BW and I are enjoying our last day of our fall week at the spa, which is, for me, a working vacation.

Before we left, I spent several afternoons through the week helping my grandson–Grade Six–with math (God help me) and a complicated English assignment. For the math, fortunately, he’s a lot better at it than I am. I SEE the words ratio and percentage, and my brain freezes.

English assignments, much better. But I swear I’m not sure I knew the definition and practical uses of things like personification, alliteration, hyperbole and so on when I was eleven. He does! I did have to tell him he was his own problem in one part of the assignment–to find unfamiliar words in the book he was reading for the assignment. He has a most excellent vocabulary, so that section took forever, and then some.

We celebrated completion on the Saturday before BW and I left by baking cookies–along with his sister, who decided she LOVED wrapping Christmas presents and due to same has now saved me hours and hours or marathon wrapping.
IMG_1218 (1)
Love, love, love these kids. Also love, love, love this week’s get away.

It’s quiet, that’s a big plus. Though the weather didn’t cooperate so I could take my long morning hike outside, I brought plenty of exercise DVDs. Rainy mornings had me deciding to skip even the jaunt over to the gym and work out in the room instead.

After my daily workout, I settle in for a solid four hours of writing at my pretty little desk. The phone doesn’t ring, no dogs are barking to get in, go out, or because a delivery truck is heading up my lane. I don’t have to gauge my time to knock off to cook–but to gauge it for my lovely daily treatment.
Every afternoon I’m rewarded with a facial, or a massage or a mani-pedi. How about my holiday pedi! Gleaming midnight blue (which may not come across in the photo) with the accent of festive silver. Such fun!
Pre-treatment I get to snuggle into a book, post-treatment I get to indulge in an adult beverage and contemplate what I might want for dinner–that I’m not cooking!
It’s a wonderful routine for a week, but for me, it must be a routine. I’ve gotten a solid chunk of work done, have stuck to my work-out regime, and allowed myself to have my muscles and spirit addressed.

Today, our last day, is our traditional in-room massage, so I worked longer, then celebrated the accomplishment.

Tomorrow I pack, and we head home. Monday is back to home routine, and quite likely more sixth-grade math.

Maybe I should have one more drink.


12 thoughts on “Work-Cation”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful week away. Work & play is such a great idea! I know how you feel about your grandkids. It is wonderful to be a grandparent and get to share our gifts and talents with our grandchildren. My hubby taught jr/sr high math for 32 years, and thank God! I was a total bust to help our sons when they needed it. Now, I expect the grandkids will be knocking at the door as they go through the grades. My gift to them is music, which they already love. A double blessing for sure!!
    Enjoy all your books, and just finished a reread of Dance In the Air. Love that trilogy. One of my comfort reads.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation and lots of fun. I have to admit I am a bit jealous.

    I was going to ask what you read, but I see a Sue Grafton book in one of the pictures. I am waiting for the unabridged version of “X” to come out on some form of audio besides audiobooks so I can listen to the book while bathing and soaking, putzing around the bathroom. I am number 26 on the wait list for the library’s copy!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I know I enjoy reading about them, so I’m sure many others do, too. The pictures are great.

    *File this under “Bite Me.”:
    You should have had your nails done in red… in all silver… with bells… with Santas… with trees, etc.*
    *Runs and hides. LOL!*

  3. My hats off to you – I helped my 2 kids with math etc., but Thank God- nobody has asked me to help my grandkids with their homework. I’m amazed and impressed that you agreed- it’s not like you are busy, or don’t have any books to finish!

    It takes a certain type of discipline to work while you are on vacation. I don’t have that discipline- but I admire those that do.

  4. Hah! I feel your pain! Been there, done that with the math and the grandchildren. It is an ongoing process as they come to my home every day after school. The now seventh grader, a very smart girl, struggles with math and I am at my wits end some days trying to understand the math terms and methods used today. Lucky for me, the fifth grader has a much easier time of it. I just have to make sure she doesn’t work her problems so fast that she makes silly errors. Two web sites; coolmath and mathisfun have become my very good friends. 🙂

  5. You have more brains than I do when it comes to doing the “new”math. Hell, I don’t even want to try lol. I’m just glad my grandbabies are too little to be in school yet. Jasper is 3 and Zoey is 10 weeks, and I hope my son is smart enough to help them when that time comes.
    I loved the toenails! I also love reading the blog and hearing about your everyday stuff. I hope you had a great time at the spa, and Imo everyone should be able to enjoy an adult beverage, especially when on vacation.

  6. Sounds really fun! Reading this helps answer the question, “How does she do it all?”
    I have sympathy pains when it comes to helping with math. In FIRST grade I had to call a friend to help. Talk about mortifying.
    LOVE the polish!

  7. Color me green with envy! No, definitely not envious of the math issue. Give me a long, boring research paper or thesis to proof and edit any day. However, I do covet your spa time! My idea of heaven is a massage, one that will render me into a spineless puddle that would require the use of a wheelbarrow to carry me to my car! But mostly I envy you getting to spend time with your grandchildren. Mine live too far away to see often so I have to rely on the next best thing, Skype!

  8. Toes are looking good ~ adult beverage & book even better.

    I just finished the R book; will be looking for S next. But I also read Nelson DeMille and I’m in the middle of one of those. And I read Diana Gabaldon, so got one of hers lined up for ‘next.’ Not near enough time to read everything I want.

    My mother just read a book featuring a female FBI agent named Jamie Dallas. Interesting how often In Death is used as inspiration for other writers. Well, Eve & Roarke are certainly an inspiration to me, so why not them? I’m always telling my mother about Lt. EVE Dallas, so she might have gotten the two characters mixed up when she was selecting books.

    Happy Thanksgiving (soon)!

  9. I like your routine!! it sounds like something I could get behind. Especially after the horrible day I had at work today and the double I have to pull tomorrow. :s You sound a lot like my grandmother (but look much younger! Nice toes BTW). She could spell, correct my grammar, and come up with words from vague hand jesters but math beyond basic addition ect. and her eyes would glaze over. she spent days trying to teach me to spell (she failed badly), quizzing me on history and geography and every thing but math. She passed in February of this year and I miss her terribly. but its nice to hear about other kids benefiting from people that were taught things that my generation that just was not.

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