Work and Reward

I’ve been working pretty hard since our return from France. I like working hard, so that’s all good. But I like play time with pals, too. I had a great day/evening/night with good girl pals this week on our Try To Make It Annual Girls In Boonsboro trip.

I get into town early enough to take a new class at Fit In Boonsboro with my pal, JoAnne. Grabbed 45 on the elliptical first, then did 45 of boogying cardio after. Got my 90 in, and had fun doing it. That’s some work.

Reward came with lunch and champagne at Vesta with Jo, Laura, Pat, Mary Kay, Mary and Elaine. Good food, good pals, good wine.

Then it’s shopping–lots of opportunities for that in B’Boro. Josie’s On Main first stop geographically.

This mug caught Laura’s eye at Josie’s. Photo by Laura

I found myself a fun Witch Please tank that amused me–and has already been worn for a later workout. Among other things I picked up a few Christmas gifts, then we wandered down Main to Gifts In Boonsboro. Earrings! A gorgeous vase I’ve had my eye on–and a gift for my pal Ruth in Michigan. A just because as the black/white/gray soft as a cloud hand-made afghan said I Am Ruth’s. 

Among the amazing art on display at Gifts– a wedding cake of Savor the Moment pages. Photo by Laura

Onto TTP for more, and whee, they’ve put Stephen King’s new book written with his son Owen aside for me. Can’t wait to dig in.


Then on this perfectly gorgeous October afternoon, it’s time to check into the inn, hang out in The Courtyard. More bubbly, yummy snacks, those good pals–and a couple of fun guests. 

The ingredients for a leisurely spell in The Courtyard. Photo by Laura
The very surprised Jane and Michelle. Photo by Laura

And presents for me as my birthday’s coming. Cake, too. That’s a good deal.

I nearly forgot the photo! Photo by Laura

Before the evening ends, the webmaster for our businesses stops by on his way home from a Boy Scout meeting. He has his amazingly adorable son–also Owen. Owen is one of the top popcorn salesmen for the Scouts–and it’s easy to see why when he starts his pitch. My fave is when his dad said he could get the key for the storage place, break in and get the forms. Dad, says Owen, how do you break in with a key?

I bought the 22 pack of microwave Movie Theater (extra butter!). It’s delicious.

A fun day, a quiet night, another morning workout, then mmmm breakfast. I’m not a breakfast eater but it’s hard to resist the offerings at the inn.

All in all a lovely reward.

Then back to work.

Thursday my perfection of a hairdresser comes to do my cut and color, give BW a trim, get Logan’s hair cut before he catches the bus for school. This time Logan has a picture of the cut he wants. Harold makes it so. The result is a seriously happy teenage boy. Handsome, too. 

Logan. Hair by Harold. Photo by Nana.

And back to work. Sticking hard with it to get it off to my agent and editor before I pack for a week in NYC. Another reward.

Flowers come–calla lilies. Every year I give myself the gift of flowers every month. It makes me happy, especially in the winter. 

The calla lilies in bloom. Photo by Nora.

Friday I make red sauce for pasta for Kayla our running girl. She has a meet on Saturday. Logan, however, is done with pasta every Friday and gets to pick the main meal. He wants Grandda’s flank steak, my roasted rosemary potatoes. 

Aforementioned potatoes. Photo by Nora

We make this so. And I get more cake!!

Saturday I pack, or mostly. Workout first, then figuring out what I need for a fall week in the city. And then–reward–I take the DVD of Wonder Woman BW gave me and gorge on it and Owen’s popcorn.

Today, Jason and Kat will be here for a foundation meeting and dinner. BW made extra flank steak with this in mind. I have to make more potatoes, and they went over pretty big on Friday night.

Tomorrow, finish packing–not much there–and start refreshing myself on the Chronicles Of The One trilogy before I start writing the final book.

Work and reward. It’s a nice balance. Reward yourself!


26 thoughts on “Work and Reward”

  1. I enjoy your blog, Thank you. I like the pictures of the inn after reading reading the stories, all those porch pickets!

  2. I can’t wait too see you on October 28th at the turn the page bookstore. I love reading you books.

  3. I enjoy reading snippets of your life. As well as reading your books, of course.

  4. What a great way to spend time. Can’t wait until the first book comes out so I can grab my copy.
    Maybe one day I can take a road trip and drive up that way from down here in Texas. No fall here, well today is dryer and not as hot. We’ve still been in the 90’s this past week.

  5. Happy birthday Nora, although it sounds like you’re having a birthday week instead of just a single day. Enjoy your trip to New York City ????

  6. It’s Thanksgiving Sunday here in Canada and the family has left after the annual turkey dinner gorging. Lots of work to put it together and now it’s reward time. An early hot bath and ‘close your eyes and pick a book off the shelf time’. Delusions in Death and I have a date for a bit of re reading. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  7. The cake of pages looks amazing! Savor the moment is a personal favorite, so maybe I can lay hands on a second copy of the book and try my Pinterest hands at it! Calla lilies are also a personal favorite, especially since I carried them at my wedding. This may be my favorite post yet since it had so many favorites of mine! Happy Birthday Nora!

  8. Nora, Laura,
    Such fun weekend!
    Some day I’ll get to Boonsboro and stat in the Eve & roarke suite 🙂
    Here in Colorado we are preparing for first winter storm so i put my gardens and patio to bed for the winter
    Nice job!

  9. Happy Birthday! I won an ARC from Goodreads of Year One and consumed it this weekend! I loved it and left a great review on Goodreads. I’m excited to see you’re about to start book three as I’m already sorry I have such a long wait until book two :). Although I plan to reread Year One several times between now and then.

    Have fun in NYC!

  10. Happy Birthday, Nora. Enjoy and relax, work and reward. I was just your way this weekend visiting family; I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to stop in and browse around town. Have fun in NYC!

  11. I wonder what suite you choose when at the inn? Eve & Roarke’s
    ? A happy birthday to you, & today, the 8th is mine. I’m not as disciplined as you- working out on your birthday? WOW!

    Here in NYC, it’s unseasonably hot and muggy- monday we will be getting the effects of hurricane Nate- rain and winds. That’s the problem w/traveling – you’re never sure what weather to pack for- they are often wrong!

    I love your calla lilies- I remember my awe the first time I saw them growing wild in California. You can never go wrong w/them- or w/tulips. A very Happy Birthday to you.

  12. What fun you have! Thank you for sharing. Logan is one good looking young man. Love the photos and sharing your adventures (big and small).

  13. My daughter moved out last month and I have been working hard to convert her room into my reading room and “walk-in closet”. Finally finished it today and my reward will be to spend a few hours reading. Time to relax and reap the benefits! I will not make the October signing, but will be there for GNO. See you then. Have fun in NYC.

  14. So interesting! It never occurred to me that you would need to refresh your memory of the first book before jumping into the 3rd, but duh!! I can barely remember what I did yesterday. Can’t wait 🙂

  15. Great blog post Nora!! Looks like fun was had by all?. I thought I noticed a cast on your Logan’s arm? Handsome young man?. Hope he’s okay. Happy birthday to you….??

  16. Okay, I kept telling myself I wouldn’t get the Wonder Woman DVD – I got to see it in the theater, didn’t I? But now I think I must, such an awesome movie. Happy Birthday, Nora! So looking forward to Year One, the chapter tease really works – lol. Great save on the cake picture, Laura! It looks luscious! As another of my fellow Coloradans mentioned, our first winter storm is barreling in earlier than usual, so I’ve been working on de-bugging the geraniums I want for indoors. Nothing like those splashes of color in the middle of winter. One of our many neighborhood cats sat attendance during all my work this weekend, loudly explaining to me why he thinks I should make room for him in my house this winter. He considers my allergy to cats irrelevant lol. I love Stephen King, too, which makes friends scratch their heads considering I also love your books too (it’s the story, not the genre!), have you two met at the writers’ conventions? Hope you have great fun on your trip north!

  17. Happy Day to you.Cake looks yummy. Such a busy lady. I feel like I really accomplished something if I last 45min doing exercises!

  18. Happy Birthday Nora from one Libra to another. So enjoy reading your blogs. Am eagerly awaiting Year One.

  19. Questions about the yummy drink from The Courtyard: Wine? Champagne? And – to the actual question: Ice cubes? If so, yes! I thought I was the only one who iced wine and/or champagne. You are my people.

    Happy, happy birthday, and warm wishes or a grand birthday week.

  20. Happy Birthday to you! Flowers every month are a lovely continuing reward aren’t they and callas are some of my favourites but I can’t say or hear their name without automatically hearing Katherine Hepburn’s voice, and yes, sometimes issuing a very bad imitation of her voice & the calla quote!
    Canadian Thanksgiving weekend for us & today is recovery day from the feast at our eldest son’s home for which I am very grateful as almost all of our whole blended family was there to share the day & the meal
    Cheers to you & yours

  21. Happy Birthday! I just finished reading Year One late Sunday night – Wow! I got it thru a Goodreads Giveaway. Now I’m wondering what the release schedule of the next two books are – how long will I have to wait til I find out what happens next?

  22. After reading about one day in your life I believe I need a nap… so much stamina. Go Nora! Just stopped by to wish you Happy Birthday!

  23. You bring a lot of joy, laughter, food for thought, romance, mystery and adventure into my world with your wonderful words and creations.

    And I can definitely appreciate how you strive for and embrace the concept of balance. It’s something we all can benefit from having more of in our lives.

    (Hello, Libra… *grin*)

    So I just thought I’d stop by today to say thank you so much for working so hard and that I hope you have a truly fabulous birthday, Nora ♥ 🙂

  24. Nora, have you seen the monthly bloom baskets from Gardener’s Supply? All bulbs and it’s beautiful. Good for you, flowers always make a body happy.

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