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For those of you who wait for the entire trilogy, your time is nigh. (OK for the rest of us who read them as they are released, YOUR time is nigh as well.)

Here’s the cover copy:

In a world after the Doom destroyed civilization, magick is commonplace and Fallon Swift spent her young years learning its ways. Fallon can’t live in peace until she frees those who are prey for the government or the fanatical Purity Warriors, endlessly hunted or locked up in laboratories, brutalized for years on end.

Strengthened by the bond she shares with her fellow warrior, Duncan, Fallon has already rescued countless shifters and elves and ordinary humans. Now she must help them heal—and rediscover the light and faith within. For although from the time of her birth, she has been The One, she is still only one. And as she faces down an old nemesis, sets her sights on the enemy’s stronghold, and pursues her destiny—to finally restore the mystical shield that once protected them all—she will need an army behind her.

This is the place to discuss TROM and all things Chronicles of The One. So please be ware — spoilers straight ahead.

Enjoy the discussion!

71 thoughts on “The Rise of Magicks discussion space”

  1. Already pre-ordered! Cannot wait to read!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I downloaded it this morning before I had both eyes open this morning. I started listening to it on the way in to work. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

  2. I am re-reading the first two, just to stretch the story out a bit longer. 😁

    1. Thank you so much for the whole wonderful and magical series. I have read all three of them and enjoyed them immensely. I can’t wait for what Nora comes up with next.

  3. I am re-reading the first two, just to make the story last a bit longer. 😁

  4. I finished re-reading Year One. Refreshing my memory on Of Blood and Bone today while watching for my mailman. A new Nora book day is always a wonderful day.

  5. Just finished reading it, and can I say, I believe this is the best trilogy Nora’s ever done, and I’ve loved them all. So worth the wait. Loved every second of this book.

    1. I am loving this trilogy. I bought the hard cover and am enjoying The Rise of Magicks…. but on page 246 right in the middle of a rescue from raiders , I’m suddenly somewhere else! I have a misprint book!!!!
      I’M MISSING PAGES 247 & 248!
      Is anyone else missing these pages?
      Very disheartening… how can I get another book with these pages in them?

      1. Hi Debbie,

        Could you send this information to me at This is the first report I’ve had about a misprinted TROM and I know the publisher will want to know and get you a correct copy.


        1. In my copy page 270 starts out in the middle of a sentence. It jumped from the children of the MacLeods and Nessa going to visit Aileen’s family to the middle of the sentence… Lana had done as Tonia asked, so when they returned…

  6. Listening to The Rise of Magic’s today even while driving around for errands. I stopped at a drive thru for tacos while I was listening to the part about Joe and Eddy. Crying through the drive thru.

  7. Thank you Nora for a worthy conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. It had everything and more. What a great way to spend my day. And a big thank you to whomever scheduled this release. It motivated me to finish NANO early in order to devote my time to this novel.

  8. I re read the first two in October to be ready for the new one. Got it yesterday at 6:30pm and just finished it. Love every minute I spent reading it. Well done.
    I’m sad to see the story end. Would love to see the characters in a romance series. Are you planning on continuing with them? Fallon and Duncan married and trying to make things work, Hannah, Tonia and Fallon’s brothers finding their life mates.
    Thank you again for all the wonderful books.

    1. I loved the world building as much as the romance – would have followed a whole book about Hannah or a book about life in Vivienne’s Quebec!

  9. I loved it so much I did not want it to end. I wish I had more of every single character!

  10. Finished the trilogy today and know that it will be in my re-read pile. All the characters, the action, the scenery were perfect. So pleased Nora went with her instinct and wrote a completely different story. Thank you, Nora.

  11. Absolutely wonderful trilogy – and an amazing ending through TROM. I appreciated reading how a leader, no matter their age or experience, may at times need to regroup, clear one’s mind, and re-focus on the achieving goals for the better good. It is a good reminder for informal and formal leaders alike in both personal and professional settings.

    Thank you for taking readers on this journey.

  12. I’m in a book depression now. The end of a wonderful trilogy, the conclusion done so well. But it’s done and I’m sad. I reread the first two this past week, so I was right where I needed to be for TROM. I loved the entire story, beginning to end. Thank you for taking us with you as you tried something new. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

  13. Like every trilogy of Nora’s, I finished dreaming of how the characters continued. Absolutely fantastic! The first book totally snared – a scared – me. No wonder this idea was keeping Nora up nights! I’ve read quite a few apocalyptic stories, and while keeping things nerve-wracking, the heart of this story, always, was the people. So many balls in the air – the people, the world-wide impact, how the dominoes continued to fall. I was left with all kinds of wondering how things worked out, but still there was hope. The blunt truth of the die-off reminded me of what I’d read about the 1918 pandemic. There just wasn’t enough people well enough to bury all the dead. This trilogy has created all kinds of discussions, including shorter life spans (no vaccines), what will power vehicles when they happen again (I advocated solar) and how will the survivors data-mine information and how will they keep it in the future. Lots of good arguments. I know there were a lot of people not wanting to even start reading the trilogy, because it’s too different, but they’re missing out. This one was great – happy, sad, lovely, ugly, insightful and broad-stroked. All at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this story!

  14. I am on chapter 24 and loving the story can’t wait to see the ending. I reread the first two books in the last couple of weeks so I could just follow the story. I agree I would love to see some sequels that tell more of the story

  15. I just finished the Trilogy. I’m both happy and sad. Truly enjoyed the journey, but sad it has come to an end.

    1. All I can say is that you know a classic when you finish and immediately restart from the beginning all over again cause you just can’t leave this world. I always love Nora’s trilogies but this one took it to a level and if Amazon or Netflix isn’t smart enough to option these books for a short series, it will be a great loss.

  16. Nora thank you for your magnificent work!
    The Rise of Magicks is the perfect ending.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  17. I loved it’. Didn’t think I could wait that long between books but I did. Learned something new about card sharp 😊

        1. Nora I don’t suppose you can tell us how old Fallon is at the end of this book? With the first two books I could gage her age by the noting of the passage of time. For whatever reason I was unable to figure it our in this book.

          1. I think she might be 21 at the end. The book covered about 18 months.

      1. I’m listened to the first 2 books of The Chronically in Audiobooks and now can’t find the 3rd. Is it available this way?

  18. My favourite trilogy. My son is very happy the last one came. I’ve listened to them all on audio books so many times. The complexities of the characters and their relationships. Truly marvelous trilogy, every one of the stories is outstanding and makes you want more. If only it was a quartet.

  19. Read it twice because English isn’t my first language and I loved it. Thank you for writing this!

  20. Just finished The Rise of Magicks. It was great. Now going back to the first book. Year One will reread all in order. I just love this trilogy

  21. Nora, I have loved your books since I first discovered them (and you) and this is no different. You are one of my favorite authors and I always come back to your books for a little pick me up when I’m feeling down. I can always count on a happy ending, even though there are hardships along the road. This trilogy has become my favorite and I did not want it to end, as much as I was looking forward to reading the last book. I remember reading a blog post about this trilogy, how it will be different from what you usually write, and I got excited reading that. I knew it was going to be good but I never knew it was going to be this good. From the first book, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I am still trying to recuperate from the loss of Max (and now Joe and Mick). I was heartbroken for Lana because of how much he meant to her and to the child they made together. Let’s just say that the first book brought me so much heartache for Katie, Jonah, Rachel, Arlys, and Fred. I know they’re all fictional but I immersed myself in their world when I read these books and it’s hard to not fall in love with the characters and feel compassion for what they’ve gone or going through. Reading the last book to the trilogy was bittersweet; I didn’t want it to end but I couldn’t get enough so I read faster. I felt so many emotions. I knew Fallon and Duncan were going to end up together but I was very happy when they finally did. They’re good for each other because they can lean on each other and Fallon could be herself around Duncan and not feel like the whole world is on her shoulders. I’m still digesting everything and I will be re-reading the third book soon. Sorry about the long post! I just wanted Nora to know how much I’ve enjoyed this whole trilogy and all of her books.

  22. I have just read the first two back to back and now its time for the final. Cant wait to get started.

  23. Just finished TRoM. I laughed, I cried, my heart raced. I felt like I was pulled into the story and cared about the characters. Happy that Max helps Fallon. Sad about Mick. Sorry it’s over, but I plan on a reread very soon.

  24. I’m putting off finishing this book. I have loved every book and I am so very sad this is the last.

  25. Just love this trilogy and this last book is wonderful!
    Was a little hesitant when the first book came out but loved everyone of them.
    I had to cry when I got to the Eddie/Joe section, and I rarely cry when reading, normally it’s just movies that make me “blubber”. So I think that says something about the quality of your writing.

    Thank you for all the wonderfull books you’ve written and hope to read a lot more great stories in the future.

  26. Wonderful that the First Tribes were recognized and had a role in supporting the light and defeating the dark.

  27. Just finished the trilogy and while normally I might reread the last book immediately, this time I am going to start with the second read of the entire trilogy. I so love the characters. My daughter bought the first book but cannot finish it as she is sensitive to dark themes and can’t get past the apocalypse.

  28. I’m one of those who waited until all three books were out before reading the trilogy. LOVED IT! I love magic themes. The characters were well developed and grew from book to book. An imaginative destruction of the world’s population and who survives. Very satisfying. I, too, would enjoy reading more stories set in the world of Magicks. I would like to know what ever happened to Little Abe, and other characters mentioned in passing; I always want to know more. Kudos to Nora for another fantastic story.

  29. I savored this book over almost two weeks…reading it in sections and scenes…putting it down and taking myself into the book. So much to experience…so much to feel….and so much to anticipate. Honestly…I never wanted it to end…but when it did I had to say that you connected everything that was important…with all the originals of New Hope creating a path toward the future. As for Fallon and Duncan…there is a new beginning to be had…and Nora, if you have more in that creative brain of yours to say about them and just need more adventures for Fallon and Duncan I will be right there to read them. If not…you have set me up enough to just imagine. And in the end isn’t that what a good writer does…Nora, I have been a reader from the beginning in the 80’s…from your earliest romance novels….through Eve and Roarke…full length novels and trilogies…just want to end by saying this has been maybe your best. Thank you for sharing your gift…can’t wait for a reread.

  30. I just finished Rise of Magicks! Loved it! This was a great series! The love of family and friends just warmed my heart!

  31. I just picked up TRoM at the library, it was finally my turn. No, I’d already listened (twice) from Audible, but I always need to read the book, too. The endpapers took my breath away! Just the perfect choice.

  32. My friend bought me the trilogy from Amazon for my birthday. I received the first 2, but there is still a delay on the 3rd one. Is there a shortage of books?

    1. Did your friend buy you the hardcovers or the trade paperbacks? The Rise of Magicks is currently available (everywhere) in hardcover. The trade paper is out next fall.


  33. Congratulations, Nora, this trilogy is Next Level. Thank you for the community building theme, the strong women and the celebration of diversity. All the characters were fantastic. Good on you for blurring genres.
    I am not sure whether to ask for a follow-up trilogy or not. It is a very strong set of novels as it is. It is tempting to wonder more about the world-wide future story possibilities in that scenario.
    Best wishes for Christmas and for 2020!!

  34. A huge fan – I anxiously awaited this book and was pleased with 95% of it.

    For such a dark, ominous, series, I felt the ending was far too clean. Aside from Joe and Mick there weren’t deaths of characters we knew, just abstract numbers. For such a journey, the ending was easier than I anticipated. Of course I didn’t want anyone to die – I was just surprised by this.

    Overall I loved the entire series (even though I ride the PATH train daily and the first book FREAKED me out!). So many wonderful storylines far outweighed my one complaint. Great story and characters, as always , and different story from Nora’s usual. Loved the series, I have my sci-fi loving husband reading them now!

  35. I need more of these characters..please continue this great story

  36. I re-read the 1st 2 in preparation of TRoM – so I just finished all 3. I know it’s full of magic and fairies and such, but some of it was so realistic- the cars piled up trying to get out of the city, the looting, the rise of gangs, having to learn to survive in this new world, that it scared me. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive 😄. (I was also surprised (happily) that we didn’t lose more of the main characters and Lana’s family. )

    I love a fantasy novel that makes you think about your own life – if magic was discovered tomorrow – it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the govt rounded up who they could to experiment on them to see if they could be weaponized or controlled. When the government structures fail – how do you start over – how do you communicate with other areas, how do you build businesses, do you need a currency system, who owns land, who makes the rules?
    Great characters- certainly enough for further books if Nora ever wants to revisit that world. I expect New Hope could be the new central government with some familiar faces in roles comparable to President, Press Secretary and Chief of Staff 😂

  37. I am not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I can’t find a discussion on Of Blood and Bone. The books are great, but I am confused. In the beginning of OFAB, it talks about Lana being pregnant with another boy, right before Fallon leaves with Mallick. Then it is never mentioned again. Did I miss something? I’ve tried to go back and figure it out but I am lost. Can anyone explain what I am missing? Still waiting for The Rise of Magicks to come from the library, so maybe it explains in this one?
    Lorri H

    1. Hi Lorri,

      On P. 20 of Of Blood & Bone, it reads “Once when she was only six, she’d curled up in the library with one of Max Fallon’s books…” Simon finds her and they have that conversation about Max. At the end of it, Fallon tells Simon that Lana is carrying a boy.

      It’s seven years later when she leaves (but only a few pages) and Ethan is the baby Fallon predicted.


      1. Thanks for the reply. Twice I re-read about the brothers and both times I thought she already had 3. Glad I went back and looked again after your reply!!

  38. Loved this series so much. I felt sort of let down at the end though. That’s not so much a criticism as a complement of the storyline as a whole. I knew there would be a happy ending (wouldn’t have wanted to read it otherwise), but what I really enjoyed was the development of this universe. How, after such a horrible plague almost destroyed humanity, the way people reset and rebuilt society – learning from the mistakes of the past to make a better future.
    I would LOVE to see how things progress in other parts of the world. Maybe see if Vivianne ever finds a good dragon shifter, as well as exploring the magic traditions of other cultures, especially the First Nations. Only the 1st shield had been opened. Certainly there will still be someone in the world who is evil and tries to open another one. Who will lead the fight to protect that? Please give us more!

    1. Great comments Angela, I too would love to see more story lines come off of this one!!! I’m not usually a huge paranormal fan, but this was one of the good ones!!

  39. Loved each book in the series.

    QQ – did anyone else think the same? When Ms. Roberts started writing about the Doom, did she know we would have something similar here in our World? Today?
    Premonition or Coincident?

  40. I have a question. I am having trouble keeping the characters straight. I am usually a whiz at balancing 1000s of characters, but I have to flip back and forth to remember who has which power and who belongs with whom and did so and so have power before The Doom etc… I’ve read the first 2 twice and am wondering if there is a character index anywhere. I’ve read the 3rd one already, so don’t worry about spoilers on my account. I would just like to have a handy guide to keep in my book.

  41. Dear Nora,
    I just finished this amazing trilogy, just as the corona virus is beginning to spread. I find it chilling to say the least. If magic starts to spread, your trilogy will become a roadmap to the light. I hope it remains just a great story by a wonderful author.

  42. The Rise of Magicks is great stuff!
    I gotta’ fess up though, I was almost expecting Roland of Gilead to emerge from an oaken door appearing out of nowhere.
    And after pleasantries and friendly palaver, he and Mallick would argue the fine points on the meaning (or no meaning) of the wheel of Ka.
    But enough twaddle from an old fool (me), the bottom line here is that Roberts is one gifted story teller!

  43. I loved this book series, but I did have issues with the warfare. I’m aware that Nora Roberts isn’t Tom Clancy, but I still found the battles for Washington D.C. and New York to be way too…simple. NY could conceivably be more of a magic battle because the DUs ruled there, but D.C. definitely needed some kind of explanation as to what the remnants of the U.S. military had absolutely no armored vehicles, air support, attack helicopters, bombers, etc. I realize that many potential pilots died from the Doom, but there had to be SOME survivors who could still fly military aircraft that SHOULD still function. The U.S. military also still had the ability to train new pilots, or certainly trained for operating armored vehicles like tanks (and yes I know tanks were mentioned in one of the PoW raids on New Hope, but came off as something very difficult to get or was just really rare.) I understand why these were left out though (these weapons would make the military more than a match for anyone, decimated by the virus or not.) I think maybe some paragraphs about Fallon, Duncan and Tonia destroying aircraft, tanks, etc. in addition to nukes and ICBMs would have helped these plot holes at least a little.

  44. Good morning.

    I am missing pages 215-246, is anyone else? I want to read the rest of the book, but feel I’ve missed something big.

    1. Elizabeth,

      I haven’t had any reports of this kind of misprint, but they definitely happen. Could you email me this info at — as well as where you purchased TRoM? I’ll forward directly to the correct publisher.


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