Provence, France Day 11


Pano by j a-b

A change of plans. We realize none of us actually feel like getting in the car to go anywhere. The nice thing about vacation is having no obligation, so we scratch the drive to Fayence for the day.

I change into workout gear. Kat and Jason gear up, too–for a serious hike. BW decides he’ll do a little Cizing It Up with me and Shaun T.(Correction on yesterday’s blog. Kat and Jason drove into Cannes not Nice.)

Picture of BW apres Cize can be found in yesterday’s blog. (Note to Laura: It’s real!)*

After BW sweated it out, I keep going, cap off my own sweatfest with yoga.

It seems like an excellent time for a swim. And it certainly was. Why not follow that up with a spin in the hot tub for a fine morning of work and reward.

Friday night, Kat did a little laundry in the tub. I elect to do a little myself on this fine Saturday, and hang the clothes on the rail in the bright sun while I settle down to read in the shade.

Pragmatic side of a long vacation: cleaning clothes. Photo by j a-b

The wind comes up, a quick sweep of it–feels great, but . . . I get up, go over to pick up tank tops that blew off the rail, and see I now have underwear in the hot tub. Go in, get it, wring it, rehang. Pour a glass of wine, settle down with book.

Laundry day. Photo by NR

Wind. Huh. Find a better way to secure laundry.

The bright Saturday passes with sun and warm breezes, wine and a book. That’s a very fine start to the weekend, though I suspect as Kat and Jason haven’t returned, my 13k steps (so far) on the challenge will be smashed to bits. 

Vertical pano of steps by j a-b
Stone walls. Photo by j a-b
Laura thinks its bougainvillea. Photo by j a-b
Bell tower. photo by j a-b
Notre Dame. Photo by j a-b
Laura Googled this — it’s a commune. Photo by j a-b

When they return, this is proven true.

They walked and walked and climbed and climbed all the way to a little village more than three miles away. Enjoyed the sights, found a church (two weddings scheduled for this pretty Saturday), found ice cream.

After some recovery time, Jason announces as he has 75 flights for the day (that’s climbing/stairs) on his FitBit, he’s going for another walk to get the 100, and a new badge. Just FYI, if anyone’s considering adding a device such as FitBit to their lives, our small, unscientific focus group attests they are highly motivating.

Jason earns his Skyscraper Badge. 100 floors=walking up The Empire State Building, I believe. Wowzer.

If anyone’s keeping score on our Weekend Warrior Challenge, Jason has the lead, followed closely by Kat. I’m trailing, but will see what I can make up today!

We laze, we discuss dinner. Since heading to the hotel means changing into not sloppy clothes, we eat in.

I can just see the sun setting through the trees, a hot glow of colors–reds and golds–while we eat. We hear some golfers–didn’t realize we had a hole this close. If they don’t finish up soon, they’ll be night golfing.

This morning, my dove returned for a drink, and a squirrel–probably the black one we see doing gymnastics through our forest–has a lot to say.

I think BW’s going down to the airfield to have a look, perhaps book glider flights for himself and Jason. Jason and Kat may walk down to the market for a few things before it closes for Sunday afternoon.

I think workout, swim, hot tub is my morning order of business. If we stay in, I may work a couple hours.

Did I mention it’s a beautiful morning?

Today’s #randomkatness
Real or art? Laura votes real. Photo by kat
 *Note from Laura: in my defense, without any copy supporting a joint workout, I thought BW did his own thing then wilted dramatically for the camera.  Now for some photos by Jason, not quite exactly sure where he and Kat were for these.

14 thoughts on “Provence, France Day 11”

  1. You make me wish I was there with you. Powerball lottery is up to 650 Million on the 23rd. If I win…

  2. Congratulations Jason on meeting your challenge. I agree with Nora, the Fitbit is very motivating. It was gotten me moving more often than not. Have fun!

  3. You do laundry?? I figured you had it done. You are a Goddess after all. What Goddess does their own laundry? Great pics! Thanks for another wonderful day in paradise.

  4. Got to love Nora Roberts – who else would do laundry in the tub of a fancy resort, and then post photos online of her underwear drying by the pool? Brilliant, successful, down to earth. Thank you Nora, for taking us with you on your adventures!

  5. Sounds like a perfect vacation…no timetables, just fun, family, and fabulousness!

  6. I’ll vote real with Laura. I’ve seen some amazingly patterned lizards. BW should try out acting! I definitely thought he was wilting, even though he didn’t look very sweaty. Great pictures, Jason. Before my knees gave up the ghost, I loved exploring remote places – fun to see where you and Kat had wandered. Had to smile at the draped clothing. When I traveled for work, I always carried half a dozen clothespins after one regrettable incident involving my underwear and the toilet – lol. Glad you’re enjoying your trip!

  7. I haven’t seen any real shopping on this trip. Hope it happens soon!

  8. Anotherbeautiful travelogue. The pictures are wonderful. Congrats to Jason on earning his Skyscraper badge. I will have to look into a Fitbit to help motivate me. The lizard is gorgeous – love the colors. Laundry,wind, relaxation and the fun of changing plans – a great vacation.

  9. Of course Nora does laundry , like the rest of us. What impresses me, & actually gives me a bit of a inferiority complex, is that she bakes her own bread, for heavens sake! I’m not as busy as her, but I don’t do that. And makes soups, deserts, yada,yada, yada. I suspect she is part robot/human. How else to explain it?

  10. These posts make me so happy! Ridiculously happy!!
    Thank you and Enjoy!!!

  11. It is a joy to read all these posts, Nora Roberts! You are my favorite writer. Have everything! ???

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