The Naked in Death Design Contest!

Way back at the April TTP signing, Laura Gorton – in sports radio parlance a long-time friend of the show – wore the coolest t-shirt with the silhouette of a woman on the front and a man on the back.  Nora and I admired it — as sensible women do when presented with cool clothes. panp shirt Laura told us it was a Litographs Pride & Prejudice t-shirt and that the gray and green areas were the text of the entire book.  Go visit the Litographs website now. I’ll wait.

Immediately after the signing Nora and I pretty much pounced on her Ipad to find the website and see what else Litographs offered.  After much discussion, weighing one literary work against another (probably a good 2 hours all in all) Nora went for the Macbeth t-shirt while I knew I needed The Secret Garden tote. secret garden tote (Go on, head back to see what they look like).  And happiness reigned in the land.

Nora wore the MacBeth t-shirt when we hiked the High Line in NY during RWA week last July.  high line janeenA Litographs fan tweeted the photo to the company, and Litographs in turn reached out to see if Nora would be interested in products based on her books.

When I told her, Nora thought for a milli-nano-microsecond (the smallest time frame ever) and said yes.  It took a couple months to settle the details and now, Nora is pleased to announce the three titles that will enter the Litographs product line over the next few months:

Naked in Death – just in time for the holidays!

Dance Upon the Air – early 2016

Vision in White – a little bit further into the year

When it came time to discuss design, the Litographs team suggested a contest to give avid In Death readers/designers a chance to share their vision of the book.  Nora loved the idea, and so we’re turning this over to you.

The NAKED IN DEATH Reader Design Contest

The contest is open to readers worldwide beginning at noon (US EST) Friday, November 27.

How to Submit Your Design:

All artwork must be submitted through this typeform.  Entries are accepted from noon (EST) on 11/27 until 9 pm on 12/7.

On December 8, we’ll pin all entries on the Official Nora Roberts/JD Robb Pinterest Board.  Readers can browse the Pinterest board and like, or re-pin, their favorites. (We’ll also post them here for thoae readera who dont have Pinterest.) Based on this data, combined with Nora’s and Litographs’ input, the team will select six (6) finalists.

We’ll post the six (6) finalist designs to the Official Nora Roberts/JD Robb Pinterest and here on the blog for voting from December 10-11.

Nora will announce the winning design on December 12.

You can order the winning Naked in Death design from Litographs starting Monday December 14.*

All finalists receive a $50 Litographs gift card.

The winner receives a $500 cash prize from Litographs, and have his/her design turned into a Naked in Death Litograph in time for the holidays! *

And here’s a handy, dandy Litographs Design Contest Style Guide to answer any design questions.

So sharpen the pencils and get to work!  We can’t wait to see what you create.


  • A note from Litographs:  since Litographs is a print on demand company — allowing customers to specify colors, sizes, and designs of their choice — we will not be able to ship products in such a tight turnaround time.  The  design will be available from 12/14.  Many customers choose gift cards for gifts in place of specific products. We will be able to make a printout of this available for folks to put under their trees, or hand over in person, if they like.

37 thoughts on “The Naked in Death Design Contest!”

  1. That is so beyond cool. If you could see the turkey I made from outlining my hand on the whiteboard this year, you would understand why I won’t be entering. (Somehow it ended up looking like a dinosaur!) I will be voting, and I will be very muchly waiting to see the entries!

    1. You know, I very much wish we could “like” comments on here, like you can on some discussion boards, blogs, etc. I can see some sort of gun theme for Naked, because that’s the thing that ties them all together, and gets Eve spending so much time with Roarke in the first place. Maybe an image of each gun used. But that may be looked upon as a violent image, rather than just reflecting what the readers know ties the murders together (other than the prostitute angle, so maybe the graphic could be the type of graphic on the Pride & Prejudice shirt I guess appearing to be a prostitute – but how would one even do that, since the first one was a very high class uptown call girl?). Guns would probably be seen as some sort of symbol advocating gun rights in the current climate of reaction to mass shootings.

  2. Very cool! A number of Litographs designs have been on my wish list for a while, and you’re doubtless about to add at least one more.

    I can think of a few elements I’d like to include, but I have to make sure they belong with book 1 (Reread time?), and see if I can come up with a graphically pleasing arrangement.

    A question: do the legal restrictions re. the “blue lady” covers bar that as a design theme? Would a modified version be legal?

    1. I’m going to say yes on legalese barring the Blue Lady. The designs should bring out elements of the book, not publisher interpretations.


      1. That’s what I figured, but my general policy is, it can’t hurt to ask. 🙂

    2. Your various covers have used a number of different badge designs, so I gather we can do the same?

  3. With no talent for drawing, I think it’s best to stick to reading, lol. I look forward to voting though and purchasing the winning products.

  4. Oh, I am so in the contest..I suck at drawing but it doesn’t hurt to try right^_^

  5. Looking forward to seeing the designs! I’ve been able to not buy one of their shirts so far, but this might push me over the edge. Especially if there’s tote bags!

  6. The contest sounds a treat. No artist here, but looking forward to voting.

    Thanks for the Litographs link. It’s new to me. Lots of opportunities for me and for gifts!

  7. “A Litographs fan tweeted the photo to the company”

    That was me! I saw your blog post in July and tagged Litographs in a post on Twitter. (I’m @RandomArchivist.) They seemed really excited that Nora liked their products. So glad they actually contacted her! Can’t wait to see the final products!

      1. You’re welcome Laura and Nora! I love Litographs and I’m so excited to see what people come up with for the designs.

    1. I want to add my happy THANKS to Angelique. I have been a fan of Lithographs too and was wondering how to go about getting Nora Roberts/JD ROBB as one of the designs.
      I am sooooo excited. Time to rearragange my walls to add the new print.

      1. Oh, I am laughing at Vicki W because I’m thinking about my walls, too. Tom Selleck is staying up, no matter what! And thank you, also, to Angelique for recommending it!

        1. It was pure chance! I’m so happy that Litographs actually follows closely on social media and followed through on contacting Nora’s people. If I had any artistic talent, I’d design something, but I’m horrible at drawing even stick people! I cannot wait to see everyone’s entries.

  8. This makes me so happy! I’m so glad I wore my P&P shirt that day. I love what Litographs does, and I’m so happy Nora will now be represented. I can’t wait to get a shirt based on one of her books.

  9. I remember looking at that site. I would be more interested in the shirts if they had a more open neckline – perhaps a scoop or a V – that makes them a lot cooler. Just thought I mentioned that. Wish I had the ability to design something – I’m looking forward to what others come up with.

  10. This is so cool. The idea is not new to me- I bought a litho app 10 years ago-it hangs on my wall. It looks like a painting, but is actually the entire 150 psalms. Nobody realizes it until you point it out to them. I wish I could draw- I visualize, & even a college course couldn’t help me. But Naked is my fav book of the series, & I’m looking forward to voting.

    1. Chevy, where did you get that if I may ask? I would like to have something like that. Thanks.

  11. No artistic talent here either, but I’d love to buy a t-shirt or bag.

    Looking forward to seeing what creative fans come up with.

  12. I semi-retired in August and decided I would read the in Death series again from the beginning. I am now reading Imitation in Death, the 17th in the series. I’m so enjoying the world of Eve, and I’m amazed that the books past from one to the other with no pausing in the story. I’m not a artist, but look forward to the contest!

  13. I love these shirts and bags. THANK YOU for sharing. I don’t have the capabilities to design to enter the contest. I would love to see other people’s entries. I would also buy shirts and bags.
    Cool. Melody

  14. I am really excited about Litographs producing some Nora Roberts shirts. I looked at their website a few months ago because I wanted to order a shirt for my daughter and I was thinking what a shame it was that they didn’t have any Nora/JD shirts for me.

  15. This is just the COOLEST thing. I love Litographs (they are a bibliophiles dream aren’t they?) and to have a Nora piece would be amazing! I will wait for the Vision in White one next year as that is a definite favorite but I’m excited to see/vote on the gorgeous designs that people create! Bravo Nora! This is just awesome, thanks for sharing!

  16. Sort of OT, but I ordered a t-shirt with the Bible on it. I just recently finished reading all of it for the first time so this is sort of a celebration/pat-on-the-back present to m’self. I, too, can’t wait for the In Death competition and final products!

  17. Will the gift cards come quicker than shirts would? You know, since they don’t have to make them up? I’m thinking once I see the design, to ask for one if I like that one, for Christmas, but I’ll probably ask for the gift card since it’s so close to Christmas (or put the gift card in reserve for other gift giving occasions in the next six months – Valentine’s, birthday, anniversary and Mother’s Day (hey, this year we have a whole five days between our anniversary and Mother’s Day. Anniversary is the 13th – we weren’t thinking about Mother’s Day when we scheduled the wedding, we were thinking about when everyone was free and didn’t have to work in the case of our parents, or could more easily ask off for work in my Mom’s case as a nurse; it was a Friday, too, so we celebrate in some little way every Friday the 13th, lol). Anyway, if I get the gift card, I could use it decide between Naked and Dance Upon the Air. I can see both being true to the book and being wonderful. I LOVE this idea, and I believe HAVE to have it – just like I had to have my, um, five, no, six National MS t-shirts that I’ve gotten over the past 7 years. And I’ll get another one next year, maybe two.

    1. Meaning I’ll get another MS t-shirt next year, maybe two. I just wish I was artistic. I’ve often lately with all the mass shootings the US goes through thought back to Naked in Death and the total ban on guns except for collectors, and although other weapons evolved, the police stunner, I’m assuming immediately, the stunners are illegal for citizens, so use of other weapons went up. I wonder if in Eve and Roarke’s world, how often mass attacks happen (I don’t REMEMBER reading about mass attacks or mass murders) and what weapon would be used – perhaps a bow for speed, and for being a projectile? Laura, maybe you could ask Nora for her thoughts on this – you know, human nature being what it is, and being post urban war, and a violent species, mass attacks, I think will still happen, so ask her what she thinks about how it would go about happening in Eve’s world. It’s just made me curious, seeing the differences in our world and her world not even 50 years later.

      1. Oh, and by the way – in the book when they discovered all the information that Homeland had on the surveillance of Rick’s father, I think that was the book that described how the Urban Wars, at least I guess in the US started, and I could TOTALLY see that. Even more so now, actually.

    2. Friday the 13th is a good anniversary date. It’s lasted us almost 20 years – next September. Not one argument until a couple of years ago. (I don’t know how to argue or fight…)

      Congratulations, and best wishes for lots of laughter and love.

    1. Not Yet. I know there weren’t a lot of entries so Litographs is considering the next steps and will be back to us shortly.

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