to why. On one hand, I would so love to see this series make it to the big screen, on the other, I’m so afraid it won’t measure up. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope this turns out to be one of the ones that translates well.

  13. I have seen Movies that hooked me on a story line, then read the book on which it was based. That one book has turn me into a loyal reader of that Author, so it can work in reverse too. Best of luck taking your book from page to screen.

  14. I think this is awesome. I love watching the Nora Robert’s stories that have been put onto film. No they are not exact of the books, but they are good. I have been waiting for an “In Death” movie, and I”m so excited to know that it’s in the works.

  15. It sounds like a great opportunity! I look forward to the movie version! It is a chance to view another perspective of the characters and stories I love. Congratulations!

  16. I’ve waited for years for Eve and Roarke to make it to film so I can introduce my husband to the characters that I love so much (he doesn’t read). I hope the project makes it to completion.

  17. I am very excited at the prospect of my favorite books/characters being made into a movie!
    I am so glad Ms. Roberts writes these books because she has provided me with hours of entertainment, not to mention my fantasy man, Roarke.
    Good luck with the movie deal! Best wishes for continued success.

  18. I completely missed all the excitement yesterday (and having read your blog post, I’m not going to catch up but continue on from here).

    I think this is awesome news πŸ™‚ I’m glad you found what looks like a good fit, and I’m very excited.

    If I don’t like the movie, that’s on me. But I’ll continue to love the books…when I’m having a bad day, I grab one and re-immerse myself in the future. Thank you for sharing the people in your head with us.

  19. I have enjoyed many books written by different authors made into movies some were successful some not so much but it didn’t change how I felt about the books

  20. I’ll be thrilled to see Eve and Roarke on screen. I just hope they do the couple and the book justice.

  21. I’m excited at all the prospect of a movie and all the possibilities that may include. (And as someone who helps run a movie theatre excited that Eve and Roarke may end up on one of our screens).
    No movie ever matches the book, but it still great to be able to see characters you know and love on the big screen even if they aren’t quite how you envisioned them.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter and I look forward to the movie(s).

  22. Needless to say, I hungrily devour every word you write. For myself, and anyone I have ever asked, casting is of supreme importance. Because your books are so very popular, it seems to me to make sense to have unknown actors cast for your roles. Joe Schmoe could be cast as Roarke and we would all run to the theater to see the film. I remember going to see “one for the money”, the first book in the Janet Evanovich Eve Plum series. The movie was so poorly cast that myself and my reader friends have vowed never to spend our hard earned cash to watch another one, if another is made. Had they used unknown actors, the result would have been very very different. Disapproving of the cast when it was first announced, several people refuse to go to the movie in the first place, knowing they just didn’t fit. When a reader follows a series such as yours, naturally we all have images of the characters based on your description. The fact that Roarke, aside from his amazing looks, is a tall man, that alone helps project an image of a protector. Therefore the actor playing the part, in order to project that same image, needs to be tall as well. I read at least two or three books every week, and I “live” in those books, I see their faces and I hear their voices when they speak your words, a phony Irish accent on a vertically challenged Roarke would break my heart. Just sayin…

    1. I agree Pam. We all see Nora’s books come to life in our minds as we read them!! An unknown actor would probably be excepted better than one we have seen many times on screen or TV. As long as they can find an actor who gets the essence of the characters, then looks can always be altered. Hopefully, they can find someone who can pull off a good Irish accent. You see many times an actor play a British roll when he really
      speaks another language. If this movie gets off to a start, I will be so happy! Love Nora’s books, especially
      J.D. Robb books.

      1. What worries me (though I’m sure I’ll go see the movie at least once, just to encourage more IN DEATH media!) is that if it’s a major Hollywood feature they’ll cast for Box Office rather than the best actors for the characters. So, instead of my current favorite choices of Stana Katic (Beckett on CASTLE) and Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield in THE HOBBIT) as Eve and Roarke, we’ll get…. Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise! Or Scarlett Johanssen and Benedict Cumberbatch! Or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – ! (Actually, they wouldn’t be a bad choice, now that I think about it….)

  23. I completely understand where you are coming from. A book is a book and a movie is a movie. Even though there may be some differences in the movie from the book…seeing your characters come to life on the screen is absolutely thrilling! I have watched movies from your books before and absolutely love them! Good luck on your newest adventure!

  24. I am excited to hear about a possible movie. I have always have hoped for a movie or even more strongly for a TV series based on the “In Death” characters. Will eagerly await more information about the movie.

  25. excuse me if I bring the level of this conversation down a bit, but I can’t wait to see a drying tube in action. I love the thought of the drying tube

    1. I WANT A DRYING TUBE! I think of Eve every time I get out of the shower and have to dry off with an ordinary towel. And wouldn’t a lotion sprayer be awesome too!
      Ok, got that out of my system. Congratulations Nora on the offer. I think it is awesome. I also like the idea of unknowns for actors. Who knows what serious talent is out there waiting to become R, E, P or McNab?! Whatever. Awesome Books, Awesome Author, Love you Nora!

    2. Me too !! ….and the vertical move of the cars while driving on the road ! …so many things …the holo room ! …special effects will be fantastic in this movie, don’t you think? So many things …gel boots …holo room …a Mavis Freestone performance …Crack and the Down & Dirty …and Charles Monroe …he’s right up there with Roarke, I think. So much to look forward to. I’m in the middle of rereading all the books again, and I never get tired of them. They still have to power to make me laugh and cry. You’re a true artist, Nora. Thanks.

  26. Eve deserves a movie or even a series. Looking forward to seeing the movie!

  27. Ms.Roberts/ JDRobb…..first off I would like to tell you I am one of your biggest fans….I absolutely love Eve and Roarke and to see a movie based on a book I would truly love it….I also think that with a movie people would pick up a book with Eve and Roarke and continue to read the series as we all do…..will the movie be as good as the book definitely not…no movie is as good as any book we all know that…but at least we could see what we like reading about on the big screen…I this it would be awesome to see the halo room In real action. Truth is ..its your book and you haven’t let us down yet….so if you want it on the screen..then we want it on the screen…I stand behind you 110%…Thank You….Sincerely Michele Cooke

  28. Thank you so much for your explanation. That is what I love about you- your connection with your readers. I have complete faith in you and your decisions. Whether I will watch the movie if it happens, not sure. But, as you said, that is my decision. I have been pleasantly surprised in the past. Thanks!

  29. I’m conflicted about the movie. It seems to be such a reduce treatement for books i love, i’ve read and re-read and even listened in the audio version. To be honest i would have rather seen a treatement like Game of Thrones is getting at hbo than a movie.
    Fans are rabid to caracters they love just check out all the press 50shades of grey caught. Whoever is cast will not please all, but it will be fun to see if they are good enough to make us beleive they are the caracters.that is a tall order.

  30. I always hoped for an In Death tv show just because there are so many books and obviously many stories to tell with these characters. However, I’m excited to see these characters come to life on screen, no matter what the format.

    1. I would love to see an In Death TV series! Then I could visit with Eve and Roarke every week!

  31. I have mixed emotions when I read this because, yes, there are a lot of film adaptation that fail. I also believe that it won’t be identical with the book, which I deeply regret. I just hope that who ever get cast on this. Every single one of them should read the series (and I know that it’ll be a huge time investment for the actors) but it’s the only way to truly understand everyone in the In Death series that we all love.
    The story/core of the In Death is what made me read the series to begin with and if this movie is going to happen, well, I’ll be the first in line to see it.
    I love the in Death series with passion and this movie is a great way for me to introduce how amazing the series is to people who dislike reading or have no time reading. But still, yes, I do have mixed emotions about this… then again, I wouldn’t stop myself from seeing Eve, Roarke and the gang on the big screen.

  32. I haven’t read any JD Robb book. I know it’s weird being a huge fan of all your work but I can’t get over that first one… it’s not a solo happening as I have Midnight Bayou and can’t get over those first pages. Everyone says I’m loosing on of your best but it’s such an emotional roller coaster that I can’t. Just can’t. (yet ;)). It stays there on the shelf waiting, teasing…
    From your movies I’ve watched all and I really love Angels Fall. If possible more than the book. Well, it was my first Nora’s film and you never forget your first love do you?
    People should keep in mind that it is great to have a book in movie. I think so even if the adaptation sucks in some way. After one of Nora’s book there’s slight chance of not sucking a bit – still is great (and since you put some input) to see how do you think this character (could) looks, the traits and ticks we’re read about and now are there in the open.
    Ah, I also enjoyed Carolina Moon. Very much. More than for the adaptation (and how would I know? It sacred the bejesus during the book, it still scared during the movie ;)) I enjoyed Claire Forlani as Tory – P-E-R-F-E-C-T.
    But I understand how the JD Robb fans are a bit proprietary over Nora’s work as… it’s like they feel a bit – a very important and thrilling bit – as intellectual guardians of the Work :). The rudeness is never accepted. Until this post I never realized the similarities between Nora fans and Soccer Fans πŸ˜€

    1. I have had that happen with a series. The first time I started to read Nora’s Cordina’s Royal Family series, I was in a bad place emotionally and couldn’t finish a HEA book at that time. I have tried to read them since, but I always seem to get pulled back to that place and time, maybe one day I will be able to finish them but until then they are waiting for me on my bookshelf. I also cannot watch Mrs. Doubtfire because of the negative stuff I had going on when I watched it for the first time, even though it is the type of movie I would normally like.

      1. I understand.
        I’ve reached for a Nora book and when I start reading I immediately take a disliking of the character – more in SHE case πŸ˜‰ – and I learned to step back from the book, calm down, put things in perspective (like the b*** in one corner and Nora character in the other. Then I join the character until I know what to do with the b*** in the other corner. I also hope in Nora book – it happens a lot – I’ll learn how to deal with the first ;)), knowing this how can people jump the “Nora has lost it” wagon, right?! There are always answers, pointers in her books…
        Cordina? It’s interesting to learn what touches people’s – our own – chords. I would never think of it as a taxing series. But that’s Nora for you, she reaches chords sometimes you weren’t even aware that were there to be touched. Or you thought were safely put away.
        Take Care,
        PS – Maybe reading it (it’s worth it!) – as in facing the roller coaster (I learned after the first curve that you can’t leave until it ends (just saying :)) – ill take you there and OUT OF THERE. Think about it.

  33. Agreed – people need to just relax. If you don’t like the idea of a movie, don’t go. If you don’t like who might be cast, don’t go. This doesn’t affect any of the readers’ lives, and they should just relax. Would I personally rather see the books made into a TV series, so all the stories could be told? Yes, I would. That’s my personal opinion. Am I going to freak out if it isn’t done, or if the people I have in my head for the characters aren’t cast? No. I’m staying out of it. I saw the way people freaked out over Janet Evanovich’s book becoming a movie. People just get crazy. I personally didn’t care for the casting of the female lead for Northern Lights, my favorite book. When the movie comes on, I just don’t watch it. I just re-read the book. Congratulations to Ms. Roberts. These are her books to do with as she sees fit. I am just glad that she has shared these books with us.

  34. From the moment that I have read the books I thought that it would make a great movie, I’m with you on this . I know that you will make sure that everything will be right

  35. I can’t wait for an In Death movie. Just try to get ahead of me on opening day.

  36. “The film is the film, the play is the play, and the book is the book.”
    James Watkins, director of The Woman in Black, Hammer Films.

    Either way, I will see it, because I love the charcters, and stories.

  37. Absolutely love the series(have read the entire series a few times). I’m looking forward to seeing these characters come to life, but I rarely expect the movie to completely do justice to the books. I’ve always wished you could have the trilogy of Morrigan’s Cross made into a movie, especially if it was made by Peter Jackson from the “Lord of the Rings”! Pretty lofty wish, but that’s why they are called wishes! πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I’ve read all of your trilogy’s at least 10 times, but I think I’ve read that one around 20 by now. LOL

  38. Wishing you best of luck in your new adventure. It’s fun to try new things. Love your books.

  39. Heh…cool! I didn’t see the news on this, so I’m just like yay! Congrats! I hope it DOES happen

  40. Putting this on HBO as a mini series would allow more of the book to be translated onto the screen. This would also be a way for the more explicit scenes in the book to be shown. Being such a HUGE fan of the books I have to be honest and say that this makes me a little nervous as to how it will be crossed over onto the screen. Fingers crossed!!

  41. I have been waiting for this to happen and I am thrilled that it is. I know it will turn out great!

  42. I basically agree with the post by Chris Nichols but don’t agree that this project will ultimately fail. Stephen King’s works come to mind, as well as several interviews I have read in which he discusses the conversion of his work to other forms. We, as faithful fans, have less control than the author does in this situation! I, for one, say good luck…I hope it is a good experience for you Nora, and regardless of the outcome I will continue to read and collect every one of your books!

  43. Well, my daughter and I both read The Fault In Our Stars and then watched the movie, We were impressed! Did they leave stuff out? Yes! Did they change a few things from what I remember of the book? Yes! But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love the movie as much as the book. All the best to you Nora, because this movie will be based on beloved characters you will always get criticized, but for those people I say, simply, don’t watch! I for one am looking forward to the characters coming to life! From a much appreciative fan!

  44. I’ve read and re-read all of the In Death Series….I respect Nora for her talent, insight and thoughtfulness in creating this series and trust her to know what will work and what will not. Relax people, she will not let her story or characters fall short of perfection. As for money….how could anyone even mention that topic ?? Very rude !!!! We all work for a pay check right ?? We all want to eat, enjoy life, pay our mortgages, so how is Nora any different than all of us ???? Such talent should be enjoyed and not criticized for taking another path with HER WORK……not ours, HERS !!!!!!! Thank You Nora for the years of enjoyment I have had reading your books and I wish you all the success with this possible movie……

  45. I can’t wait!!. Don’t let the naysayers get to you. They just lack imagination.

  46. Which of the In Death books will be the subject for this feature film? I’m looking forward to it. Should be some interesting special effects to take us into the futuristic world of the series.

  47. Nora, I have ABSOLUTE faith in ANY decision you make! I have read EVERY book you have published as Nora and JD, and I love all of them. Of course I have favorites, what reader doesn’t? As far as a movie? OMG, YES YES YES!!! I’ll take any extra but I can get of any part! Congrats and I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll get up to MD one of these days from Mississippi to meet you in person!! I’ll definitely be the almost 50 year old doing the screaming FANGIRL thing! ❀️

  48. Going to start my “In Death” series re-read on Monday to prepare for Festive! I will see the movie to support you and my favorite books ever! Whether I love the movie or not, I’ll always love the books and you!

  49. OOhh I would love to see a film with Eve and Roarke, Peabody, Mavis et al all of them are such fantastic characters. I agree with whoever said that casting would be of extreme importance – I love these people like I already know them and I would be gutted if they were completely miscast. Having said that I look forward to seeing them come to life on the screen, good luck with it.

  50. I am beyond excited for this. I have always loved the idea of these wonderful books being made into a movie, but I figured it would never happen, because of how large the series is. If this movie happens, I have a feeling it will leave me wanting more (Just like the books!).

  51. It sure does show everyone’s deep attachment to the books and to Eve and Roarke to see the passionate responses. We all have our own personal visions. But your comments are so well articulated and respectful, it is easy to see reasons for it. Plus, not everyone likes to read and if this exposes others to Eve and Roarke, I see that as only positive.

  52. Oh Nora, this is the first I’m hearing of this but it sounds so wonderful!!!! You are right, many movie adaptations have been successful. I can’t wait to hear more about the project! It’s so sad how many people feel comfortable being down-right rude because they can hide behind a computer screen.

  53. I, as one of many I am sure, are beyond thrilled this is happening! Like you said, if it shouldn’t turn out as expected I will still LOVE the books and will eagerly await the next one. Knowing you have a hand in it I feel confident it will be fine. I too am realistic and know not every scene will be in or played out as the book. I know I have images in my head of characters and beyond a doubt that will change because the ones in my head are real actors who have aged a few years since the image I use. LOL
    I look forward to having our beloved characters brought to life! Thank You!!!

  54. Looking forward to seeing Eve, Roarke et al in a movie. As said before, a book is a book and a movie is a movie. I would watch it to see how close the movie people can get to the characters in the books. Hope they can bring the personalities to the screen as they are in the books.

  55. I love the JD Robb series and would go see the movie. The movie is NEVER as good as the book! But I always read the book first and then go see the movie. There are many people who can’t sit still long enough to read a book but who would enjoy seeing the movie. For those who can’t stand to see the movie not exactly replicate the book….don’t go see the movie. Just re-read the book. πŸ™‚ I always think the “movie” playing in my mind as I read is much better than any movie Hollywood can produce….but I still see the movie, but with a superior attitude. Lol

  56. Nora, I am excited at the news that there maybe movies based on your series. I love them! But I learned a long time ago to NOT expect a movie to follow a book exactly the same or I would be disappointed. I want a movie to be the essence of the books that I love. My idea of what Eve and Roarke look like, while having your general physical descriptions, certainly wouldn’t be the same if we were to describe them to an artist.
    I can, to some level, understand fans commitment to your books, but really……to make demands or swear they will never buy another of your books if you decide to go ahead with a movie. Get a life, people. The only ownership you have is you bought some books. I’m pretty sure that Nora, as with most creative people, writes because she loves to write. The characters in her books are her children, her agonies, her joy. We, as fans, are lucky that she decided to share them with us. I look forward to the next adventure Eve and Roarke go on, regardless of the media.

  57. Well said Nora. I have been reading this series since the very beginning (I even have the 1st 3 original paperbacks and I can tell you they are a bit well worn). I have a huge emotional investment in this series and reread from the 1st to the latest all the time.

    Nothing can be perfect and people need to understand that the movie is NEVER exactly as the book. You can’t cram 300+ pages of action (and more importantly) personal thoughts into a 2 hour movie.

    I for one will be seeing it no matter what; and I may just be pleasantly surprised. I haven’t cared for any of the movies from your books but that is just because they are not your book. I do appreciate the whole blocks of conversations that the script writers manage to get in. That is a nice touch and adds some familiarity.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Nora because you do it the best. We (your fans) will keep reading and loving your books no matter how many movies they make.

  58. Ms Roberts,
    I AM ECSTATIC that you FINALLY will try the adaptation of the magnificent genre of books to the big screen. Granted sometimes it does not come across as we have imagined in our own heads but these are characters that I for one would love to see on that big screen.

    When I read a book it is like watching a movie. Yes everyone will interpret things and characters differently but that is the way of the big screen.

    It will be interesting to see whom they cast for the people especially Dallas and Roarke. I for one will be waiting with baited breath for the movie

  59. I didn’t read all of the comments, but I just wanted to say (in regards to the obviously vehemently negative outcries you received) – anger? Seriously? Oh, sure, just turn down the opportunity to make millions of dollars on something you’ve ALREADY DONE, just because you don’t need the money!?!? (not that there wouldn’t be a lot more work to put into it, but you’ve already laid the groundwork) No SANE person would say that – and neither would those people who said those things, if the ooportunity was presented to them.

  60. I can’t wait to see the movie(s). The only issue I have is that Pierce Brosnon is too old to play Roarke! While some adaptions are excellent – I just hope they stay true to the core is the characters. Many people are reeling from what was done with “True Blood.” The names stayed the same – and that’s about all that stayed the same – in the Sookie Stackhouse books. I haven’t been able to watch it since about 1/2 way through the 2nd season. I just hope that isn’t how your books are translated from print to film!

  61. I just started reading the series and LOVE it! Hopefully, a movie version will draw more people who haven’t yet read the series into the new world that I recently discovered.

  62. This is really exciting news. An In Death up on the big screen. I hope everything works out.

  63. Do you want to know how the movie is going to compare to the book? I can give you a great example. Not exact, but a pretty good representation of how it might turn out:
    Montana Sky. One of my favorite books by Nora Roberts. It was made into a film that did a fair job of bringing the actors and story to the screen. Some of the actors were better than others, some changes were made to the characters, characters were written out, and whole sections of story lines were left out, moved around, and juggled to fit into a 90 minute movie.

    If the In Death move turns out similar to Montana Sky, I’ll like it. If it does a better job than Montana Sky, I’ll probably love it. But from what Nora has told us, I highly doubt it will turn out worse, because as she said, all the people involved in the project are fans of the series and really want to stay as true to the books as possible.

    My only concern is finding an actress who can make her eyes go “flat”. As in “Eve has flat cop eyes” or “When Eve saw the body her eyes flattened to copy eyes”. What exactly IS flat eyes? And how can you make your eyes flatten? Is it harder to do than the Vulcan split fingers salute?

  64. I’m excited about the movie prospect. I’ve read all of your books (own most of them), and am a huge fan. We even stopped by the Inn on a family vacation just so I could walk the town!! I can’t wait to see who is cast for Eve, but Roarke will be a tall order to fill. I’m not sure there is anyone as gorgeous and charismatic as I picture him to be!! Also, they absolutely must keep the “attitude” between Eve and Summerset!! Thank you for writing and keep ’em coming. Anxiously awaiting book 3 of the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy!!

  65. Very well said Nora and here’s wishing you great luck and many blessings πŸ˜€

  66. Congratulations Nora !!! I have been a fan of your writing for a very long time πŸ™‚ A few years ago my mother -in -law introduced me to your JD Robb in death series, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I have read every book in the series several times. I think them making a featured film or even a few of them is going to be awesome!!! I often wonder if any of these books would be made into a movie.. I can not wait to see what they come up with. I hope you have a awesome time with this experience. I think that a movie will expose your books to a whole new audience. I can not adequately express how much enjoyment I get out of your books wither they are written under Nora or JD Robb, and to think that people who do not normally read these books will be able to see your story come to life is Awesome!!! Thank you

  67. Nora, your remarks are spot on. I choose not to watch True Blood, Bones, etc because I feel they wander too far from the characters (as developed by the author) and storyline. Does it mean that they are failures? No, they just font mesh with what I feel about the books

  68. Thank you! I didn’t even get into the comments on Facebook,but did right away imagine what a, ummm, storm of sorts the announcement would kick up. I do hope they make a movie out of each and every one of the in death-books. All of them. And I would watch all of them, probably several times, as I have read and listened the books several times. Also oh so very happy I do not have any part in having to plan and/or make the movies. You cannot win them all, not ever. Opinions are as varied as the people on the world. And so it will be.

    What I did want to say here was really just thank you. Thank you for the hours amazingly well spent in reading one of your books. Thank you for my again and again clean house due to being able to listen to the latest adventures in NY of 2058, while vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing floors. Thank you for the hours spent in the dog park, picturing Roarke’s smile while he listens to Summerset tormenting Eve. Thank you for all the wonderful trilogies, the brides, the keys, the dreams. For all the chuckles, eye rolls, tears of sadness, happiness and out right belly laughter. You have an amazing gift, and have chosen to share that with the world, in so many different languages (I myself started out reading the Finnish books, but later turned to the English ones, better that way πŸ˜‰ ). So thank you, and good luck with this movie adventure!

    Greetings from Helsinki, Finland

  69. Well said. There’s no pleasing everyone but I think the majority of us are very excited and knowing that you will have input should put any fears to rest.

  70. Im so excited and my mom will be as well. We started out listening these on c.d at work in 2004/05. We instantly fell in love. Since then Ive read them all more than once or twice. I have concerns abouy how the movie may turn out, but it is your decision and I think you know best!! Cant wait to see it and read more as they come!! Thank you for an amazing series!

  71. Nora, I am SO in love with all of the main characters in the In Death series. I actually have all of your books on audio CD. I listen to them in the car as I’m driving. I am on my fourth time of starting over again. I am so looking forward to the one. Coming out in September. And I have to say the narrator is unbelievable with all of the different voices that she does. I know exactly who is saying what and I can see the characters faces as she is talking. She has absolutely spoiled me for any other narrator. I would definitely see the movie. It would not change my perspective of the characters when I go back to listen to the CD’s. PLEASE keep the series going. I really can’t get enough if it.

    1. Nora, I am SO in love with all of the main characters in the In Death series. I actually have all of your books on audio CD. I listen to them in the car as I’m driving, and I am on my fourth time of starting over again. I am so looking forward to the one coming out in September. And I have to say the narrator is unbelievable with all of the different voices that she does. I know exactly who is saying what and I can see the characters faces as she is talking. She has absolutely spoiled me for any other narrator. I would definitely see the movie. It would not change my perspective of the characters when I go back to listen to the CD’s. PLEASE keep the series going. I really can’t get enough if it.

  72. I, too, enormously enjoy all of your books, but especially the In Death series. You have created complex characters that grab the heart, and I will always look forward to the next book and the further adventures of Eve and Rourke, regardless of how a movie does. If the movie is a hit, super! If it misses the mark, so what? I have enough of an imagination that a miscast or a poor rendition will not change my love of these books. If you all feel that strongly about the books, don’t you too? When did the whole world turn into control freaks? Let it happen, people, before you decide if it turns out well. And, Nora, can’t wait for the next In Death and the next Nora Roberts book. You are my favorite! Thanks so much for the hours of enjoyment I have had reading your books.

  73. My one wish is for the casting to be better than Angel Falls (Heather Locklear while a good actress is no where near a brunette in her late 20’s….) and Carolina Moon (Claire Forlan had the worst fake southern accent I’ve ever heard)….the rest I can deal with.

  74. A while back a friend and I went through a lot of actors on our fantasy casting couch while discussing who would play Nora’s heroes. We even got told off by Facebook for including so many links in the suggestions we sent each other.
    However much we agreed that an actor would suit a particular part, the one character we really could never agree on any actor for was Roarke. Whoever is chosen will not make everyone happy, but let’s keep an open mind and just get REALLY EXCITED that some has finally noticed how AWESOME it would be to have an In Death film.
    I just love that these stories are going to get to an even wider audience, and in an ideal universe the adaptation would be directed by Joss Whedon… just saying….

    1. OMG I would LOVE if Joss directed this. HE is absolutely awesome. The genius of his mind would definitely suit these stories.

      and BTW i also always picture a version of you Nora as Eve. It is that back cover photo that does it, especially since you’ve been photographed with that coat. You know ‘the coat’ lol

  75. Many, happy congratulations to you, Nora! It just goes to show that when you are a great writer, and write stories and characters that grab a person’s interest and imagination, the heights that one can reach. I love these books, and your other books as well. Montana Sky was actually my first “adult” novel that I picked out for myself when I was in 6th grade. I’ve been hooked for almost 20 years, and looking forward to many more to come.
    I love the fact that with the In Death series, we have one world that grows and deepens with each new story. I’m looking forward to seeing the screen adaptation, and I’m lucky to say that I have the ability to enjoy a book and movie somewhat separately. I always love the books, but I often walk away from a movie having enjoyed a new little tidbit or twist that I wish had been in the book. I also sometimes wish a particular detail from the book had made it to the movie, but does that negate my enjoyment of either? No, indeed. Good luck on the result of this adaptation. I’m sure with your input, the movie will turn out as an honest take on what you envision Eve & Roarke’s world to be. I can’t wait to see it!

  76. Well said, Ms. Roberts. I enjoy your books, and will anticipate Roarke and Eve on the big screen. I am also a Diana Gabaldon fan; I have been watching for months ugly, icky comments about the Starz series adaptation. Take heart! There are many of us who think it’s a great idea. To all the naysayers: is not a life or death thing, and no one, as Ms. Roberts said, will drag anyone out of their homes to watch the movie.

  77. Well said, Nora! Thanks for taking the time to address concerns of your crazy fans. I look forward to whatever the future brings for Eve, Roarke and the crew!

  78. I think its wonderful, and in no way will it change, in my mind what the charcters look or act like, since I had that in my mind from the beginning. I only offer my best in every thing you do , after giving me such pleasure in reading all your books and enjoying them all. Best of luck , and I think it will be great.

  79. Congrats! While I agree that, for me at least, movies rarely live up to the books they’re based on, they can still be really good. Not to mention, it can bring new readers into the fold! I don’t understand people being angry at all. If you don’t want to see the movie, don’t go! Why shouldn’t an author be thrilled to have their characters shown in all available formats? Nora has shown herself to be a very astute business woman – if she says she has a good feeling from this company and their respect for the characters, you should trust that. Meanwhile, only 3 more months to Festive in Death!
    Keep up the good work Nora and trust your instincts. After all, these are your “babies”.

  80. Thank you Nora for reaching out to all of your fans. I’ve read the series from the beginning – I have the very first paper back and everyone thereafter, and that includes all the hard copies. I have an disc of every book. Am I a fan, you betcha. I had mixed emotions when I read the blurb on Facebook, but I respect that you as the writer of the series we love, would make sure the story/characters were interpreted the way it was written. You made this perfectly clear in your message to us. Will I go see the movie, probably, but as you said, if I don’t like it, I can always go back to the original written word. Thank you Nora, for the best series of all time.

  81. I think it is wonderful that you created something that so many people are so in love with. Thank you Nora, for candidly addressing everyone’s concerns but also making it known this is your baby to be handled in a way you see fit. πŸ™‚

    I have often thought the In Death series would make a great TV series too. The current “Castle” series makes me think of your books a little bit. πŸ™‚ Wherever this project goes I wish you continued success, you have my full support and look forward to your next books! Thank you Nora!

  82. If during this creation someone figures out the invention of the autochef and the auto pilot in the car, can I sign up for prototypes of both?

    Ohh and maybe the drying tube as well!

    I think this will be great and can’t wait!

  83. I completely missed yesterday’s comments but after reading Nora’s today, I’m very happy that this might happen. True books and movies are two separate entertainments and people, being people, will find fault with each … but it’s entertainment. We all choose our entertainment. You don’t like a movie made from books, then don’t go see it! I find all movies that are adapted from good books, tell a good story. Some of the cop shows on TV are terrible. The “In Death” books would make a great series but it’s difficult to pack one book into one hour long show. So a movie makes much more sense to me. Since day one, Nora has ALWAYS been Eve for me. Hugh Jackman with long hair, has always been Roarke. Will I be disappointed when other will be cast to play them? No, of course not….because that is my characters in my head when I read the In Death books. However, I think Nora would make a fantastic Eve on screen!!!! Nora…you are NOT too old!!!! Just saying’….The comments about why is Nora doing this is so lame. I say ..why not??? It’s flattering and exciting and I say “good luck and congratulations”!!! You know, I always say “opinions are like A**holes, everybody has one”. IMHO, if this happens, it will be a good movie made from a good novel. Amen Nora….

  84. I am excited about this, but I think it would be better as a series on TV. Each season would be one of the books, and it would take all season to find out who the killer was, that way you could be introduced to each character the way the books do it. But TV land is fickle, and unless there is a huge following, it would be cancelled, so I guess the big screen is the way to go.

  85. Ok I would like to say what many haven’t….Congratulations! I think everyone has taken this personal. Like it is their series. Like they wrote it. Sweat over it! Cried for it! When in truth no one did that but you! So you do what you want with your work! I personally will watch everyone made. I have watched ever movie about a book I read and loved! I may love it and I may not ,but I will always love the series and continue to read it! You are my favorite author and I love your work!

  86. THANK YOU for stating the obvious – no one is forcing anyone to go see the movie, so for those that sit there and rag on what may or may not be need to chillax. You want your interpretation of the characters, then re-read your book.
    I hope this happens, I would love to see it work. If not, I have my book to soothe me.

  87. Let’s face it, the movie can’t be as great as the books, but it is so exciting and I for one can’t wait to see it!

  88. We still have the books and our imaginations. Let’s see where someone elses imagination leads us! Nora/JD has never steered us wrong so far. As fans lets have faith in her!

  89. I have no problem with them making movies of my favorite books, as long as they don’t make a joke of it the way they did to Larry Block’s Bernie Rhodenbar movie.. Whoopie is a great actress but she isn’t the picture of the character we’ve read and loved for many years.

    Hopefully it wont happen here.

  90. That was so well put and I loved hearing your thoughts on it. If we never move forward, well…then, we never move forward. I think it’s great to take the chance when you have the feeling of the right fit. As my husband loves to say (a huge hockey enthusiast) you miss 100% of the goals you don’t shoot for. Here’s a full glass toast to making that 5 hole goal!
    p.s. Thanks for writing the best books ever

  91. Nora,
    When I first read this on FB, I was worried about how Naked In Death would translate to the big (or little) screen. After reading your comments, I am much more confident, knowing you’ll have input, in the process. I, too, like many others, love these characters…they’re like family or wonderful friends, and we want to see them represented in the way your books have made them. While I know that Peabody and McNabb come in later books, I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing those characters on screen, too, someday.

    I have only a few authors whose books I re-read, and when I know they have a new one coming out, I get so pumped, I mark it on my calendar and put an alert on my iPhone. You are one of those authors (both genres). So, I will look forward to this movie, whenever it comes out, with much anticipation.

    (As a suggestion for Eve, IMHO how about Claire Danes from Homeland. She is an amazing actress and I could see her as a kick-ass Eve, (of course, with short, brown hair).

    Thanks for all your hard work in putting these stories together for us, your fans. Have a wonderful summer!!

  92. Well said Nora, well said! I loooove Eve, Roarke, Peabody, Mavis, Galahad ….. Everyone, even Summerset! I would love to see a movie about them, but I must admit, the books will always be my favourite!! Don’t ever stop writing them! Best of wishes all the way from South Africa!

  93. I’m happy for you! Congratulations on your success and thank you for all of the wonderful stories you create for us. I look forward to the movie,

  94. Kudos Nora. I read some of the comments yesterday and was amazed like you were how people were fighting and arguing over this. I agree, if they are that afraid don’t watch the movie. I myself love watching movies based off of books. Some I’ve enjoyed, some not so much. Some I’ve even found that the changes they made in the movie was better than the book (an example: Lord of the Rings). But one thing I most definately believe, is that this is no reason to get in such a snit about. It either will or it won’t and as fans of you and your books, we should have faith enough in you to know that you will protect your stories’ integrities. I for one am looking forward to it, and if it doesn’t happen, I still have the books.

  95. Whenever possible, I try to watch the movie version of a book before I read it for the simple reason that they do have to change things to fit into a certain time frame. That way I can enjoy both. That being said, I’m thrilled to hear that some of my favorite characters will finally make it to the big screen! Everyone’s talking about Eve & Roarke, but Sommerset, Peabody, Mavis, Leonardo, Nadine, Feeney & lets not forget that crazy E-guy McNab! And the list goes on. Hey, maybe now when I wear my “I love (heart icon) Roarke t-shirt, I won’t have to explain who he is. Nora, you’re a great writer and have given the pleasure of your works to millions of people who are happy to say they’re fans. You go girl!

  96. Having been in the Ent business for years I have seen many artist do music that was made popular by other artist. While not the same both where done very well and I like both versions. One does not lesson the other. I think it will be the same here. What I like about the books will probable not be what I will like about the movie and vis versa. That is just a fact of life. What I will say is that Nora has done a GREAT job keeping the books fresh and evolving over the course of 38 novels and then add in the shorts. This in and of itself is VERY hard to do and she has done it very well. I see no reason why her view of a movie and what she wants from it and her choices to option is would be any different.

  97. Thanks for the comments…I love the series & will enjoy the movie (or movies)…I am delighted that many folks who aren’t into reading will be exposed to your talent through visual entertainment & perhaps read other books in the series…thanks… & good luck with this project…

  98. I, too, missed the excitement of yesterday but thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughtful response and many of the comments here. The In Death series is by far my favorite series of all time, and I’ve read all of your books. I became a fan when your stories were published in Good Housekeeping many years ago. In fact, I’ve read through the In Death books at least five times, which sounds a little ridiculous since they’re mysteries, but I just love them. Eve, Roarke and the gang are old friends and a comfort when my life isn’t going as well as I’d like. I’ve always wondered why such a successful and amazing series hasn’t been made into a movie, but now I have my answer. Roarke will always be a young Pierce Brosnan to me, but of course, he can’t erase 20 years and play Roarke now. I was never able to cast Eve in my mind. It’ll be interesting to see who plays her. I’m happy to hear that they’re listening to you. That should ensure a movie that’s watchable for your biggest fans. I agree with the commenter who said that the Harry Potter movies were a fail if going by the books, but wonderful movies all the same. I was fortunate enough to watch the movies first, with one exception, and I didn’t make that mistake twice. I watched the rest of the movies before reading the remainder of the books. I don’t have that option here, but I believe I’ll enjoy the In Death movie all the same. If I don’t, I’ll just pick up the books and read them again.

  99. Congratulations. I loved the Along Came A Spider movie. I had read and loved that series and still love them. So, I see no reason not to expect to enjoy an In Death movie since I love the books. I think some of it is in what we expect. The naysayers will most likely stay a naysayer.

  100. I’m excited about the movie…no, it will not be exactly like the book but so what. My cousin who writes horror books didn’t expect the movies made after his books to be exactly like the books either. His fans still loved the movies! Besides, these are books with imaginary people and not real life. I have so much drama in real life I don’t need to worry about a movie not being like a book I read.

    Nora – thanks for giving me a few hours to escape real life and enjoy a good book and maybe a good movie! A fan for many, many years!

  101. Congratulations! I love your work and have had a conversation about your books in a public bathroom stall with a total stranger. If the project happens, I hope it turns out to your liking and inspires a whole new fan base for you.

  102. I am so exited cant wait to see wo is goin to play Eve and Roarke and yes heres hopin its as good as the books or as near to it as possible.

  103. I have to agree that some of the book to film deals fail but I have went to see them because i love the books, some have been a pleasant surprise, when I first heard about this I immediately texted my daughter and told her because I was excited and she replied that she didn’t know if she was happy about it or not. I am not completely sure if I am happy about it either but I am extremely excited for JD how cool is it that her book is going to be a movie! I have never met her but I have a copy of and have read everything she has written as JD/Nora and I can’t wait for her next books so I am so excited for her and if i am being honest i can’t wait to see if this movie is made. I will go see it thats for sure!

  104. What a class act you are! It would have been so easy to say, “mind your own beeswax!” and move on to your current project. I trust you will oversee to the extent you are able or willing and that they will leave room for character development. People change. The Eve of “Naked” is not the Eve in “Concealed” and I’ve grown and changed with her. Saluting you, NR/JD, and coming to Boonsboro in October for my birthday. I could go anyway and see anything. I chose Inn Boonsboro. That says everything, doesn’t it?

  105. I think this is wonderful to think there could be an In Death movie. I agree that there are some books translated well to the big screen – for me it comes down to the people involved in the project.
    It is very exciting and will eagerly await future news on progress.

  106. Nora, I have to smile every time you answer in this blog. Your strong women characters are who they are because you are a strong woman yourself and don’t take any guff from anyone. Kudos! This is so exciting for you, and I’m so glad you have input because you created this world and know it best. You are so right that some screen adaptations work beautifully. Enjoy the ride and I’m looking forward to enjoying the film!

  107. I missed all the hoopla yesterday but after reading the post above, I think I will skip it πŸ™‚ I will say that I don’t understand why anyone would be so angry, and I thought your response was wonderful. “No one will drag you from your homes or places of business and force you to watch the movie…” Love it!

    I agree with so many other people here that have left posts. I also think it would be great if someone could invent cars that have autopilot and can fly, or the autochef or droids!! The possibilities are endless πŸ™‚

    I have often wondered what it would be like to see these books on the big screen. And in my head I have always pictured Stana Katic from Castle as Eve. Probably because of the role she already plays in the TV series. Roarke is beautiful and I don’t think anyone will ever fulfill what I have pictured in my head, but that’s alright. Watching the movie won’t change my imagination πŸ™‚

    I love your books as both JD Robb and Nora Roberts, in fact, I’m in the middle of the Circle Trilogy right now!!!! These are your books and your series and you can make a movie if you want! I’m just thankful that you have so generously shared your amazing talent with us in your books. I look forward to the movie and many, many more books. Congratulations and thank you!

  108. Congratulations Nora! I am thrilled about the possibility of a movie. I love the series and have thought for so long that it would make a great TV Series like Elementary, Bones, or Castle. It is even more exciting that it may be making the big screen. My hope is that it won’t stop with just one. One movie can’t possibly tell their story. We’ll definitely need more. Can’t wait!

  109. I am SO going to watch it, but the In Death books were simply MADE to be a TV series. It would last a decade as a TV series but if past popular books to films have shown, they will only do one or two of them into movies (with a couple of exceptions).

    I would have LOVED to see this as a series similar to Moonlighting or Castle or that style.

    Still, can’t wait for a movie. I just think a TV series would have been better for fans and author alike.

    1. I’m with you on this one Don. I immediately thought of Castle..but at the same time, it’s a been-there-done-that kind of thing. In fact, I was convinced that Castle was based on the In Death series. πŸ˜›

    2. Don’t give up hope on a series someday. Star Trek has been both many series and movies!

  110. I wish you the best of everything. I’m sad that a movie is going to be made.. I’ll stick to the books and my imagination.

  111. YOU are a WONDERFUL writer and person. I LOVE these books/stories. I even plan my reading around when the next “In Death” book is due to be released. BUT, we as readers and fans must respect YOU and know you will do what is right by YOUR work. As long as you WRITE, I will read:) and I BEG you … PLEASE don’t STOP!! I may or may not go see the movie. But nothing will spoil my LOVE of the Eve and Roarke I have created in my mind.

  112. Hi!

    I just wanted to say how SUPER EXCITED I am to read these book every single time one comes out. I’m going to see the movie (if it happens πŸ™‚ ). I’ve been reading you since I was 12 when the FIRST book I picked up by you was the original cover of Naked In Death. Loved it. I own every single one of the In Death books and I have truly enjoyed getting to know all the characters, especially Eve. Your books showed me what a strong woman someone can become, regardless of the past.

    I tell anyone that asks me for books to read about the In Death series. They will ask me which one to start with and I’ll tell them any (although Innocent In Death is the one I hand to them). I always say that each book stands alone, but if they want the character development and the relationship development, that they need to start with Naked. I also advise of possible triggers in it. But, not a single person I have suggested you to has ever regretted reading you.

    So thank you for creating such a wonderful world to lose myself in when I need a breather from my real life.

  113. Lets just start with the fact that I love your in death series and a wide variety of your other books! and am SUPER excited to see one made in to a movie should it happen! Will my mom and I bounce ideas around about who should play who and what we think is important, OF COURSE! that’s half the fun. will I comment and post, OF COURSE because that’s the other half the fun because you people out there love these books as much as I do.
    Now do I expect the author, screen writer, casting agent, director ect… to take me, who has no experience, knowledge or education on the subject, seriously? NO!!! that’s just nuts! would you take your hairdressers advice on how to do you taxes (I hope not unless she/he also has a CPA).
    I will keep guessing and speculating until I sit my butt down in the theater opening night and the previews roll. and once the Credits roll I will dissect, review and critic the movie and compare it to the book. and chances are my conclusion will be that both versions have there benefits and faults but I love them both, just like family. Now if we can all just remember that this is just good fun we will all get along just fine.

  114. I say, go for it, and have fun with it!!!
    I am a teacher and my
    Students will grab a book off the shelf to read it before they go see the movie. That love to compare and contrast the two. It is a joy to see these kids get involved in reading when a movie comes out.
    We have gotten away from teaching kids to read for fun with all of the core curriculum that is being shoved down our throats, so hopefully, and I pray that it does, In Death could turn into another movie series and cause books to once again fly off the shelves for teens and young adults.
    Now as a mother of teenagers some may question the content of the books, and if it is appropriate for that age. YES!!!! Anytime my kids pick up a book they are learning, if nothing else they are building comprehension and fluency!!!!

    Nora, have fun with it!

  115. I have often thought that these books would make an excellent TV series as well. Knowing the stories, it is going to be hard watching one movie and not wanting to see Eve’s story continue on. May be that’s their plan. I also love your books and wait for them impatiently. Don’t ever stop writing.

  116. As a long time Nora reader, and as such a JD Robb reader as well, I am on the fence about this news, but only in one way. Yes, I do agree that the stories need to be brought to the screen – they’re too good to stay on the page! However, I’m torn as to which I feel would be the better venue – television or movie screen.

    Regardless, I’m sure that with Nora’s input and guidance, the project itself will turn out marvelous. Will we, as readers, miss some things that won’t make it to the screen? Of course we will. But I’m sure the translation will bring more depth to the characters, now that we can see them and hear them, not just in our heads, but in front of our eyes.

    That being said, I’m happy to see this happen, as I’ve been waiting for it for awhile. I can’t wait to see how it all works out.

  117. You and I are almost the same age and it thrills me that you can write books like the In Death series. To have movies made of these is even better.!!!!! HUMONGUS. Absolutely wonderful. You have the intelligence and imagination that has made your name a household word for me. Keep writing as long you can so I don’t run out of books to read. I’ll also watch any movie made from them. You are amazing.

  118. I’m not surprised at all, I was wondering why it’s taken so long. I’m a little bummed because I’m an aspiring producer and I always wanted to produce the series myself (although I knew that was probably a pipe dream.) I always envisioned it as an HBO series where the characters would have enough to time to grow and fully develop that complexity that makes them so real in my mind. What makes the books so rich are the complex relationships that have been forged. Eve is so multi-layered and so incredibly interesting. I can only hope that the writer assigned is up to the task. A great movie starts with a great script.

    Real, fallible, characters, excellent police procedurals, set in a future with flying cars…..how could they start with anything more perfect? I always envisioned that gritty city realism of “Blade Runner” as Eve’s New York. It’s exciting because I love kick ass heroine movies but to me Eve is much more than a kick ass heroine. Please oh, please writer, understand her.

  119. Look forward to the movie if comes out. I agree with Nora, the actor in a way is the interpretor of the person they are playing. Hopefully for Eve the actor has read at least one of the books. I think it would be like the actress who played her in the Icove movie without the murder of the person playing Peabody.

  120. That was a wonderful post, Nora, and I am so excited! As I read Eve’s stories, I visualize them and have always believed they deserved to be on the big screen. While playing in my head I see Angie Harmon as Eve. My first disappointment with a novel to movie was Gone With The Wind, at the loss of some characters. But the movie was fantastic. The movie Hunger Games could not capture all of Katniss’s thoughts as the book did. But it was marvelous and had millions reading the books they might have missed otherwise. And who better than Amblin? The In Death books will be a magnificent series for movie goers. Can’t wait!

  121. OMG-As I tell you at every book signing – (as I wear my Roarke T-shirt!) I LOVE the In Death Series – all the characters feel like family – and each one drags you deeper into the book you are reading – you become part of their story! I love them all! I would love to see a movie – – atually bring Roarke to life – – yep, that has to be good! lol I have not read a book of yours I didn’t like – so I leave it to your expertise what you do with “your” books – I’ll just be here to “borrow” the characters each time you release a new one! Please keep them coming – you’re awesome and so is your writing – keep it up for sure – Let’s make sure you get a “HUNK” to play Roarke – K? lol

  122. All I can say is “OMG OMG OMG…!!!” I’m actually squealing with delight! I’ve read every book twice and have always said to myself that they would make an excellent movie. I agree with some of the other comments, Nora. I’ve always pictured YOU as Eve. The photos that you have a on the jackets, you just naturally become our hero Eve, as we lose ourselves in the magnificent storylines. Maybe in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock would be a great fit for Eve. But nobody that I can think of measures up to my mental picture of Rourke. It’ll will be interesting to see who fits that bill.
    I’m just happy to hear that YOU have a lot of input in the movie itself, if it happens. It would be such a shame to lose the heart of those characters. I think it’s what’s drawn readers in. Not just the suspense/action….but to see the characters evolve and come into their own. You’re writing has made us feel like we can recognize them if we passed them on the street or at an event. I’m so excited to see if all of this is translatable to the big screen. *Happy Happy Happy*

  123. Please, please, if you have any input on the actors, allow Tom Cruise to be Roarke!! After reading all Lee Child’s Reacher books, I was so disappointed that they chose tiny little Tom to be the 6’4″ Reacher!!

  124. Exactly dead on. Have read everything you have written and the “In Death” books are by far favorites of my girls and I. Nobody is going to drag me, tie me to the chair and force me to watch the movie, but I will run there to purchase a ticket and enjoy it for what it is, pure entertainment. I will probably be as sorry when the movie ends as I am when I finish a wonderful book. I will not go over it line for line with the book and trash it. Who does this? Just enjoy the time you have with the characters and, with such wonderful characters, how could you go wrong? I know I’m not alone in agonizing over the wait until a new “In Death” book comes out, so I really hope this happens because I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

  125. Nora, I didn’t mean to be nasty or mean when I said why are you doing, you don’t need the money….. I’ve just invested so much time and love in these characters, especially Eve and Roarke, I’m afraid that a movie won’t do them justice! I know makeup can give an actress a slight cleft, and a male actor can mimic an Irish accent, but the names others were putting forth, made me anxious and scared. Perhaps there are a few unknown actors out there that can do justice to the characters. CGI will handle the flying cars and other special effects.
    I’m not creative in the sense you are, but I designed computer systems from the mid-1960’s until I HAD to retire 6 years ago. I know what it’s like to see your project go live and reach thousands of users. I worked for the New York Stock Exchange and my systems were used by brokerage firms and banks worldwide. Your books reach MORE people, but in my own little world, I was a rock star! My designs never failed! Not many could say that.
    I wish you well with the next book, as well as the possible movie. None of us meant any disrespect, we just LOVE the characters you’ve created.

    1. I’ve also invested a great deal of time and love into the books and characters. As I said, I appreciate and value the readers and understand they, too, have an investment here. I would hope readers who’ve followed the series and my work would trust me to do my best to help create a good translation of the books onto the screen.

      It’s disconcerting to be told, pretty vehemently, by some of those readers that I can’t or shouldn’t do something with my own work I’ve considered very carefully. And it’s more disconcerting to have money brought into it.

      I will say, the cleft in Eve’s chin is not on my list of concerns. I don’t care if the actor cast as Eve has a cleft in her chin–I care, very much, if she can portray the character–with all her facets. As I said in the blog post, I’m not looking for or insisting on actors who somehow exactly match the physical,. That would be impossible as it’s abdundantly clear readers have very diverse views and images of the characters.

      Readers are free to toss out names–that’s part of the fun of it–but the casting decisions will be left to the experts. I titled this blog post as I did because I really feel many should do just that. Take a breath. It’s a movie, another form of entertainment, and only in the early stages of development at this point.

      As it happens I’m writing another In Death right now. For those who are nervous about the very possibility of a movie, think of the books. There are more coming.

  126. I have to admit…..I am STOKED! I’ve had a fantasy cast laid out for the In Death Series ever since I started reading the series! LOL….Now other people are thinking it too! I can’t wait!
    Stana Katic as Lt. Eve Dallas
    Zooey Deschanel as Mavis Freestone
    Christopher Judge as Leonardo
    Colin Farrell as Roarke
    Denzel Washington as Commander Whittney
    Helen Mirren as Dr. Charlotte Mira
    Jewel Staite as Officer Delia Peabody
    Michael Caine as Lawrence Summerset
    Scarlett Johansson as Nadine Furst
    Seth Green as EDD Ian McNab

      1. I’ve never really pictured particular actors for the different characters, but now I will always have Michael Caine in my head for Summerset!

      2. I have never really pd much attention to actors names. Sometimes they stick with me and. Sometimes they don’t. I never knew till now that Seth Green has always who I pictured in my head what McNab looks like! He’s perfect!

    1. Michael Caine would make an excellent Summerset…or Jeremy Irons…except Jeremy Irons is HOT and that’s not how I perceive Summerset. Ha!

      1. The only character I feel I can make a good recommendation for is Commander Whitney – Jonathan Adams. He played Dr. Goodman on Bones. I’d think he’d be perfect in that role.

        1. Jonathan Adams looks too young for Whitney, Rhonda – I’d prefer Lance Reddick (Broyles on FRINGE), who has cold authority down pat, but can also switch it up with moments of humor and geekiness.

          1. James Earl Jones for Whitney…tho the age difference prob won’t work…but he would be awesome!

          2. I thought of his age as he’s only 47 now, but by the time this get far enough for casting he should be about right.

          3. I don’t watch Fringe, so I had to look Lance up. I’ve seen him on many things, and he is great. Probably more suited for Chief Tibble!

    2. Great list, Dawn. I think Stana Katic would make a great Eve because she has that natural beauty and can pull off a strong female character. I can see these actors as the characters.

      I am delighted that there is a possibility a movie will be made. Over the years I have looked forward to the chance that the In Death series could be brought to the screen and often thought about who might portray Eve & Roarke. It has been fun imagining them brought to life and hearing their interplay.

      I am not emotionally invested in any particular actors. I know that Nora and the experts will do it right and the movie will be enjoyable. I can’t wait to see tall, dark and Irish Roarke and hear the Irish in his voice. Until then, I will have fun using my imagination.

      Congrats, Nora! I love your books, your sense of humor and the fact that you are a fellow gardener.

    3. Roarke is amazing. Colin Farrell is not. In my opinion. And therein lies the problem.

  127. Good luck in this venture. The lead characters are going to be difficult to get right… but if it is successful… HEAVEN!!!

  128. You’ve written very little that hasn’t made me happy, Nora. Of your books that have gone to screen, the only one I wasn’t thrilled with had to do only with the cast. It’s fun to see ‘my picture’ of the characters in the books become real. Personally, I’d love to see Whiskey Beach become a movie. I started reading your In Death series last winter. Having run out of reading material, hubby picked up the first one and is almost finished. I had my doubts as he is into J. Archer, M. Creighton, D. Balducci, S. King, T. Clancy and it was a nice surprise to find out he likes it!

  129. I can never get enough of Eve, Roarke and the gang. I’ll take “visits” with them any way I can!!

  130. I’m very excited about this!! I love these books and have often imagined them on the big screen!! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  131. I would like to throw out a name to you for director of the upcoming “In Death” movie. Tony Giglio is an outstanding young director of action movies and he seems to be a perfect fit for the job. I hope you will consider him for it. He has several of the “Death Race” movies to his credit either director or assistant and has also written screen plays. Thank You

    1. I really appreciate that, but I wouldn’t be selecting the director. That’s really the production company’s area. I will have input into the screenplay, and I know they’d like some sense of who I’d like–in my wildest dreams–cast. But basically, I’d be reading the screenplay, putting my thoughts and comments into that.

  132. Well, I for one am very excited to see some of my favorite characters on the big screen! You go girl! Please keep us posted. I know he’s not Irish and probably too old, but wouldn’t Timothy Olyphant be a delicious Roarke??? Sigh…

    1. I adore Olyphant. Just adore him. Yes, he’s delicious–and also very smart and talented. Already mourning the last season of Justified, just as I mourned the end of Deadwood.

  133. Whew! As an avid Nora Roberts/JD Robb fan I usually never miss a post. Boy am I glad I missed yesterday’s ruckus. It’s thrilling for any author to have their book optioned for film. It’s no one’s business why Ms. Roberts chose this and those that love her work and have been avid fans for the span of her career are excited for her.

    I understand trepidation, what if the movie isn’t good? If it’s too much to handle you don’t have to see the movie (very well said Ms. Roberts). I for one can’t wait to see an interpretation of the In Death books on the big screen. As both an avid reader and a movie lover, I know first hand that you are destined for disappointment if your expectations are a literal translation of a book to screen. For the most part that depth and breadth of emotion and interaction just can’t be replicated on screen. Be prepared to enjoy a great movie. Comparisons aren’t necessary.

    Be happy, don’t worry! Good luck Ms. Roberts! I can’t wait for your next project in whatever form it may be.

  134. Awesome! Like you Nora I want to see the characters kick butt! Congratulations and i look forward to the movie if and when it happens. Always stay true to you. Blessings!

  135. I am like everyone else, thrilled that your stories may come to the bug screen. I often think about casting different people in the roles and wish I could be the person who offered the money for the option to make this series come to life but I’m not that kind of rich, only in love, friends and great stories… I really hope that the potential cast will listen to several of the books – Susan Erickson has done a Fabulous job over the years keeping everyone’s voice the same so that we can picture the same person each and every book. I hope, that some of those nuances translate. Totally understand why some names would be too old for the roles but hey.. we started readingnand listening to this love story over a decade ago so our first vision is still in our heads Looking forward to seeing it all come together and as always can’t wait for the next book to come out!

  136. I’m really excited about this news. It will certainly bring the ID world to a new and much larger group of fans. As long as Nora is involved and has some veto power, I’m fine with it. I’m more than fine with it- it’s about time! For me, the hard part will be casting Roarke. I belong to an ID fan website, called indeath.net. There is a constant battle, but no consensus, as to who should play Roarke. The majority, and I’m not among them, is Hugh Jackman, who has certainly aged out of the role. We all have different images in our heads, of Roarke, so of course we won’t agree on who should play him. My favorite for Eve is Kata Stanic, but there are many others who could play her. All this aside, I hope it gets made, and is as successful as the Hunger Games.

  137. I got hooked on the Death Series in the audio versions. The lady who does the voices is awesome bringing the characters to life so much so that now when I read the newer Death books I can ” hear” the characters
    as I read…Peabody is my favorite: that nasal whiney twang is priceless…look forward to the movie(s).

  138. I’m worried but intrigued by what might happen with a movie – please tell me it’s a movie just about NAKED… or about a book in the middle of the series with a strong standalone plot (like LOYALTY… or ORIGIN…), rather than trying to cram three books into one two-hour movie like Mel Gibson’s people tried to do some years back. I’d prefer a cable series, personally – more room to spread out and tell stories – but if the movie does well, then it’ll be worth it.


    1. The concept, and the overview I read proposes to combine elements from the second book, Glory, into Naked. In this way, the relationship can evolve a little more–and Peabody can be included. Those were ideas that appealed to me, helped me clearly see the producer understood the core of the books–the characters/relationships and the evolution of both.

      1. ::nods:: I can see adding Peabody to the first book, though I’m more worried about compressing the story, and more importantly Eve & Roarke’e relationship, too much…..

        Still wish it was a cable series rather than a movie – more room to spread out and all that. πŸ™‚

        Even so – here’s hoping it makes it to production, Ms. Roberts! πŸ™‚ KENNY AVATAR!

  139. The “Eve Dallas Movie/Television” thread has been ongoing on Amazon since I don’t know when – so if this comes past vague talks, I’d love to see what they come up with. While your books are successful, a movie deal kicks them into a whole other dimension….

    Did you know you type “Eve Dallas” or “J.D. Robb” into Google Images, and Stana Katic as Kate Beckett keeps showing up? πŸ˜‰

  140. I think that for you, Nora, it must feel something like what a mom would feel if her daughter announced she was pregnant. Delight, trepidation, anxiety, joy, anticipation.. Whatever. I so hope to see Naked made into a movie — in my lifetime, LOL! And seeing the word “books”, i.e. PLURAL…. wow. the mind reels, the heart beats a little faster. Fingers crossed that we’ll finally be able to see these characters on the big screen. Good luck, Nora. Even if the movie never actually materializes, YOU, personally, have still given us fans so much joy and pleasure with the InDeath series. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve re-read the series — and will continue re-reading it. They are especially my “go-to” comfort and escape when I’m stressed, tired, sad, whatever. No matter how many times I’ve re-read Naked, my heart still always beats a little faster when Roarke aims those laser-blue eyes towards Eve… Thank you — AGAIN! — for creating such unforgettable characters.

  141. This is really exciting! I can’t wait to see what they do with Eve. No matter what they come up with, she will always be the person in MY mind. It must feel good to know the popularity of the In Death series, sparked the attention of producers. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see the movie.

  142. As always Nora you express yourself beautifully and clearly. Books are one thing, movies another but both are to be enjoyed. Much of this debate has been going on around the filming of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books with rabid fans arguing to and fro, especially about who gets to play who. Eve and Roarke are real people to many of us, along with Peabody, Mavis, Summerset and the rest of the In Death family. Enjoy your own visions fans but don’t impose your vision on everyone else. They have their own rich internal life, give them the space and respect to enjoy that. Anything else smacks of a police state – I’ve lived in one of those so I do know what I’m talking about. I just keep looking forward to the next book so I can add it to the rest of my collection that I dip into every few months. Nora, it’s your world, your words, so absolutely, it’s your decision what to do with them, no one else’s. Thanks for many happy hours in New York 2058 to 2060.

  143. Congratulations! That is exciting. I look forward to seeing the director’s view of these spectacular books.

  144. I am thrilled at the idea of a film adaption, and I’ll not be to worried about how close to the book it hits. If NR feels respected by the process I know it’ll stick to the heart of the great characters that make the series so amazing. I wouldn’t presume to cast for the movie, I just hope they end up with leads that have chemistry, lack of that’s the only thing that could ruin it for me.

  145. Stana Katic for Eve omg. Please! She’s perfect. Not Matt Bomer for Roarke.

  146. I personally have only ever listened to the audio version of the In Death books, my aunts and mom have listened to audiobooks most of my life and that’s how I came upon the In Death books, I own copies of some of the books but I’ve listened more so to the unabridged audio version. Susan Erikson’s voice is Eve’s voice to me and I can’t imagine her voice any other way. Even so I am super excited about the possibility and would watch the movie simply on the fact that it’s a movie based on my favorite books of all time.

    And even still, just because a movie is based on a book doesn’t fit up to par with the book itself doesn’t make it a bad movie. Perhaps someone who has never read any of the books watches it and likes it. That happened with me for “One For The Money” adaptation, I’ve never read Janet Evonovich’s books but I really enjoyed the movie. My mom who has listened to all of the books didn’t because the characters didn’t fit for her.

  147. Nora, I am absolutely thrilled that your books are being made into a feature film. It’s about time! Congratulations to you; this is a very well deserved honor and thrill for you for all your talent, creativity and hard, hard work. You are dead on the money- books and movies are two entirely different forms of story telling. One uses words to creat pictures in our heads. The other uses pictures and fewers words to suggest the thoughts of the characters. I always look forward to seeing what filmakers do with a favorite book’s sotry to bring it to life.

    I agree that a great job was done with the Harry Potter series and Hunger Games. They kept the heart and soul of the characters and the themes to produce winners. The In Death movie will be the same, I hope. If not, it does not change the pleasure of your wonderful books for me.

    Wouldn’t Miranda Lambert make a kick-ass Mavis?!

  148. Wow, Hurrah !!!! Good luck, it is about time. For a long time I have wondered why you hadn’t taken this step, because I couldn’t believe Hollywood or Fox or Showtime or someone wasn’t knocking on your door to bring these books onto the screen. ‘Being Human’ proved technology was ready to step into the future of your stories. And the success of ‘Castle’ shows that your type of relationship based crime-fighting is wanted by the viewing public.

    Good luck again, let the games begin!! I’m certain the right Eve and Roarke are out there. ((Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence)) (or would Olivia Wilde cut her hair for the role) Good Times!

  149. I can’t wait. As for the whole movie/book controversy, I’ve always felt that the movie was the movie, and the book was the book. Some work for me, others don’t. You pays your money and you takes your chances. True of any form of media be it books, music, or videos. Some movies have introduced me to authors, and hopefully the In Death movie will open a new world of fantastic books to the unsuspecting public. The movie “Absolute Power” introduced me to David Baldacci. Was I royally P O’d that the Clint Eastwood character (spoiler alert) was killed off in the book? You bet. But I still buy Baldacci’s books and would see another movie in a heartbeat. You go Nora. More power to you for finding someone who believes in the project. And hopefully, lots more $$ too. You deserve every penny for the many hours you’ve taken me away from my problems and transported me away to wonderful adventures.

  150. Congratulations Nora. This is great news for you, and for fans like myself. My first wish in this endeavor is that, if a film is made, that it is something you are happy with. The In Death series is a wonderful body of work that has brought so much enjoyment to so many for so long, and continues to do so.

    My second wish is that, again if a film is made, it is a great addition to the In Death universe. I can’t say I would want to see exactly what I envision–actually each time I read one of the stories my experience of it changes a bit, too, so how could an ensemble of film makers achieve that. I look forward to watching this unfold and seeing where it takes Eve, Roarke, and JD.

  151. I think it’s great that they are doing this as a feature film and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, why panic ahead of time people? Let’s see where it goes (just like a good book, don’t anticipate the ending until you get to it in the course of time – makes the trip more enjoyable!) These books and the story we all love has evolved over time. We can speculate about who is a great Roarke or Eve but in the end I trust Nora to make sure her creations are where they need to be.
    Thanks Nora, keep writing and doing what you do, I personally can’t wait for the next In Death story to come out, in whatever format I can get it, lol!

  152. I am excited about the prospect of an ” in death” movie. Movies and books can tell the same story in different ways and many times I have gone and read a book after seeing a movie. I agree we need to trust Nora to guide them, after all Eve, Roarke and the rest of the gang are her children.

  153. First of all, I absolutely love the idea of a moive / tv series based on your “In Death” books. I love them so much. Second of all, I know that they say that movies aren’t as good as the book or vise versa, but I’m sure the movie will be close…..although it will be hard for a screenwriter to come close to your writing….I think you are one of the Best writers I have ever read. I do have a suggestion for the actress playing Eve…Stana Katic. As for Roarke, not really sure who would be great for his role.

    I can’t wait to see the results of this project!

    Lisa H.

  154. It’s Nora’s call. It’s her story, and they’re her characters. She has input on any films. Now it’s up to a good director and perhaps a casting director who’s read the books.

  155. I am a huge fan of every JD Robb and Nora Roberts book and am thrilled to hear one is being made into a movie. I can’t wait to see it. Congratulations. And thanks for the many many hours of enjoyment your books have brought me.

  156. I am excited that there is any option at this point but was secretly hoping for a cable TV series. Only because most of my favorite characters don’t come into play until later books (Peabody – a little in 2 and more in 3 but McNabb and a few others are much later. Good luck with it and hopefully it is successful!

  157. Another thought – casting for the “Outlander” series on Starz was just as crazy – Those producers had read the books as well and did an amazing job. I’m sure the producers on this project will do just as well.

  158. Congratulations, Ms. Nora! That’s very exciting news!
    I’m a new fan (I discovered your books just over a year ago), and I’m reading and/or listening my way through everything – I’ve now finished all the trilogies and series, and most of the stand-alone novels – and I’ve not even begun to read the “In Death” books yet! Lucky me – that entire series is still in my future. πŸ™‚
    I fall in love with your characters in the first few pages of each of your novels, and you’ve made me want to visit nearly every setting you write about. I’d better get moving on the “In Death” books – I always insist on reading the book(s) before seeing the movie.
    Thank you for the opportunity to escape into your world – it’s been most enjoyable!

  159. I love this idea!!! I can’t wait to see the movie, if it does happen! I have been wishing for these books to be turned into a movie! Thank you for allowing it to be discussed! WooHOO!!!

  160. Oh, my! I’m late to the party! Evidently, it’s been eventful!

    My deepest feeling about this is that if there’s ever been a book character who deserves to be shared it’s Eve Dallas. She is the most memorable character I’ve had the pleasure of reading. The possibility of making her available to movie audiences seems priceless!

    Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I will say I’ve never worked up the courage to watch any screen version The Great Gatsby or Jane Eyre. I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Robert Redford! He IS my list! And I’m certain he did a terrific job playing Jay in the 1974 version, but that book has been my favorite for decades now! I’m so nervous to make any alterarions to my mental picture! Would it “ruin” the book for me? Hell, no! I’m just hesitant, let’s say πŸ˜‰

    Truly, I feel this is SO EXCITING! How wonderful that someone in the movie industry can say, “I want to tell her story. She matters. I want to do right by Eve & share her with the audience.”

    In conclusion, two thoughts: First, I’m chucking at the idea of presenting this possibility to Eve herself. Lol! I would LOVE to see her horrified expression! Tough luck, Lieutenant. We love you & would love to spend our money watching you come alive on-screen πŸ˜‰ And lastly, I wonder whether you feel a little of what P. L. Travers felt when Mr. Disney wanted to bring Mary Poppins to the silver screen, Nora. Can you relate? We are all so passionate about that courageous brunnette, I can’t imagine how much closer she is to your heart.

    I believe congratulations are in order, Nora!

  161. I love the series so I’m hesitant about how it will be adapted for a film. Nice to know the person who optioned it this time around is a fan of the books.

  162. I love all of Nora’s books and am ready to love the films if made. I will always have Roarke and Eve’s images in my head. I just hope casting gets it close!!! Nora you are my favorite author and I will continue to buy everything you publish!! I just wish the books would come faster lol!!!’ Keep writing so we can keep reading!!!

  163. I am really looking forward to the big screen!! Want to actually see how they handle the street scenes and the vertical driving!

  164. As a long time reader and lover of these books, I hope they get made into a movie. I have seen many of your Nora Roberts books movies. They are well done. I am glad that you are going to be involved in the process. I am glad your opinion is being respected. I am glad the producer has read the books and likes them. It tells me that she will want it done well. I hope the actors are amazing and bring these characters we all love to life in a way we can all love and appriciate. I can’t wait to see the final product.

  165. I find the idea of possible movies a good thing. I am read all your book, more than once, and feel close to the characters. Making them into movies can only widen the field of future readers of these wonderful and entertaining novels. I have gotten a little tired of all the current box office offerings so this would be refreshing for this avid reader. Toni L.

  166. Yes I love the books, yes I will see the movie and yes I will continue to read the books. Good on you, you are doing a fabulous job. Your hard work is my relaxation and entertainment. Thank you.

  167. Nora, all I can say is… bless you for your kindness and patience to your – very vocal – fans (I’d have told them to stuff it πŸ™‚ . It’s exciting times for you! It’s a shame you got so blasted but your long explanation is a perfect, perfect picture of just how well you truly know, really understand people, more than just writing ‘stuff’. You really “get” that people form a relationship, an ownership, a love of the characters…and your gracious but firm response was so well done and full of thought. Kudos! You’re the bomb. πŸ™‚ I’ve thought for years what excellent movies all those books would make – can’t wait for the surprises!

  168. Myself, I love to see what screen writers can do with a book. I love books to movies and have also seen movie to book. It is entertainment. I see a little of Eve in several female Peace Officer on TV or just my imagination of how Eve would be. I can’t wait to hear more of what is going to happen. Like stated in the article above, ” No one will drag you from your homes or places of business and force you to watch the movie,… Watching a movie, like reading a book is a choice.”

  169. wow, wonderfully written, admirable response to your readers ms. roberts.
    from a film producer in the audience

  170. I look forward to every NEW In Death book and I have re-read many of those in my current library in between to help hold me over. I have so many of NR books as well. All of them are excellent reads and RE-reads. I’m a huge fan of Trilogies/Series, by the way. As for the transition of the characters from book to script & big screen, it is a 50/50 what the final product will be. Having the writer/director respect the author’s opinions is a big plus. I have always felt that the ‘Look’ of the character can always be attained with makeup, hair & costume. It is the acting chops of the actor that will either make or break the true essence of the characters. Some actors act the ‘saaaaaaaaaame waaaaaaaaay’ and don’t have that talent of being able to FULL BECOME THE CHARACTER. To wear that character like a part of their own skin. Truly talented actors and a well written-even excellent written script will be ESSENTIAL to the overall outcome of the movie. Either way, I WILL go to watch it. If don’t like the adaption, meeeeh…no biggie. I will always end up going back to the books anyway. I have in my own creative mind what Eve & Roarke look and sound like; as I do for the rest of the regular supporting characters. I get to LMAO so much I’m literally crying with it sometimes….my guy just shakes his head at me and laughs AT me. LOL!! Looking forward to seeing the final big screen product anyway AND always looking forward to the next In Death book as well as any other NR books! Blessed be.

  171. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I go through IMDB all the time looking up information on who I think would make a good Eve or Roarke, but that is from my ideal. I would definitely go to the movie even if it is a condensing of Naked in Death and Glory in Death. One of my favorite pastimes is to check out the videos on YouTube re: the In Death series and “suggestions” for casting. It’s great fun and some are quite good suggestions. I will even take the day off work to go to the movie on opening day. The only movie I didn’t go to on opening day was for the movie Divergent. I wanted to read the book first and ended up reading the entire series before I went to the movie. I am listening to the audio book everyday and started re-reading the series in preparation for Festive in Death. Can’t wait for the excerpts to be posted.

    While I like Stana Katic as Beckett I don’t know if I could mentally switch gears to see her as Eve, even though the YouTube sites seem to make her the front runner. Just keep writing the series and you will have me for life.

  172. All I can say is I will be first in line if there is a movie!!!! Love these books, love these characters as well… As long as you get the right people together it will be amazing!!!

  173. This is one set of stories I absolutely prayed would never be made into a movie. You will never be able to capture these iconic characters on screen. I am very sad that you have decided to take this road. I know others will be happy but I do not think anyone will be able to do them justice. You have described these characters so thoroughly in your books that we will all be expecting the black hair, cobalt blue eyes and face of an angel for Roarke and yes, the tall, lanky, whiskey eyed, dent in the chin Eve. I hope I’m wrong and you can pull it off. They are after all your creations. No matter what I would just like to thank you. These are some of the best stories and characters I have ever read/enjoyed and it’s always “hell” waiting for the next story; the next chapter of their lives.

  174. I love the In Death Series and think it will be exciting to see some of these stories come alive. I don’t have anything negative on this subject . Just wanted you to know how much I love these books and I can’t wait for the next one.

  175. I love the “In Death” series … and admit to re-reading the whole series from start to finish every year or two. I would love to see these books as movies and have often “cast” actors for the characters before. Am I worried that the movies won’t be as wonderful as what I visualize? Of course! But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to avoid the movies or — heaven forbid — quit reading the books! Congrats, Nora, on this honour — it’s one more clue to how much everyone loves Eve and Roarke!

  176. Nora,

    Please do not let these negative comments hinder your excitement or keep you from bringing your works to the big screen. With a lot of people, it doesn’t matter what you do, they are not capable of being pleased. This is my absolute favorite series of all time and no series that ever comes along will change that, but because of that the prospect of seeing them come to life excites me! I could care less if it’s perfect, so long as the story is there. Everyone wants to moan and groan about our investment, but they all seem to be forgetting who has the most investment in this series, and that is you. You are my hero and I hope to one day meet you in person:) I keep telling my fiancΓ© that my dream is to get a sitter, stay at Inn Boonsboro, and do it on a weekend that you are doing a signing at Turn the Page, so as to accomplish a few dreams in a couple days! Your books are amazing and without having them to unwind I truly do not think I could get through every day! Please keep writing and have fun with this opportunity! You deserve it;)

  177. Hi Nora,
    I’m late to the dance but wanted to say Yes great job writing this series & finding a movie vehicle you believe will work. I’ve been dreaming of a time when I could see your vision of the future on the big scene.
    Somerset , the leather jackets, the cars that hover, and since I’m a Technical Analyst I’m interest in all the e gadgets. I’ll love anything JD Robb and I trust you implicitly. Did I see a coming soon “Festive in Death”?
    Your fan for life,

  178. All I can say is ”YES ” , I have been waiting for something to hit the screens for the ”In Death ” series.
    Was hoping for a pilot series but will take the big screen if it happens. I love this series and have all the book.
    We all have visions of what Eve and Rourke look like , and who would be great playing them.
    I will be first in line . Congratulations and and keep the books coming .

  179. Wishing you and all involved only the best. Adaptations can be tricky but I agree with you. The book and the movie are like fraternal twins, they may not look exactly alike but you know they are closely related.

  180. My only regret about In Death being made into a movie is that Hugh Jackman is probably considered too old to play Roarke. Sigh….
    I am thrilled beyond belief that In Death has been optioned. I am a huge fan of Nora Roberts/JD Robb and will be at the theater on opening night. Thank you, Nora, for all the wonderful stories and characters you have given us. Reading one of your books is like a small slice of heaven!

  181. This is awesome! From the very first “In Death” book, I hoped for a movie version. I think this is a great idea, can’t wait to see it!

  182. I have to say…. Sweet!!! And Congrats!!! My Mom and I have been reading your books for close to 20 years. I think we have everything you’ve written in paper and hardback lol. I can’t wait to see the movie/movies!!!

    As for all the negative comments… y’all need to get over it. If you don’t like the idea of it… then don’t go see the movie! I don’t want to see 50 Shades(but I couldn’t stand the poorly written books) so I have no desire to see the movie, but I loved HP… the books and the movies! Same goes for other adaptations. The thing to remember is… a movie is just a book in visual form, but it’s not going to be the exact copy.

  183. I have not gone to a movie based on a book I have loved in years. Too many disappointments. Angelina Jolie would be a disaster as Eve. First I think she’s too old. I’d rather see an actress like Hayden Panettiere in the role. I would probably go see the movie if she were playing the part. She can get the combined smart ass and sensitive attitude needed for the part.

  184. Honestly, you don’t have to justify or answer questions. This is your decision and yours alone. Don’t stress over people who don’t understand or are critical.

  185. Well, you know if I didn’t address this sort of thing, some people would say I don’t care anyway (I do), or I don’t value my readers (I do) or I’ve made myself inaccessible (Hmmm).

    It’s a shaky line to navigate.

    1. It’s definitely tough since you can’t really ever please everyone. I for one think it’s pretty amazing that you do take the time to address and respond to us as often as you do. Where in the world do you find the time between writing all those books, family, gardening, bird attacks… ha! I thank you for that because it does make you very accessible. It feels like chatting with you over coffee at Starbucks or something so that’s pretty cool!

      About the subject at hand, ehh fuhgettabaahtiiiit! It will turn out however it will turn out – people will love it, hate it, be indifferent to it, and that’s find because you can only do so much (after all, you’re not Roarke ;p).

      One of my other favorite series Rizzoli & Isles by Tess Gerritsen has a TV series COMPLETELY different than the books, but I love it all the same and am not upset at the direction they took. Another, DEXTER I watched before I knew it was a book series. After reading all the books, I just felt like I was watching additional episodes, which again, I loved! So there you have it. Us reasonable folks are looking forward to finding out if this endeavor becomes a reality and will absolutely have an open mind about it once it airs. And whoever they pick as actors, I know there will be plenty of eye candy so that is that πŸ™‚

    2. Nora, I am so DAMN thrilled for you! And for us! This is incredibly exciting news.

      I understand that you feel the need to address all the negative comments, but just don’t. Or at least try not to let it upset you. For your own good. You’ve already explained everything clearly. You’ll wear yourself out and not be able to enjoy this experience yourself.

      And I can tell you one thing: I’ve been watching the Diana Gabaldon TV series “Outlander” unfold over the last year on the internet, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until they pick Roarke and everybody starts piling on about that! LOL!! Ay yi yi…

      1. Outlander is a series on the internet? I didn’t know that. I love Diana Gabaldon/Outlander ~
        How did you find it on the internet?

        Thanks, Stephani

        1. No – she was commenting on the fan base following the filming of the TV series on STARZ that will begin on Aug 9

  186. It will be great!!!

    And not to start any trouble here, but I’ve also thought it would make a great adult animated series. In drawing form like Batman Beyond or Gargoyles; I wouldn’t be mad at that ;). I secretly wish I could draw well enough to work on something like that!

  187. Nora,
    When that line gets shaky, just remember you can never go wrong when you’re honest with others, and true to yourself, which seems to have worked very well for you these past 25-30 years of wonderful writing!! Carry on and thanks for all your hard work!

    1. I agree with Alice, Nora, love that you blog with us readers. Enjoy the book signings live & on the web. A big part of what makes you a great writer is your ability to think like a reader. I can tell you love books & movies.
      It’s hard to express how much your writing has saved me over the years. You bring a new world to life with each book. Visiting your worlds brings healing to my mind, spirit & soul. Thank you so much for sticking with this very public profession.
      By the way the flowers you inspired me to grow are doing fantastic. Packing peanuts was a fantastic idea. Having the chance to help something flourish has been very healing for me.
      Thanks so much for all you do, Nora and thanks to BW too for Half Price Books, they make this fan feel closer than the geography from Minneapolis to Boonsboro.

  188. Wow! I’m surprised about a movie deal. Thank you for the wonderful explanation and insight. I personally, will not watch a movie or even listen to a audio of a JD Robb book. I have my books and am perfectly happy to read and use my own imagination. If a movie is produced, I hope it’s a hit.

  189. Ms Roberts….

    Once again i find myself irritated by some readers who seem to think it is ok to criticize a writer for trying something new (well new for this series).

    I find it ironic that this (one of your most popular series) is the same series that a group of readers complained about when you were just starting to write and develop it in the first place!

    You probably don’t remember this but I believe the website was called The Reader’s Corner or close to this.
    They werecall in an uproar about the new direction thus series was taking by foucusing on murder mystery plots rather than straight romance. What told them at that time was that authors do have the right to ‘stretch’ their talents, or something similar. I also mentioned that you were also using another name which should help seperate the two.

    What I wrote above is just a little something to illustrate that change needn’t be feared…and if they are against this stick with what they know and prefer ( something you and most of your fans have already said) but try and refrain from discouraging an author from going in another direction).

    Just think. ..if you hadn’t gone your own way. Like the strong person you are..We would all have missed out on one of the best series out there!

    Thank you so much for that!!

  190. I think, after all these years of getting to know Eve & Roarke (as well as the many other colorful and interesting characters of the “In Death” series), we all have a, sort of, emotional attachment to them. We all, also, have our own ideas of what these characters look like because the “movies” that we’ve seen are all in our heads and unfold as we read the stories. No one identification of a character will be the same because of that fact. So, I think we all have to keep an open mind and trust that it will be done with respect to the characters as well as the story and end up being as fantastic a screenplay as the books. πŸ™‚

  191. Having read the entire series three times (some books more – it’s my go-to when there is nothing else I feel like reading) I have a pretty solid vision in my head of Eve, Roarke (yummmmmy) and the gang. Can’t wait to see how the actual casting compares when/if this happens (there’s a long road between option and opening). Personally though I was always hoping an entity like HBO would pick it up and do one-to-three books a season…but I’m just greedy and want more than twoish hours to relish. I wish you good luck and success with this venture and will definitely be there to see it. Now quit wasting time on FB and get back to the writing desk — I’m caught up again and must start at the beginning…. πŸ˜‰

  192. Big fan of all your books! Just had a question. Will the movie be based on the first book(Naked In Death)? I’d hate not to be able to see Peabody and McNab on the big screen.

    1. I’d hate not to be able to see Peabody and McNab on the big screen.

      They’re supposedly going to add elements from GLORY…. so that Peabody, at least, can be a part of the story.

  193. i have just finished reading the latest book of the In Death series. ‘THANKLESS IN DEATH’, again it was a book i was unable to put down until the last page was read. Nora has done it again. i knew it would become a movie, i just didn’t know when. can’t wait to see it. one suiggestion on the actresses, the female cop who plays on ‘Law and Order SUV’ would make an excellent EVE. she has the look and spirit on the show and would portray eve to a t. but i’m not a producer or anything, just making a suggestion.

  194. With so many incredible stories to choose from, I have a feeling the script will include parts from more than one novel. It would be outstanding to see Origin In Death and Memory In Death combined into one movie. I have read and cherished every book in the “In Death” series. All of the characters feel like friends by now. When Tom Cruise was first picked for Lestat, I was horrified. He didn’t fit my concept of Lestat at all. But he nailed that role. I think, as fans, we need to give the team working on the movie an opportunity to explore the diverse and wonderful world that Nora Roberts has created in this series. I would love to see the scenes between Eve and Peabody, sipping on tubes of Pepsi and chowing down on a soy dog. I want to see Summerset waiting by the stair case when Eve comes home and tosses her coat over the newel post – and that day’s battle of wits starts. I can’t wait to watch as Eve walks into the room to see Mavis, Leonardo, Bella and Rourke laughing together. I want to see the love and devotion between Eve and Rourke. I want to see Eve stand for justice. I want to see Feeney and the whole E-Division in their brilliantly colored glory. Mira looking elegant as ever while she sips on a cup of tea. Sure, we all have built images in our heads about how they are supposed to look. I wasn’t thrilled when I heard that J.J. Abrams would be doing a new take on Star Trek – but he did an incredible job. Most of all, I can’t wait to show the wonderful characters to my friends that I couldn’t convince to read the books. I wish you all of the luck and success with this Ms. Roberts and thank you for so many hours of reading enjoyment!

  195. No!No!No! Save for those specific details and habits that make each person who they are, the descriptions truly are drawn broadly enough for each reader to uniquely fill in the lines, flesh out the scenes, see the characters. Frankly, my imagination does that just fine. Better than fine. And that’s why I read. I don’t need or, more importantly, want anyone else doing it for me. And so I say..No!No!No!

  196. While I respect your right to allow a movie to be made, I have to say I won’t see it (I don’t even want to see the trailers). I have a very detailed picture in my head of the characters physicallity when I read/listen to these books. I don’t want that picture replaced with an actors image (regardless of how wonderful they are). I agree with you that there have been good adaptations of various books, but now when I re-read Silence of the Lambs the picture of Hannibal in my head looks just like Anthony Hopkins. I don’t want to give up my Roarke/Eve. That being said – I want to thank you for all the hours of magic you’ve shared with me, I wish you all the best! ~Jill

  197. I re-read the In Death series from start to finish every six months before the next book comes out. I LOVE them. I broke down and cried when Dr. Mira told Eve it was not her fault, as I am an incest survivor. I totally trust Nora to put enough of her touches thru creative input that the characters/story remains true to the book… not identical just true enough to engender the same feelings of sorrow/joy/pain/laughter/etc. I love all the Rizzoli & Isles books and the TV series does not follow the books that closely, but the actors grabbed me and the development of the characters keeps me interested, so I’m hoping for the same for In Death. Whatever, I look forward to seeing what comes of it. Thank you, Nora, for hours and hours of reading enjoyment and a bit of healing in the mix.

  198. Oh dear, I will have to watch if only to see how it will compare to the books. Too many authors do this and only in the case of Ian Fleming can I say any film has compared to a book, if not better than. I have watched the films made of Nora’s books and they are enjoyable but limp and “safe” comparisons. What I call “made for TV” . No less enjoyable , but they do not reflect her brilliant writing talents and I know everyone should make money, that’s life, but i still feel let down as I have not finished with Eve and Rourke yet. Good luck with this it may make money but let’s hope it is worth it. I trust Nora’s judgment and i think she will be a stickler for how it should be with her best ever work and wish her well.
    kindest thoughts

  199. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!! Can’t wait! My vote (not that anyone with take it into account) is for Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki in the Thore/Avengers series) for Roarke. He’s gorgeous, british and looks great in long, black hair. Plus he’s in his early to mid 30’s so the age range is right. No thoughts on Eve, but I’m all for the series being put into action. Yay!!!

  200. How exciting to have your In Death books be chosen for a film(s). Some of the negative comments reminded me of a scene from your Born in Ice book when the fictional author, Grayson Thane takes his lady to see the premiere of the film version of one of his best selling books. It was a eye opener for me to hear your take on the author’s role versus the screenwriters. Spot on Ms. Roberts/Robb. I look forward to the film’s debut and hope it’s a huge success.

  201. I recently saw a show called Forever on ABC. The actress who plays Jo Martinez Moore would be perfect as Eve. That was my first thought as watching the show.

    1. LOL, LeAnna! I said in some comments about who should play Eve on GoodReads that the leads of FOREVER (Ioan Gruffuld and Alana de la Garza) would be “The Lifetime Channel’s choice for Roarke and Eve Dallas.” By that I mean they’re not the ideal choices by any means, but they would both be okay choices….

  202. Great idea if it’s done right. These are my favorite books. What about Evangeline Lilly as Eve and Jason O’Mara as Roarke?

  203. My pick for Eve would be – Katy Perry. She is a blank slate pretty much as an actor, but I think she could pull it off. Very hard worker, and puts everything into whatever she does. I think she has lots in common with Eve Dallas to draw from.

    The documentary movie she made, “Part of Me” was really good, and I recommend it on its own merits.

    I’d really rather see a relative unknown quantity play this role, rather than a “star” who brings baggage and expectations to the role.

    Yes, Katy Perry is a star herself, and would bring her own fans to see the movie if she were to be cast, but that has its own advantages also. More In Death fans in the making.

  204. Oh am SOOOOOO excited.

    I’ve always thought a Joss Whedon adaptation of the In Death books would be fab – he’d treat the characters with respect and keep the humour in there too. And not remove all the dark stuff that gets changed for the tv movie versions.

    But I will go and watch it whoever does it. And if I don’t like it, I can always re-read the books.

    go Nora!

  205. I am over a year late for this post of who should play eve Dallas & Roark. I have also pictured Nora as eve, there were several book jackets of Nora in a leather coat like eve & I said to myself that is eve Dallas. If I were to pick an Eve Dallas that is not to old. There is an actress who is very good, her name is Tatiana maslany, she is from bbc America show orphan black ., she can kick ass on that show where she plays multiple characters. Even though you know it is one person who plays these characters it feels like more than one actress. she has also been in Woman in gold as the younger version of Helen Mirrens characters who ever is chosen will be right for the characters. I will look forward to an in death movie. Thank you Nora for your wonderful gift of story telling. Do you tell your grand kids stories or do they tell you?

  206. I discovered the In Death series this week on Audible and I have already started the fourth book in as many days. In my opinion a listener of audio books isn’t as resistant to a movie adaptation as a reader. A reader has formed their own experience/visualization of characters without any outside input.

    As far as this series being optioned it is great!!! I can only equate this series to Ian Fleming’s James Bond being brought to the screen. My hope is this series will go on for decades on film as it has on the page.

    Just to throw in my two sense on the cast. I think Jennifer Lawrence would make a great Eve. She is versatile and an amazing actress. Casting a “TV actress” usually doesn’t do well on the big screen. An actress/actor can be great on TV, but it takes something very special to captivate an audience on the big screen. As for the character of Roarke, he must have black hair and blue eyes, too much of his character at least in the first four books reference his breathtaking good looks.

    Looking forward to seeing the actual cast selection.

    Can you give us an update on the progress of the film?

  207. Wow. I am behind the times and just found this thread. I had no idea a movie was being considered. Oddly enough, the only character I have a good “view” of looks with is Peabody. The others have height, hair and bodies, sometimes eyes. I have tried, but can’t for the life of me bring their faces into view. I see the offices, the beautiful house, and other places and things. Oh.. I do see Summerset (spelled “Somerset” in my mind because I listen to the books) pretty clearly. In the books, I don’t think the faces matter as much as the story. I don’t want to get faces stuck in my head from a movie, and a don’t think that will happen. I will go back to my limited views when I listen to the absolutely wonderful books.

  208. Back in the day I was a huge Prime Suspect fan. Once I started reading the In Death series, I wondered if Nora was too. The Eve of naked in Death reminds me so much of Jane Tennison. I always thought that in a different time and place, Helen Mirren would have made the perfect Eve Dallas. Anyone who’s familiar with Prime Suspect see what I see?

  209. Love LOVE the books! I often tell my hubby that the story would be fantastic as a series but a movie will do as well! Charlize Theron would be amazing as Eve and Henry Cavill as Roarke!!

  210. I love all the books of the series! I always said I would love to see a movie adaption of the books. I think Angelina Jolie would make a great Eve and Brad Pitt would be a great Rourke. They can both make any role their own and they have natural chemistry

  211. After having binge-watched Season 1 of Poldark, in preparation for watching Season 2 starting next week, I have to think that Aidan Turner would be an amazing Roarke. He’s Irish, was himself born in Dublin, and all that beautiful black hair…..if we give him some blue contacts for his eyes, I think this extraordinarily talented actor could be our man Roarke. Just saying…..

  212. For the part of Eve I would like to suggest Christina Cox.

    She has the perfect face for her, its Has that angularity needed for eve while she is also beautiful

    as an actress she is very forthright and seems to play the abrasive personality naturaly. while also can play vulnerable which is so needed. she can also do the physical part of eve

    What do others think

  213. No Helen Mirren is why to old to play Eve. However she would make a great Dr Mira

  214. I think as there are so many books in the In Death Series, a TV series would be better than a Film. In my head I cast Eve Dallas as Jennifer Carpenter (aka Debra Morgan from Dexter) I think it’s her potty mouth and the description of her. For me she works as the part. I don’t know why but I have Mark Ruffalo as Rourke…. just found out though that he is quite short so would need to grow a few inches! And being a Dexter fan, Mira actually is Evelyn Vogel! Down to a T, literally drinking cups of tea in pretty little tea cups with saucers! I wouldn’t be suprised if the writers of Dexter had read this series and actually based Vogel on Mira- they even have the same job!!

  215. Very tough parts to cast physically. Eve is beautiful in subtle way that she personally does not recognize. Stanna Katic has the movements and attitudes down pat, but is a former model both in real life and on Castle. Rachel McAdams makes a living playing women like this, but the character requires greater screen presence. The suggested Jennifer Carpenter would do great for a TV show, perhaps not for a movie. Ashley Judd would have been great choice a decade ago.
    Rourke is beautiful in the face, with a slender build that is all muscle. The young Pierce Brosnan would have been perfect. Henry Cavil is way too broad-shouldered now. Ian Sommerhalder has the right look and probably the chops for the part.
    Peabody is so voluptuous that she worries about her weight constantly. Jennifer Goodwin is a better fit for the face and hair but Emily Van Camp fits the body type better.
    Mira and Feeny are grandparents. No one less than 50 years old suits the part, Since Mira is still youthful looking, Someone like Annette Benning is called for. TV soap operas feature many such actresses. Feeney should be somebody like Brian Dennehy.
    The key factor for Mavis is energy, very high energy. For Nadine combines middle-aged beauty with Journalistic chops. ADA Reo would be easy to cast.
    Dwayne Rock JOhnson is Leonardo to a T. Crack is Luke Cage with a big white toothed smile. Laurence Fishburne would be great as either Chief Tibble or Commander Whitney.
    Chris Evans is way too bulked up to be Ian McNabb. He would do better as ladies man Baxter or as Webster, the IAD man with a lingering passion for Eve, Mathew McConaughey is closer to the right build for McNabb.
    In several cases the actors I named would be too expensive or too big stars for the roles. Michael Caine is probably too old to play Summerset, but he would nail the part.

    1. Stana Katic for Eve or GTFO! She’s been the ideal choice ever since she first appeared as Det. Kate Beckett on CASTLE – “All Long Legs and Attitude”. We even know she can convincingly play a love scene w/a guy she (reportedly) can’t stand off-camera….

      I struggled with Peabody for a long time, until I started seeing those AT&T commercial with the cute/geeky young sales clerk named “Lily”. The Actress is Milana Vayntrub, and she’s currently playing Squirrel Girl for Marvel’s “New Warriors” series (originally set for the Disney cable channel Freeform, but being held back possibly for Disney’s new streaming service).

      Though less obvious, I’d love to see Clancy Brown, who you’ve seen in movies and television shows from HIGHLANDER to BUCKAROO BANZAI to ARROW, as Capt. Feeney. He’s a bit better-looking than Feeney’s described, but he’s perfect for the solid, smart former boss. I feel the same way about Lance Riddick (FRINGE, THE WIRE) as Commander Whitney – he is a Man of Color with the authoritative air of a Commanding Officer.

      1. OMG, Delia.. I SO agree on Peabody!! Milana Vayntrub is the one. And I’m chuckling to myself as your first name is the same. HA!

        Who do you think should play Roarke??? He’s always my toughest pick!! NOBODY suits the role for me! (Or… better said… nobody I know. πŸ˜‰

  216. Okay, thinking about this… Who watched the TV show “Bones”?? Doesn’t the Bones character remind you of Eve – never gets common sayings, etc?? In some ways, Bones definitely reminds me of Eve. In others, not so much. I mean… cut Emily Deschanel’s hair to a choppy, shoulder-length and put light brown contacts on her and she could totally play Eve, IMO.

  217. I’ve been reading the In Death series for awhile. Haven’t completely caught up, but love it nonetheless. I really would love to see a movie at least or a series at most. I think some of the names going around plays well. For me I really see Taraji P. Henson as Dallas, Selma Blair as Peabody, Jonathan Reyes Meyers as Roarke, Diane Keaton as Mira, Jack Black as Fenny, Micheal Cera as McNab, Gabrielle Union as Nadine, Rihanna as Mavis, & Dwayne Johnson as Leonardo. In either case I’m sure whoever gets cast to play in it, will be mag! To #NoraRoberts #JDRobb I love this series and how you’ve shaped the lives of your characters!! Amazing work, I’m sure I don’t have to say that for you to know how well loved your series is, but man! It’s amaze balls!! Love it! Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing the stories to life!!

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