Payback in Death cover reveal

Payback in Death will be in stores September 5. Here’s the first look at the cover, and the description.

Lt. Eve Dallas is just home from a long overdue vacation when she responds to a call of an unattended death. The victim is Martin Greenleaf, retired Internal Affairs Captain.

At first glance, the scene appears to be suicide, but the closer Eve examines the body, the more suspicious she becomes.

An unlocked open window, a loving wife and family, a too-perfect suicide note—Eve’s gut says it’s a homicide. After all, Greenleaf put a lot of dirty cops away during his forty-seven years in Internal Affairs. It could very well be payback—and she will not rest until the case is closed.

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3 thoughts on “Payback in Death cover reveal”

  1. There is so much to love about this series, but the love story of Eve and Roarke is what caught me at the beginning and I look forward to every new book for new insights into their relationship. Thanks JDR/Nora for this wonderful series!

  2. I have every Eve Dallas/Rourke book that has come out. I love how you incorporate all the other players and look forward to seeing how they grow. I love the suspense and mystery that Eve gets involved in.

  3. NORA ROBERTS! I have been of your books for a long time. I’m 64 yrs. , I’m pretty sure I was in my 30’s when I discovered your books. And I have been reading them over and over. My favorite is the 3 sisters trilogy. You know exactly what your readers’ want to see. I love the trilogies because I get to know the people. I just completed “The Liar” and “The Omession” and felt I knew the characters as great friends. You have a gift that makes me feel I know their disappointments well. Thank you for sharing so much with your characters and me. Please don’t stop introducing us to all those realistic

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