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  1. I enjoyed the teaser and am looking forward to the book! Thanks for Lt. Eve and her entourage.

  2. Thanks so much for excerpt. Can only imagine how busy all of you aee. Akready pre-ordered; hard copy and NOOK!
    Laura to Laura

  3. I am looking forward to getting the book as soon as it comes out. I really like that she is bringing Nixie back, if only for a short visit, but it is a great idea. I can’t wait for this next book!

  4. So pleased that finally Nixie will see Eve again. My please have been answered and this book comes out the day before we fly to the States on vacation. Timing or what! Thanks Nora..

  5. Just read the “Thankless” excerpt. As always, can’t wait for the full book to be published. I did notice, however, that there is one small thing that should be reviewed by the editor. In the excerpt, when talking about Nixie at the morgue, the comment was made about her laying her head on her father’s chest and not hearing a heartbeat. I believe that she stroked her fathers face to feel his whiskers, but laid her head on her mothers chest.
    I know, it’s terrible, I have friends that won’t let me proofread their stuff anymore, because I always find something.
    Love Nora, and only wish that I wasn’t so impatient for each book.

  6. I am really happy that Nixie is making an appearance!! I really liked Her connection to Eve and Eve to her! So happy the new book is coming! PS: Dear J.D. Robb! I have read and listened to all of your books!!! PLEASE oh PLEASE make sure Susan Erickson narrates the audiobook!!!!! She has made all the characters come alive in my head. When I read the books I hear her version of Eve and Roarke and everyone else!!!

    1. Jane,

      Brilliance Audio chose Susan Erickson and they are very happy with her performances (she won an Audie — the audible Oscar — for her narration of New York to Dallas last year). So there won’t be any changes.

  7. OH NO – Now I have to wait more than two months??? I just know I’m gonna love it – can’t wait. Thanks Nora

  8. I am thankless, until September 13th when I will become most thankful.

    1. Hi Harvey,

      Thankless will be in stores on 9/17, so you’ll have to be thankless for three extra days.

  9. I am just itching to read it, but I can’t bring myself to do it! I already know I’m gonna love it, so it’s not like I need convincing! I think I’ll let myself salivate a little longer… 🙂

  10. Wow, if the first 17 pages of “Thankless” are any indication, this is going to be another great one! (Would we expect anything less??) In June, I started my summer reread of my In Death collection, so should be ready for the September release. Nora/JD is the best writer!!!

  11. The relatives and an update on Nishie….I cannot wait! Thanks for the excerpt and this blog

  12. I am so excited, can hardly wait. I just started re-reading the whole series, trying to pace myself and not go so fast. Love that the relatives are coming and excited to see Eve and Nixie together again…… September 17th please hurry and come.

  13. help pls!! why cant i read the excerpt pages?? i keep on clicking it but cant open it:(

  14. Thanks for posting the excerpt! Looking forward to the newest In Death, though I’m not wishing the time away.

  15. I am so totally thrilled about the excerpt. It was awesome. I can hardly wait for it to come out. Makes waiting a little harder now that I had a taste but I just couldn’t resist.

  16. Looks like another busy holiday for Eve and Roarke! Can’t wait for the complete book. Just finished ‘re-reading the entire series just in time for Thankless in Death.

  17. I always look forward to Nora’s In Death books (I wish she could write more of those and less of her other books). It seems every February (Valentine’s Day) and September (my birthday) she comes out with an In Death book. I have bought every book (except one which hubby bought me from B&N) since 2009 for my Nook. The rest are on a book shelf in our “Library” which I pull them out from time to time to read as well.
    I wish I had the hardcovers of her earlier books.
    I have the understanding that all paperback version of novels are abridged in some way. Would you know if that is correct?
    I am sure I am going to love this In Death too, but I wonder.
    She gave us the killer in the first chapter. The murderer seems to be your typical “It’s everyone else’s fault and everyone is out to get me” kind and kills those who try to get him to face the fact that he has only himself to blame (from reading the first chapter, my guess is his girlfriend is next). There isn’t anything for the reader to investigate and make a guess on who did it.
    I realize she has done this in the past with “New York to Dallas”, but that book was so full of depth and made for a psychological turning point for Eve. I feel she now has come to terms with the woman who birthed her…even if it takes another book to finally discuss it with Dr Mira.
    So while I eagerly wait for “Thankless in Death”, I cannot help but wonder if there is going to be anything for me to figure out.

    1. Rosemary,

      The paperback editions of the In Death series are the full novels. The series started out paperback first and switched to hardcover first with Divided in Death. The publisher planned to reprint the first books in hardcover but sales of Naked and Glory were lower than expected so the program was canceled. At this point in time, Immortal through Imitation have not been published in hardcover.

      As for Thankless, I think you have to trust JD to take you along for an excellent ride. I’ve read it and it’s an excellent addition to the series.


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