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Italy travelogue, part XX

More on the glory of sunsets. We had more clouds so it’s all golds,  and the patchwork of light on the fields and hills. Then the sun sneaks through  the clouds to make that ball and punch of red. Reds and golds and purples  everywhere. So beautiful.
It’s cool and breezy so we eat in the kitchen. It’s seafood night,  and fun to be in there while the cooking’s going on.
And a couple games of Bananagrams after dinner, then  Zzzzzzz.
Still coolish and very breezy in the morning so I do my workout  indoors. My publisher hopes for a cover shot for The Collection here. Actual  makeup! I think we may have hit on a shot that works, with those incredible  hills behind me.
Many leftovers, so Kat and I play in the kitchen for lunch. I find  fresh basil, parsley, tomatoes in the garden. She makes a batter for the  leftover calamari to fry it up. Leftover meatballs, slices of salami and cheese,  and the lovely salad Lucia made this morning.
It’s so much fun to play in this kitchen, slice and mince and stir,  then eat out on the patio in the sunlight. We did have to ask Lucia how to turn  on the stove as it defeated even our own Kat-gyver. But we did in most of the  leftovers, and had a good time doing it.
I think I might take a walk, enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow I’ll  carve out some writing time.