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Italy travelogue, part VI

Everyone needed to recharge with looooong naps. I never nap, so the  fact I went out for two hours means the walking, walking, walking of the last  couple of days earned one.
We polished off the recharge with room service. Just perfect. 
Added more recharging this morning with yoga to work out all the  kinks and power up.
We have the windows open. I just heard what had to be a big family  walk by–chattering in Italian, over and across each other. Then someone  strolling by whistling a happy tune.
Today’s main goal is the Uffizi this afternoon, so I expect we’ll  get a late start out of here this morning. Main shopping goal for me is to find  something for Kayla and McKenna as I’ve covered the rest of the grandkids. 
It’s a very fortunate thing I left lots of room in one of my  suitcases for purchases. But most have been gifts. Well, except for two pairs of  sandals, two handbags and a scarf for me. But what can you do? But it’s pretty  great to have whacked down my Christmas list so well in August.
BW’s heading to breakfast, my signal to hit the shower. And hope it  doesn’t hit back.