Rain, Rain, Enough Already!

Other than approximately six minutes yesterday afternoon, we haven’t seen the sun above my little world for six full days.

I don’t mind a rainy day, or two. But six running strikes me as overkill. The universe should take note. Overkill. Give it a rest!
Plus, I whine as during those six days I couldn’t just hunker down at the keyboard.
Early last week I had an afternoon meeting, so BW and I took advantage and hit my very favorite nursery for a truckload of plants. On this cool morning I now realize I was too enraptured (as always) by the glorious spread of flowers, and the delight of their possibilities to appreciate the sunshine. Plus I spent a lot of time in the greenhouses loading flats of bedding plants into carts–with BW warning me (as always) they had to fit in the truck.
Honestly, I’ve got a pretty good gauge of how much we can jam in there after all these years–though I do tend to push it some. But who would blame me? I’m delirious with the scents, the shapes, the colors, the textures. The annual spring trip to the nursery just lifts my spirit. My place is owned and operated by Mennonites. They also lift my spirit as they’re unfailingly helpful, soothingly pleasant and cheerful, and offer some of the loveliest flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables in the area.
I could spend days there.
But we’ve got a meeting. It’s as I’m checking out–carts lined up, two delightful women counting my plants, BW rolling carts to the truck–the sun says bye-bye. The wind whips up, the clouds roll in.
By the time we finish jamming the plants in–and I don’t mind holding a flat of heliotrope on my lap–it’s gone from cool to chilly. Before we get home, the rain’s pattering.
I think, that’s okay, it’s good for the plants and I can’t play with them until the weekend anyway.
I think the same when I’m back at my keyboard the next day, and the rain’s falling.
But the next, I’m heading into Boonsboro–another afternoon meeting, this one with my new publisher, my agent and my editor. I’m delighted they’re making the trip, had hoped to offer them a pretty day. But it’s chilly and raining. We’ll make the best of it.
This day starts early for me as I’m trying out Talon Studio, a fairly new shop in town. Here we have fascinating artwork, cool jewelry, interesting bits and pieces. And tattoos. I’ve thought long and hard about my third tattoo–what, where, why. Initially I’d figured on waiting for it until we visit Ireland again, as I’d gotten my others there. But I’m all for supporting local businesses.
Laura meets me there for the fun and support, and the owner operator, Raya, has everything set up. She’s also wonderfully pleasant and easy. I pick my colors, she places the stencil–inside of my right forearm, just below the elbow. Exactly right.
Then I’m on the table, and we chat as we go. My first tat–the Trinity Knot on my ankle hurt stupendously. The ohm symbol on my shoulder blade, not at all. Ankles are bone, and shoulder blades have a lot more muscle. I’d say this one fell between, much closer to the ohm than the knot. And, as Laura timed it, we were done in 12 minutes. And it’s exactly right, exactly what I wanted. I love it.IMG_1404
Because you’ll ask–it’s the five fold symbol. There are various meanings, and my particular favorite has the four outer circles representing the four elements, with the center circle representing the magick that connects them. This suits me all around.
Getting inked isn’t for everybody, but for those who may be considering this sort of body adornment, I can attest Talons and Raya offer a comfortable, clean, efficient and happy experience.
Off we go back into the rain, do some shopping. Then New York comes to Boonsboro. I’m delighted to see my girls again, and to meet my new guy. Also delighted to offer them lunch at Vesta (Vesta has a terrific new menu), spend time with them. Fortunately by the time we finish, the rain takes a break. It’s cool and cloudy, but no need for the umbrellas so we can have a little tour of the town. And there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours on a damp cool spring day than drinking some wine in Inn Boonsboro, snuggled up in front of the fire in The Library.
BW and I topped off the day by attending Boonsboro High School’s spring musical production of Godspell. It’s so bright, so happy, so colorful–and the kids are so obviously having the time of their lives. I love seeing the house is packed–Boonsboro supports its arts as well as its sports. I love knowing Mr. Baer–who taught my Jason and sparked his interest in Theater–continues to do the same for this generation. So from tattoos to a visit from New York to high school musicals, a really good day. Even when the rain came back.
But it’s still raining on Friday. I’m at the keyboard again, telling myself the forecast for the weekend can’t be right. I’ve usually started gardening by this time, but my weekends have proven jammed with other things. This is my only shot! Next weekend is Derby. The universe will surely cut me a break.
Saturday morning. Rain, chilly, breezy. Damn it! By late morning, the rain’s taken another break–though not the chill or the breeze. But we head out, my man and I.
I love the process. Taking plants, placing them–still in their pots–where I think they should go. Adjusting, fiddling, deciding. Then digging in. My gardening gloves get soaked, the chilly and raw breeze isn’t welcomed. But . . . look how lovely, how happy. And how satisfying it all is. Possibility becomes reality with some good, steady work. All that color, those shapes, those textures begin to blend together in my gardens, along with the perennials, already growing lush in this strange, teasing spring.IMG_1393
 IMG_1400 IMG_1394
Planting the faerie garden I think of Kayla, leave some impatiens for her to plant if she wants–and leave the bulk of the little decorations for her to place. It’s pretty amazing to look back at the truck, see it’s nearly cleaned out–and to realize I’ll make another trip to the nursery after Derby weekend.
Normally, after a full day of planting we’d have ourselves an adult beverage on the back patio sitting on our outdoor recliner set and survey some of the fruits of our labors. Saturday evening, we have those adult beverages inside, and I turn on the fireplace.
That night it pours.
And is pouring when I go out to the gym to work out in the morning. I still have pots to plant, but I can do that under the cover of the back carport. In the chilly damp. With two dogs in my face half the time.
No question I need another trip for more, but I so enjoy playing with the pots, deciding what looks best with what, how they’ll look once they begin to fill in, trail out.
The rain stops, and for about five minutes I see the sun–there is hope! Light and shadows, birds singing. I can go around to the front patio, start playing with those pots. Count the ones I’ll need to fill after that second trip. And the vegetables will have to wait as well. But it’s now warm enough (barely) and though it’s clouded over again, it’s not raining so I can pour an adult beverage and walk around to see all we’ve accomplished in one wet weekend.
And when I take my walk on this first day of May, on Beltane, I’m grateful for spring, for the flowers that will make me smile for months, for all the walks and patio sitting and throwing balls for dogs yet to come.
We had a wicked thunderstorm last night, and the rain poured as I wrote this. But just now, the sun’s pushed through the clouds, and my woods are gorgeous and green. Maybe, after the work day, the work out, I’ll take a walk in the sun and smell the flowers.

37 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Enough Already!”

  1. I’m with you. Enough of the rain and chill. Of course, on the up side, everything is really green. 🙂 Your flowers look lovely and after Derby weekend I’m betting the sun will come out again.

  2. I’m only about an hour to an hour and a half away from Boonsboro and I’m seriously ready for some sunshine. I’m always more productive on sun-filled days than I am grey and dreary ones. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of your beautiful gardens.

  3. I am re-reading the Inn Boonsboro series right now, so I am tickled to be reminded that Vesta and The Library are real places! Thank you so much for the magic you pour out onto paper. You’ve been my friend for years now! 🙂

  4. Love this post especially as I just moved into a new house the weekend before this last Christmas. Barely anything other than grass in the yard so I am super excited to create something special here. And I get to put in a shade garden by my home office window too. We are on an island off of NW Washington state so our climate is a lot like yours there in MD. I feel your pain with the rain!

  5. If I may quote Mark Twain: “In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hour.” Enough said, I think. Thanks for sharing your flower gardens, though. They are beautiful!

  6. Thank you so much. I love, love the long detailed posts you share with us. Gardening isn’t my thing, but I greatly enjoy reading about yours! And see so much (i’m sure) of your dogs chasing a ball when I read Tag doing just that. All the little scenes with Tag, ball chasing, tail thumping, etc have the ring of authenticity. Loving it all!

  7. Weather in Wisconsin is almost as annoying as your weather. Ours is jacket wearing chilly in the morning and then warms up to carry the jacket weather by the afternoon. The saying for Wisconsin weather is if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

  8. Nora I suggest you never move to my neck of the world, the great Pacific Northwest. Your description sounds like our weather 10 months out of the year, Which suits me since I actually hate sunshine, Sunshine gives you cancer, wrinkles and dry peeling skin. Rain hydrates your skin, smooths wrinkles, and doesn’t give you cancer. Next time try going out in the rain and soaking it up.

  9. We are about a month behind you in Ontario. I will do my plant shopping at the end of May. One of my favourite things to do is to go to the nurseries to pick out plants. Often my girlfriends and I will wonder through in March just to give us hope that spring is on the way. Thanks for the tour of your garden.

  10. We’ve just gone through four days of constant Snain… which was okay, as it was much better than having snow on the ground all the time. The fog and lack of sun, tho, was traumatic. Today I am happy to see sunshine again.

    I had to do a double take when I saw your pup’s cone of shame. At first, I thought he was wrestling with a car tire! LOL I know he needs it, and why, but jakers — I never realized how big it was before. 🙂

  11. Last week my husband and I had the same thought as you. To get to the nursery and get our plants. It was so cold and miserable all I wanted was a hot cup of tea and the heat on in the car! Two nursery visits later, the back of my car full of wonderful plants and home to warm up. I braved the wind and got everything planted. We needed some rain as we had a bit of a dry spell but now it’s just ridiculous! PA has been having major mood swings this year.

    I guess I was a little optimistic with putting out my patio furniture and assembling my new canopy. Half my Fairy Garden is out. Was waiting for the sun to put the rest out. Maybe June? The forecast for the rest of the week – RAIN! Praying that it moves out quickly as my daughter is graduating College on Saturday and would love to see some sun.

    Tattoo’s – I never thought I would get one, but for my 50th I took the plunge. My daughter and I got matching ones. Inside leg just above the ankle. As for pain – not bad at all in that spot.

    Thank you, Nora for sharing your beautiful garden with us!

  12. Although I am cursed with a black thumb, I always adore hearing about your gardening adventures! Love seeing the photos, also. I’m intrigued by the fairy garden. Your tattoos are wonderful- I love the symbolism- and the color of the new one. I want a tattoo- still trying to decided exactly what, and the perfect spot. I remember catching a glimps of your ankle decoration at the Carolina Moon signing I attended. Sparked my interest! I hope all is going well with the new publisher. Loved loved loved The Obsession- so did my hubby. Beltane Blessings to you and yours. Wishing you some sunny days ahead. I won’t mention my California weather!

  13. We, too , have had rain in Western New York…the daffodils are wearing swimmies on their stems!!! I should be cleaning out closets, but after running errands in the rain methinks a nap is in order!!! Dull day for the dog too..who is snoring in a most ostentatious manner…because it is my fault it is raining!

    Your gardens look fabulous!

  14. Ah, Rain Rain, here in Wales (UK) we get loads and loads of it, that’s why we have the most expensive lamb for sale, it’s all the green healthy grass.
    We would love to have hot days, to be able to sit in the garden, in the new garden furniture, but no such luck, but we keep hoping to have at least a few days sunshine this year, and not wait forever for summer to start.

  15. Envy the chill. Hot hot hot all year round here in Singapore. Baking at 36 degrees, with the terrible humidity. We hide in aircon rooms all day.

  16. It’s been cold and windy here in New Mexico for the past 4 months. We could use some rain! What a lovely flower garden you have! We have our flowers stashed in the green house until it warms up, way up!

  17. I have been visiting the DD in Northern Virginia in Marshall and I know what you mean with those last few days of rain and storms. I have loved snuggling under quilts while listening to the storms however. At least the ground should be nice and moist for planting. Now we go home tonight and I can get out to buy my plants. The dh will be totally thrilled when I mention its time for this adventure – not.

  18. Love the tattoo and reading your blogs. I hope the sun comes out soon and stays awhile for you. we finally got some rain Saturday night, early Sunday. but it was hot and muggy here in Ninety Six yesterday .Today it’s partly cloudy and breezy, very nice setting on the front porch and typing this. Have a great week! cant wait to see the pictures of the Derby and the ball!

  19. I live in the UK and if you lived your life waiting for the nice weather, you’d never get out of your house here 😉 your garden looks amazing and thank you for sharing your pictures. I did my gardens a couple weeks ago….then we had a few days of snow and hail. Unfortunately I think I’m going to lose my petunia seedlings I’ve been growing indoors since February with that cold snap. It really sucks since I’ve been harvesting the seeds from the same flower family for 5 years now. I hope you enjoy you garden and please post more pictures as the months go on xx

  20. How I love your garden, the sun face, the fairies, the plants, pots, all of it. Almost as much as I love your books, each and every one, reading one now in fact…. I had to turn the heat back on here near Philly, ugh.

  21. Hi, Nora,
    I hope you took advantage of this afternoon’s few sunny hours…..although the mosquitos were crazy. Storm moving in now and another few wet days coming down the pike.

  22. Spent early afternoon on the other side of the Potomac. When i left home the sun was attempting to break through the clouds and when i finished my appointments sure enough the sun had managed to make it from behind the clouds and the temperature was rising to a lovely 82°. Just listening to the radio and more precipitation is coming. By the way we did not have the thunderstorms you had in the south part of the county. Now i have two pots of hosta that need split and lavender needs tended to.

    1. We have hosta coming out our bostas. Those innocent little things start out small and end up taking over the entire front gardens. I told our new neighbors that when my husband gets around to digging them up and splitting them they are welcome to all they want. You can’t even see our gnomes or celtic cross now. Covered with hostas.

  23. I love your gardens and the pots as well! It reminds me of my ex neighbours garden – I live in a third floor condo and always loved sitting on my balcony and looking down into her garden early in the morning, sometimes I could almost picture the fairies!
    Was pretty disappointed when she moved and the new owners had the whole place tiled.

    Love the new tattoo!

  24. Raining in the Boston area but it suppose to be nice on Wednesday. It feels more like November than May. This is May right. It is also cold.

  25. We had all of our gardens removed by landscapers last year and replaced with good grass and rocks. It looks nice out there, but I’m so sad that I’m not able to get my hands in the dirt and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor.

    I’m still afraid we’ll have at least one more snow here. We’ve already had at least one freeze since I longingly looked at all the plants I would have bought. Yesterday was hail and big winds. They would have surely taken out some of what I would have planted.

    Mother nature – she does what she wants when she wants. But think of how lovely everything will be once the spring rains stop and it warms up. Butterflies, bird nests, flowers, fresh vegetables, etc.

    We go through monsoon season every year here in the midwest where it rains and pours and storms for what seems like forever. Then we get about a week of spring and summer hits. *sweat* Not fair.

  26. Rule of thumb here in Colorado is nothing out before Mother’s Day and even then it’s chancy. We had snow this past weekend – a lot of it! All melted and we’re grateful for the moisture. I did cover my lettuce and it looks like it survived. The dwarf tulips – not so much. I brought in the tall tulips and enjoyed them during the storm. Loved hearing about (and seeing) your plantings, I’m ready to start mine! Your tattoo is very pretty, but not for me. I did henna one time and it was fun, but I didn’t want permanent. Do the colors stay that brilliant? I love the meaning of it.

  27. Out here in SoCal, we have no rain. Sure would be nice if we could share. I’ll send you sun if you can send me some rain for my veggies and pots 🙂

  28. I was just thinking how I don’t want a tattoo because I’ve had so many abdominal surgeries and pain to last a lifetime. I have a very thin layer of what might be called skin over a large area of my belly now. I can actually see things moving through my intestines. They had to let this last one heal by second intention (Look it up.) because I didn’t have enough skin left to graft or to pull across the opening.

    Then I decided a tat saying “Open Here” would be hilarious if I had enough skin to do it on. I have another hernia that I’ll get fixed (and girlie jobs farther north) once I’ve stopped smoking again. Can you imagine the looks on my surgeon’s face? I keep telling them to just put a zipper in! At one point I lost my belly button! So.. no tats for this gal.

  29. Rainy days are a good excuse for me to curl up with a book?! I’ve gone to Ireland again and I’m reading the Irish Born Trilogy *one more time*. ❤️

  30. There is a garden art studio in my town that has the most incredible things. It is called Garden Smiles by George Carruth and you have to see his stuff to believe it. I am a collector of his stuff and am very addicted. Incredible cement and metal sculptures you will love, I guarantee it. Haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t just go nuts over his stuff. Fantastic stuff to put into a fantastic garden.

  31. We see to be headed for another cool spring; temps are predicted in the low 40’s for the next couple weeks, even into the upper 30’s. I’m a bit nervous about bringing out all my hanging pots & potted geraniums that I’ve wintered over in the house. Not in the mood to see them get nipped, but it won’t be the first time I’ve covered house plants up after Mother’s Day, which is our average last frost of the season. I moved the hosta pots out of the garage this weekend & set them around on the front porch; already looking lush & green. I started putting hostas in pots after I lost a lot of them to moles a few years back.

    Nora, your Solomon Seals look beautiful! Mine are just getting started here in SW Ohio.

  32. We’ve only had 2-1/2 days of rain, but it was overcast, seriously overcast, for 5 days before that! Last Tuesday morning it was so dark and gray, my granddaughter actually slept until 8:00am, not her usual 6:00am! We were at Ballys in Atlantic City specifically to spread some of my mother’s ashes. She loved the $1 slot machines in that casino and the beach outside. My daughter and I discreetly sprinkled some ashes, then we picked up my granddaughter and son-in-law who were watching from a distance(she’s only 8yrs) and we headed to the beach. As soon as we started walking over the wooden bridges that protect the sand dunes(they’re still recovering from Hurricane Sandy), the sun broke through the clouds! It became sunnier and hotter, just like my mother liked. I led the family in prayer, then we each proceeded to spread ashes. I walked out into the water, so the tide would take the ashes further. I said another prayer my mother liked, a joke about her ashes she always made, then walked back to the family. As we headed back to the hotel so we all could change our clothes(I got the worse of it, by walking into the cold, Atlantic Ocean) we felt a sense of accomplishment as we had followed her wishes, and laughed that it was sunny and hot… just the way she liked, while we spread her ashes. Then became overcast again, once we finished. It hasn’t let up and it started raining Sunday night here in NYC and hasn’t stopped. Send good vibes that it stops by Saturday night. My granddaughter makes her First Communion on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and I want everything to be perfect.

  33. Coming back to Frederick for Mother’s Day, was hoping rain would not follow me to there, but it sounds as if you have your own! Nice gardens.

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