Provence, France Day 7

Ants are fewer during workout time. Maybe they’re getting the message. I run the battery down on BW’s laptop, so consider that a good session.

A quiet morning with sun on the hills, twittering birds, singing cicadas. So I work on the shady terrace until I run the battery down on my Surface. (Kat’s tracking the new one, still scheduled to arrive today! We’ll see.)*  

While I worked, Kat and Jason took themselves off for a walk. BW’s working on his photos. It’s a good time to settle in with a book. This is, obviously, vacate day. Hang close to home, relax. I’ll take it.

Rock dress of many colors. Photo by BW
The view from the main pool. Photo by BW
Diving into infinity (pool). Photo by BW
BW found a good book. (For those who will ask, that’s Dark in Death — coming in January.) Photo by NR

But why not take a swim? And the water is just perfect. Top it off with a dip in our newly fixed hot tub. And yes! L’eau est TRES chaud! Fabulous.

(Merci, Alain!)

Later in the afternoon, I make a fruit and cheese platter. This time I used BW’s unfortunately dull Swiss Army knife. But it worked. Kat–they’re back and working on some Foundation business–comes out to join me. And I hear about their walking adventure. It sounds like down paths, over fields, through a gate–and yet another gate–and to a market she tells me is sort of like a Wal-Mart. Some of everything. Not the cable BW’s looking for to hook his iPod up to the villa’s music system, but an interesting accidental destination.

The path of the trek. Photo by kat
Les poissons! Photo by kat

Back the same way with some team work to get back through the gates.

BW wanders out.

We polish off hunks of bread, cheese, slices of white peaches, little purple grapes.

Quiet day, easy early evening. I try out the terrace cocoon, find it swivels. I swivel it to block the sun, and have a book and a pretty little window in the wall to see the hills. Very nice. 

Tablescape. Photo by j a-b
Suite art. Photo by kat
Evening, down the hall. Photo by kat

We think about ordering dinner, finally get to that. So we have an early-ish meal on our terrace, then an evening under the stars.

I decide to challenge my kids to a work week contest on FitBit–retroactively starting Monday morning. Hah! Jason points out I’m well in the lead with this retroactive business. Hey, rules is rules.

I’m going to add to that lead–after all I’m old enough to be their mama, so must exploit the advantage–with a workout. Kat may venture out to a yarn store she found through her phone skills. We have the day open until five, when we’re booked for the horses and the forest. So we figure a substantial lunch this afternoon as we won’t be back to the villa until about eight.

Two and a half hours on horseback. This may mean a group session in the hot tub tonight.

My doves are cooing, but the visitor hasn’t yet come for her drink. Time to fire up BW’s laptop and expand my lead.


*Note from Laura: the original one was wrestled from the grasp of the spirits at Greenbrier — or found under a desk in one of the rooms there (your choice) and will be waiting at home for Nora’s return.

Today in #randomkatness.  Name this flower.

Photo by kat (Laura’s guess is a wild plum.)

22 thoughts on “Provence, France Day 7”

  1. So jealous of Dark in death ARC!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the quiet surroundings of Provence.

  2. Absolutely fabulous! All of it! Slightly insane now because I know the title of the next 2 In Death books and yet have neither of them! Can I arm wrestle someone for an ARC? I’ll give it back….. I have no idea on the flower, so I’ll go with Laura’s Wild Plum!

  3. Googled a photo of Wild Plum and this certainly looks like one to me.

  4. The flower looks like it is Gaura. I am enjoying reading about the adventures. The pictures are beautiful.

    1. You are correct, the flower is Gaura, as verified by google pictures. Thank you.

  5. I love the travelogues, does Miss Kat do the planning and reservations? If you do personally, I have no idea where you find the time ! Who ever has the job that is the way to travel, on your own you get to meet the people see things that interest you and not the big group of people. I like to travel and my husband and I always had the best time on our own, but only in the states, never in Europe!
    Thanks again I have been having fun vicariously thru you and your family !
    So love your writing style, been reading you from the start, I so wonder how you can have so many different stories in your head!! PS Flowering plant ? Maybe Plum or wild cherry bush ?

    1. Nora, BW, Jason and Kat decide on an area they want to visit and either come to me with a place in mind or I do some research and give them options. More often than not, I handle the bookings for hotel/villa/resort of choice while BW takes care of the transportation. Once in a place there are usually some pre-vacation plans set in place, the rest is decided along the way.


  6. A yarn store – is there anything Kat can’t do. She is amazing (I believe I’ve mentioned that before). Horse riding in the evening – that would be wonderful – hoping you had a understanding horse. We once took a horse ride near Eureka Springs, AR and my beautiful horse decided to take a short uphill path to the left (with me on her)while I was enjoying the mountains to the right; I was unable to get her to back up and the guide said “let her jump off onto our path (which was about 4 feet). I said no, but the horse apparently thought otherwise and off we went. Anyhoo, hoping your ride was calm.

  7. I’m loving all the updates and photos. But, I have to confess to being derailed from all this glorious viewing by the sight of that future In Death book. Wow, what a perk!

  8. Reading Come Sundown now. Of course it’s great. Can I ask a question that everyone knows the answer to except me? Are Jason and Kat Nora’s son and daughter in law?

    1. I didn’t know either Carolyn, so I googled it. Nice to have Nora confirm google is correct.

  9. Great pics! Advantage BW getting to read an ARC of new In Death book. No idea what the flower is except beautiful. The pool looks delicious and what a view! Thank you for taking us along on your travels!

  10. Love reading about your adventures as well as your easy, relaxing days. Have no clue about the flower, but think it’s pretty. I look forward to tomorrow’s entry!

  11. No idea about the flower- but it’s pretty & delicate, so I’ll christian it the Bella. I’m so impressed, that even on vacation, you continue to write. It’s a blessing when you enjoy your work so much, that it doesn’t feel like work. It’s a compulsion. I feel the same way about my work. That pool & view is divine. How about giving us readers a small hint of what Dark ID is about?

  12. Tell BW that when he gets through reading the ARC of Dark in Death, to send it my way. Lol !
    I do so enjoy reading the travelogue. I know that I will never, in this lifetime get to see theses sights in person, So I’m living vicariously through yours ?
    Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  13. Beautiful all over again! That rock sculpture (painting?) is amazing. Makes you wonder where the artist’s head was then. I think Jason and Kat could be dropped into the jungle and come out with provisions for dinner. Kudos to the intrepid explorers. Thanks, as always, for sharing your day!

  14. That’s just mean Nora….showing BW reading that book. Just mean!


  15. Wonderful birthday treat for me! I enjoyed reading every word. Better than birthday cake ?? Thanks again for sharing.

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