Some early holiday treats

It’s a short week in the US with Thanksgiving two days away.  If you don’t subscribe to Nora’s News (and why not?) today’s newsletter included links to the official 2015 release schedule on Nora’s website.  Click here to see what’s in store.

And as a holiday gift, a link to the first chapter of Obsession in Death, out February 10, 2015.




24 thoughts on “Some early holiday treats”

  1. Thanks for the headup on the publishing schedule for next year. Looking forward to the new In Death book in February.

  2. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I read the first chapter of Obsession in Death. Cannot wait for February 2015!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for Chapter 1 of Obsession in Death. It’s enough of a tease that I can’t wait to read the book in February. I have one question, can you book on the market sooner?

  4. Thanks, what a great gift. I love the chapter and can’t wait for February to read the whole book. Another great book, thanks I always look forward to your books.

  5. February can’t come soon enough. I love these trips into the not so distant future and riding alone with Dallas, Peabody, Rourke and the rest. It’s my vacation without ever having to leave the house.

  6. I love the sneak peeks but then i get frustrated by the fact that I have to wait so long still. I have just found a reason to like the fact that Nora’s publisher and Catherine Coulter’s publisher have ended up publishing their books close together. Then I have something to take my mind off the wait for the second one.

  7. Love the teaser; looking forward to reading the whole book & the other 2015 pleasures.

    Just an edit note: unsure why pg 1 refers to manicured hands & feet, & purple polish on 10 digits… Which 10 digits? Should this be 20 digits?


  8. Is there a trick to seeing the new chapter because it won’t let me load it off my email or or the web site?

    1. Hi Gen,

      Do you have Adobe Reader? You’ll need that to read the excerpt. If you do, the excerpt should show up on your screen pretty easily.


  9. I don’t know how people can complain about the little time they have to wait between books. It amazes me that Nora can write so many different stories so fast! I almost bought the Key Trilogy the other day, but now I think I will wait until the reprints come out with new exciting covers!

  10. Thank you was in a hurry for February before now at my age not good to wish months away but still can’t come fast enough

  11. sounds like we have another winner!!! Obsession in Death – got me hooked and can hardly wait to read it!

  12. Great read! Now I am obsessed! Cannot wait for it. Still waiting for Festive in Death to reach Jamaica. Decided that if it does not make the holidays stock I will have to ask for a special order.

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