The Garden Report (Mother’s Day edition)

Nora sent photos from this weekend’s forays into the garden, including an update on growth in that well-loved face pot.  When I’m up at her house, it’s always fun to find the fanciful figures tucked in among the flowers.  There are so many that I’ve completely missed the face table (that’s missing it over more than five years, y’all)!  So she kindly sent a photo of that as well.

nr garden md 15 The goddess of the garden oversees all.

nr garden md 14 Look how the flowers have filled in.

nr garden md 13 Broken flowerpot?  Plant it!

nr garden md 12Barrel of flowers and grow bags at the ready.

nr garden md 11The higher planter holds Nora’s prized Meyer Lemon Tree.  The lemons she’s harvested have been wonderful!

nr garden md 7 Hidden in the garden…

nr garden md 3 See the face???

nr garden md 2 Garden wellies.



14 thoughts on “The Garden Report (Mother’s Day edition)”

  1. It’s beautiful and so playful! And I bet it smells wonderful, it gives me ideas on things I may try here some day.

  2. Just too sweet.
    To be honest it was Nora and – surprise, surprise – her Three Sisters Trilogy (I bet you all thought it would have been In the Garden) third book that MADE ME have hidden figures and creating surprising nooks – Mia’s personal Eden! – to my family dismay: the men thought “why are you hiding that angel there? no one will see?” (you got to love that) and my daughter who has no green thumb – unless some One Directio boy is posing by a bush LOL thinks I’m too young to be THAT eccentric. I still visit Mia and Sam from time to time and dream…
    Nora is so much ahead. 🙂 Her garden is lovely lovely… and erk up Laura, I might look for the hidden and completely miss the face table.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. I have started a new “garden” spot in my yard. It will be officially called a “flower bed” because I am using the white wicker headboard from an old bed as the focal point.

  4. Beautiful garden! Do you bring your lemon tree in during the winter. Must be beautiful to sit and enjoy during the summer.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    I have rabbit figurines in front by one of my trees and a metal sign that says “Celebrate”. Mine are easy to spot though since I don’t have any flowers. Well, there is a rose bush by my deck that endures despite my lack of gardening skills.

  6. In the first picture, – the goddess of the garden – the figure on the seating ledge, – is that a “bookworm”? My garden is full of little ceramic critters and mushrooms, they follow me home from the dollar store all the time!

  7. Holy smokes! That is some SERIOUS gardening! MAD SKILLS right there! She’s the Garden Whisperer!
    I live in Southern California, & it’s already in the triple digits here. Which means the little green we have is already waving good-bye. And it’s, “Hey, there, luscious brown,” for the next several months. So it must be such a thrill to be able to look out your window & see such a pretty sight!
    Thanks for sharing your green wonders, Nora! And thank you, Laura, for keeping us in the loop!

  8. Oh, I LOVE the headboard focal point. There’s nothing as fun as finding some unique piece to use in a garden, or to build a garden around.

    Yes, I bring in the lemon tree when it calls for anything below high 40’s. IT had to come in because we’re dipping down tonight, but it’ll go back out tomorrow.

    That’s my bookworm, a gift from my pal, Mary Kay McComas. He’s solar powered, and had a little nightlight to read by!


  9. A couple of weeks ago with encouragement in Noras gardening skills, I put in seeds in my outdoor planters. I did pink and purple and whites out back and blue and pink morning glories out front. While I was away this past week as I had to go to Philly as we were told mom was going to go into Hospice care and unfortunately after a few days, on Wendesday she passed away. She was 91.5, a good long life. I didn’t tend the seeds. I now have baby plants. Things happen for a reason I always say as did mom. I never watered them and I know DHBob wouldn’t have thought to do it either but they must have gotten enough moisture with the rain that week. Glee for little baby plants. I am the lady with dead plants and have to rebuy quite often to have living plants around.

    I need to buy four new hanging baskets and plants for them. I don’t know what I’ll buy yet but its time to start looking. Our weather however here in Pgh has turned cold again, we’ve been in the 50’s at night and I am now wearing my sweatshirt jacket again. I don’t want to buy plants too early and have them die from frost. I would think this week I’d get a better price as its now after mothers day. Around here we are told to not plant until memorial day but I hate to wait that long as we go to NJ on June 1 and that is RIGHT after memorial day.

  10. I am not the best gardener but I do try. I love Sunflowers, and will plant some seeds this year for the first time, in the hope they’ll grow…so we shall see!! Nora’s artistry in the garden is equal to her gift as a “word artist”!! Thanks you Nora for sharing your garden with us and you, Laura, for posting the pictures.

    This is a great site, by the way. Thanks for starting it.

  11. Lovely gardens! I love the bookworm and the garden Wellies. Have to say I didn’t know a lemon tree would grow in a planter. But then, my horticultural skills are nil. Zilch. ZE-ro. I enjoy watching birds, though. Luckily, we have lots of trees in our yard where I can hang hummingbird feeders and bird seed feeders and such to attract them. I spent my Mother’s Day weekend reaping a harvest of a different sort as my daughter graduated from Texas A&M on Saturday. Whoop! Greatest Mother’s Day gift EVER! Best of all, she has a JOB!

  12. Very whimsical. Love it. I’m slowly, very slowly, getting my gardens ready, year by year. Last year no new plantings due to money, but this year I started seeds with Winter Sowing. We have such a short growing season in my neck of the woods, but My Poppies, sunflowers, sweet William, and a few others have survived and are thriving. I hope they can wait another 2 weeks. I never plant until After Memorial Day. Too many dead plants in the past. We can get freezing temps past Memorial Day.

    And I get to work in my Lawn and Garden Center at my store. That is so wonderful, relaxing, peaceful, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. Last Saturday it Snowed. Yeah. Fun stuff.

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