Slow Read Weekends

The Slow Food movement stands for taking pleasure in cooking, eating, and sharing meals with others.

I thought: why not Slow Read Weekends?  Theoretically, the weekend is the time to take a break, take breath and savor life.*  (I say theoretically because when my children were younger, weekends were sports and activities and a bewildered stare at my husband on Sunday night wondering where the 48 hours had gone.)  And sometimes you really want to share the love of a book or an author in a larger space than Facebook.

So let’s start a regular thing here on the blog, shall we?  What are you reading/savoring this weekend?  (It doesn’t have to be a Nora Roberts or a JD Robb.) What reading pleasures have you explored recently?  Sharing recommendations with other readers is the best way to keep the reading community healthy and growing.

I’m devouring Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Legion because I can’t wait for her Archangel’s Shadow this fall (I’ve been waiting for Janvier and Ashwini’s story for sooooo long).   How about you?


* Now that it’s spring, nr garden md 10Nora savors life by digging in the garden to create her annual palette of color.  So share your gardening thoughts as well!



114 thoughts on “Slow Read Weekends”

  1. I just finished Shadow Spell by Nora last night (loved it!) so I’ll have to pick a book from my goodreads “to-read” shelf today to start my next book. I think I might start the divergent series since that seems to be popular. Truth be told, I’ve also been looking at some informational books on Wicca for the last year or so but haven’t taken the plunge in purchasing anything. I may finally do that as well.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I find Ellen Dugan’s book on wicca very accessible. Nora and I met her a few years back at Turn the Page and she’s always so much fun. Plus she’s a gardener.


      1. Laura – Thanks for the guidance! I’ve been researching mostly online and wading through all of that information is becoming frustrating. I feel I can trust Nora’s (and yours too!) opinion on this since she opened me up to it to begin with. I will definitely look at Dugan’s book. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I’m re-reading works by Karen Robards this year so finishing up To Love a Man. Then I’m finishing a mystery, The Body in the Sleigh, by Katherine Hall Page. After that, I’ll be flipping a coin to see which book I start next: The Collector or Amanda Quick’s newest, Otherwise Engaged.

  3. I love to read on the weekends. Reading is my treat to myself after a busy work week. I finished an ARC of Sarah Jio’s Good Night June this week which I enjoyed. Planning to start reading Andrew by Grace Burrowes . Love Grace’s Lonely Lord series.

  4. I’m retired now so I can savor my reading mostly anytime. This weekend I am sewing costumes for our annual luau so instead of starting on something new I am re-reading a favorite, Ransom by Julie Garwood.

    1. Love that book! My favourite Julie Garwood is Honor’s Splendour, which I have had to replace from the re-reads. I too am sewing this weekend…an ice blue crystal cape for my granddaughter, themed from the movie Frozen 🙂

  5. Starting to re-read the “Harry Potter” series again this week end.

  6. I am almost caught up on reading all the J.D. Robb books. I realized this the other day in a frantic search for a car book. Most of my reading is done in the pick up line at school. I always get there early so I’m at the front of the line. That way I have more time to read. I started the school year with a stack of all the Robb books and now I’m down to one (a very sad moment). I still have some of the school year left….what will I do!

    1. Sandra,

      I hear that Nora Roberts is a good writer.

      A couple of years ago when I was floundering for something to read I came upon Nalini Singh and Thea Harrison, more paranormal than I usually chose but I’ve loved all their books.


    2. Sandra – I have come to love Sylvia Day as an author. You should look at her books as well. Good luck!

      1. Yes! The Crossfire series OMG! Gideon Cross! Wish the publisher would hurry up and release the next book. Warning these are not your light romance novels. Talk about hot and steamy.

    1. I am looking this one up! I live in Rhode Island (though not in Newport) and I love visiting the Breakers and other historic mansions. It is fun to think about life in a house like that back at the turn of the century.

  7. I’m in the middle of re-reading some books I didn’t care for the first time I read them. Right now I’m reading River’s End by Nora Roberts and wondering why in the world I thought I didn’t like this the only other time I read it. This is a fascinating book with a lot of angles, curves and perplexing happenings. I know, I know, typical Nora writing! So it has me by the throat now that Noah is actually beginning to research in order to write the book. And strange as it may seem, I do not remember how this book ends. I must have had my mind on something else when I read it a few years ago. Now, back into the forest with Noah and Liv.

    1. Dale,

      I recently re-read The Reef and Rivers End. Liked them ok the first time. Loved them the second go round.

      Have fun!

      1. The Reef and Birthright are the other two books in my “didn’t like the first time” stack and I plan to read them again when I finish River’s End. I hope they will be as entertaining this next time as River’s End has proven to be. I’m into the last hundred pages of it and can not stand to put it down except for bathroom breaks!

        1. Birthright was the book that started me reading the Nora side of Nora/JD. Took me a while to catch up, what a hardship – lol. Started reading JT Ellison’s books after reading her collaboration with Catherine Coulter last year. Listening to her The Immortals during the day while I paint. Reading Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life at night. Thanks for the idea of Nalini Singh, Laura. Hadn’t read her in years, will check it out.

          I live near the Rockies in southern Colorado, so very carefully putting the more hardy plants out this week. The herbs I’ve had indoors all winter are out in pots, covered overnight. I’ve seedlings that should be ready for replanting after Memorial Day, which is about the earliest we put out the rest around here. My rhubarb is back, and the columbine is already showing, my daffodils are just starting to fade. I’m ready to dig!

        2. Oh my gosh I loved birthright! I tend to live the stories where the main characters reconnect after a period of time. So those two books were great for me. I think my least favorite would have to be sanctuary or tribute. I’m not really sure why.

          1. Loved Sanctuary and Tribute both, don’t know why River’s End and Birthright didn’t jell for me first time out. Loved Hidden Riches, Three Fates, Homeport and many, many others plus am crazy about some of the trilogies. Nora/JD is my go-to writer when I need to lose myself. When waiting for my son to receive his double-lung transplant I read and re-read my bookcase full of Nora and JD. It helped get me through. I guess my favorites are the ones which have humor slyly inserted. I speak sarcasm fluently and facetiousness is a second language, so when I encounter it in books it makes the reading more fun.

  8. Reading The Heist be Janet Evanovich , waiting for school to be out. Right now my weekends are housework & running to grandchildren’s sporting events.

  9. I am listening to Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler, which is very good and an excellent reading performance! I don’t have much car time this weekend though so I am also starting The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld.

    Unfortunately, new Nora Roberts books don’t last too long around my house and I have already flown through Shadow Spell and the Collector — both highly recommended!!

    1. I’m in hiatus on Shotgun Lovesongs. I love the book, but reached the blizzard and have not been unable to restart for fear of what may happen! Pretty heavy investment in the characters and story.

  10. I’ve been rereading the last two Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series to get ready for the 8th coming out in June!

    1. I loved Outlander SO much! I read it three times! No one else I know has read it, so it tickled me to see someone else loving Diana Gabaldon ~ she is an AMAZING author, incredible storyteller. It’s such a rich series.

  11. I’m reading Eric Flint’s 1632 alternative history series. Greetings from the Netherlands. Looking forward to the next “in death” book

  12. I try to read every day. The thing I love best about weekends is lying in bed in the morning and reading, something I haven’t been able to do in years. Now my children are grown and mostly gone, I no longer have a cat to stand on my chest and yowl for his breakfast, and DH tends to sleep in anyway, so it’s a pure luxury for me.

    Last night I started Karen White’s The House on Tradd Streetm, first in a series of four, and so far I’m loving it.

  13. I just finished Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick (loved it) and an currently reading Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon.

  14. I finished The Collector last night. What a wonderful book. I just don’t know what to read now. I have Carolyn Brown’s Red Hot Chili Cook-off, Jodi Thomas ‘ Betting the Rainbow and Lori Fosters’ Dash of Peril to choose from. I always like to read something light after devoting my reading time to one of Nora’s book.

  15. I too am retired, and I enjoy audiobooks all day, almost every day. Right now I am enjoying the second book of Robin D. Owens’ Celta Heart Series. Book one and two just came out finally in audio. While more expensive, I find audiobooks give me more freedom to enjoy my books while managing to get other things done. They are worth every penny, especially since I normally listen to them more than once. It is down right embarrassing how many times I have listened to the J. D. Robb series.

    1. I’m with you there… I have listened to the entire In Death series several times, as well as the Harry Potter series and many other favorites. I just finished Louise Penny’s books and as usual the narrator has become the character of Inspector Gamache for me. Could anyone else be Eve but Susan Erickson?
      Like you, I love the freedom that audiobooks allow. I can garden, and quilt, and feel like I am enjoying two hobbies at once, or just get my chores done while absorbed in a fabulous story.

    2. Don’t be embarrassed, Anita, I’ve done the same. I, too, listen to audiobooks during the day, while doing chores and crafts. Less guilt – lol.

  16. Just started Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh. Last night I finished The Yard, by Alex Grecian, who is a fairly new author (The Yard was published in 2012) and I would highly recommend this author. His writing is very creative and clever. I like historical or period fiction and this is Scotland Yard in 1889. Excellent. His new book is The Black Country.

    1. Susan,

      I loved Heart of Obsidian. Loved it. And then I nabbed an ARC of Shield of Winter and loved that more.

      Nora’s a huge fan of Alex Grecian. She practically pushed The Yard into my hands and I know she read The Black Country on our recent girls’ trip.


  17. I just started “Pelican Point” by Donna Kauffman last night. I won’t hve much reading time this weekend, too much to do but I will sneak in some time1

  18. I have ALWAYS used weekends as a time to relax and read, especially with the miserable winter we just had in the Midwest. Right now, I am reading “Skin Deep (The O’Hurleys)” by Nora. I’ll probably finish it today…then who knows!

  19. I just started reading J.R. Ward’s ‘Lover Unleashed’. I had finished recently another book by her ‘Lover Mine’ which I even took with me on my vacation to Germany. I hadn’t read any of her books before, so it took some time to get a hang of her writing style. Now that I’m used to it, ‘Lover Unleashed’ reads faster now and, I’m happy that I started with ‘Lover Mine’ as ‘Lover Unleashed’ sets off where the other book ended.
    I’ve got other books waiting, crime novels as well as factual books about nutrition but haven’t gotten around reading them, yet.
    I read on a daily basis during my commute and lunch break at work. During the weekends only, when there’s no other program for me to attend to.

    1. Dear Maarit,
      I have read all the JR ward book (more than once) they read better in order of release and am now about to start reading The King. She is an amazing writer and her Brotherhood are some real sexy, troubled, leather wearing hunks with souls of mush I am in love with them all even Zadist. The women are no slouchers either.
      What is a strong man without a good strong women…..Lost

      1. Dear Christina,

        I hadn’t seen any of her books here in Finland before. Could be, that her books just hadn’t caught my eyes before. I was on the prowl of some new books, as I had already read all J.D. Robb’s and Christine Feehan’s books, there weren’t any new ones on the shelves of my fav. book store nor online. So, I saw J.R.’s books and thought to give her a chance. It was a bit difficult at first to get into it due to the different vocabularies.
        Which book is her first one?
        What I enjoy about JD’s books, you don’t need to start reading at the beginning. I actually read first Survivor in Death, then Naked in Death. From there on whatever book came to the store and I stumbled upon it. Now, I read them mostly from the beginning but now and then, I start wherever I want to. 🙂

        1. Hi Maarit,
          The books in order are:
          Dark Lover (The king) The begining of the series.
          Lover Eternal
          Lover Revealed
          Lover Awakened
          Lover Unbound
          Lover Enshrined
          Lover Avenged
          Lover Mine
          Lover Unleashed
          Lover Reborn
          Lover at last
          The king (I am reading this now)
          She also writes
          Covet, Crave, Envy, Rapture and Possession.
          I have read some out of order but eventually read them all in one go PHEW like eating ten Easter eggs in one go! We have to remember these men don’t exist except in our imagination mores the pity. Hope this helps and enjoy.

          1. I enjoyed Christine Feehan untill I realised despite having to keep buying and reading her books that if I read one I read all. The very first romance book I read was by Barbara Cartland at the age of 14 by bike torch (my brothers LOL) under the bed covers, years later I realised she ,like Christine repeated themselves too much sadly, but still likeable.

  20. Finished rereading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon in anticipation of the 8th book coming out in June, read the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K Hamiltin as she also has a new book “Shiver of light” coming out in June, and am now currently rereading the Anita Blake series by same author, and reading The Collector by Nora. June can’t come soon enough! 2 new books by 2 of my favorite authors.

    1. @ Mary Comerford … I too read Diana Gabaldon and as stated in my reply am 200 pages away from finishing ‘A Breath of Snow And Ashes’ and then on to ‘An Echo in the Bone’. Do you belong to any of her facebook clubs?

  21. Newly moved to New Mexico, I’m reading local authors. (Fiction) Face of an Angel by Denise Chavez and (Nonfiction) Sweet Nata by Gloria Zamora.

    Garden has been planted with cilantro, parsley, Greek oregano, chile peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, green beans, kale, tomatillos, mesclun mix, red oak leaf, arugula, sunflowers, zinnias,,wildflower mix, etc. We live on a ridge and ground squirrels have made their presence known, didn’t think we had any in the desert- HA! they have dined on 6 of my red oak leaf and last year, ate three tomato plants. Even sprinkling some of my precious Hatch chile powder around the base of the tomatoes and a few leaves did not deter these squirrels – must be a breed of New Mexico chili head!

    1. Marti, another NM author you might like is Stephen F. Havill. His first of the Sheriff Bill Gastner series is Heartshot. Hope you enjoy, it’s a good series.

  22. Am reading and enjoying Night Broken by Patricia Briggs.

    Do not garden but enjoy the efforts of other gardeners. It’s still too close to winter where I’m at so I’m giddy about grass turning green and a daffodil or two.

    1. I just finished reading “Nora Roberts Land” by Ava Miles. Very fun homage to Nora, and her heroine compares many of the people she meets to characters in the Nora Roberts and JD Robb books that she has read. I look forward to reading more in this series. But first, I have “The Collector” to start after our weekend of kids’ concerts and sports.

  23. I just finished reading Otherwise Engaged by Amanda Quick (Jayne Krentz). Amazing! I listened to the Bone Collector on Audio as soon as it came out. WOW!! I loved the characters. Nora draws you into their lives and it is a HUGE let down when you end the book. Especially when it is not a series and we won’t be seeing them again. At least with In Death I know I will see them again. Now I am looking for a new book. I DO NOT want to read porn though.

  24. I’m alternating between reading Nora’s Shadow Spell from the Cousins O’Dwyer series and Elizabeth Peters’ The Golden One from the Amelia Peabody series. I am an avid fan of both authors, so I own and constantly re-read all their books. By a fascinating coincidence, Elizabeth Peters – real name Barbara Mertz – lives only a few miles from Nora!

  25. I’m reading Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry. I love reading romance books, and since her book is based in TX (my current state of residence) I am enjoying the read! I’m caught up on my Nora/J.D. Robb so next will be a reread of The Thornbirds.

  26. Just finished The Collector late last night and started Shadow Spell this morning. Nora can’t write fast enough for me! Haven’t read anyone else lately, it’s hard to find another author that draws me in like Nora/J.D. Robb.

    Weather in Wisconsin a little too chilly to plant yet, only have a condo patio, but can’t wait to add the color of flowers. Picked up some colorful bottle candles for the patio though! My favorite place to read in the summer, especially between 4 & 6 a.m. when everything is quiet and just waking up.

  27. I just finished “Purity in Death” lastnight and I am really looking forward to reading “Portrait in Death” when time allows. For now, I’ve started reading “The Spectacular Now” by Tim Tharp. Some friends and I are going to read it so we can all see the movie together when it opens.

  28. I always have an ‘in Death’ book that I am reading/listening to – Right now I am listening to Glory in Death. I am also listening to The Target by David Baldacci . Just finished part 1 of Ted Dekker’s Water Walker. And at the moment trying to decided between picking up One Realm Beyond by Donita K Paul or Four Friends by Robyn Carr.

  29. I have from Naked in Death to Portrait in Death in paperback. then Imitation in Death to Treachery in Death in hardback. Then I bought my Kindle so the rest are in ebook format. I decided to do a re-read from the beginning and have been buying them for my Kindle (I really like the idea of having all on my Kindle so I can always have them with me. So with my re-read I just finished Strangers in Death (getting really close to having all on my Kindle.

    But to answer the question of reading his weekend last night I started Mercedes Coffin from Faye Kellerman. I haven’t read from that one on in her Rina Lazurus/Peter Decker series.

    I do try to not burn myself out on one author or series, but will get back to In Death soon. I’m trying to decide if I want to finish the re-read in time for the September release of Festive, or if I want to still have some to read when I finish that one (I do have it on pre-order with Amazon).

  30. After being introduced to Liliana Hart by way of an Amazon free download, I have been reading the McKenzie family series.
    Today I’m reading The McKenzie’ s, starting with Dane. Now I’m reading Thomas, and loving every minute. I have the McKenzie security series in the to be read pile.

    1. Liliana is a wonderfully sweet person and an awesome writer!

      1. I have to agree with you Rachael about her being an awesome writer. I love discovering new authors (New to me). When I find that I love their work, its an even better discovery.

  31. Just finished the Collector at 1:30 AM and plan to start Shadow Spell today. Then I guess it’s rummage through the Nora pile for something to reread until Nora’s next issue. Sometimes I only want to read Nora’s stuff. Such a way with dialogue, she has. 😉

  32. I’m finishing up Shadow Spell, but I just went to the library book sale and am so pleased with my cache. I teach Art and AP Art History and scored Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling, a separate biography of Michelangelo, The Amber Room, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and The Murder of Tutankhamen. Looking forward to reading these, perhaps along with my students.

  33. Just finishing The Collector as I am trying not to rush it. Then I am trying to prepare myself for JR Wards The King. I have read all her books several times over and they can be so moving I feel overwhelmed and this has sat on my bookshelf since it came out waiting for me to find the right mood to read it. The pond will have to wait as will the planting. Some things just wont.

  34. Laura, I have read all Nalini Sing’s books and my favorite has to be all of them, but Archangel’s Blade was the most moving. I couldn’t wait for Dmitri’s story…..any man who can wrap you in the scent of chocolate and ooze sex like him is well worth my time LOl
    Nalini is a lovely person who writes amazing books,the psi series is mind bending. I can’t wait for her next book.

    1. Christina,

      Archangel’s Blade is a favorite too. But Ash and Janvier captured me from that first glimpse of their interesting flirtation in Angel’s Blood.


  35. I just this very minute finished ‘Orphan Train’ by Christina Baker Kline that I started yesterday. I have about 50 more pages to read in ‘Visions in Death’ for the ‘I don’t know how many times re-read of JD Robb’s In-Death series.’ I have 200 pages left in ‘A Breath of Snow And Ashes’ by Diana Gabaldon and then I have to re-read ‘An Echo In The Bone’ also by Diana Gabaldon in anticipation of her June release book #8 ‘In My Own Heart’s Blood’ in the ‘Outlander’ series. In the wings, but not started yet are: ‘The Girl Who Came Home’ A Novel of the Titanic by Hazel Gaynor and ‘Empire of the Summer Moon’ by S.C. Gwynne. As you can see I read several books at the same time and I read for at the very least 2 hours every day. I have been know to read through the night sometimes.

    1. LOL. What does it say about me, that I can relate to all 99 of these?

    2. Paula in Colorado-
      This was funny! Thanks for sharing! I liked this one “5. The mark on your wall from where you threw your book after the Red Wedding.” except for me it was the final book in the Divergent Series after… well.. I’m not going to say, but those who have read it would know what I mean. Although, I did understand the point the author was making by choosing to do what she did.

  36. The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie….I just finished washing windows for the first step of my spring cleaning and now I’m going outside to sit by the pool and start The Winter Bride. 82 out and sunny….reading a book with a cool drink poolside…..I’m in heaven!

  37. I love Nora’s books! Just finished River Road by Jayne Anne Krentz and I’m starting Missing You by Harlan Coben. I have loved to read since I was a little girl and I feel lost if I don’t have a book to read. I’m an empty nester, so it’s nice to be able to read whenever I want to.

  38. I just started Game of Thrones, & I think Mr. Martin is a genius! Maddeningly interesting is what I’m taking from it so far. I just finished The Collector, so it has been a rather abrupt change to go from NYC & Tuscany to Winterfell. It’s a new adventure!

  39. I just finished ‘Dark Witch’ last night, I have read ‘Kiss the Cook’ by Jacquie D’Alessandro this morning/afternoon, and I am now waiting for the ipad to recharge so I can read ‘Shadow Spell’ tonight. I do have to finish my household chores though….my husband is at work so I can rush to get them finished and he will not be any the wiser. (Oh, who am I kidding, he’ll know I read all day!)

  40. I am starting “Otherwise Engaged” by Amanda Quick and “A Dangerous Fiction” by Barbara Rogan. I always read more than 1 book at a time. I’m all for a weekend (or any day) of doing absolutely nothing but reading!

  41. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’m FINALLY reading *Great Expectations*. Started last night, and I’m really enjoying it.

  42. I do read daily – sometimes all day (retired here!). I raced through Shadow Spell and The Collector and they are due slower and deeper re-reads in the near future. I always have a bed book – to read as I drop off into sleep, until I get to deep in the story, then it becomes a finish it in the daytime. Just finished a re-read of Northern Lights that way.

  43. I took few slow read days reading this blog; not sure why it took me so long to find it. I just finished gulping down all three Inn Boonsboro books last weekend – again, a little behind, because how did I not know the Inn was real and it was really owned by Nora?

    This weekend, I am reading “The Good Sister” by Leanne Davis – she addresses domestic violence so truthfully and wonderfully and I’m just waiting to see the character stand up against it (I hope). After that, “The Collector” is mine, and “The Theory of Relativity”. 🙂

    I have always thought of books as food – some are candy, some are hot dogs and nachos, and some are a soul-warming pot roast that’s been simmering in the kitchen all day. Love the blog, love Nora’s books, and appreciate you for helping her be so approachable.

  44. I read most every day, including an hour while I am on the elliptical machine at the Y. Today I finished Laura Griffin’s latest, Far Gone, and just picked up Whiskey Beach. I like romantic suspense and have read all the JD Robb books.

  45. I just finished Nora’s “The Collector” which I really enjoyed. I have just started Amanda Quick’s “Otherwise Engaged” which is a great Victorian Historical Novel.

  46. I just finished “Thankless in Death” 😀 Love the in Death series. I try to savour them but get consumed by them and devour them faster than I would like lol. But that’s why I go back and start from the beginning again 😀

  47. I am reading River’s Bend by JoAnn Ross. This a prequel to her new series.

  48. Yesrerday I finished a Nora Roberts book. Don’t know the english title, I’ve read it in German. It was about Emma McAvoy and her life. I really enjoyed reading it and I cried more than one time. Just love how Nora writes.
    But at the moment I’m reading a fantasy book. It’s called: Cloud Keepers written from Kristin Falk. I don’t now if it really exists in english I read it in German (Die Hüter der Wolken). ’til now I reached page 106 and I really like the book. Will see how it goes on. 🙂

  49. Just finished Sandra Brown’s “Low Pressure”. I’m thinking it’s time for a re-read of “Wild” next, by Cheryl Strayed.

  50. I’m reading The Book of Lost Fragrances by M. J. Rose this weekend. Picked up The Collector at my library today so that’s next in line.

  51. I just finished a book by Karina Halle called Love In English. I’m also listening to Survivor In Death.

  52. I’m rereading Northern Lights in preparation for a trip to Alaska in about a month. To bad Lunacy is not a real town, I’d love to visit! Nora’s great descriptions of the awesome grandeur of the state is making me eager to get on the road.
    Nancy Kay

  53. I’ve been slowly rereading Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series for the past few months and am currently on Kiss of Snow.

    I enjoyed Amanda Quick’s Otherwise Enganged and Meg Benjamin’s Hungry Heart this week.

  54. I just have to say, I can read but I cant retain or comprehend what I read it’s my learning disability, so I have to listen to everything(audio books). Then someone told me to try the in death series. Let me tell you I’ve never read a book so I never knew what the hype was about, however I’m completely HOOKED. I love everything about your books and I can’t get enough. So without steeping on toes do you know who else I could try please I desperate for more. THANK YOU FOR OPENING UP MY J.D. YOUR MY SAVIOUR…

  55. My daughter and I are reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. There are 14 books in the series. We read and discuss, but with both of us working and me with a teenager and she has a 2 year old, it’s taking us a while to read. I’ve also been reading Nora’ s new books in between. As you can see I love to read.

    1. I am reading Purity in Death right now. I am re reading the entire series, in order for the 4th time and loving it as much as the first, if not more! I make time to read every day, I listen to my JD Robb audiobooks on the way to work and the way home every day and also listen during my workout time.

  56. I’m fortunate to be retired and long-time widow, so I have time for reading every day. Even though I watch .y granddaughter several evenings a week, I read on my way there and since she’s in bed by 8:00pm, I read until my daughter gets home. Then I read on the way home! If it’s not TOO late, I read for awhile longer when I arrive at my home. If I have nothing planned for a few days, I stock my place with food and go on a reading marathon! Through the night and as long as I can comprehend the words! ALWAYS do when a new ‘in Death’ book comes out, tell my daughter that day & next is booked and I just READ! Just did for ‘The Collector’.Fortunately, daughter’s family had obligation at my son-in-law’s mother’s house, so I had 42 hours free to read and I enjoyed every moment, including putting eye drops in my red, burning eye! Nora/J.D. write SERIOUSLY terrific books. Some I enjoy more than others, but, I’m never bored!

  57. I am re-reading “Remember When” by Nora Roberts/JD Robb. Loving it!

  58. I’m re-reading Tanya Huff’s “The Wild Ways”. Really recommend it, funny and clever. It’s a sequel to “The Enchantment Emporium”.

  59. I’m enjoying a Jayne Ann Krentz binge. Currently reading “Absolutely, Positively”.

  60. I have to admit l have audio books for work and l read every night. I do read other authors like linda howard and dianna plamer, but my favorite is nora and her jd robb series.

  61. I just finished Killer Honeymoon by G A McKevett..a Savannah Reid mystery. Today I will get back into Susanna Kearsley’s The Firebird, that I already started.

  62. I’m reading ‘The Collector’ and I absolutely love it. I just finished Robyn Carr’s ‘The Chance’ this last week. Next week is probably going to be Carla Neggers ‘Cider Brook.’

  63. I am currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I started it a bit ago and I am so enchanted by the way the author puts everything on the page to the story but there is still so much mystery. It makes you wish you would wake up one day and see a surprise circus in your town, so you can visit and meet these amazing characters that you get to know so well but not at all.

    Of course I had to take a break when Shadow Spell was released, just as I will when Blood Magick gets to my door.

  64. Hey, I’m currently re-reading the ‘In Death’ series and I came up with a thought. I spoke to my club and they all agreed that it was something they would love to read. How about a book/novella where Eve is out of action? As in, the killer may injure her in the very beginning itself putting her in a coma of sorts and it is up to the rest of the characters to solve the murder/mystery. This will show us the others without Eve, their interactions and maybe give them more space to grow as characters. It’s just a thought.

    1. I’m guessing you haven’t seen Nora’s posts over the past week. In Comas and Kidnappings and Orphans. Oh My. Nora wrote:
      Over the years I’ve had countless suggestions from readers on story lines, character types, and in the case of the In Death books, countless suggestions for direction and plot lines. Comas, kidnappings and babies seem to be the most popular. (Though puppies were off and running this time out.) You’re not going to see Eve or Roarke in an extended coma so Peabody and McNab can run the show. It’s not the Peabody and McNab show. If Roarke got himself kidnapped, he’d lose considerable of his edge. I can spend the next twenty minutes writing out other reasons why these devices won’t work, but above all you’re never going to see these devices because they’re not mine. It’s not how I see the books or characters.

      So yes, it’s definitely a thought, but it’s not one you’ll see Nora explore in the In Deaths.


  65. I am reading The Collector it is great. I am wondering will there be a sequel about Luke and Julie. I also cannot wait until the newest J.D. Robb book comes out I have the whole series so far and yes I do go back an reread them.

  66. This weekend I visited my grandparents and I sat in the garden and read:
    – A few Harry Potter fan fictions
    – Divergent trilogy
    – Matched and Crossed

    I really enjoyed every page 🙂

  67. I just finished Nora’s “The Collector”. Loved it! A great read with interesting characters that I liked a lot and one seriously frightening, bad bitch! Before that I reread Nora’s “Key” series, which I hadn’t read in years! I forgot how much I liked it! And prior to that I read Jayne Ann Krentz’s “Otherwise Engaged”. She’s the other author whose work I collect and read. It was a good one, too. As reading has always been a huge part of my life , and even more so since my husband died, I really appreciate these great stories! And, to me, no one is a better storyteller than Nora Roberts!

  68. I am currently listening to “Bed of Roses” 2nd in Bride Quartet in my car. I have Rising Tides, 2nd in Chesapeake Bay series on my Nook. Plus “dead tree” edition (my favorite) Take Two: Above the Line series by Karen Kingsbury…a new Christian author I have just discovered and am enjoying very much. I am also determined to finish the Bible this year…in 2 Kings now. I love to read…not enough hours in the day in my opinion 🙂 I will probably re-read Harry Potter this summer as I do at least every other summer…amazing books. Can anyone tell me about Diana Gabaldon, an author some of you have mentioned? What type of books does she write and do you recommend one to begin? Another new author I have discovered is Rachel Hauck…also Christian based but very easy reads. Her Low Country Romance series really good. And may I say how much I enjoyed Dale’s statement “I speak sarcasm fluintly and facetiousness is a second language.” Brilliant! Hope I have permission to use it! Really enjoying this blog…thanks, Laura!

  69. I just finished reading The Collector — LOVED IT! Now back to re-reading the In Death series & reading Seduction In Death. I always come across something I missed or forgot from the last time I read the book. I also just finished re-reading The Secret by Julie Garwood. Love it when a book can make you laugh and love the characters.

  70. Last week I read Book 4 of “The Clifton Chronicles” by Jeffrey Archer, the book title is “Be Careful What You Wish For”. This is a wonderful family saga and Mr. Archer leaves up hanging by a thread at the end, so that we can’t wait for the next one. This weekend I spent re-reading Nora’s “Inn Boonsboro” trilogy, and loved it as much as I did the first time I read it. I especially love “Lizzy”, the Inn’s lovely ghost. As for the JD Robb books, I have each and every one of them, including the stories that are included in the Anthology Books. What a super author this lady is. Kudos to you Nora/JD and many thanks for the great books.

  71. I am in the midst of listening to The Collector and enjoying it so far! The audiobooks are great driving companions, chore distracters, and running partners! I’m hoping to track down a copy of Naked In Death this weekend. I haven’t read any of the JD Robb books and want to start at the beginning! The Key series is on my back up list if naked in death doesn’t work out! Happy reading/listening all!

  72. I’m re-reading Anne Bishop’s two published books on “The Others” (Written in Red and Murder of Crows), and starting J. R. Ward’s The King, the most-recently published book in her vampire series. I recently finished A Shadow of Night, the second in the All Souls books by Deborah Harkness, and am looking forward to the release of the final volume of that series.

  73. I have sadly finished all my new Nora Roberts /JD Robb books so I finally geared myself up to read Sherrillyn Kenyon,s book Styxx…Bl@@dy Heck I need councilling! I knew it would be very harrowing and if you have read her Acheron you will know what I mean. I have never read of so much suffering and it reaches parts of discomfort within you. I could not put this book down and kept wishing all the way through that he would be happy. I have cried reading this book, it affected me on many levels and is so strong I would not recommend it if you like slush, romance and fluffy bunnies. I have read all of her books and I like strong stories but this bordered on my boundaries of comfortable reading, I do not regret reading it one bit and needed to in order to bring a conclusion to a fantastic series.

  74. I am near the end of Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell. While eagerly awaiting the next installment of the In Death series, I am catching up on Patricia’s books. Next I will be moving on to what I haven’t read of Catherine Coulter’s FBI series starting with Knockout.

  75. I’m in the process of re-reading the “In-Death” series and am now on “Conspiracy in Death.” It has been fun re-reading the series again…and with the bonus that I found two books in the series that I had not read previously. Eve, Roarke, Mavis and Peabody are wonderful characters! The timing for the series is in the future and yet the topics/issues of child abuse and how people can overcome disadvantages are relevant topics for today.
    As I’m always reading a couple of books at the same time, I just started reading “A Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction” by David Sheff. Even though I’m not done reading this book, would definitely recommend reading this one.

  76. we are having a lovely hot time in Halifax UK at the moment and I am making the most of it. Having a large glass of Pynot Grigio at the side of my fish pond next to the Fairy grotto i have built with lovely Wisteria hanging over it, water tinkling over large flat stones and butterflies flying past. I said that I am a re-reader of Nora,s books but have never re-read the key series, well they were the perfect read next to my dreamy pond and they brought me a lot of relaxation and joy. I hope next weekend is as lovely as this then i will re-read the jewel series….perfect

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