Italy travelogue, part XIV

Started some packing last night. I’m pleased, and grateful, for how  much my new luggage holds. Bought it just before the trip as my old luggage was  really showing the wear.
Must finish this morning, and will try to fit in some yoga. But if  I can’t, I’ll do some this evening at our Tuscan villa.
We walked over to the piazza. Our favorite trattoria was packed, as  was our second favorite. So we settled in on the third one–more a restaurant.  The clarinet guy was back for a short session. He must just go from piazza to  piazza.
I ordered a soup you could eat with a fork–and indeed Jason  sampled it with one. Thick bread and tomato soup. Delicious. I think I could  make this one at home if and when the mood strikes. A little pasta split with  Kat, and some steak strips–most of which I brought back and we’ll have as snack  food at the villa.
All delicious.
BW got pasta with crab–and it comes with a tool to crack them. Our  Kat, and we aren’t surprised she’s an expert crab picker–did the honors for  him.
At the table behind us, a dog–I think a Lab/Retriever mix as he  looked like a smaller version of our Homer–lays beside the table and behaves  well throughout the meal.
Our last day proves to be a long, adventurous one, full of new  sights. We’ve had a wonderful time here, in what I consider the most beautiful  city in the world. Today we’ll say ciao, and see what we find in the  countryside.

8 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part XIV”

  1. Looking forward to your next stop, hope you find another parakeet to serenade you – lol.

  2. Thanks so much for writing this travelogue! Someday, I hope to see the world but, in the meantime, I am seeing it through your eyes. I hope this trip inspires you to write another wonderful book. Enjoy the sights and the company of your family!

  3. Sounds like a lovely visit to a lovely city. I have SO enjoyed the daily updates. Thanks bunches for sharing!

  4. Thanks again to both Laura and Nora for sharing the trip to the city. Have a safe trip to the countryside, Nora.

  5. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this trip so far. Looking forward to your perspective on the Tuscan countryside. Buoni viaggi 🙂

  6. My heart aches to go back to Italy reading about your trip. It was over ten years ago, but I miss it and did not travel to nearly as many places as you are. What a wonderful time with your family. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Very much stuck on the tomato & bread soup. I’m so hungry now. And I’ve never cracked crab. I’ve never seen crab being cracked. Since I don’t know a Kat, YouTube might have to do.
    Love watching puppies in that type of scene. Just chillin’, waitin’ on his owner. Love them!

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