Italy travelogue, part XII

I went out for about an hour solo. The early evening light was so  beautiful, and the piazza less crowded. Many dogs out. I watched a woman kick an  empty plastic water bottle for her leashed German Shepherd. He’d leap after it,  fetch enthusiastically to his own delight, and the delight of several  children.
Wandered into a jewelry store. It’s almost a crime not to buy gold  in Florence, and I do love jewelry. Lots of pretty, pretty things. I’m very  attracted to a wide, white gold bracelet. A tight mesh band, and a lovely,  glittery central clip. But it’s far too big for my skinny wrist.
Fun to wander around looking, though–and the clerk who helped me  (a Brit who’s lived here for years) shows me more pretty things. No, no,  no–like the jacket it has to jump out and say: Nora, I’m yours!
And a gorgeous ring does. A wide white gold band, Florentine-made.  A delicate filigree with thin bands of yellow gold framing it and a small  central sapphire. I love it–and it fits!! So it’s obviously mine. 
Delighted, I wander out, and find a pretty, breezy dress at a  stall. One size, I’m told–which I hope accounts for the American ass. But at  the price if it doesn’t fit me, it’ll fit someone I know and  love.
When I get back, Kat is arranging all the bags and belts purchased  for a little photo shoot. LOL. I knew she’d figure out how to best display them,  using her artist’s eye. Between her and BW we have a great  picture.
Photos by Bruce Wilder
Photos by Bruce Wilder
It’s off to dinner, and we go back to our first and favorite  trattoria. Pasta, salad, wine, all so good as night slowly slides in, and the  light changes. Santa Croce is so stunning against the bold blue of the day sky,  but even more beautiful against the deep purple of night.
All through the meal, we’re serenaded by a musician who sings,  plays the guitar–occasionally the harmonica. He mostly covers American or Brit  ballads–the Stone’s Angie, Lauper’s Time After Time, Simon and Garfunkle, The  Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. He’s got a Dan Fogleburg vibe to him. A lovely tenor.  He gets applause from people in and around the square, and plays throughout our  very leisurely meal, about three hours.
We bought his CD–and I think he sold many. I hope it was as good  an evening for him as it was for us.
This morning I think I’ll do a ballet-inspired workout DVD for its  cardio, core and leg work. Not sure what we’ll do today, our last here in  Florence, but it has to include packing (all those bags!!) for our departure to  the Tuscan countryside tomorrow. Also think I need a couple more scarves as  back-up gifts–and Kat realized out of ALL the bags, she bought not one for  herself. That must be remedied.

12 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part XII”

  1. I hope she bought that red leather jacket! That looks great on her!

  2. The bags are wonderful, but, those scarves are stunning! I want!
    I wonder, would they be available online?
    Are they a brand or just local made?

    1. Susan,

      Judging from the travelogues, it sounds like a lot were purchased from street vendors and small shops. We’ll see if Nora has some other thoughts!


  3. All scarves from street vendors. So many wonderful choices. All bags from street vendors or small shops.

  4. Hello, my name is Ana, & I’m a bootaholic… Oh, my! Those red boots! Allow me to wipe the drool off my chin first. I hope the owner smiles & smiles when she wears them.
    How fun to have a little solo adventure! And scoring lovely jewelry & a cute, breezy dress makes a nice bonus.
    Thanks for the photo collage! I always think it’s incredibly gracious that you guys are willing to share these memories with us. Nothing like vicarious travel & shopping 🙂

  5. I love the Sandals. They would go great with my dress I am wearing for the wedding in Sienna in 2 weeks. Where are you going next.

  6. Thanks again for sharing your vacation with all of us! The red jacket’s great on you!

  7. Good morning, Laura, thanks for sharing the trip news lost some of my e-mail functionality for the last 2 days & really missed the daily update. Everything you bought looks great & good you have so much of your gift buying done for the holiday – not n Eve trait. Hope you have a restful time in the country.

  8. I believe we listened to the same singer during our nights in Florence. He was playing in the Piazza della Signoria and I looked forward to listening to him after dinner.
    Your descriptions of Florence makes me feel as if I’m right back there.

  9. The ring that found you sounds beautiful. Sapphire is my favorite gem…and my birthstone 🙂
    I’d be interested to know the name of the ballet-inspired workout DVD you mention. Sounds like a good workout.

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