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Finished up The Liar and dying to discuss?  This is the place for comments about Nora’s annual hardcover.9780399170867_large_The_Liar

I’ll start — one of my favorite parts of the book were the texts between Shelby and Griff, especially when they pertained to Callie.

How about you?




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  1. Loved the book – just couldn’t figure out who the PI’s client was? First I thought it was Richard but he knew exactly where the goods were and how to get them, so it wasn’t him. Then I thought it might be his cohort (forgot his name) but not sure – why would he pay for the info when he could follow Shelby from a distance and get what he needed other ways (although nothing says he would actually pay the PI)

    1. That is still my issue too… I am on my second reading because … I just may have read it too fast to figure who the PI was working for.

        1. It is never disclosed who hired the P.I. but it wouldn’t have been Richard since the P.I. was looking for him- perhaps the insurance company hired him

        2. I always assumed it was Richard – to see if his wife found/figured out any of the clues to find the goods, and so he could, of course, rip her off. Why else would he, or his accomplice, kill the private eye? One of them, Richard or the big guy, had to have been the one to hire him. I’d say insurance company at the outside, but I doubt the insurance company would wait until after one of the convicted escaped, and the other served her time and was released before sending an investigator, and didn’t Richard’s ACTUAL wife – well, if she really was – say she told them about Richard’s other identities?

    2. He was shot with the same gun as the woman who’d first “married” Richard, so it had to be Richard. Richard was using him to help keep an eye on Shelby.

      1. Yeah, the gun, that threw me off. It said that Jimmy stole a .25 handgun and that both the woman and the PI were shot with a .25. I think you’re right, Paula. Richard must have had a gun of the same caliber.

    3. Linda, me too! I go over and over it in my head. The only one that makes sense is the woman who confronted Shelby. Telling her she was married to Richard ( Jake). She knew a lot about Shelby and her family. Then he, (Richard/Jake) killed her. We will probably never know. Such fun!

    4. I thought it was the insurance company – when they have to payout a massive settlement, they have a policy to pay a finders fee of 10% of what is recovered. ??

    1. Yes, the texts added a wonderful, whimsical element of fun to the read. Gives us a glimpse of what their future “normal” will hold.

  2. I absolutely love all Nora Roberts book first off all and this one is no different. I fall in love with the man in almost every book but I’ll say Griff tops most of them for me because I can see him in a more real life role, but that is me. I love this book it was great!

  3. I liked the book overall just wish we’d gotten more of the hero’s POV. I also wanted more of the secondary romance. I guessed the big twist early on, but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment.

    1. Does anyon know if there is a movie with this plot line? As I was reading it I swear it sounded like a movie I had once watched. (Wife‘s husband presumed dead she leaves with young daughter and goes back To her hometown, and gets pursued by a handsome man, shes closed off but her opens her up, then a series of events climax to her husband not being dead and coming after her and the new man saves her)

      I know Safe Haven is sort of like this but she doesn’t have a little girl, and I know about Hope Floats but her husband isn’t dangerous. I cannot put my finger on it. I feel like I was a lifetime movie maybe, but not sure!

      This book needs to be made into a movie tho for sure!!! It’s so good!

  4. Oops, I cannot type well on my cell phone. Hit enter too soon. Wanted to add I agree with Laura, the texts were one of my favorite parts.

  5. Loved the book. Loved Griff from the beginning. His immediate love for Callie was awesome. The texting scenes were very funny. I thought there would have been a love interest for Forrest. Maybe next book?? 🙂

    1. Not expecting a follow up to the book, but Omg… I fell in love with the characters in this book, I kept making up side stories for them… What would happen, that sort of thing. Awesome story.

    2. Griff was a wonderful character. When he proposed and talked about how Callie was already his it made me cry.

    3. I would LOVE to see more on the other characters stories! And I want Forrest to find someone. Since he’s a cop, I’m thinking it would be doable as a romantic mystery. Please?

    4. That’s what I want…Forrest’s story! He has all the makings of and excellent spin-off story character!

    5. Will there be a next book? I am in love with these characters almost as much as Rourke and Eve

  6. Just finished The Liar and I have to say it’s one of my favorites! Griff is such an amazing character and his love for Shelby and Callie is so strong. The plot was awesome and the detail in the story was vividly painted for me and I felt like I was write there. Once again Nora has shown what a truly talented writer she is! Can’t wait to read her next series!

    1. I agree with Kelly. Nora Roberts, one of my favorite authors, just keeps getting better. Loved this book and all it’s characters. Would love a follow up with Forrest being the main man.
      This book gripped me right from the beginning and I read it all in the past weekend. Great read with humor, love, and suspense. Everything you’d want in a good read.

  7. I agree with Kelly, very vividly painted and now I want to go visit that part of the states to see! Loved the texts between Shelby and Griff, too funny. I love a take charge heroine so the ending was great. Yes, Forrest needs his own story and his own love interest now. Is it possible for a stand alone book to turn into a series??!!

  8. Excellent story! The characters and settings are so vivid and evocative that I felt like I was there. Both Shelby and Griff are strong people, and I like that. Shelby’s family was wonderful, full of humor and fierce for family. I would also like to see Forrest in his own story; perhaps a spin-off novel like Sacred Sins and Brazen Virtue? Although it seemed clear that Richard was not dead ( a con man drowning but no body?), the end really worked for me. I hadn’t figured out how or where he’d hidden the take, and I loved the resolution. One thing – Who was the PI working for?

    1. I also assumed Richard was still alive and wasn’t surprised to see him show up at the end, and I thought his hiding place for his ill gotten gains was inventive. And I was so happy that Shelby had pretty much taken Richard out by the time the guys showed up. It was fun to see Shelby finding herself again once she got home. I loved these characters!

  9. I liked how Shelby was smart enough to really use her support network, like calling on her brother the cop when she was being followed. And keeping her whole family informed. I love heroine with a spine.

  10. My copy only just arrived, so I’ll be back soon! I love that you’ve got this thread going!

  11. I am about 40% through the book. I loved Callie’s pizza date with Griff. Can you do a sequel with Forrest (my husband’s name) he would be a great hero.

  12. Stayed up late to read this one! I usually read a new book really fast and then re-read it since I know I missed stuff the first time through! There was nothing to dislike about this one. I especially loved the descriptions of the mountains and springtime – so vivid! The texts were a great addition to the story. My favorite part, though, was the relationship between the members of the family – especially the women. It does the heart good to read about such a wonderfully supportive family unit! I can’t help but hope that this one turns into more!

  13. I have to say this is now my absolute favorite book…. EVER!!! I loved every single page of it! I cried and laughed so much throughout the book. Every scene of Griff and Callie melted my heart. I loved all their dates, I loved Griff building a room for Callie, I loved how Griff and Callie are getting married. I loved Shelby post-richard. I loved Vi!!! What a character! I loved the community of the Ridge! I loved Forrest!!! I loved it all! I loved this book- still love it! I have to agree that Griff is my favorite hero now, too! (except for Roarke, of course.

  14. Thank you, Nora, for such a great and amazing story!!! You amaze me every time!

  15. Another satisfying read from Ms. Roberts, this one more of a gentle unfolding of a few months in a family. Loved the setting, my home. The descriptions of the creeks, the fireflies, the heat, the chattiness, the greening of the hills… perfection. The homecoming scene into Gamma’s party had uncontrollable tears rolling down my face — such a deep well of emotion contained in those two pages. Although I knew the ultimate ‘bad guy’ from the beginning, the story still unfolded well. The everyday joy and conversations Ms. Roberts captures is one of the reasons I return again and again to her books. The texts between Shelby and Grrr-iff were charming and just the right humorous touch. I can see the years rolling out for most of the characters in this book, which is an amazing gift from Ms. Roberts. Thanks. Just too long a wait before the next charming story.

    1. Oh, and THANK YOU so much for the epilogue. I want an epilogue in every book Ms. Roberts writes! Sometimes I desperately need the gentle diminuendo from the climax that an epilogue provides. I write them in my head when the book doesn’t have them… A laughter-filled meal at a cottage in County Mayo, with no dark overtones… A bonfire night in a later year for the Three Sisters of the New England island… I’d rather read Ms. Roberts words than make up my own. 😉

  16. I love the scene where Griff is getting a shave and they talk about his eyes being “Fathoms deep”. Also.. Anything where griff interacts with callow! Loved the book.

  17. i liked the book, please understand that. Honest. However, I was less than halfway through when I said, “oh, yeah, sure, ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’, faking your death at sea, stalking your (former) spouse. So, there wasn’t as much suspense for me. I agree with others; I’d love a sequel.

    1. Yes, the ending was not a surprise, but didn’t really diminish the pleasure of reading for me. We know the good guy and gal will win before we pick up a NR book. This one was more about the family and finding her place again than the suspense.

  18. Love the texts….laughed every time. And I really loved this latest story…Nora never lets me down. Great read, and I’m starting it a second time. I always rush the first…and then savor reading a new Nora novel again. Thanks, Nora. “The Liar” was a birthday gift to myself!

  19. I am only 2/3 through but I love Forrest like crazy. I know Ms. Nora has to write what comes to her so we can’t demand a book for him but I will imagine a romance for Forrest in my head. And, Lord, the jail scene and the punch scene had me laughing out loud. Excellent book and nobody does romance and family relationships like Nora. I will be back when I finish the book.

  20. I couldn’t wait to get my hard copy – no e-reader edition for new releases

  21. I love the book. Grr-iff is a character. Shelby’s resilience is astounding. Love that Grr-off kep his date with Callie even after he and Shelby were having a spat.

    1. I think all of us fantasize about throwing a good punch in the face of the mean girls who terrorize us.

  22. My favorite part was Shelby throwing the punch at Melody. She went to the source and took care of it. She was not a damsel in distress and I loved that.

    1. I LOVED that! I was reading in bed, trying not to disturb my husband, but I did because I was shaking the bed I was laughing so hard. And I fell in LOVE with Melody’s grandmother during that scene!

  23. Only about 1/3 of the way into the book, but one thing a few other people mentioned is the family. I love this about Nora’s books because the sense of family is so strong and even if there’s conflict (or a crazy killer hunting somebody down) the humor is right there too. Enjoying yet another good book.

    Unrelated thing struck me when I opened the book. The four pages listing all the Nora Roberts/JD Robb books. All I could think was “wow”. What a talent and what a legacy.

  24. Hello, I couldn’t figure out why Richard was the PI client but that’s who I decided on. I also did love the text messages. And the Tripplehorn house, would love to see a blueprint of the house with Griff’s changes. I want a man who can build and hang a front porch swing. I love a front porch swing. My Mama’s from that area and I have visited some of the places mentioned. Nora caught the accent just right.

    1. Started it last night and just had to close it at 3 AM as my eyes were falling out.
      Love the way Shelby gathers herself, love the family circle .. can imagine all of them around me as I read…
      Emma Kate reminds me a bit of Eve Dallas… not in her role etc but more in terms of attitude. Shelby is different – softer and more vulnerable but the strength shows through her too..
      I just love the strong characters Nora builds upon. Am at 47% now cant wait to read it late into the night today too..

  25. Can’t wait to start reading it. I re-read the Circle trilogy to fill in time between the last of my new books and the release date, and came up with days still waiting, so I started back in on re-reading the Pagan Stone trilogy to fill in time, and of course, the 14th came while I was in the middle of it! So I’m finishing out the last book (The Pagan Stone) before I start on The Liar. Between all the gift cards I’ve gotten in the last few months as gifts, I think I’m actually caught up with all the new books I wanted or wanted to pre-order, which sort of makes me sad, because now for something new, I have to wait for the next release date (next release on my calendar is, I think, James Patterson in May, but I’m not positive it’s May), so this next gift card, I’ll have to do some digging to either find Nora Books that I DON’T have on my Nook, or find books of other authors that I haven’t been keeping up on.

  26. First off, I absolutely LIVE, LOVE, LOVE Nora’s books!! I want to get that out of the way right off the bat. Now for the a lot of you, I’ve read just about every book Nora has written as Nora Roberts and maybe half of her J.D. Robb books — several times over. It wasn’t such a big deal, but i just finished reading Black Hills again and there was a black woman named Tansy in that book. I also finished rereading the Quinn Trilogy where there happened to also have a Shady’s bar in those books too. I unerstand names of businesses can be used all across the country unless franchised, but it just kind of struck me as repetitious between the Tansy character and the bar name. I did figure out almost from the beginning when Shelby found out she was married to a crook that he probably staged his death and he would have killed Shelby and Callie had they gone with him. All-in-all I loved the book but wish there could have been more of all the characters.

    Nora we waited a LONG time for the Liar to come out. I hope that means you’ve been working on the sequels. P L E A S E?

  27. I really enjoyed the book — loved the gossip scenes and the interaction among the women — thought Nora did a good job showing how mental/emotional abuse can affect a woman, and also how Shelby began to put herself back together; slowly, but with the support from her family, friends, and Griff. I will say that the moment I realized the villain’s body had not been found, I knew he’d show up — in a bad way. Enjoyed the humor shown throughout — especially Griff’s re how he was taking care of Callie. The Witness, and The Search are still my favorites, but The Liar is a winner.

  28. Still reading The Liar (about 2/3 through) but I ad to give a cheer for perhaps one of the best lines in a while: “Now get your second-runner-up’s ass out of my salon.” Go Viola. I was just drinking a nice cup of (hot) tea when I read that. Most of it went up my nose when I read that, but it was perfect. I was laughing too much to care. Now if I only knew someone I could use it on…….
    Oh well.
    Great line. And Melody
    deserves whatever she gets.

  29. I just finished listening to the book, and if anyone likes audio books, the narrator does an amazing job on this one.

    I really liked to book, and loved how funny it was. I actually laughed out loud several times. Especially the scene with Crystal and the discussion about Charlize Theron.

  30. The Liar was just what I needed right now! I’m from Tennessee (Live in Orlando now) and the small town flavor was very familiar, the conversation on-the-money along with the scenery! Great job, Nora, as usual!

    I’m about your age, but you nailed the naivity of the a small-town girl. We were isolated from any big towns. Your stories showed me that there was more to the world and another outlook. I’m sure that I’m not the only one to say it, but thanks for being you!

  31. Loved this book! I want to be part of that family – every one of them! The texts were an absolute hoot. Loved watching Shelby get her spine back. Could just see all of Griff’s work and that amazing house – you could sell a jigsaw puzzle of it! Just a fun book all the way through – thanks, Nora!

  32. I was so sure the jewels would be inside Fifi. Nora, thank you for not killing off Fifi.

  33. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing! I enjoy your books so very much.

  34. anyone read the re-releases of her old books? I don’t think the stories are as good. just can’t get into some of them.

    1. Once upon a time, the big, monthly romance publishers put out a lot of books that were all the same – the helpless damsel in distress just waiting for the rugged, handsome sheriff to ride into town. Then Nora Roberts came along. As her popularity grew she broke out of that hum-drum mold and became the champion of the strong female heroine. SPOILER ALERT: Like our Shelby here, did she wait for the cavalry? Heck, no! When the law and his sidekick rush in to save her, she already has the drop on the bad guy. She can beat the enemy single handedly, start her own business, be a successful singer, and prepare a great meal all in one day. You just gotta love Nora for her empowerment of women.

    2. Yes, I do. I have been reading and rereading her books since she started writing. In my opinion, over the years her talent and. Books have grown better!

  35. Finished re-listening to the book today. Usually I’ll wait a few days for a re-listen, but the narrator was perfect for this book and I wanted to hear it again for the details. I’m sincerely sorry this isn’t going to be part of a series, I loved the characters so much. All the beautiful detail descriptions of the house rehabbing makes me wonder if that’s Nora’s and BW’s latest project – fixing up old houses. Great job.

  36. I enjoyed The Liar so much, that I am re-reading it again before returning it to the library. I thought the texts between Griff&Shelby were hilarious. I also loved how Callie wrapped Griff around her little finger& got a puppy . This book is a home run . I loved when Shelby socked melody& when Vi through her out fbthe salon. Thank you Nora for having a great way to tell a fun story that is enjoyed by many.

  37. Reading the book as a lawyer I had a hard time trying to figure out why her overpaid attorneys never advised her to file bankruptcy. I shut it out because then we would lose some of the drama and I am glad Nora cleared it halfway through when Shelby was talking about what she could have done. Still once she discovered the marriage was a sham someone in that wonderful family should have told her to keep her money. Overall, loved the story it is now one of my favorites. Has me aching to go get a massage and facial soon.

    1. The bankruptcy thing is actually mentioned. Shelby stated to someone (I can’t remember if it was in conversation, or internal prologue), but Shelby refused the idea of filing bankruptcy.

  38. Just finished the book 1/2 hour ago. It was awesome…as usual!!! I got an inkling about 1/2 way through that maybe Richard might not be dead when the others started dying and no body was found. I thought maybe the goods or bank keys were in the little dog Fifi and that he’d come back for them.

  39. Really liked this one. Loved the texts – and really liked the whole community/family support. I enjoyed the Melody sub-plot very much – somehow it’s always so satisfying seeing someone like that get their just reward 🙂 Like in the Witness, it was the sub-plot and the community that interested me even more than the “main” mystery. I think The Witness is still my top one but it’s hard to choose! Like others, I guessed very early about the husband, but that in no way diminished my enjoyment of this story. Now I’ve read it, it’s time to go get the audiobook.

  40. Loved the book even though I knew that idiot Richard was alive 10 pages into the book. I loved Shelby and Griff. I love how Nora writes about relationships and family. But that moment when Griff asks Shelby about his date with her and her daughter and says – “Is that a cold fried chicken and potato salad picnic or an imaginary tea party picnic? That would determine the dress code”, I teared up. What a guy. Thank you Nora for that moment.

  41. I love this book, which means nothing special, as I love all Nora Roberts books. I think this may be the only one where I guessed the twist so early on, so does that mean I’m starting to think like Nora? It’s a nice thought anyway! The texts between Shelby and Griff hold a special place in my heart, mainly because my husband and I joke like that about our kids constantly.
    Me- where are the kids. Him- they’re fine, they’re helping me with the new roof. Arthur’s a pro with the nail gun now!
    But the best part for me was Griff designing a bathroom for Callie. Griff reminds me a lot of my husband, so while it may not be my favorite book, currently The Witness, Griff is definitely my favorite guy!

  42. Another great read! The characters are so well written I feel like I have met them! Thank you for them.

  43. I loved this book, took my time in reading it for a change (I usually devour all Ms Roberts books in 1 or 2 sittings), and even though I knew just by reading the book flap that Richard was not dead, I still enjoyed every moment of it.

  44. Loved the book. I thought that after Shelby found out they were not legally married,she was nor responsible for Richards debts.

  45. Really enjoyed the book – as I always do with all of them! Realized pretty quickly thst this wasn’t really a ‘whodunnit’ – since that was pretty obvious, but a story of family. Really enjoyed the generations of strong women – and the assurance that Callie would be no different. Loved how the men all supported and appreciated those strong women. Another great story by my favorite author. And, yes, the texts were a hoot ;-D

  46. I love this book! I think my favorite parts was when Callie asked Griff if they could get married! I think that really blew him away! Also when Shelby finally told him she loved him, he said he had to get Shelby AND Callie a ring. That brought tears to my eyes! The way he thought of that little girl as his own right from the beginning, really touched my heart!

  47. Nora is going to have to do a second book, we need to get Forrest married off!

  48. I loved The Liar. No one can write a better story than Nora, especially with all the family dynamics that she puts into the book. She always leaves us wanting more. I think this is one of the best books we have had in a long time. I love all her books but this was really good. Great characters and she made us feel we were right there with them. I know Nora does not want us to tell her what to write but please give us a short story of something for Forrest. He was great. Of course, all of them were great. I didn’t want the book to end,

  49. I loved this book, it haunted me at work, I set aside time at night to read more than I usually have time for.
    Thanks for that, Nora! I too loved the text messages, and the ease with which they click about Callie. I have read comments here about the PI, and since he was interested in the finders fee, I am not at all sure he was hired by anyone. I think he was looking for an opportunity to score, and Shelby was the weakest link in the chain. Richard had been watching her, so he knew of the PI and probably killed him to keep him from discovering that he was still alive. Lots of moving parts, shows that the author has a mind like a steel trap!!
    All of the generations, all of the characters, makes me think that this could be another dynasty the likes of the MacGregors.

    I hope you enjoy writing for many years to come, Nora. I have been fortunate enough to have been reading your books since you began, and I am grateful for every one.

  50. Loved the strong, supportive family units. I agree with others I would love to see a follow-up with Forrest. Lack of a body had me questioning from the beginning. PI hired by ? Maybe one of the crime victims? We will never know, will we.

  51. I wish there was a “like” button on the comments section because I have liked or agreed with so many of the comments above!

    I LOVED this one! It was true Nora Robert’s style! I almost felt like I was going back in time to the days of “The Villa” or “Montana Sky”. I also thought the diamonds might be hidden in Fifi, so I was so surprised about the picture frame and thought the Harlow character was a great plot decision because that kept the ending more interesting. Of course, I could do without all the “f” bombs… I’m just old fashion that way, I guess. That word actually offends me. (I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings. I’m not saying it to be ugly, just a critique). I would give The Liar two thumbs up; 5 stars; 100% on rotten tomatoes!

  52. I loved reading the Liar. I have read every book Nora has written, that’s why I kept getting distracted buy Clay and Gully. Did Nora write there story early in her career? I hope Nora writes more on the family. I would really like to hear more about Calli and Griffin “getting married”.

  53. I have to say that this book The Lair was probably the best book I’ve read by Nora Roberts in a long time and I like all her books. Did’t want it to end. Great book!!

  54. Just got finished reading The Liar. It was great, I have to say. I have a few questions though. I don’t know if they’ll get answered, but I just have to put them out there. I thought that Richard would fill in some more of the blanks at the end. Or that Shelby would ask her own questions. But here’s mine.
    1. What was Richard’s real name? The name he was born with?
    2. Where is his family? If they’re dead (and I figure they are) did he kill them?
    3. What brought him to this life? Was he raised by thieves himself? Did he grow up poor and resent it? Did someone show him the way? Where did all this start?
    Anyway, thanks for your writing. I’ll keep reading.

    1. Colleen,

      Richard’s mysteries will never be solved, I’m afraid, some people are just bad. The story is about how Shelby learns, changes and grows once he disappears — and fortunately Nora does a superb job in showing us that.


      1. I can see it both ways – he’s either born into grifting, or he turns to grifting because he likes it. He’s just (well, was) a bad guy, and Shelby got caught up with him.

  55. I absolutely loved the book, even though the key plot element came to me very quickly. That was just a bit of a disappointment, but I can see no other way to get a true ending and closure for Shelby. I loved the entire family.

  56. Just finished an hour ago…..loved every page and didnt want it to end! Im southern born and. southern bred and. Nora so captured southen men and women and life and family roots in small southern towns. The Smoky Mountains are just as Nora described. My favorite part of the book is that Shelby did what any southern girl whose been raised to respect and shoot guns would do….she aimed and pulled the trigger and hit her target! Kudos!

  57. I have read most of the books whether they are by Nora Roberts or JD Robb and love most of them. It was a big surprise when I found myself thinking Wow, Nora has an amazing imagination. I really, really loved the book. I just finished it and think I will reread it before I return it to the library.

    I too enjoyed the texts between Griff and Shelby. I also loved all the strong woman in the story. It showed that you can be a strong woman and be married to a wonderfully strong man who supports you.

    I add my vote for a story about Forrest.

  58. I loved reading The Liar and thanks for that. I enjoyed the strength of the characters and the interaction between Griff and Callie was so real and sweet. Shelby was the kind of woman that Nora excels at writing.
    It would be fun for Forrest to have his own story.

  59. Loved the characters, especially since the women reminded me of the gals in “Steel Magnolias.” Entertaining read as always, Nora! By the way, just read “Obsession in Death” again 🙂

  60. It was a good reed and I liked the characters—but I figured out “who done it” around page140.

  61. For me, a great writer weaves a world, gently invites you in, and then, with each page, makes you an integral part of the created reality. I adored The Liar.

    I so didn’t care that I knew, just knew, that the evil Richard was out there and would show up. Shelby didn’t know and that’s all that mattered. I cheered as she fought to find her inner strength and true self. I loved where the key was hidden – that was the big twist for me, lol.

    I wanted to live in this close-knit community that Nora created; I wanted to be friends with all the ladies at the salon, wanted to punch Melody myself. And Grrrrrriff. What a warm, wonderful hero. Just melted my heart and made me laugh – the perfect combination and now one of my all-time favorites.

    Great, great story, Nora. Thanks


  62. The Liar is one of my favorite books by Nora. I finished it within a week. Loved reading about the small hometown…it sounds like someplace I could call home. I loved the strong ties that bound Shelby’s family together. I wish more families were close like this! And Griff…oh could he be any more perfect? Mystery, romance, and humor…my 3 favorite topics all wrapped up in a wonderful Nora Roberts book. It’s no wonder she has been and continues to be my favorite author!

  63. I’m finally getting around to leaving my comment, though I’ve been done with the book for how bloody long? As soon as Shelby found the alternate ID’s, I started thinking that the “accident” at sea was a fake, and then was horrified to realize he would have intentionally killed Shelby and Callie to fake his own death.
    I love how Shelby VERY quickly found her spine, and despite being so much in debt (hundreds of thousands, or over a million?), she went to work at cracking it down, and thanks to the inherent value of the clothing, and of the furniture alone, she settled a good chunk of it that way alone, although I DID wonder, when she found the different identities, and after the PI came knocking on her door, why she didn’t go to the attorneys and say, “Look, he’s not who he said he was, I don’t know if he IS Richard, and I think he forged my signature on a lot of stuff, too.” Once she got home, she blossomed. I loved the interaction between her and her Mama and Granny and Callie, and then not just HER love story with Griff, but the love story with Griff and Callie – when he told Forest the bedroom he was working on was meant to be Callie’s room, and his dates with Callie. Loved the way Shelby bloomed when she got back home, and the steel support of her family, and just even the women in Granny’s spa! I loved where Granny kicked Melody out on her butt, and when Shelby went over and punch Melody but good and had her arrested. And I have NO CLUE how Shelby managed to text blind, but it was fantastic that she even thought of it. The only negative to the book was the Richard coming back from the dead, but the plotline around Richard was interesting, and a good base to start Shelby off at.

  64. I grew up in Maryville, TN, and so this book is already one of my favorite NR books just for being based in TN.

  65. Ok I know this is coming in a bit late, but I just have to say, well done Nora! I enjoyed every moment I spent reading The Liar. It is one of my new favorites! Also, just before I read The Liar, I reread The Witness. I think I enjoyed rereading it more than I did reading it the first time. I just love getting lost in Nora’s words. Thank you Nora!

  66. I’ve read pretty much all of Nora Roberts book, but haven’t read a book in a long while. However The Liar pulled me in instantly. absolutely loved it! felt like I was there. Loved the storyline and like other comments would love to read about Forrest’s love story. I think it was predictable Richard was alive, and was just waiting for his time to come into it.
    Can’t wait for the next book. Till then I’lll be bored.. Haha

  67. I just took to reading and loved this book. There needs to be a sequel on Griff and Shelby’s live. I wanted to read about their weddings both of them and did Forest find love.

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