Spring forward

This morning when I went outside to feed the dogs, I didn’t see my breath, and I heard birdsong. Maybe I had to pick my way over some snow and ice, but I didn’t have to haul on a coat and shiver while doing this basic ritual. I consider this a triumph. Maybe I can’t yet see the ground, and the view out my office window still looks like a black and white painting, but I’m going to believe winter’s finally heading out the door.

icicles deck snow

When spring finally gets here, I’m going to get my hands in the dirt. On those days when I’m busy, and those garden chores are just one more thing to do, I’m going to remember what I looked at for three long months–and be grateful for the work.

Every fall we haul in some of the deck and patio pots to winter over in the pool house. Like me, this little begonia wants to sit outside in the sun. It won’t be long. begonias

I’m not one to wish the time away–that’s something you can’t get back–but I’m ready for the change of seasons. Happily I live in a spot that offers four of them, distinctly. Each has their appeal–winter just loses that appeal for me quicker than the other three.

Today, I’m springing forward–though the time change will screw up my body clock for days–and assuring myself this is the shift, this is the day we start to drift out of the white and into the green.


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  1. I love living in a part of the world with four distinct seasons, even if when I am in the midst of the one extreme, I am dying and complaining for the other.
    I am lucky I don’t get as blue about winter as so many do.
    It has its little annoyances, so many layers and on and off with boots, but the wet socks are not so bad.
    I have learned to love skating again and Christmas and my birthday are in winter. It can’t be all bad.
    The bird songs are my favourite though, not the sound of a murder of crows in the skies above my house. Nope, just won’t suffice.
    I love the rebirth and the green of spring. Flowers are marvellous.

  2. i live in Pa, so four seasons and looking at lots of snow and ice! I love how this morning when I walked the dog I heard tons of birds chirping. It made my morning. I keep telling myself as I step over one more icy patch that soon this won’t be here. I don’t want to wish my days away either but I too am looking forward to spring!

  3. I am right with you Nora, chickens fed and a light jacket on! Sitting here in my office watching the icicles melt off the roof! Bring on spring and the campers…see you April 11.

  4. I’m in total agreement to all you said, Nora! We, too, have four distinct seasons, but right now with so much snow and ice still on the ground, it’s hard to believe we’ll ever see Spring, let alone Summer. The time change will certainly help, with the longer days of sunlight, but like you, it will take me several days before my body catches up. I have a friend who suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and it can get quite severe for her throughout the winter and this one was especially bad for her. But hope does ‘spring’ eternal, and that warm garden soil can’t be too far away, can it!? And with The Liar coming out in April, well, enough said.

  5. I like the four seasons as well but winter not so much for the same reasons you said. I do love the beauty of the snowfall and moon on the white. Looking forward to spring which won’t be when the calender says but near my birthday the end of April. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.

  6. I am with you on being ready for this winter to end. One thing I dislike about warm ups after all the snow we got recently is that there are huge puddles of water/slush at almost every crosswalk here in NYC. You never know how deep they are – they can be ankle deep or even deeper. I avoid them as much as I can, even walking on snow and ice which I usually avoid.

    I can’t wait for the warm weather – Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons with Summer following. I sometimes suffer from SAD so am glad to see winter go.

    I’m going to start watching the trees in my neighborhood – yes Manhattan has lots of trees – for their new growth and look for the birds (not pigeons), listening for their bird song.

    1. My simple little note to welcome Spring

      It’s time to end the winter blues
      Golden trumpets announce the news
      Waking up the sleeping world
      A new beginning becomes unfurled
      Life held back by winters gloom
      Impatient young buds begin to bloom
      Thoughts of outings filled with pleasure
      Longer days to spend at leisure
      Spring fulfills it’s promise every year
      Filling our world with colour and cheer
      Nature seems so eager to please
      Refreshing us with its gentle breeze
      Spring is special it brings new life
      Freeing us from the winters strife
      A new awakening for body and mind
      Taking us along on it’s youthful ride
      Welcome spring we missed you so
      Lets thank you now before you go
      We won’t forget … you give no reasons
      As we move along to the coming seasons

      Janet Mills Taylor

      1. Love the poem! It sure brightened my day after the complaints about the time change from my entire family. The beginning of the end of winter…I will need to tell them that.

  7. I love daylight savings time you may loose and hour but there are better things ahead. looking out my window this day 03/08/15 the sun is shinning of the brilliant snow buy it is only -2c with plus single digits this coming week yea and after dinner coffee in the sunroom in brilliant sun shine with one of Nora’s books yea again….enjoy spring is almost here !!!! 🙂

    From Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  8. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, but the deep sleep of winter is good for the earth – at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m already itching to get my hands in the dirt, but in my part of the country, you don’t bring anything outdoors until Memorial Day. This fall I brought in my rosemary and one of the lavenders, to keep company with the oxalis and African violet. That will give me green to look at while waiting. My big surprise was an early bloom from an old amaryllis I’d been pampering and had nearly given up on. Beautiful and red, it’s been so cheery to look at. Do you keep orchids in the pool house? I’ve kept one for over a year, but think maybe it is too dry here to get it to bloom. That’s the joy of plants, you never know what they’ll do next!

  9. Good recap Nora.

    I have to confess we could do without DST, maybe some day they will change it back to normal time.

    I for one like winter more than simmer but the four seasons we experience here in western PA, specifically Pgh are always welcomed. Fall then spring are my favorites.

    DH Bob changed all the clocks in the house preparing for DST. He said I really needed my two alarm clocks changed as both were set on AM, it was PM. Hahahaha

  10. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to live where I do. Sometimes we forget how good we have it here. we had one snow e arly in the season, even before our first frost and only had one day of freezing rain and ice. which here in the south caused us to lose power for two days. I’m not gonna complain. every night I would watch the news and see where the northern states we getting slammed and I would pray that it wouldn’t be as bad as they were predicting. but unfortunately it was. I am so glad to hear that you guys are finally getting a thaw. I hope only the best for yall and hope sping comes in with a roar and warms yall up some. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are lucky to have four seasons. In California we have two – the dry season and the dryer season.

  12. I live in South Central PA, so we also have 4 distinct seasons. Spring takes a long time to get here, I usually can’t plant anything before Mother’s Day. Normally though, at least a couple of times during Winter, the temps will come up into the 50’s, even if only for an hour or two, and on those days I will turn off the heat and open some windows and doors to blow some of the funk out. Not this year! We haven’t even had any days in the 40’s, until last weekend. I can’t wait to get the doors and windows open!! Eau de dog has definitely taken over the house. (No, don’t tell me to spray stuff or light candles, I’m allergic to all of it.) On one bright note, Woody works for PenDot, other people make hay while the sun shines, he makes money while the snow flies. Happy Spring, everyone!!

  13. Nora always offers the best insights and encouragements. I am getting through the dark days by rereading some of the earlier death series. That was rehabilitating too! Betsy

  14. I love all the seasons – and here in Ohio we have all and any in a 15-30 minute period sometimes! Today, I had to chuckle when one of my folks started fussing about hearing music but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. We kept walking back and forth in our office area, and I finally mentioned that it might be birds. Crack the window, and there we go. The gentleman in question kept fussing with his phone, but I’m convinced nature made itself known. It’s been a long, dreary, cold one folks! Happy to hear the birds and hope to see some green in my garden soon!

  15. I love love the Death Series. I sure wish HBO would make a series on Eve Dallas and Roake. I have never wrote on a blog but I just wanted Nora to know I would be one sad person if I didn’t have your books to read. I have read almost all of them. Thanks for writing them.

  16. Re – reading rapture in death and anticipating (al ready) the next in series book!

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