Hi and Bye

Here’s a quick one before we take off in the morning. It’s Logan’s turn for a summer trip! We’ll send a report, and plenty of pictures when we get back.

I get to have my oldest and youngest grandsons for five fun days!

Meanwhile, I had a very solid, productive writing week. It’s always fun to spend time with Eve, Roarke and the gang. And to be able to stick with it, and them, without needing to stop and go anywhere! Yay!

Today meant getting that workout in early—and doing a little extra as tomorrow’s a travel day. Then packing. And packing, and figuring, and packing.

My wall/paver guys have done an amazing job, and are nearly done. It LOOKS done, but there’s backfilling, and lights to install, and clean up. I’m just so happy with the results. And finally, BW and I could move pots who’ve been waiting in far too much shade for their place on the lower patio. I expect my geraniums will thank me with lots and lots of blooms.

I got my weeding and deadheading done, and had a very fine time with it.

And discovered lilies! Two years running, the deer ate them all. We’ve been battling them fiercely this year, and we’re winning!

Happy, too, we’ve worked on problem sloping, shady areas, and are gradually improving them.

I bought my gorgeous new fairy, intending to use her in the shade. But her beautiful bronze skin would disappear. So I switched her out, and she’s lovely and happy where we put her. Now the very white reading girl pops in the shade with a cairn, an old hand plow and my tree of life gate.

My nasturtiums—Laura always gets me seeds—are throwing vivid blooms, and before long will spill artistically over my garden wall. I love adding them to salads—along with my thriving herbs.

It’s been great to spend so much time playing in the garden. I’m going to go spray my tomatoes and peppers with an epsom salt solution, then come inside, sign four tubs of books.

And done!

We head out and head off early tomorrow morning. I’ll miss my garden, miss Eve and Roarke, but I think I’ll be too busy having fun to notice.


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  1. Enjoy your grandchildren and your trip. Its always nice to be able to get away with family and just enjoy spending time with them.

    1. Love it!!!

      Eve and Roarke will be there when you get back 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your trip with your grandsons- how fun! Your garden walk looks beautiful, and I love the Fairy! Safe travels!

  3. Love your small statues – the dragon in the first one is magnificent! We’ve had a very, varied, spring into summer here – snow above 9000 feet tonight! – so my nasturtiums are just getting started. I’m really working on the herbs this year, would really like to have only my own to cook with. Have tons of fun with the boys!

  4. Enjoy your trip with your boys. You’ve earned every day of it.

  5. Enjoy your trip with your Grandchildren, they grow so fast. Garden is lovely x

  6. Have a wonderful trip with your grandsons.
    I love your garden. All the hard work, effort and thought you put into it shows. And I’m so happy to hear you’re working with Eve and Roarke. I’ve been rereading a lot of the books and waiting for the last one to come out.

  7. Yard looks fabulous!

    Enjoy the time out West with both grandsons!

    Cannot wait to read about their new adventures!!!

  8. Great garden! Enjoy your trip! Nothing like spending time with the grandchildren. My granddaughter was here Thursday evening, my daughter had a last minute event to attend, so my son-in-law dropped her here after school, as he headed to work. She came in STARVING. I was so glad I had made a big pot of Beef Stew that morning. Though she’s not really big on red meat, my Beef Stew is the exception. She hate a huge bowl with the fresh cornbread I had made.
    Grandchildren grow up so fast. Enjoy every moment and post those pictures! Especially the baby. I’m a bit envious!

  9. What an oasis. Thanks for sharing it’s progress over the years. Great to get ideas for my own yard. Gargoyles watch the yard and a pagoda & dragon under a shade tree were a couple of the results from being inspired. Happy travels

  10. Oh what fun! I love spending time with the grands! Mine are all grown now, but we really used to have awesome times together! Wishing you the best! Safe travels!

  11. Enjoy your grandsons…we brought our grandson back home with us after visiting the family in GA. Even made a pit stop in Boonsboro to visit and have dinner at Vesta. Enjoying my purchases made at TTP. We have been truly relishing the time we’re having with him…they’re so full of life and inquisitive. Love the garden and all your statues. Safe travels and look forward to pictures.

  12. Try shaving Irish Spring soap out in a old nylon stocking and stake around the garden and coffee. Enjoy your trip

  13. Love viewing pictures of your gardens. Especially love your dragon. Enjoy a fun & safe trip with your grandsons.

  14. Have fun. I remember when I was your grandson’s age and younger, the most fun I had was getting to spend the weekend with my grandparents.

  15. Lovely garden, and the paving looks very nice too, it does make such a difference, one way tho keep the weeds down in between the bricks is a solution of hypochlorite, it keeps my weeds away, it does need to be done regularly.
    Also I saw you’ve got lovely hosta’s, a solution of a few cloves of garlic, boiled in 2 litres of water, concentrate, add a good gluck to a 5 litre water sprayer, and spray the hosta’s, starting in February, and so on…
    Have a wonderful time with the family, enjoy your shopping…

  16. I love your posts! While reading your books, I have to google at least half of the gardening terms. I love that so much!! Thank you for teaching me new and creative things while weaving ONE. HELL. Of a creative story !!
    You have piqued my interest in gardening, and I’m trying my hand this year with impatiens, begonias, and a tomato plant!! -*googling epson salt solutions*
    Thank you!! Have fun with your grandsons!!!!!

  17. Have a wonderful time on your trip with your family. Looking forward to seeing pictures.Your garden is looking beautiful.
    Oh, and I always miss Eve and Roarke so I understand. Again, have a safe trip.

  18. Enjoy your time with the grandkids! Safe travels. Your gardens looks amazing. Fairly looks very happy. Eve and Roarke will be waiting. Have fun!

  19. Have a great trip and relax! I love the Fairy and the Dragon! The wall is great and your water feature is stunning.

  20. Epsom salt solution? I don’t know this. And are the whirligigs keeping the deer away? I have a rose loving one- deer, that is.

  21. Enjoy the littles!! LOVE love love the garden. SO jealous. I have a hard time keeping even ivy alive.


  22. Pavers and wall look great – the pots just add to it and will be gorgeous when in full bloom. You have a beautiful garden that gives you so much pleasure. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your trip with your oldest and youngest grandsons!

  23. On a warm rainy morning, I sit on my patio, re-reading “Come Sundown”, enjoying the birds eating (especially those dive-bombing hummers) and all my pretty hanging baskets and herbs. Your gardens inspire us all. Happy Trails to you!

  24. I wish you a magickal vacation ?
    If you’re heading to Europe be forewarned that weather is crazy; think of Ireland on Winter and Caribean on Summer ? in the same week.
    With those grand-toys you won’t noticed it as they provide indoor entertainement like no other ?
    Enjoy ?

  25. See – not only do I learn new stuff when I read a NR or JDR, I’ve now learned I can actually eat nasturtiums. Gotta give that one a go. Thanks for the tip!

    Have a fun time with your little men. Cheers!

  26. Enjoy your trip and your grandsons! Love your garden…I too am a gardener and there is always work to be done in it! Safe travels!

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