Plagiarism, Then and Now

I’m going to start with the then, to get it out of my system.

Back in the late 90’s, when those of us on-line used message boards to communicate with each other, a reader posted a concern about the similarities in my book Sweet Revenge, originally published in 1988, reissued in 1997, with Janet Dailey’s Notorious, published in hardcover in ’96, in paper in ’97.

It happened this reader read them back to back, and noticed, even cited pages. Initially, I was certain she was mistaken. I knew Janet, couldn’t imagine she’d plagiarize anyone. But it also happened my Jason was working at our bookstore that day. I asked him to bring home a copy of Notorious. Then I opened to the page the reader had cited.

I can’t describe what I felt in that moment, the shock, the grief, the sense of betrayal.

I flipped through and that shock, grief, betrayal increased as I recognized more and more and more of my work in her book.

I called my agent. While I vetted the books, so did my agency. It was massive and awful. My agent contacted her agent and her publisher, who of course, contacted Dailey.

And the first round of plagiarism bingo began. Absolute denial. Did not do this! But the theft was so blatant that didn’t last long. Assistant must have somehow . . . If she did it, it was totally unintentional, it was unconscious copying and so on.

I was asked to keep it quiet, to go through the manuscript for Notorious and remove my work. Because I knew her, because I’d never dealt with anything like this before, I agreed. (Hint: Never do this.)

I remember, clearly, sitting out on my front deck, crossing out line after line, scene after scene, and finally realizing it simply couldn’t be done. As I realized that, my agent called. Pretty steamed. Dailey’s agent had contacted her, very excited. Dailey’s publisher wanted to go back to press on the book, so could I hurry it up?

Jesus Christ.

My agent, the magnificent Amy Berkower and I had quite a conversation about the sheer arrogance, the utter insensitivity or sense of responsibility. Decision? A big, fat no, and you’re going to pull the book. Period.

…and I was done playing nice.

She hired a lawyer. I hired a lawyer. At one point through this process, her people pressed me and mine to allow Janet to call me, to explain and apologize. I didn’t want this, but I finally agreed.

This turned out, as it happened, to be the right choice.

I won’t go through the conversation except to say, through a lot of tears, she swore to me it had only been that one time. She’d been in such a bad place, just that ONE TIME. Her excuses, her (I thought) contrition made me cry.

But when I got off the phone, I went to another of her books as my agent and I had decided I would read her stuff, in case we found more. Five minutes–I swear to God, five minutes after she’d tearfully sworn to me it had only been that one time, I found the second time in the second book.

And that’s when the full rage rose. She’d lied to me, manipulated my emotions, and I was done playing nice.

We found more, quite a bit more in quite a few books over a span of publishing years. My lawyer called her a serial plagiarist.

The lawyers did their lawyer thing, and Dailey and I both agreed not to go public, at least until we had some sort of resolution. I kept that agreement. She didn’t.

She went to the press with her sad story of emotional trauma she didn’t know she had, how her dog died (I’m not kidding on that), how she did it all without knowing she did it. And she went to the press when I was in Florida, speaking to the Friends of the Library on the eve of the RWA annual conference.

I want to say I got a lot of support from the RWA board, from a lot of fellow writers. But there were many who took her side. She was an icon! Why couldn’t I just be quiet? I should be flattered, I was being a bully. I should just forgive her and move on. (My ass!)

A lot of the press had a great time making jokes about it, denigrating the genre at large, its writers, its readers.

It was a brutal experience from the minute I read that message board until the end, two ugly years later. I stuck, because if I don’t stand for my work, who will? And I won. Then I donated every penny of the settlement to select literacy organizations.

It was never about the bloody money.

That was then. Obviously, I’m not over it. You don’t get over it, you get through it.

Since then, I’ve had a couple more less public and ugly cases which we dealt with firmly and quickly. Because I’ll never play nice with a plagiarist again.

That leads to now.

…it’s always a reader, and bless you every one

A few days ago, Laura had to contact me to let me know my name and a couple of my books were listed as plagiarized in a long list of writers and books.

Twitter exploded (I’m not on Twitter, but I felt the aftershocks). There’s now a hashtag–#CopyPasteCris that follows the ever-growing nightmare. Over two dozen authors, about three dozen books–so far. One of the other victims let me know this morning that she found a line from Whiskey Beach woven in to HER love scene in this woman’s frankenbook. That makes four of mine, so far.

Courtney didn’t waste time playing nice, which gets a solid fist bump from me. She went public, straight off. She stood straight up for her work, and for the other authors involved.

In the usual plagiarism bingo, Serruya jumped on Twitter to deny. She would never!!! But again, so blatant, so egregious, that couldn’t hold.

Here’s where it takes an interesting turn. She then claimed the ghostwriters (note the plural) she’d hired on Fiverr (which I’d never heard of until this) had done this! Shame, shame on them, and she’d fix it asap.

She fixed it by doing a vanishing act. Twitter account down, Facebook page down, website down.

Two of her ghosts–independently–contacted Courtney. And both stated, again independently, Serruya sent them a mishmash of scenes, lines then told them to make it work. And apparently stiffed them afterward.

So this plagiarist lifted lines, bits, chunks big and small, from a slew of authors and books, mashed them together then hired ghosts off a cheap labor site to cobble them into a book.

This was her MO.

She did this for–I think my information is–29 books, put them up on Amazon, used Kindle Unlimited for some. KU pays by the page read. The freaking page read.

This culture, this ugly underbelly of legitimate self-publishing is all about content. More, more, more, fast, fast, fast. Because that’s how it pays. Amazon’s–imo–deeply flawed system incentivizes the fast and more. It doesn’t have to be good, doesn’t have to be yours–as I’m learning hiring ghosts is not really rare. Those who live and work in this underbelly don’t care about the work, the creativity, the talent and effort and time it takes to craft a story. Just the money, and what they must see as bragging rights. I’m a published writer they claim–even if they didn’t write a damn word.

If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it.

Nora Roberts

They disgust me. Please note, I’m not talking about all writers who use KU, but the ones who use it to steal and deceive for profit.

I personally don’t believe fiction writers should use ghosts. Celebrity auto-biographies and such, that’s the job. If a fiction writer uses a ghost to help flesh out a book, or hires a book doctor to whip a book into shape, I strongly believe that person should be acknowledged–on the book.

The reader deserves honesty. The reader’s entitled to know she’s buying the author’s–the one whose name’s on the book–work, not somebody that writer hired for speed or convenience. And I’ll state here as I have before. If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it.

I do not, never have, never will comprehend how someone can feel any pride claiming a book they didn’t write.

Some will point to Nancy Drew and its like. Different kettle in my eyes. That’s work for hire, book packaging. And a great way for a ghost to make a living writing fiction. Everyone knows (or should) that V.C. Andrews is long dead and therefore no longer writing.

The late great Robert Parker’s books list the name of the authors who write the current books on the front cover. There’s no deception.

But the bigger point is ghostwriters, honest, hard-working ones can be used by the scammer without knowing. The writer just trying to pay the bills by ghosting can be used this way. Honest, hard-working writers who self-publish are being stolen from, demoralized, hammered down by practices like book stuffing, buying reviews, piracy and outright plagiarism that’s become too common on Amazon.

A creature like Serruyo can have a decent run, make some money–make some best-seller lists–before she (or he, or they, who knows?) is found out. And the pain, the scars, the emotional turmoil this causes to the victims of plagiarism never ends.

Serruyo won’t be the only one using that underbelly, exploiting the lack of real guardrails on Amazon and other sites for a few bucks.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this, all of this. I’m not nearly done. Because the culture that fosters this ugly behavior has to be pulled out into the light and burned to cinders. Then we’re going to salt the freaking earth.

If we determine Serruya’s theft of my work reaches the bar of infringement, I will sue. I can afford to while many of her victims can’t. If it’s determined it doesn’t quite reach that bar, I will support every one of my fellow authors she harmed. And I’ll use every resource I can to speak out, to help pull these practices, this bastardization of the craft, into the light.

As readers, you deserve better than spending your time and money on a book that turns out to be a lie. As writers we deserve to have our work respected and protected.

Here’s a warning for anyone who’s stolen any of my work and claimed it as his/her own. I’m coming for you.


Laura Notes:
I was just getting to know Nora in 1997 and wasn’t her publicist then but I know that the timing of this was deliberate and cruel — it was the week Nora was honored with RWA’s Lifetime Achievement award, a week in which the honoree is feted the entire conference. So the revelation completely undermined anything good about that week.

If you ever see something that makes you uncomfortable about another person’s work compared to Nora’s email me at and I will look into it.

Edited May 23, 2019

278 thoughts on “Plagiarism, Then and Now”

  1. Good for you! Justifiable rage — writing is like blood-letting. Each word is a droplet of blood and to let any vampire plagiarist suck it for free is an abomination. Proud to read this and glad you are standing up not just for yourself, but for other writers as well!

    1. I’m a huge fan, and can say with sincere love of Nora Roberts books that I have purchased every single book she has written…I do not read electronic books…I buy paper copies of her books. For someone to steal her work is the lowest of lows, and I deplore this…I have to say, I have never liked Janet Dailey, and am glad her first bit of dreck I read disgusted me, and have not read or purchased her since… I find that Nora’s books are always fresh, even tho they are of romantic genre…I have read and reread every book I own, and will continue to do so until they fall apart, then I will purchase a new copy.
      Don’t let those thieves steal your work…kick butt and take names…

      1. Nora- I love your books. And count the days until each one comes out.
        I would love to have the talent of writing but I do not, but enjoy reading a great story and can appreciate the hard work you put into each book.
        Protect your work! It is yours and you have have the right! 100% behind you and am sorry that you and other writers go through this.
        Leanne Struck

      2. I used to read Janet Dailey ma ny, many years ago but got sick of her writing… now I know why it didn’t read well! It was stolen work and couldn’t be fit into the stories well. I’m absolutely disgusted by Janet Dailey any other author that steals from another. It’s a betrayal of the reader and the author whose work was plagiarized… and in dal terms plagerism is theft, pure stealing… I do not want to support that kind of pathetic wrongdoing. Thank you to Nora Roberts for standing up for her work and the support she’s offering other victim authors.

      3. I agree about Dailey. I remember when she was going to to set her Harlequin novels in each of the states and I thought so what! I am a Recency addict. I have a Kindle and read a lot of freebies and 99¢ books. But I always pre-order my favorite authors’ new releases. There are at least 6 and I discovered Kelly Bowen a few years ago. Nothing pleases me more than starting a new book by a favorite author!

  2. Nora, I’m so glad you aren’t sweeping this under the rug. These ‘authors’ are in reality….thieves. I don’t know if plagiarism carries a criminal penalty. It should. Theft is theft. But, if it doesn’t I hope financial devastation will be levied. It’s the least someone deserves.

    And, I have to add, I saw a few glimpses of Eve in that post! Loved it!

    1. I remember hearing about Janet Dailey plagiarizing Nora Roberts. I had been reading her books but after that, I have never picked up a book with her name on it. It’s lazy and uncreative on those who steal and it is stealing the thoughts, emotions and the creative process of authors who weave stories.

      1. I never liked her style of writing and who’d the diva now! I read one of her books and no more I remember the story and it didn’t surprise me…

      2. I was exactly the same, I used to read some of. Janets books and after the reports of plagerizm, I never read any of her books again. And I made sure to let friends and family know as well, so they didn’t read her books again either.

      3. I never have read Dailey after hearing that back when it all came out. I also got rid of all the books I owned by her. Writing is hard. Stealing the authors work is unforgivable.

        1. I did the same carol and threw the ones I had out when I usually donate to library or senior buildings. Haven’t read a Daily book since

      4. I must admit I never heard about it….but I too was also Janet Daily fan….in the 80’s. By the late 80’s books published under that particular publishing house no longer interested me….the stories of authors like Nora Roberts were much more engaging

      5. I remember that at the time I had really enjoyed her books but that stopped for me I haven’t read her since, but Nora is so different I read her books and can reread and reread they are new and great each time around. I guess it is true you only steal from the best.

        1. I am the same way. I have several favorites of NR’s that I can read and read and read and still get lost in the story. The idea of stealing someone else’s ideas (thoughts that come from the soul) will never sit right with me. Too many people do not understand how it’s intellectual dishonesty or why it’s even a big deal. As an ELA teacher, I’d like to use this as an eye opener for kids who plagiarize on papers. “It’s not a big deal,” they say. You’re damn right it is. Did you have that idea? How can I score your “ideas and content” when it’s teally someone else’s? Please continue to do what you do best, and know that there’s lots of us that are fired up for you.

        2. Totally agree. Nora Roberts books stand up to being read over and over. “Tribute “ and “Whiskey Beach “ are like comfort food on my book shelf.

      6. I did the same. I couldn’t feel the same about her books after that.

          1. I threw out Janet daily’s book ,I was so disgusted she stole Nora Roberts work ,will never read her .glad to see you standing up for your work and other authors .

      7. I agree. I was HORRIFIED by Janet Dailey’s plagiarism. I cannot imagine stealing another writer’s words!

      8. Thank you so much Nora Roberts and Laura! Nora writes fantastic books and should stand up for herself! I own all of the In Death series except Connections and Vendetta and every one of them was bought with my own money. It is sick that people steal other people’s hard work. If you have to steal you don’t need to have it. Go Nora!

  3. Wow! I don’t even know what to say other than I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I read many of the KU books as it’s a good way to try an author before investing money if you find the writing isn’t to your taste. I had no idea there was such a flawed system behind it. I feel pretty sure the authors I’ve found to enjoy from KU are legit, but now I will certainly be more selective and do my best to vet the authors also.
    Good luck in your fight, and never let anyone try and stop you from standing up for your work!

    1. The book stuffers are pretty obvious. Big spaces a d lots of them throughout the work to make the book(s) huge.

  4. How callous can people be in doing this sort of writing…don’t they know that famous/noted and very wonderful writers have loads of readers who will notice things like this….I do believe that’s why I don’t read too many other authors for fear of finding out that one of them has plagiarized Nora’s books…Kudos to you Nora for standing up to these people…..

  5. I read Courtney’s blog several days ago and I was disgusted. What happened to honor and integrity? Although, as you have so correctly explained, the lazy, ruthless act of plagiarism has been around for a long time. These “writers” need to be exposed and the rest of us need to stand together against these kinds of crimes. Thank you for your support of those of us who don’t have the voice or the reach you do.

  6. I don’t even know what to say. This hurts my heart 🙁 Bless you Nora and Laura for fighting for what’s right – not just for you, but others that are involved also.

  7. Nora, this would feel rather like having your child kidnapped and dismembered. I can only support by voice, having no extra funds to send to help all the authors but support you all I do.

    1. I’ve loved Nora’s writing for years. Her characters and stories have inspired me to write my own stories. I’ve learned so much about how to craft a book, a series- just reading her books. Now I absolutely adore her v

  8. Oh wow so sorry you have to go through this that’s just crazy I love Nora Roberts books and have never found another Author that can compare to her writing style.

  9. This whole situation is infuriating, and I have so much admiration for you and Courtney for standing up for yourselves and the other authors who have been plagiarized. And I agree that those who scam the indie publishing system — and those who are turning a blind eye because they’re also profiting — should absolutely be dragged into the light of day.

    I’m currently in the process of trying to revitalize my own publishing career by indie publishing (I still remember his kind published authors like Nora, Keller Armstrong, Kresley Cole, and Jayne Ann Krentz were to me the year I wore my first sale pin at RWA, even if my career hasn’t gone the path I hoped) so crap like this is particularly galling. Those of us who write our own fiction, who truly do drip the blood, sweat, and tears this woman actually had the nerve to claim she did when she DEDICATED one of her stolen Frankenbooks to HERSELF, do not deserve to be painted with the same ugly brush she and other scammers are. And for damned sure nobody deserves to have their work stolen by plagiarists.

    1. Hi Kasey

      we all work bloody hard to get where we are, be it small or large successes, most of us working day jobs as well as juggling families (okay, I work the day job and juggle the cats & my Mum, but there’s not much difference, let me tell you! LOL) inbetween writing. Seeing people brazenly stealing work is just so…so…ARGHHH!!!

      Yes, I’m indie published, but this kind of thing should never happen in either the indie or traditonally published world. It’s a hard market to break into and continue succeeding in, so we should be supporting each other, not ripping off each other.

      Glad to see you still writing!

    2. How peculiar. She actually dedicated her book to herself? What a putz.
      What did it say? -‘this is dedicated to me because I had the lazy ass idea to steal from incredibly talented authors, cobble their work together in a crazy quilt book and call it my own work. I will be forever grateful to my brain for giving me the idea so that we didn’t have to work hard to put forth an effort.”
      What a jerk.

  10. This make me seriously angry. Being a
    non-writer, but voracious reader of several genres, I am in awe of well written books and their authors. Reading has long been my “drug of choice*, my escape from reality, and my favorite thing. I love ALL the Nora books. These days, my attention span seems shorter, and it takes a great book to keep me wanting to read until it is done. Nora does this, Dean Koontz does this, and the Jeffries Deaver and Archer as well.

    Years ago, I was a Janet Dailey fan. I remember some books could immobilize me from cover to cover (likely Nora copies), and others not so much. I remember thinking that she wasn’t consistent, and eventually stopped reading her, but thought no more about it.

    NOW I am thinking about it, and yay you Nora, for protecting the work that has made you one of the world’s best, and I am sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully others will think twice before attempting such abject obnoxiousness (is that a word?) in future.

    1. That is exactly how I felt reading Janet Dailey books. One would be fabulous and then the next would be a hot mess. I stopped reading her and never missed it. I devour Nora’s books as soon as I can get them and they are proudly displayed on my shelves.

      1. I was shocked but then not when my sister-in-law told me of this. WHY do people think its okay to steal?? And that’s exactly what it is. Nora(jJ D Robb) are about the only books I’ve bought in a long time. I’lol read other books from the library but don/t buy.

  11. Good for you! No one should benefit from your talent but you and yours! How can people live with this? It is theft pure and simple and a crime. It should be treated as such. Amazon and their ilk should be held accountable for not vetting this so called author’s properly!

  12. My queen.

    It angers me on your behalf Kensington still publishes Janet Dailey’s books even though she was a thief and liar.

      1. Yeah, but I no longer buy her books and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Seriously, when I want to read a Nora Roberts book, I buy one with your name on it! Just sayin’

          1. I had traded in all my Janet Dailey books around the time of the plagiarism scandal broke.

            I remember her being at a sci-fi con a couple of years later and just was like, “WTF are you doing here? Trying to recover the tatters of your career?”

            I haven’t seen her at the con since, I guess she’s keeping as low a profile as she can these days.

    1. Me too! I’ve never understood how they can do that with a clear conscience.

  13. Wow.. I’ve read several Janet Dailey books years ago.. this just floors me. Good for Nora!! Kick some butt lady!!

  14. What an incrediable awknowledgment of and use of your privilege as a top tier author. To stand up for yourself, and the authors who can’t, takes more than just money. It takes confidence, kindness, and a sense of justice I admire and respect. I am so proud to be your fan and so happy to have bought so many of your (and Milan’s) books.

  15. Words are hard to come by (as you know having written all your books) and the theft of your hard work is despicable! I am so sorry for you but glad that you are fighting back hard. Way to go!

  16. Only when someone sues Amazon will they do anything about it. They are the ones responsible for allowing this to go on unchecked. Maybe claim lost earnings from them? Or Fiverr or Upwork – both places allow people to pay someone just 20 dollars to write a book for them. I’ve seen ad upon ad on these sites (I’m a freelance editor – I took myself off all these sites a coupke of years ago). People paying this pittance for people to write how to books they can earn money off – expecting fully researched detailed books. There are hundreds of sites promoting this as a way to get rich quick. How to play the system. It’s frightening.

    I’m sorry you have experienced this & even more so when there is so little recourse.

    1. This! In my opinion, Amazon has done as much harm as good to the publishing world.

      1. Amazon has done an equal amount of harm and good on everything. Sadly, we are turning into an I want it and I want it now society, which is what those thieves pray on.
        With so many books out there to choose from now, what are the odds one will get caught.
        I don’t shop around. I have an author list and I stick to it. I’m glad JD was never on it now.

    2. Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult for Amazon to implement a checking system like universities have, where work is put through an ‘originality checker’, compared to a database and highlighted if passages are the same as other material. If the system identifies plagiarism, Amazon should refuse to publish.

      1. I totally agree with you, Anne. Something Amazon and other publishers should have done from the beginning. They should definitely be held accountable.

      2. The problem with that is that there are *so many of them* that it would be almost impossible to check every book against every other one in existence. And to be fair, when something like this is reported to Amazon — even when it’s just another “author” trying to torpedo his/her supposed competition — Amazon DOES take that kind of thing seriously. They remove the book and investigate, and have zeroed out some plagiarists’ earnings, thankfully.

        The real problem are these sites for internet marketers that tout kindle publishing as an easy way to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings, just by hiring ghosts and stiffing them. Or that sell plot outlines as ‘reports’ that you can use for yourself or ghostwriters. Who almost always position themselves as expert publishers, when all they’ve done is game the system and buy half-copied books and covers. (And all of that happens. Regularly. Warriorforums has literally hundreds of “offers” for this kind of thing.)

        They also show a getrichquick-style “author” how to run other people’s books through a plagiarism checker/word changer program to avoid getting caught. It spits out babble, which is why so many of these books are so astoundingly horrible, but people do it. All. The. Time.

        I don’t know how to fix it. But for all its faults, Amazon IS trying, at least.

  17. Nora, you are my hero! Thank you for taking a stand against plagiarism! While my own humble writings haven’t been stolen, I can’t even begin to imagine how utterly violated it makes one feel. Please unlease Hell on this piece of scum.

  18. I’m glad you are saying something so that we don’t unintentionally contribute to them. I say you go girl! for that reason.

  19. I remember when I heard the news about Dailey. I felt so hurt and angry on your behalf, Nora.
    I made a vow from that point to never read a Dailey book. Further, I would buy and read every book you published.
    I admired how you respected your readers by noting new books versus reissued books; maintaining excellent standard of storytelling and being accessible to your fans.
    At times my budget strains under my vow, yet every cent has been worth it.
    Thank you for setting the example how you handle thieves!

    1. I was so upset to hear this about Dailey. I haven’t bought a Dailey book since and buy EVERY book that you have released.

  20. I remember the whole Dailey horror. I had liked her before then, & i was horrified, because nobody in the publishing world can hold a candle to you. To me, you are the best and tops. Unfortunately, when you get to the top, people will try to take advantage of you, and you are right- you can’t let them. Good luck to you- i personally am embarrassed to admit, that for the last few years, yours are the only books that I read- I just don’t have the time to fit in any more reading- so I can’t be any help to you there. I wish there was another way of saying Thank You- for all the pleasure your books bring to my life.

  21. My mom reads Dailey and is always telling me I need to read her books! Not now, not ever! As an aspiring author myself, I’m very diligent about not copying Nora, but I do let her inspire me. If it wasn’t for her story, I would have never hit the keyboard myself. Nora/J.D. is my escape when I just need to be transported out of reality for a mental vacation. It saddens me that other “authors” lack integrity because they can’t hack it creatively!

    1. You should show your mom this blog post, so hopefully she’ll understand why you’re so vehement about it.

  22. I cannot begin to imagine what this is like…to put one’s creative heart and soul into something only to find someone too lazy and shirtless to create their own has copied it! Fie and double fie on them!!!

  23. Thanks for sharing this. It’s ridiculous how people feel entitled to rip off someone’s work. I have been reading Nora’s book both in her name and as JD Robb for a very long time and I commend her for speaking out. Also, very happy that there is now an Instagram account!

    1. Nora- I love your books. And count the days until each one comes out.
      I would love to have the talent of writing but I do not, but enjoy reading a great story and can appreciate the hard work you put into each book.
      Protect your work! It is yours and you have have the right! 100% behind you and am sorry that you and other writers go through this.
      Leanne Struck

  24. Janet daley had always been a favourite of mine the i heard about the plagiarism rumours fron a writers magazine in the 90’s, i did not know it was Nora. I made the decision not to read any book of hers after, and i stuck with it. bravo for fighting for your rights

  25. This is pure, unadulterated theft!! As a long-time fan of your books, I know the quality of your work which is why I buy them, knowing I’m in for a great story, a great plot & and an overall great read. I can’t even imagine how you do it, book after book, but I’m so glad you have that gift! Thank you & give ‘em hell, Nora!!

  26. Never have I ever trusted Nora and her books more than I do now. I remember the fiasco of 1997 very well. I was outraged for Nora then, as I am now. Having been a Nora fan and champion from the very beginning of her career, I like to think I sort of “know” her, her integrity, her commitment to her fans, and her unmistakable talent. There is not another writer who has given me more joy, more wonder, more pages to read. One of my most cherished memories of my now deceased Mom was our love for Nora and her books. The way we would read and discuss them, and wait with baited breath for the next book. I have had the privilege to meet and listen to Nora talk about her books twice. Once with my beloved and much missed Mom, and once with a friend. All of the traits I admire were easily discernable on those occasions- talent, honesty, enthusiasm, and commitment to her fans- as well as to the work ethic instilled in her “by the nuns” who educated her as she is fond of disclosing. So, no,, you’ll never get by me if you plagerize Nora. And I want to know the names of those who try, because I will be interested in doing whatever I can to get the word out and stand up for Nora. I’m so sorry that Nora has to spend her all too precious time dealing with this mess. I admire her dedication to her fans and her work. Hang in there, Nora. Your fans love you and will never let you down.

  27. Very sorry for this. I remember the Janet Daily case, was glad you stood strong. So sorry you’re going through this again, however you are the perfect fearless warrior for this as you do have professional integrity and honor. So good luck with the fight. Serruya is nothing but a con woman. Hope she is dealt with in a severe manner. Thanks for all your hard, entertaining, and wonderful work.

  28. Nora I was not much of a reader until I discovered your books. I was hooked! I love how you research the subjects. As a reader I my knowledge has broadened. I had no idea this went on until I read your blog (which I really enjoy). Like so many things going on in the US today these people are out there. I have issues with trust as do many others. Who can you trust? Hang in there! Blessings to you. Keep writing those wonderful books.

  29. Betrayal such as this saddens me and sickens me. Nora – you are tougher and stronger and smarter and much better than those who plagiarize your writing. Your readers and fans have your back! I have a short list of favorite authors. Nora Roberts has topped that list for many, many years.

  30. I remember reading about Dailey stealing and have not read a word of her since, and now learning about the continued issue with plagiarism, am very glad I am very selective on who I read (Nora being top of the list). If I don’t have a new book to read, instead of spending time reading back covers of books at the store, I will pick up a book I already own and re-read it. I have had so many enjoyable occasions finding new gems or revisiting prior gems in any of the In Death books to count.

    Thank you, Nora, for being you and allow me to peak into your creativity by putting a story together that brings intense comfort, joy, and laughter to my world.

  31. I was a Janet Dailey reader back in the late 70’s early 80’s and enjoyed her books. I was shocked and angered when I read about her copying Nora’s work. It completely changed my view of Janet and I never read another book by her. Thank you Nora for standing up for your rights. You are an amazing talent and I love all of your work, under your name and the JD Robb books.

  32. I remember when the Dailey Scandal broke, and I remember how disappointed I was for Ms. Roberts. I have read lots of Nora Roberts books, and am a HUGE fan of the In Death series.
    IMHO, if you have to steal snippets, sections or scenes from another author’s work, you need to re-think your career as an author.
    Kudos, Nora. You are one classy, sassy, brassy broad!

  33. Wow….I had no idea. As I have always read about three books a month, especially since I have retired, there have been many times when I have said “wow I’ve read this before haven’t I?” Now I am realizing that I probably have read the same lines before in other books. As a reader, I feel cheated ….so I can just imagine as a writer, how cheated you and the others must feel. I agree…go get them Nora!!!!

  34. I can’t stand a thief. I’m glad you’re fighting for your work and supporting other authors fighting for theirs. I always wonder when I’m reading through Kindle about all the underlined bits of text other readers have highlighted. Like, why exactly, would you need to save that bit of descriptive prose?

    1. A lot of readers highlight their favorite lines. Some of them use it to review later and some do it for teasers or some just like to highlight.

  35. I cannot begin to express how much I admire you and how grateful I am you brought all of this up.

    The underbelly of our indie writing and publishing industry is plagued with scammers and people without an ounce moral fiber. We’ve been dealing with it for years. But in the past year, it has gotten disgustingly worse. We’ve had #CockyGate, #TiffanyGate, and now this.

    As an independently published author, we have to battle these scammers and thieves on a near daily basis. But I take comfort in knowing that I have written every word of every one of my 20+ books. The high road is always the better road to take.

    Thank you for speaking out about all of this.

  36. I’ve followed this saga since I first saw it mentioned on a message board with your answering post to clarify the subject. I remember being so disappointed that a writer I had read and admired had done this. Such an insidious attack. A personal one. But to follow up with going public when you were being honored at RWT? Devious and premeditated.
    Rant away, dear Nora, and a special thank you to Laura for having your back. There are many readers who do, too.

  37. As a lifetime reader, an long time fan, I am appalled and horrified that this type of thing happens. I am so very sorry to learn of it, and absolutely support going after anyone stealing and copying and passing off as their own. Not cool and not ok.

  38. As a self-published author (although I do have an agent and publisher for my audio books), I whole-heartedly agree with laying much of the blame for black-hat practices in publishing on Amazon. They could clean up many of the problems, but refuse to even acknowledge them. And when the black hats are collectively raking in millions a year, there is no incentive for them to get religion.

  39. Thank you, Nora. For saying all the things that needed to be said.

  40. Wow! Thanks for fighting for yourself and us indie authors who couldn’t afford the consult let alone hire a lawyer. Go get ’em.
    (writes as C. F. Francis).

  41. I’m a little author in the big indie sea, but I’m encouraged with the strong stance you, along with everyone else, is taking to expose some of the rot that seems to infiltrate this industry.
    The serious writers, who work their asses off often alongside regular day jobs—so they can wrangle words to paper, pay out of pocket for editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, book promoters, advertising, in order to put out the best possible product—get drowned out by the savvy cheaters who make it virtually impossible to get a foot aground by legitimate means.
    So thank you, it helps to feel less like a David trying to stand up to Goliath when the big sisters rise up!

    1. This! So much this. I agonize over every plot point, question my character development, and in general try to put out the best work I can. (All while holding down a full time job.)

      And then I read in writing groups of people churning out 25-30 books a year, making six figure incomes, and I know as well as they do that at best it’s unedited and stuffed. At worst, it’s plagiarized. And no matter what, it destroys reader confidence and lowers our entire genre.

      There doesn’t seem to be any recourse because, as another commenter said, as long as Amazon makes their money off it, there’s no incentive to improve practices.

      But reading the words, “I’m not nearly done. Because the culture that fosters this ugly behavior has to be pulled out into the light and burned to cinders. Then we’re going to salt the freaking earth.” makes me want to stand up and cheer.

  42. I love that Ms. Roberts is so strong…and had that strength to stand up for her work and herself. I hope she can feel the support from anyone and everyone and I am thankful she stands firmly behind other authors, offering her support. Stay strong!

  43. Thank you for having our backs. As a little known, self-published author, I, too, have had ideas and words stolen. I could do nothing about it because I’m financially not in a position to do so. I thank you so much for what you just wrote, and for always, always being honest and forthright in what you do. Those of us who value the words we string together into sentences and books will survive this. If I can help, just ask.

  44. I loved reading this. Thank you for standing up, and for using your voice and your influence to combat this. You’re amazing.

  45. Dear Nora-

    Your current fans support you and are ever-vigilant to help find those who dare to copy your amazing work, so that your future fans will not be so deceived by other copycat “writers.” Technology has provided many great things, but alas, also makes copying and publishing too easy, to the detriment of those who want to believe that what they see is validly written. Thank you for fighting the fight. We support you!

    Ps: I have been a fan of you since the 90s, just before the scandal. When I see Janet Dailey books at thrift stores and free exchange shelves, I grab them, bring them home, and systematically destroy them. The less of her work floating around, the better. I also regularly use that situation as an example when I am teaching my students about plagiarism.

  46. When a friend of mine first asked if I’d seen the stuff on Twitter about #CopyPasteCris I hadn’t, but headed there to find out what it was about. An author I follow there had retweeted a tweet with a list of the books/authors that had been plagiarized (that they knew of to that point), and I saw Nora’s name on the list, it had two of her books at that point.
    My first thought was that this woman was in for it now (I did already know about the Janet Dailey plagiarism, and as someone who’d read her books had been very…disappointed to find out she’d resorted to such a despicable thing).

    My response on Twitter (and what I saw others saying too) was support these authors who had been plagiarized, by buying/reading their books. My TBR list has just grown.

  47. Amazon has the power to check every single submitted work for plagarism. They can do it. They just choose not to.

    If we can force them to enact such a simple tactic we could save so many honest, hard working indies.

  48. I heard about Janet Dailey plagiarizing Nora Roberts years ago. I was a reader of Janet Dailey years ago. I will and have not picked up one of her books. It’s stealing. Stealing the creative process, the way she weaves the story. The plagerizer is lazy and not able to create.

  49. I was telling my husband about this and he was baffled to why if an author uses a ghostwriter then why isn’t that ghostwriter’s name also on the cover. It was deceitful in his opinion.

    This whole thing, like other things before it, really shake me. I’m a tiny self-pubbed author trying to entertain people and people scamming the system make it impossible for me to reach even a handful of people.

  50. Right on, Nora. I read your books because I love your stories and style of writing. I also love your books because I know, you, and only you, write them.
    Integrity is certainly in short supply these days. Good to know you are willing to fight for what is right.

  51. Nora,

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this!!! I remember how shocked I was by what Janet Dailey did, and I’ve never read another book by her.

    Your writing is so distinctive. Sometimes I just stopped reading and reread several paragraphs just to admire how you’ve written them.

    I know how I felt when another author used some deceptive practices with my books, (although not plagiarism.) I want to save to these thieves, “If you want to be a writer, write your own damn books. Think up your own plots, write in your own voice, and (if you’re indie published) don’t steal others’ covers.”

    Thank you for your wonderful books and your support of other authors!

  52. I remember vividly when this happened the first go round. I am soo sorry that this is happening again. It really is sad the way the world has changed. All this technology — but it makes me long for the good ol days. I don’t understand those who take (your written work, money {hacking into accounts}, whatever) and take and take something that IS NOT THEIRS. Folks want the easy way and will take it however they will.
    Hang in there Nora. We’ve got your back. Always have, always will. You need moral support, you pop on and we’ll be here for you to raise you up for the next round.
    A fan that’s been there since the beginning and not going anywhere — EVER. You can take that to the bank.

  53. “Here’s a warning for anyone who’s stolen any of my work and claimed it as his/her own. I’m coming for you.”

    I love this so dang much!

    Thank you, Nora, for every one of your wonderful books, for being a gutsy, straight-shooting woman, and for always speaking your mind.

  54. ? This truly sickens me. I’m a self-published author struggling to get my novels seen. To know there are people out there making money off plagiarizing the work of bestselling authors is appalling. It’s so hard trying to make a go of a novel writing career with so much competition out there, never mind competing with liars and thiefs.
    I don’t know what I can do to help as a lowly writer with an even lower budget, but if there’s anything, please let me know. It sounds like some sort of plagiarism enforcement team needs to be established.

  55. I am sorry that this happened to you. People always say they want more every year from JD Robb or Nora Roberts. I sometimea think those people dont realize the blood, sweat, tears and emotions that go into every one of your books. I am proud that you are willing to fight for what is right and fair not only for yourself but other writers as well. Kudos for you standing up and not willing to just sweep it under the carpet!

  56. I was once a fan of Janet Dailey’s work. When I read the book you are referring to, I had that sense of “de je vu”. I had just recently read Nora’s book and instantly thought “Wow, this seems so familiar!” When it eventually came out about Daily’s plagerism, I never purchased another of her books!! I never thought, at the time, to notify a publisher or author. But now, that would be my first thought!! Nora and other legitimate authors deserve some protection against these unscrupulous people. You all work so hard and are such brilliant storytellers, I can’t imagine the anger and hurt this causes!! Give ‘em hell, Nora!!!!

  57. As an independent author who started my own press to publish independently and to help other authors publish, I am infuriated on your behalf and on the behalf of all of the authors out there who are getting so taken advantage of my this system. I applauding that you’re stepping in – knowing that your voice will be heard. God bless you.

  58. I was there the day you received the RWA Lifetime Achievement award. I was a newby little writer who had no idea what was happening. Thirty books later in a completely different genre (Christian fiction), I can say that you have been and continue to be a role model for writers. Also, as a college professor, I know there are tools to catch plagiarism so why aren’t publishers/Amazon using those tools? The answer, I’m afraid, is that they’re more interested in the $$ thy can make than in the integrity of what they produce. Thanks for the blog.

  59. I’ve been in publishing off and on for 35+ years and hate that plagiarism and pirating happen so much. It’s just bloody unfair to the real authors and artists. Like a form of abuse really. Even when you spend the time, energy, and money to fight back, it doesn’t seem like justice is really done. The entire process feels insipid. I’m sorry you have to experience this sort of craziness.

  60. I remember thinking at the time, how stupid it was for Dailey to steal from an author who’s read by millions. Did she really believe no one would catch it? I didn’t know about the rest of the details until now, and I am even more glad that I haven’t read a single word of hers since then. I’m proud of you, for standing up for the other writers who don’t have the resources to go after these people, bringing their practices out into the light of day. Thank you, for trusting your readers to understand and appreciate your hard work, as an author and an advocate.

  61. I’m so sorry you got burned again by another plagiarist. But, thank you so much, Nora. As a long-time trad author turned indie, I see authors on both sides of the fence getting hurt by this sort of scammer-hell. Thank you for caring about the author community, as well.

  62. Hi Nora! Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s a heartbreaking thing to realize someone has stolen your work, and then to realize you have no one in your corner… Kudos for standing up for your craft and your profession.

    I do have one little nitty pick. Book doctors, who “whip a book into shape.” I consider my editors and ferociously talented posse of critique partners my book doctors. There is no shame in utilizing critique to make a book better. Yes, my wonderful crew of ladies DO absolutely whip my book into shape. And me sometimes. 🙂

    These wonderful partners in the creation of a manuscript aren’t who you’re talking about though. I feel badly for the ghost writers who inadvertently get swept up into this mess under the guise of “fixing” someone’s work.

    1. You’re not paying your critique partners to work on your book. That’s what critique groups do–the critique each other’s works. A book doctor is someone paid to fix a book that needs fixing.

      1. I do absolutely pay my editor though. She does just as much to improve my work, even though I don’t specifically ask for developmental editing very often. And as a relatively new author, developmental editing is my very bestest friend. Also, someone who can do SOMETHING with my utter lack of ability to use commas properly.

        I think it’s important to distinguish these absolutely necessary professionals from someone who, either intentionally or not, uses material created by another author.

        1. You pay her to edit and improve your work because she’s your editor. An editor isn’t a ghost, isn’t a book doctor, but an editor. I have an editor–she gets paid by my publisher, but if I were an indie writer, I would also pay a professional editor. Every writer needs an editor, every one.

          You’re talking apples and footballs.

  63. I am sorry this happened to you. It’s awful. I can’t imagine the feelings these situations give those affected. I am glad to see you and others with larger platforms helping those with smaller ones. I always fear releasing things in writing. It used to just be pirates, but now it seems we must fear some authors, too. And good on the fans for saying something!

  64. This is awesome. I don’t have much of an audience, but I’d like to reblog this by posting the first paragraph and then linking back here. I hope that’s ok?

  65. Thank you for taking such strong stand. As a newbie author (self published – every darn word is mine) it means a lot to see someone of your accomplishments standing up for the right thing, and fighting for your work. It gives those of us who are just starting out some hope that we can succeed doing things the right way. I believe in the end good writing will triumph over the crap.

  66. I am so sorry you were stolen from Nora. What an enraging thing to happen and what a brazen scam Serruya concocted.

    Thank you for bringing the whole ghostwriting problem into the light. I write M/M Romance, thrillers and fantasy. I have been very outspoken about the ‘marketers’ who have seen the romance genre as a cash cow and used KU, ghostwriters, and lists of pen names to smother the Kindle store with speed written-fast release titles.

    A few prominent names that I know are part of the underbelly and use ghosts / other disturbing tactics have tried to silence me over the past few years by making false accusations on social media and getting their huge fanbases to pile in. I am lucky that I could prove them wrong because I have seen other authors flounder and leave publishing because of such abuse.

    You are correct, the money-grabbing culture that has developed since KU was introduced is ugly. It isn’t helped by the lure of Amazon’s All-Star Bonus system where authors with the most page reads get an extra payout of up to $25,000 per month. This is the carrot on the stick for scammers. I would love to know if Serruya ever got an All-Star-Bonus. If so, that needs to go on the list of money she owes- because that was stolen from a pot that should have been distributed between thousands of authors.

    I hope you and all of the other authors sue her into a black hole.

  67. I have to say I’m saddened by this persective. Ghostwriting saved my life. It pays my bills and allows me to buy a house. I have never plagiarized a word an never would. But to categorically slam everyone who uses one or is one, is not the answer.

    1. If you read carefully, Nora doesn’t slam ghostwriters but those who don’t give credit when they use them in fiction.

      1. Yes but do ghostwriters want credit? I don’t, for my own reasons.

        I think the perspective may be damaging to ghostwriters because it’s going to be much more difficult for us to get work now that people are clamoring for more transparency.

        Great, that benefits authors, but ghostwriters get unfairly hurt, when even fiction ghostwriters do have a place. I write books for clients who don’t have the skills or who are too close to a story to do it themselves. I get paid better than I did with my traditional career, so I’m not working for peanuts. And I work collaboratively with writer to ensure their vision is achieved. Using a ghostwriter is not a crime if you do it right. This person did not. Obviously;)

        1. I understand what you’re saying. It remains my personal stand that readers deserve the transparency. That’s just my own opinion, and the way I work.

          I’m afraid the use of ghosts to game the Amazon system, simply to pump out more content is to blame–the ones who use it, the system itself.

          1. Agreed! Unfortunately because of this woman, ghostwriters are being thrown under the bus. The problem really lies with the people using them for the wrong reasons.

        2. There’s nothing to stop a ghostwriter from using an anonymous pen name to protect their privacy. A GW who writes in different genres could maintain several, actually.

          As a writer who’s good enough to get paid for it, you deserve recognition for your work. Whether you choose to accept that under your own name and publicly is then entirely up to you.

    2. You need to read it again. I specifically said some writers who ghost to pay the bills are being exploited–not that they’re exploiting. I absolutely didn’t slam everyone who uses one, but gave my opinion on using ghosts in fiction to deceive the reader or to gain points in the Amazon system.

      And nowhere did I say ghostwriters plagiarize.

  68. I have to say I’m saddened by this perspective. Ghostwriting saved my life. It pays my bills and allowed me to buy a house. I have never plagiarized a word an never would. But to categorically slam everyone who uses one or is one, is not the answer.

  69. When I first started reading, I read a lot of Janet Daily. Her books were in my price range. I advanced to the longer novels, and I heard about the plagerism. I noticed that some of her books are starting to appear again. I think I may even have one of her old pb tucked away in a closet. It’s too bad she thought she had to steal another authors work.

  70. I loved Janet Daily back in day. I had everyone of her books. When I heard about the plagiarism back then it was like no way would Janet do that. Then I read both the books again and yes Janet had done that. All 60ish of her books went in the trash. Never read another of her books and wasn’t terribly upset when she passed away.
    Nora, this new stuff is hard to swallow. Go get. And bring them down hard! Love you!

  71. Thanks for holding people like JD and this newest thief accountable. Reading a new book is a joy. Stealing a book is just that – a crime.

  72. I’m brazilian and I’m actually ashamed that a author from my country did such a crime. But the weird thing is: we have a strong community of readers and writers of romance here. And it’s like this since I can remember. And getting bigger every year with lots of books being published. But we don’t even know who is this Cristiana-whatever-her-name. Nobody reads her. I asked in our groups in Facebook, asked my friends who have been reading much before I started. We don’t know her. And we know a bunch of writers who were never published in portuguese. I wish she could go to jail for what she did. And I really hope all these authors sue her. She should be forbidden to ever publish a book again.

  73. I’m just so sorry you are going through this, please know that you are loved and supported by lots of people you don’t even know! Feel the happy hippy vibes I’m sending your way . . .

  74. It happens with everything, people stealing pictures of your hard work and claiming it as their own. This goes on in the soaping world too. They then purchase your product then turn around and advertise it as their own on somewhere like Amazon and sell it for outrageous prices. These people…all of them…make me enraged, sick and disgusted because they are thieves. And I really hate a thief!
    I’m so glad you’re going after the ones who have wronged you!!

  75. I used to read Janet Daily and had just started reading Nora back in the 90s when this happened. I stopped reading Janet when I heard about her plagiarism.

    I am a former teacher who used to read papers that were literally cut and pasted from the internet. I guess they didn’t believe I wouldn’t check!

    I’m so glad Nora stood up for herself and her work! She is my favorite writer!

  76. Nora,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve read several of Janet’s books, but I will not going forward. I appreciate you speaking out about this so we can be more aware and support those people who come by their work honestly and ethically.

  77. I am not a writer, never can claim to be. I am however a voracious reader of romance books, and it made me cry when I saw all those names on the list of people this person has taken pieces of the original writer’s soul to mish-mash a book together. until yesterday I didn’t even know who that woman was. my heart still hurts for all the authors she has picked and cut their work to make her own.

  78. You won’t recall me. I was at that RWA Conference, mostly because I was a fan way back then (I recall AOL boards…’A Day Without French Fries’, lol) and You were being honored. I was in line to have my favorite book by you signed. You made a joke about something to me, and all I could do was smile, nod and hold that book out, starstruck as meeting my Idol. I recall thinking you were exactly what my Irish Gram termed ‘A True Lady’ and after I returned home, I got the strength to leave an abusive relationship before it began on my children. They are healthy, well-adjusted adults now (who all read romance) and I still see you as a True Lady who gave me courage and strength without even knowing it. Now you’re a beacon of Hope to those of us who write our own stories even against overwhelming odds and Amazon’s practices. Thank you for that. For Standing. For showing how it should be done.

  79. I was working on a story of my own many years ago and the plot just *worked*. I was thrilled! Then I was half-way through it when I realized it was the plot to a Nora Roberts book I had read years prior. *delete* I wasn’t consciously doing it, but once the light dawned, I knew I would have to tell a different story. No questions. I’m not published and may never be, but I thank you, Nora, for using your position to help other writers.

  80. I didn’t know about it! I have always respected Janet’s work and now I was very disappointed.
    Very sad and shameful to steal the hard work of other authors.
    Publishers should cut these  fake authors out of the publishing world.
    As for the new case of plagiarism, I feel ashamed that she is Brazilian. I didn’t know the alleged author and I was shocked by the number of plagiarized authors.
    God bless you Nora, you are one of my favorites.
    Let’s all fight together for a decent and honest publishing market.

  81. I am amazed at the audacity of a person stealing another author’s words. I am equally proud of you and your response. Your readers will always support you because we love you. Your books have provided hours of enjoyment for us. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Many years ago I read a book that had several plot points almost identical to a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book that I had read a couple of years before. I wrote to Ms Phillips about it, and actually got a reply from her. She thanked me for the letter, and said she thought it was inadvertent, and not substantial enough to be concerned about. I always wondered of more went on behind the scenes afterwards.

  82. As one of the fellow authors on the list of those Serruya plagiarized, thank you for this post, and the support. I’m sorry this is happening to you (again), and to the others as well.

  83. I’m so sorry that happened, Nora. Thank you for bringing to light Amazons underbelly. Honest authors like me don’t have the influence to shine a light on this, so thank you for doing it for us.

  84. Still play Hide The Slimey when I see a Janet Daily book.
    I’m disgusted at this so called author for plagurizing other authors. Authors work hard at their craft and work hard to get published. I’ve read self published and authors starting out and admire their work and persistence. Those who take the lazy way out don’t deserve to be published.

    Hide The Slimey was a game those of us on a now defunct message board played where we would hide Janet Dailey’s books wherever we saw them in bookstores, grocery stores, Big Box Stores, as a way of showing our support for Nora. I just cover her book up with another authors.

    1. I first came to your work in 2004. Hadn’t done much with the romance genre and may have been a “book snob”, maybe. But I came to you and the message board that Teresa mentioned through your In Death series and ended up reading everything you have done. Never read JD and was shocked when I learned about her deceit. During my volunteer work I used to “Hide The Slimy” whenever one of her books was donated.

      Add my thanks for your dedication to righting these gross wrongs. I’m avoiding Amazon for reading purchases on any platform. It’s not much, but it’s all I can do to support your effort to stop the criminals. Go get ‘em Nora.

  85. I was so angry on your behalf when this came out! My first book was published that year and the very idea that someone would do this infuriated me no end. Mine have been pirated since bur I couldn’t afford to do anything about it. Good for you for doing it, Nora. Go get ’em! I have never & will never buy anything with Dailey’s name on it.

  86. Most RW’s are voracious readers and sometimes twist story lines to their own creation. But to purposely copy words, or conversation, without permission, is reprehensible. In some ways your work, Nora, can stimulate great ideas. It’s just too bad that dishonesty can be overlooked and dismissed as “anything goes as long as the goal is reached” type of attitude for some people. Keep up the good work, enjoy your stories, from one of your biggest fans who has been reading your books since you started.

  87. Rage on! I’m so grateful for your strength. You show the rest of us how it should be done.

  88. I was off in Japan and never heard until now about the plagiarism from Dailey. I am horribly disappointed that a writer would try to pass another work of as their own and will certainly scrub my collection this evening. As someone whose work has been stolen (not a writer, but an engineer), I feel you’r pain. Stay strong and keep fighting against those who steal. I will certainly keep reading NR and JDR books!

  89. I hadn’t heard of this before because in 1997 I was raising 4 babies and had little time to read. This is just horrific and I’m so glad you are standing for yourself and others. You write the best and I love everything you do.

  90. I love the JD Robb series, which I was first introduced to when I did freelance proofreading. It’s hard to believe that someone would be stupid enough to plagiarize a well-known author. It’s easier for them to get away with this with self-published authors because even if we copyright out books through the Lib of Congress, it’s an expensive battle to go up against someone who steals our work. It warms my heart that Nora says she’ll support those authors, too, who have been affected in this particular situation.

    By the way, it’s so nice to have someone of Nora’s status NOT bash all self-published work. Many, many of us put in a lot of effort from writing our books, to designing, marketing, and every other aspect of the craft. For various reasons of our own, we choose this method over traditional publishing. That doesn’t make our work any less legitimate or rewarding to readers.

  91. The idiocy of someone plagiarizing YOU, of ALL people, has me shaking my head in utter disbelief. Those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it, as the saying goes.

    Thank you for everything you’ve said here. I agree with every word about the scamming of KU, the abuse of ghostwriters and the need to make sure these abhorrent practices are stamped out. It’s good to know the honest ‘little guys’ in self-publishing have your support.

  92. My friend who’s a writer has been going through plagiarizing hell for the past year. Every attorney tells her there’s nothing she can do about it and now, the (well known) author who blatantly plagiarized her work is stalking her online to try and intimidate her…she feels helpless and beyond heartbroken .

  93. Good luck with your fight Nora. I hope you win quickly, decisively and completely.

    I have read your books since I was 14 years old (1984) and was allowed to use the adult section of the library. I think it took me a month or two to find your books and since then I have read everything you’ve written, and I am grateful for all of it. It has made my life better. Given me hours of enjoyment. Thank you for all your hard work.

    I am very sorry you are going through this again. I knew about the other plagiarist (1997) ( note I’m not using her name or calling her a writer) after the fact but didn’t know the details you described above. I just deleted her from my occasional reading list.

    What strikes me is the sheer brass neck of the individuals, then and now! The lack of shame and remorse are remarkable. Maybe you have to be that kind of person to steal someone else’s work.

    Maybe the humiliation of being outed as a fraud and a plagiarist is Karma.

    I can’t do much to help with your fight but I will be writing to Amazon asking what they are going to do in light of this scandal.

    Good luck

  94. I am so glad you and other authors are fighting and bringing it into the light. I used to read Dailey and when I heard about her plagiarizing you I never read her again and got rid of all her books. Such a disgraceful thing to do. And then lie about it!!! How does she look at herself in a mirror!! Although with more than one face she may mot need one!
    Keep up the good work. I love your books so much! they bring me such joy and I love the characters…they are real people to me!

  95. I am sorry people suck and they come after your work. Thank you for keeping up the fight.

  96. I read a TON of books. A LOT of them have a similiar premise, due to the types of books that I read. A lot of the books I read are from Kindle Unlimited. I eagerly await each new book from the authors I most read, and always wish they could spit them out faster then they do.

    I have yet to come across any actual plagarism . Thank goodness. I can’t imagine what I would feel if I did. I know I would most definatly reach out in anyway that I could to alert the authors.

    I applaud you for standing up for whats right. It’s not always easy to stick to your guns.

    This is why I read and don’t write. I don’t have “people living in my head” begging for their stories to be told.

    Everyone who truely writes has a gift that amazes me. I appreciate everyone of you.

  97. Just curious. As a medical editor, I am familiar with software programs that are quickly able to detect plagiarism in scientific manuscripts. Can the same algorithm be used for other types of manuscripts, including fiction?

  98. It’s happening wholesale. I’ve listed some of the signs below (and please note that none of these or even all together is not proof. They are just signs to look for, and then you can dig deeper). I was kept off the top spot in the Amazon Regency list last year by one of these fake authors, and I didn’t buy her book, because what if she’d copied mine to get there? That would have broken my heart. I did my due diligence and I’m 80% certain she did this.
    individuals can buy books from sites like Fiverr, or private boards and networks on Facebook and elsewhere. They then put their name on it, and buy reviews to bring the book up on lists. Some will employ click-farms to automatically page through the books and get (by which I mean steal) KU payments.
    This is also done by groups of people, who slam a book together by using cut-up bits and/or a synonimiser, pop a cover on it and put it up.
    Here’s what to look for, but note, this doesn’t make the author a fake author. You’ve got to dig deeper and make sure of your facts before you accuse her. When you accuse them, usually the author and books disappear, and there’s no way you can contact them. You can contact Amazon to complain, and Amazon will stop them getting any more payments for your work, but what’s done is done.
    If you see at least 3 of these traits, then you might want to look a bit harder:
    1. An alliterative name (Lord knows why, but a lot of them do that).
    2. Only on Amazon, and enrolled in KU.
    3. Romance writer (because I haven’t looked at other genres).
    4. Single woman on cover, taken from a stock site, for historical romance they use a woman in a wedding dress and then colour it. Very often with garish colours to attract the attention.
    5. The book is permanently 99 cents.
    6. No photo of the author, or one taken from a stock photo site.
    7. Hundreds of 5 star reviews, with a bunch of 1 and 2 stars which say the book is badly edited, inconsistent, poor grammar etc. When a poor review is put up, they usually buy some more to keep it off the top.
    8. Somebody you’ve never heard of, or met, but is, or claims to be, a USA Today best seller. She never goes to conventions, she isn’t a member of a professional organisation like the RWA, RNA or Ninc.
    9. Recently they’ve started doing very basic websites, usually on Wix (presumably because it’s free and fast). But they do have the same pattern. The individuals who buy their books in will take a bit more care, but the groups will not.

    Oh yes, and you look at the excerpt, then at the 5 star reviews and wonder if they were reading the same book!

    If Amazon would really do something about this, instead of paying lip-service to it and insisting on dealing with them on a case-by-case basis, a lot of the problem would disappear. But they are the internet’s pile-em-high-and-sell-them-fast-and-cheap merchants. As long as they’re making money, they’re not really bothered, and it would take somebody much bigger and with more resources than I have to take them on.

    1. Great advice. I did not know what KU was and will be more observant about who and what I’m buying. I love to read and have 1000+ books on my Kindle. I’m also going to see if anyone is keeping a list of the names of these plagiarists so that I can avoid them (since Amazon won’t do anything about them).

  99. My jaw was on the floor back then and it is again now. What is the matter with these creatures?! Jesus h.

  100. How I was unaware of Janet Dailey’s theft of Ms Robert’s work I simply don’t know. As an avid reader I feel great betrayal by Dailey’s actions. I spent hard earned money to purchase her books. Money I scrimped & saved from our family’s grocery budget was used.

    Ms Robert’s I’m so sorry I ever spent that money on words that were stolen from you. Your creativity, heart & soul is so deeply imbedded in your work I can not imagine the depth of pain you felt over this theft. Thank you for standing up for your works of art then and now.

  101. I am very sorry this happened to you. I started reading your work when I was a teenager. You are one of my favorite authors, you were one of my Moms too. (She passed two years ago,) I will admit I and my Mom read and like Janet Daily, I had not heard she stole from you. It makes sense though, we love your work, so if she stole it we would like hers. I am glad you go after the people who do this. I don’t write to publish, but I have written poems, and things for love ones. If my stuff that I put my heart into was taken and someone else claimed them, I would be furious!

  102. As a reader and a writer, I find you an ongoing inspiration. Thank you. I hope you know how many people have your back.

  103. Ms. Roberts, I was around RWA then and remember the fallout. You were a class act then, just as you are now, deserving of our respect and affection.
    Thank you for standing up for all of us.

  104. I can’t help you or Laura as I have been reading less and less. In part because I feel happy and comfortable with the people and places I met through your books and other is due to knowing I will loose sigh so I don’t want to acelerate the proccess by taxing the eyes with more reading. I feel blessed when my husband – who I introduced to Nora books – reads a book and when I ask how does he like it and says “good. not a Nora but good” 😀
    It makes my heart rejoice for the day I went to that medical appointement and bought my first book from you ❤️
    I assume my ignorance and I can’t really grasp the sense of what you describe. And you cite one of my “pals” – Abra – and now I will go bed – it’s late here – wondering how you can steal just one scene of her and make a book make sense.

  105. Thank you so much for taking a stand on this when so many smaller authors cannot. I’ve been a fan of your work as a reader, and as a new author, I look up to you. This is so well stated and describes many of my own thoughts. Also, thank you for not demeaning self-publishers when so many do, despite this not being exclusively an Indie problem. I suppose the fact that Janet Dailey is still published shows that well enough. 🙁

    This May, it will be three years since my first book was published. In that time, it has gotten markedly more difficult to make lists or even to get noticed. Now, the ranks are full of blatant book stuffing and rapidly released books filled with errors that “somehow” have hundreds of 5 star reviews. Discussing the problem means you’re jealous, aren’t supportive, are bullying, etc. All the publishing advice is for rapid release, and it’s easy for the average author to fall into despair.

    I have no problem with honest ghostwriters, and I think it’s cool that some people can truly write quickly. But the amount of pressure so many of us are under in part because of book mills, scammers, and faux writers flooding the market is just insane. As a reader, I find myself avoiding contemporary romance in particular because I don’t want to get fooled. It’s a big problem for everyone, and I’m so grateful that you brought it up. Now, if only people can discuss it civilly and find real solutions!

  106. Your fans share your outrage! You are doing the right thing – let those authors bear the full weight of the law in terms of monetary damages.

    Please do share with us the names of these authors so we avoid them.

    Currently enjoying Of Blood and Bone!

  107. Thank you, Nora. As someone who’s just trying to make a living writing my own books (every word my own), I applaud all you’ve said. I’m sorry you’ve been violated in this way, yet again.

  108. I used to be a huge fan of Janet Dailey. After hearing about the plagiarism when it first went public, I haven’t open another of her novels. Never will. Done.

  109. Is there a place we can donate money or buy merchandise that can go to legal funds for these authors who have been plagiarized and cannot afford to fight it in the courts? There is nothing worse then being a victim then being told, ‘oh sorry, so sad, nothing we can do, move on with your life.’ Maybe you should print up a tee shirt or coffee mugs or anything with the slogan: ‘Hell has no fury like a romance writer plagiarized.’ I’d buy that in a second if it went to a legal defense fund for authors. This problem will never go away unless these lowlife thieves (can’t call them authors even when using ‘authors’, they are not, they are criminals) know they will be held accountable. Good luck to you and to every author who has been touched by this thief and to the many others whose hard work is stolen so some lowlife thief can make an easy buck. Maybe that tee shirt should say, ‘Hell has no fury like Nora Roberts being plagiarized.’ I’d buy ten of those!

  110. I know someone whose work was stolen. She’s David and the person who stole it is traditionally pubbed thus Goliath. The theft is a little harder to prove as it’s not “word for word,” theft, but it’s obvious – so obvious – when you see it side-by-side.

    There’s good with indie/self-pub and horrible, too. The question becomes how do we make it better? What can we do to get Amazon to a place of more responsibility? It’s the wild west out there and the sheriff, Amazon, should do a better job.

  111. As someone who has seriously considered doing this sort of work on Fiverr, thank you for your very honest and insightful take on what it can really be like.

    I’ve read (and own) every single one of your books. Your point about honesty and giving credit where it is due is so valuable.

    Thank you!

  112. I read about this on another authors blog. Ilona Andrews. Shameful! Nora, you are the best.

  113. Nora you are my all time favorite author. When I’d read what Janet was doing I topped reading her books and requested that my library remove her books. No one should claim to be the author if you haven’t actually created the story. When using ghostwriters be truthful about it.

  114. I remember some of your readers on your blog made suggestions about what you should write about in future books. I have not forgotten your response. You said if I write a book based on someone’s suggestion then it would not be my work. I thought wow, that’s integrity! Thank you for producing genuine stories. You’re the best!

  115. There’s a reason we call you La Nora. You are the gold standard for how a professional should conduct themselves in this business. Thank you for this excellent post, and for standing up for what’s right – especially when there may be those who can’t afford to. I’m deeply sorry and beyond furious on your and the other authors’ behalves, and hope that the community’s reaction to this debacle will discourage others from trying such underhanded and despicable tactics. *sigh* One can hope.

  116. Nora, thank you not only for your many amazing books, but for your honesty, integrity, and work ethic.

  117. Anny Cook Is my sister and I know she has worked hard to write all of her books. Each of them are written by her personally and anyone who claims her work is a plagiarist. I am sorry Anny !!!

  118. I just don’t understand plagiarists. I’m very saddened you have to deal with this, again. (I remember the Janet Daily plagiarism and never bought a book by her.) I don’t buy self-published works because they are so often badly edited and/or poorly written. I am leery of books that have too many out-of-context accolades or blurbssince reading an article about how some books get those accolades/blurbs. I applaud your stance. Your writing is important to you and to us, your readers. I will certainly notify you or Laura should I ever read anything that seems lifted from one of your books.

  119. Am I shocked by this? No. The world is full of crooks in every walk of life. I am I offended? Deeply. All I have to do is close my eyes, and imagine that someone has stolen all those minutes that I have painstaking carved from sleep and family and work over the last 10 years. An accumulation of minutes, hours, days, months, years to produce one work that’s not even finished yet… where in a few hours someone has taken the efforts of a lifetime I’ve put forth. The anger that arises is a killing rage. I hope your support and efforts results in nailing every one of them to the wall of shame.

  120. This has to be gut wrenching. I remember working on a terms of use statement for some graphics I created. It was not easy for me and I subjected myself to harsh criticism in order to make sure every word was technically correct. I later found it copied word for word on another artists graphics. I was so angry and it was just a two paragraph TOU! I can’t imagine what it would feel like to see someone take credit for your creative work.
    You’re awesome for taking this on, not only for yourself, but for those who might not be able to. My first novel releases March 1st and, though I doubt it’s copyworthy, it’s great to see such an example of ‘what to do if’! Thanks for being an advocate.

  121. I’m a self-pubbed author and the things I’m seeing in closed facebook groups is disgusting. So-called authors bragging about hiring ghostwriters on the cheap so they can publish fast. They brag about how much money they make and how many books they’ve published. If you didn’t write it, you aren’t an author. Period.

    Unfortunately, Amazon fuels this fire by their algorithms that bury new-releases unless they are in a series that is constantly added to and/or promoted. Thank you for standing up for your books, because you’re also standing up for other writers that may not be able to sue this thief.

    1. I always wondered how some authors could churn out books so fast. My day job is a nurse, and I write in my off-time. If I can get 4 books out a year, I’m estatic! But 3 is usually my limit nowadays (had to get some life/work.writing balance!). I would never employ a ghost writer simply to get my books out there faster. Everything I write is done by me. I refuse to trick my readers – they expect books written solely by me and that’s what they get.

      Nothing against ghost writers, but I do believe they should get some mention on the book – both for their and the readers’ benefits.

    2. There are some amazing, hard-working authors out there that write very quickly. Everyone that publishes quickly isn’t using ghostwriters. Most of them write full-time though, so writing 3-4 books a year and working a full-time job, is still a LOT. The ones I was thinking about brag openly about using those ghostwriters and insist that because they have made a few tweaks or changes to the book, they are the authors. I’d rather write slower and know that I wrote every word myself.

      1. Hi Kathleen

        oh, for sure. There are authors out there who get a lot of books out quickly and write every word themselves, and I admire them. Sorry, didn’t mean to give out the impression that all fast authors use ghostwriters or such!

        Me, I wish I could churn out books faster, but I’m slower LOL. I’m okay with that. Can’t change it while I need to work the day job!

        1. I know you didn’t mean that Angela, but after I reread what I had originally written, I wanted to say that I know there are lots of honest authors that write fast. 🙂 I think that writing 3-4 books while working full-time is still excellent!

          1. LOL – no worries, Kathleen. I re-read what I originaly wrote and it sure looked like I was maybe knocking fast authors! I just wanted to clarify that as well – that there are honest, fast-writing authors out there.

            Cripes, you should see my TBR pile, both on my Kindle and in paperback. Im always whining and wishing my fav authors could write faster LOL.

            I take my hat off to every good author, no matter how fast or slow they write. 😉

  122. As always well said, Nora.
    Everyone avoid Fiverr like the plague. They are a hot bed for thieves and they don’t care. They allow those that list work with them to steal artwork and covers and use them as their own. Sure there are some honest people trying to get work through them but they don’t even pay their workers. Their FB page is filled with hundreds of complaints by both customers and people listing work. Avoid them. Buyer beware.

  123. As someone who has ever book Nora has ever written, this sickens me! I love her books. It gives me the chance to dive into another reality. To just get away from real life. To rhino someone would take her work is unthinkable! SHame on them. I have read Janet Dayley and I can say she can’t compare to Nora! I love her work!

  124. I got my romance reading gene from my mom and we shared books all my adult life till she was gone. We both loved everything Nora does and would buy and read her as soon as a new one came out, sight unseen (I never could turn her onto J.D. though, sorry Nora!).

    Since even Goddess Nora can’t write fast enough for us readers, we were often forced to read other writers. Dailey we both read but found her inconsistent as others have said (probably bad when she wasn’t stealing) and we never got another after her plagiarism was revealed. (By her. WTF!)

    Mom was a college professor’s daughter and an English major, so plagiarizing was a big sin in her eyes. And anyone with a basic sense of fairness — say, over the age of 3 — knows stealing is wrong.

    So I commend Courtney (who really is the worst person to plagiarize, as she points out), Nora, and the others for bringing this to light.

    I’ve read Courtney for years but I fell in love with her after her in-depth coverage of the “Cocky” debacle. RWA needs her on the payroll, though I doubt she’d take the job.

    Also, no matter how I spell “plagiarism”, it doesn’t look right.

  125. Wow … I am not much up on the world of authors so some of this is a big surprise. I never knew about Dailey and her plagiarism, probably because I stopped reading her stuff when she killed off a favorite character many years ago and never went back. There is enough bad being said about the romance genre, and why we waste our time reading the nonsense, that this kind of stuff doesn’t help. Keep up the good fight and know your fans certainly believe in you and support you.

  126. Wow. Just wow. I live in the world of cybersecurity where bad guys steal identities for a living. I’m also a writer and I don’t know how I would fight back if somebody plagiarized my work, especially somebody with a multi $billion publisher behind them. But I promise I’d bust my butt to fight back. Plagiarism is stealing and it should be a crime. People found guilty should go to jail.

    Nora, I don’t know why I’m amazed you had to spend money for legal fees and fight like mad to address this stuff. But I’m glad you fought it and won. Thank you – from a guy who might even try to read a romance book after reading your blog post.

    – Greg

  127. I remember being part of an online group combing through all the Dailey books looking for Nora paragraphs. This was pre-Google! We found plenty to help Nora out, though! Thank you, Nora, for shining your great big spotlight on this. Readers need to know because Amazon isn’t as supportive of authors’ complaints as they are over readers’ (customers) unhappy experience.

  128. Thank you for sharing your story. I am in indie published author who spent many years learning and perfecting the art of writing before I ever published my first book. I have had a few small press deals, but prefer to do it myself now that I’m 6 years into my journey. I am a retired military wife and I believe in integrity. Every word on every page of every book with my name on it was written by me.
    My heart breaks for the 28 (or possibly more I’ve heard) on that list. I can’t even imagine. I spent my youth daydreaming these stories and painstakingly put those ideas to paper. My life revolves around the words I create and knowing they could be stolen scares me to death.
    My characters are everything. They fuel me. They complete me.

  129. Grateful to see Nora Roberts standing up for authors. I hope it raises the bigger issue of Kindle Unlimited becoming a magnet for rampant scamming and illegal theft.

    Over the past two years KU became a magnet for a disgusting group of blackhat internet marketers in romance. These marketers were given a huge leg up by banned scammer Chance Carter and his mastermind group into mid 2018. The copyright theft they promoted was already widely known then. The Carter group were proven thieves, ripping off images from well know photographers and an innocent couples’ engagement photos to run as Facebook ads. Finally last summer Amazon banned many of the biggest names accused of rigging page reads and using low paid ghostwriters. Chance Carter, Kira Blakely, Amy Brent, Cassandra Dee, Rye Hart, Julianna Conners and many others producing low quality mass ghostwritten content disappeared overnight.

    Now Amazon isn’t doing enough to stop these same scammers in their tracks. Many of the names I mentioned are already back under new pen names clogging KU and stealing bonuses from legitimate authors. You can easily find them by looking at “authors” who publish books every two weeks to three weeks under names that never existed before summer, 2018.

    In other cases Amazon fails to ban bigger scammers who are constantly a huge presence on the bestsellers lists. As we speak scammer RR Banks has a Top 10 book in the entire Kindle store. Banks is a blackhat internet marketer named Russ Raj. Amazon lets Russ Raj use bots to farm poorly written ghostwritten books to absurdly high ranks under his RR Banks and RS Lively pen names almost every month. They reward him with visibility and pages reads at the expense of other authors in KU. Why he was missed in the bans last year no one knows.

    It’s just one of many sad, disgusting examples of how KU rewards scammers and Upwork ghostwriter mills that publish garbage every two weeks. Meanwhile authors who put their hearts and souls into books get buried and earn less.

    This horrible situation with the plagiarist is a symptom of Amazon making KU a free for all playground for scammers. Big names like Nora Roberts stepping up to hold the thieves accountable is a step in the right direction.

  130. You are one of the very few people in the world with the profile to possibly sue Amazon for this. The author isn’t the only problem.

    It’s the lack of rules that allows a lot of hard-working people to be scammed.

    Maybe the group of you get together and go after Amazon for not having any gatekeeping whatsoever. Courtney Milan and Tessa Dare for sure have standing to sue. Huge amounts of their words were stolen.

  131. I remember when the Janet Dailey incident happened. I had read her books, but never read her after that. Kindle Unlimited keeps me in books but I try to be careful & generally just get books by authors whose books I would otherwise buy and had bought in the past. It’s a shame that a platform that can be beneficial to those of us on fixed incomes, and be used to promote plagiarism. Hopefully, this can somehow be fixed so that readers and legit authors can both benefit.

  132. Plagiarism probably happens way more often than anyone realizes as it totally depends on someone reading 2 books in a close enough time span to pick up the similarities.
    I never found this with a Nora Roberts book but back when I was a big fan of Judith McNaught, I read a book by another author that I usually enjoyed that sounded to me like entire scenes had been copied with a few words changed as well as the whole plot of the book. Anyway – my point was that I wrote about it on her fan site and wrote to Romantic Times as I had no idea how to handle the information. No one seemed to take it seriously so i let it drop. But it bugged me for ages and I never read another book by the second author. I wasn’t even the writer and I felt betrayed.

  133. I’m so happy that Nora is sticking up for those who may not be able to do so on there own. Real life heroine! ❤️

  134. I tested at a college reading comprehension level when I was in the 4th grade, and outside of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, I read dead classical authors pretty exclusively until I was in high school, so you could say I’ve always been a book snob. Until that point my biggest concession to popular fiction was Agatha Christie and Stephen King novels. Then one day, my Jr year of high school, someone gave me a copy of Dance Upon the Air and I was hooked. I still consider my self a book snob, and I can get pretty judgemental about things that are poorly written. It takes you out of the story and the moment.
    I love you Nora because you weave stories and characters together beautifully, and it never gets old or tired. People who know me see me as primarily a SciFi nerd, and are often shocked when I tell them I read Romance as a genre. Even my own husband was recently shocked by this revelation and relentlessly teases me about it. I like to point out that Romance has a rich and storied history in classical literature, and all classical literature was contemporary at one point in time. How is a well written and well told contemporary Romance any different that Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre (A personal favorite for me since the age of 10).
    I want to say good for you for standing up for yourself and your art, because that’s what it is, its art, something unique and precious created of yourself that you gift to us as readers. Stealing art is one of the worst and most selfish forms of thievery in my opinion, and I’m sorry that you have had to struggle with this, particularly from someone you knew and considered a friend.
    I would also like to say thank you for opening my snobby, book loving heart up to this wonderful world of stories that I may never have seen or experienced otherwise. The gift of storytelling is very special, and you carry it well.

  135. Yes, Nora, take no effing prisoners! Writing a book is hard work and these people deserve no quarter.

  136. I used to read Janet Dailey’s work until I heard about the plagiarizing in the 1990’s . Then I didn’t read any of her books again. A year ago I read that Dailey had passed away and I felt sorry for her but still I wouldn’t ever read her books. Nora, I think you should write a novel based on this problem using the real author’s names where you get their permission. Take care Nora and remember We know when you write the real deal!We love all of your books!

  137. Ms. Roberts,

    You are my idol. You are one of the very few Romance authors I read. I think I’ve read just about every book you’ve written and have always been blow away by your talent, creativity, and obvious hard work. Should I ever become published, it is my one wish to be as prolific and varied as you are.

    Kudos to you for standing up, not only for yourself, but fellow writers and ghost writers.

    I wish only the best for you.

  138. I am so glad that you are taking a hard line. This is unacceptable behavior and definitely needs to stop. I stopped reading Janet Dailey after that happen as well . I was disgusted by that and felt betrayed as a reader. Thank you Nora for the years of enjoyment you have given us!

  139. Years ago, I read both Johanna Lindsay and Jude Devereaux religiously. And one of them obviously plagiarized the other, right down to a “lipstick” incident in both of their respective books. I don’t recall the titles of either books, though I have them in my library and could find them if I had such an inclination. I just remembered thinking: “holy hell, I’ve read this before.” And, “wtf?” But I left it at that, thinking it a cosmic coincidence, never to recur.

    Then this week, while driving to work and listening to a Nora book I’ve read before, I mused, “She’s amazing. I’ve read simply ALL of her stuff (truly), and she NEVER repeats a love scene. She’s fresh, every stinking time. She’s flawless. She’s clever. She’s perfect.” And, the goddess bless her, she keeps it going for all of us, and she’s got it DOWN.

    She is so good, even after all the books she’s written, she doesn’t even plagiarize herself.


    Yes, that’s it. Class.

    So, dear Queen, I say to you, paraphrasing the words of the indomitable Katharine Hepburn: “Fuck ‘em.”

  140. I was a member of KU until the whole book stuffing thing started. At that point, no more. Real authors aren’t making anything while scammers were making bank. Obviously there are still issues with it. Amazon doesn’t care. I canceled and have never gone back, nor would I.
    I read a lot of books and if there’s one I’m dying to read, I wait for it to go on sale. I will not “stuff” the pockets of scammers. I think an author should not get paid one dime more than the book sells for. Too many good, honest authors are going without so they can pay the scammers. It’s a terrible program.
    I saw this plagiarism stuff on Twitter the other day. Another scandal. When will it end?
    I think indie publishing has been good for a lot of people but, unfortunately, no one is protecting them. So sad and infuriating.
    I hope you all go after this so called author, if she can be found, and make her pay.

  141. Nora,
    I know I have to be one of your biggest readers. I have every book. I am so sorry you have had your work stolen again. I remember the Dailey story all those years ago and stopped immediately reading her books. As someone who has worked hard for everything I have, I would be furious if someone stole anything from me. I don’t know anything to help but to say you are loved and admired. You have given so many of us countless hours of joy! My warmest regards!!

  142. Nora, you rock! I remember when the first item happened and I never read another Janet Daily book. That said I support you in your stand

  143. In my opinion theft is theft…no matter the shape, form, or fashion. The only way to fight it is to punish the thief. I applaud your determination to expose the guilty. To not do so only emboldens them and others.

  144. Good for you, Nora! You set an example for us all… and I cannot BELIEVE anyone would have the unutterable gall to plagiarize from you! Not to mention the sheer stupidity of it, as they’re pretty bound to be found out fast. Fans like me can recognize your touch in a heartbeat. I’ve never bought Janet’s books every since, and never will. Plagiarism is inexcusably unethical, and I’m a firm believer of voting with my feet. And good for Courtney too… no, she plays hard-ball; she was a ROCK during the cockygate fiasco.

    As a writer, I can’t even comprehend using a ghost writer.. I mean… MY stories, MY characters, MY settings… MY vision! How can someone else possibly write MY book? I just don’t get it. I also don’t see how anyone who hires ghostwriters, can claim to be a writer… they’re nothing more than an employer.

  145. Theft is violation enough, but theft of our creativity is cruel. I am also an author, and my books are my babies. To steal our words is to steal a piece of our heart, our soul. I hate this happened to you, Nora, and on behalf of authors everywhere, I think you for taking off the kid gloves and fighting back.
    I’ve been a fan of your for years, and now your stories are a little more dear to me.

  146. I ghosted for over a decade and one day a friend said to me, your name should be on whatever book you pen. I took that seriously and in 2017 quit ghostwriting.

    But I tell you, I have had people send me scripts, asking me to rewrite and I would tell them, I don’t rewrite other people’s work. It has to be my own creation or nothing at all.

  147. Wow, I had no idea. No more Janet Dailey. You are amazing Nora. I read everything of yours I can and have been since the 80s. I’ve re-read some of your Eve and Rourke books several times. You have such a wonderful gift.

  148. I also happened to read Sweet Revenge and Notorious back to back. I clearly remember returning them to the library and telling Phyllis ( librarian) that it was like reading the same book. We got the books out and I showed her the similarities. I never read another Janet Daily book after that.

  149. I am what you would call an about-average amateur author. On the story site that I post my stories to, there are both amateur and professional authors. For us, plagiarism is a common event. We find many thieves who download our stories, put their pen names on the story, add a cover, and then sell the stories on Amazon, EBay, and other book seller sites. We find these plagiarized stories on book review sites like Goodreads, they are usually responsive to reports of plagiarism. Unfortunately, sites like Amazon and EBay require the person who holds the copyright to file a compliant by filing a take down notice.

    I and my fellow authors empathize with you about what you are experiencing. If it is any help, there are software programs available that are specifically designed to find plagiarized stories. Some of my site’s professional authors use the programs to locate plagiarized copies of their stories.


  150. Reprehensible! I remember that horrible JD plagiarism scam and schemes. I never again read another one of her books. Ya know, trust issues and ugly behavior. I appreciate your using your platform yet again to do what’s right — and that’s why I’m #teamNora.
    With thanks.

  151. Nora, I’ve been waiting for your response to this ever since I heard of #CopyPrintCris and I’ve been telling friends I want to hear what Nora has to say about this. What Janet did to you was horrible. I feel it is the worst thing one writer can do to another. We work so damn hard to write our books and want them to be good ones. That’s what our readers deserve. Plagiarists don’t care about readers, or anyone else but themselves, crocodile tears and sob stories aside as that is what narcissists do. It hurts when I see this being done to other authors. Like a gut punch. You have and have always had my support and admiration. I knew when you did speak out on this, it would be two things. It would be strong and it would be true. Thank you, Nora, for everything you do.

  152. Nora I am terribly sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. I can’t imagine what you are going through or how you feel. All I can do from this side of the blog is to say that should I ever come across anything that feels familiar I will be on the computer to reach out to Laura in a heartbeat.
    You can have my full support and please keep us posted on what is going on. This has to hurt you and to know your in pain along with all other emotions is heartbreaking ???.
    Big Hugs Nora. I know that this will be a battle you fight but I have faith in you and your work and also in Justice.
    Hugs, Beth

  153. Funny I’ve never read one of her books. I’ve read most of Nora’s but never any of Janet’s books.
    Plagiarism is theft plain and simple.

  154. Great post Nora Roberts. I tried to read this yesterday and got distracted. I’m an author and I’m a teacher. Writing doesn’t pay any bills but it seems just as I’m getting close to releasing a book something like this happens and while readers are amazing it creates a distrust in the indie world and I don’t blame anyone who is then careful about who and what they purchase because I do the same thing. It’s all about the money for these people and they don’t care who it hurts. That makes me sad and angry. I try to set an example for my high school creative writing students and express to them the importance of what’s in their heads but all around them and the world are adults trying to scam the system. It doesn’t set a good message.

  155. This is all so totally incredible! I do remember when this all hit the fan years ago. I was stunned then and am totally amazed now! I didn’t read much straight romance until I started the JD Robb books not knowing at the time they were written by Nora. When I found out I did go back and read all of her books, eventually. I love them now and usually get them the day they come out! I do see a bit of Eve in how Nora wants to kick a**!

  156. I’m so angry on your behalf, and for all the other authors who’ve experienced this betrayal. I get pissed enough when I see my books on ebook pirate sites for free; I can’t imagine going through this.

    I will never understand how someone thinks s/he will get away with plagiarism, especially now that digital content allows us to check so easily. After they are exposed, these slimy thieves need to crawl back under their rocks.

    God bless the readers. You are a rockstar. Onward!

  157. Oh my gosh….kudos to you Nora for sticking up for yourself. I belong to Kindle Unlimited because I read a lot but I can honestly say I’ve started books that were so horrible I’ve quit after the first chapter. I love your books and have read most if them over the years even before when books were books!

    1. The thing with KU, is they get paid by the page read. So if you read the first chapter, they profit.

  158. Nora, I am so sorry that this is still going on! I haven’t read Janet Dailey since the plagiarism news came out 2 decades ago. Whether she’s writing herself, using a ghost writer, or still stealing from other authors, I nbn don’t care! I don’t trust her!
    My niece is a published author, not as famous as you, but well known in her genre. I know how hard it is to get bgh established, make a name for yourself, and make a living, strictly from writing. For a while, she wrote in a different style, more erotic romance I guess, to supplement her income. These she published under a non de plume, but it was still HER writing! She’s now an associate professor at a major Southern university, as well as still writing (her latest book comes out shortly).
    Whatever you need us fans to do, we will! I constantly scan other books I read for passages/scenes similar to yours. I’ve been checking against the “in Death” books as well, as they’re so very popular.

    Keep up the good fight! For yourself and other writers who are honest and trying to give your readers the best original work you can!

  159. Nora, your work is ART! Beautiful, mesmerizing, inspirational art!

    I suggest this INSPIRES you to write a novel or series related to thievery. Use your powers for good and enlighten your readers and the public.

  160. What the hell??? Why can’t people just do their own work? If they want to write then write it themselves!! If they aren’t any good then find another job, don’t steal from other authors! I enjoy your books and read them over and over. I also listen to them while at work makes the days go so much faster.

  161. Several years ago, I texted an author to see if the book I had just read was a rerelease……she texted back that no it was a first time release!!
    I know I had read the storyline before but still can’t remember where!!
    So sorry this happened to you….I read just about all your books but especially the death series!

    Sometimes the authors I really like just don’t write fast enough

  162. You express yourself so well! I don’t know where I was hiding but this is the first I knew of Janet Dailey’s theft of your books! Such a low, low thing to do to someone and so personal too.
    I will never again read a word she has written and I’ve put Serrvya on the same list. Stealing is so completely wrong, for any reason and I’m sure sorry you had to go through that…it leave such a bad taste in one’s mouth, even years after it happens.
    They say that copying is a form of flattery…not true! Not true at all. Keep on spinning your wonderful stories but Nora, also take time to enjoy life. You deserve it.

  163. One thing that bothers me with this push to publish quickly is the authors that begin to write identical books. I cannot remember the author (It was some guy), but I saw a movie. I liked the movie so much I wanted to read the book, but it was sold out. I got a different book and ordered the out of stock one (same author). Page after page, scene after scene identical with the characters changed. As a reader, I felt robbed. Since then, I stick to certain authors and feel like they each have their own distinctive styles.

  164. Romance authors aren’t the only ones. I have read books with stolen plots more than once. I try to notify the original author and then I no longer read the books of the plagiarist. I have to say that I probably read one of Janet Dailey’s books and never read her again as I didn’t like the book.

    Not all the stolen plots occur in romance. Dana Stabenow stole from the Inspector Porfiry Rasnikov (?) books. I don’t buy Dana Stabenow any more. and so on.

  165. I really believe Amazon should take some responsibility here. If they didn’t have Amazon to publish and sell, fewer would be doing this. I know with Amazon’s technological expertise, and access to every freakin’ book in the world, they could figure out a way to scan new books uploaded to them and compare to existing books to look for “copy and paste” incidents.

  166. Hang in there, Nora. Sorry this is happening…again. You are the best.

  167. As an indie author myself, I found this post so heartening and encouraging. I write slowly by nature; I like to write my first drafts by hand; I couldn’t keep up with the super-fast publishing speed urged by so-called marketing experts these days if I wanted to. I write because I love it, and because I want to share my stories with readers. And it is discouraging sometimes to see the tops of my genres’ bestseller lists clogged up with suspicious-looking titles all looking very much like each other, while I have a tough time getting off the ground with a book I worked hard and patiently on. I just want to say thank you especially for acknowledging the genuine authors in the self-publishing ranks who are hurt by these scams and scandals. Sometimes knee-jerk reactions to things like this tend to portray all self-publishers as being tarred with the same brush as the shady operators, so your support and acknowledgement of honest indies means a lot. Thank you!

  168. Great post, Nora! This is scary and awful. Thanks for letting us know. It’s terrible to think of this happening.
    (Coincidentally–just picked up one of your books at B&N today!)

  169. Atta, girl! Hit back hard! I have always been a fan, always will be. Your integrity is the gold standard by which all writers can be measured. I stopped reading Janet Dailey when the first plagiarism account was exposed years ago. Many times I have been given copies of her treachery and just as many times I’ve shredded them! Saddens me to see this happen. I’m a true ‘book in the hand’ reader. I buy every one of your books when it comes out. Your writing is a class above and therefore true readers recognize your work. Keep on doing what you do and we, your loyal fans, will remain vigilant! Thank you for all the stories this far!!

  170. I’m one of those self published authors that worked hard to hone my craft, took three years to write my first book, and two more after that. As a huge fan of yours, I had always wanted to write a trilogy, so I did, and my first book hit at the right time, and I did pretty well. Then it got stolen, and as a disabled single mom I don’t have the resources to fight back, or hire a lawyer. It’s lost to me now, Ruby Lake is gone. I gave up writing partly due to being so demoralized because Amazon doesn’t help its self published authors with such things. I’m so happy to hear you’re fighting this good fight. It’s too late for me, but I hope you clear a path for others like me to make it. Thank you, sincerely.

  171. I have been an avid reader since I was a child, suffering from summer allergies. In grade school I was lucky enough to learn speed reading and I was the kid who loved SRA reading mastery. I would make my mom join book clubs and let me use her card at the Book Mobile so I could check out double the quantity I was allowed.

    As a young teen my Grandma Fluharty handed me my first Harlequin Romance, and a few years later I discovered Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts is my favorite author, and the only books I read more than once are written by her.

    I read hundreds of books a year and a couple of times I’ve gotten a sense of deja vue when reading, I will definitely be more aware of this, and in the future make note and reach out to the publisher.

  172. Bless you, Nora, for keeping up the fight. As one of those honest, hard-working, dedicated-to-craft independent authors, I so appreciate your willingness to call out not only the obviously morally and ethically bankrupt individuals who are perpetrating the fraud, but also Amazon, for creating a system in Kindle Unlimited that not only promotes, but rewards criminal behavior.

    I released my latest (14th) novel a couple of weeks ago. In the past, my novel would land in the #1 spot on the Amazon best sellers list in the genre within days of release and stay there for weeks. Now? I am fortunate to be at #7, behind 6 Kindle Unlimited offerings from authors I’ve never heard of, all selling their “books” for between $.99 and $3.99. I refuse to participate in a corrupt system, so I must work five times as hard to reach my audience, since every “sponsored” book or “suggested” book is a Kindle Unlimited offering (Amazon bullying authors to participate in THEIR flawed model). No thank you, Amazon.

    So to have someone of your character and prestige leading the charge—well, I feel much better now. Sending you much love.

  173. This post has had alot of comments and I back everyone of them supporting Nora. Just had to add that I read somebody’s blog about this and they shared the list of known authors and their books that had been stolen from, they are keeping a running tally.
    The blog writer noticed Nora Roberts name on the list and said this,

    *Indicates newly added titles.

    When I saw “Nora Roberts” my first thought was, “Everybody, get underground NOW.”

    This tickled me so much. Laura, Nora should know this to possibly get a giggle herself but to also know that word of her awesome protect-what-is-yours mantra has gotten around and that we, the readers, love her even more for it.

    It’s simple, work hard, do your own work and you will feel good about yourself.
    This advice was just given to a friends primary school child about the dangers of copying somebody else’s work.
    If grade school children can get it, adults have NO excuses, even if their dog has just died (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

  174. Nora, I applaud your willingness to pursue and champion the fight against plagiarism. Unfortunately in this technology-driven age, I fear it will be an unrelenting uphill battle – not sure the war is winnable – and the battles will be plentiful.
    I, too, began my enduring love affair with the romance genre at a pretty young age – through my local library. Glenna Finley segued to Janet Dailey, and then segued to you, and beyond. I loved all those early books – and still have my favorites from all of you that I fondly remember (although the re-reads as an adult can be a little painful with some!).
    I remember hearing about your battle with Janet Dailey years after the fact. By then I had already moved beyond my attraction to her books based solely on her name, and was buying or borrowing every one of yours.
    So I don’t remember if I read Notorious or not. But if
    I had, I wonder if I would have picked up on the similarities with Sweet Revenge – or would I have just assumed the coincidence in the seemingly different plot-lines? Many books have similar literary tropes. I’ve not read any of Serruya’s works, so I don’t have a basis for knowing if I would have recognized the reported plagiarism – but I don’t doubt that it exists – either directly or through ghostwriters (which I admit to not being well-aware of THAT industry in the genre). I don’t always hear or see the similarities in the plagiarism suits in the music industry either…
    How do you not be influenced by what you’ve already seen, heard or read in the creation of original art? Blatant theft of passages, verbatim quotes – that’s easy. But at what point does it truly cross the line – become provable- worth the time, the effort, and most assuredly, the money to fight? The volume of works out there today…
    The ability to self-publish. Such a wonderful opportunity for those with writing dreams and aspirations to get their chance to put their works to the public without corporations weighing the profit probability first. So terrific for readers to be able to experience the myriad of new, and potentially great authors – and the not so great.
    And yes, Amazon. I thank the mega-industry giant for mainstreaming the e-book, so that prolific readers like myself have access to a world of choices at our fingertips – for free, $0.99, reduced, or full price – through direct access, or through our local or global libraries. My eyes so appreciate the bigger font options, the lighted display for reading into the night while my spouse sleeps, the portability of literally hundreds of books at any time. And my wallet admittedly appreciates the value.
    I wish I could say I still buy actual books, but I rarely do anymore – and there are fewer places left that sell them locally. The on-line library system is one of my best friends.
    But yes, I acknowledge that it’s also this mass production that lends itself to fraud, theft, cheating, greed, and the rest of the deadly sins -as well as the reduction of the artist’s reimbursement. Unfortunately the literary world is no more immune to the same issues that confront the music, art, and entertainment industry today. It’s a by-product of the current age we live in – subject to continual change. My own job, my pay, and my family’s livelihood are also at constant risk of being “stolen” by the technology and greed of others that put profit above all.
    Having said all of this, I don’t mean to downplay your fight or your well-deserved anger at the blatant theft that is occurring and has occurred. I appreciate that you are not willing to be silent, and your promise to do all that you can to fight the “good fight”. You have already opened my eyes to be more critical of what I find when I’m browsing the internet for my next great read. So keep the education coming. I just fear that its going to get much worse and more prevalent before any true legal steps will be taken.
    I so appreciate the talent it takes to create a work of art in word form- and you are an accomplished master that I return to again and again. I have to believe that good, honest writers will prevail in the end – the happily-ever-after we all love. So thank you for the almost 40 years you’ve been involved in my life through your books. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years- and obviously will continue to do so!
    Rant and fight on!

  175. I found you, Nora, when you had just started. And I thought that your books flowed, so I started watching for your books. Then the McGregor series hit, and I was totally smitten. Many authors are not of your calibre, and are very disappointing. I am a very voracious reader, and I read daily. Back when Daily first became popular, a friend loaned me two of her books. Since money was tight, so only those good enough were bought, or put on wish lists for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. I did not care for her writing, and it was a cookie cutter style. I will say, I own everyone of yours, as Nora and as JD. My husband is a thrifter and will call me if he finds one of yours, to see if I have it, or if I need a replacement! Daily is a thief and a liar, and her, and her publishers, actions are criminal… I have always respected you, Nora, and I have found that I admire you, too. Go get ’em! And thank you.

  176. I’ve been plagiarized when I was first starting as a published author (crit group). I felt… violated. I will say now. EVERYTHING I WRITE IS MY OWN.
    I don’t have the money to sue. I’m just a small time writer that lives to put words on the page even though my disability has now taken that from me.
    Nora, stand up for those of us who can’t even stand up for ourselves for whatever the reason. Make a statement for all of us.
    Amazon may have warped the publishing industry but the law is the law.
    In Christ,
    Renee Blare
    Rugged Christian Fiction

  177. Good Lord. This is awful. I write. I wish I could write like you in my dreams, but hell if I am going to steal it! This is pure rotten. Keep standing up.

  178. How repugnant this is.
    I suppose it’s less time consuming than actually coming up with her own idea and writing her own book, but I guess she just doesn’t have the time. Or morals. So she steals instead. Blissfully, I haven’t heard pf her until now. And now I can avoid her like the plague.
    I’m so sorry that this has happened to you, No one deserves this.

  179. Plagiarism is rampant in the narcissistic abuse community as well. I blog, write short books, and share memes with my website address on them. My work is stolen and plagiarized *constantly.* The people who do it are usually plagiarizing multiple writers and using the other people’s work to sell their “consulting” services. No one should want abuse recovery consulting services from a con-artist who sells themselves by stealing from others. That is a huge red flag.

    If and when the real author objects, they cry and play victim and say the real author is attacking them. I have received vicious hate mail simply for reporting when the plagiarizers steal MY work word for word to sell themselves. One of the serial plagiarizers went on a smear campaign defaming me all over social media. Imagine, stealing from a person, making money off their back and then trashing them when they rightfully object! It’s scummy.

  180. Nora, way back in the mid-80’s when my first book was coming out, there were a handful of authors whose work I admired, but only one I was in awe of. That one was, and remains to this day, Nora Roberts. When I encountered you at a conference I was star-struck, tongue tied to an embarrassing degree. I used to wonder if you had some sort of magic wand, because I couldn’t understand how one person could produce so many books of such consistently high quality. Later I came to understand that you are simply the hardest working writer alive—probably EVER.

    The Janet Daily theft of your work shocked me as it did everyone, but it’s only now that I truly “get” what it must feel like to be victimized in that way. When I try to imagine such a thing happening to me I feel sick to my stomach. Your courage and determination to fight for the rights of all of us make you even more my hero.

    Thank you.

  181. Loved this post! Every word had me cheering for you. Your books are a labor of love. NO ONE should ever be able to take credit for your hard work. Your books bring so much joy to millions of people. Please keep vigorously defending your craft.

  182. I love your books, Nora Roberts, I knew there was a reason I do not read Janet Dailey’s books.

    You have my support, I have been reading your books for years!

    Love the way you stood up to her and others.
    There are a few books on Amazon that I download for free, on my ebook tablet, some were good, some I was glad they were free.
    I now stick to my authors, that I love to read. Being on a fixed income, I have to wait till the E Book is on sale.

    But love your books,

    Barbara W

  183. Nora, I’ve read a lot of your books. So sorry this has happened to you, Courtney and others. I support your fight and shared on my Facebook page . I love the families and series books you created, especially the Gallaghers and the MacGregors.

  184. I am a writer, and can’t figure out why anyone would plagiarize. I want to feel proud of what I have written.
    Hopefully, nobody has stolen my work.

  185. To start, I love Nora Roberts’ novels! As an avid reader I quickly devour great books. My mother used to complain that I always had “my nose in a book,” and yes I did and still do.
    I am a former educator who taught secondary classes in English and Reading. At the beginning of each year I shared a PowerPoint with my students about plagiarism and spoke of the consequences if they were caught. There were some who did not believe me until they were sent to the principal’s office.
    It surprised me how many of my colleagues, as well as parents, supported the students!
    Never is there an excuse for plagiarism and it should be taught more in the schools. It does not surprise me that this is happening within the top of the publishing world. I also don’t believe the names of those caught should be kept on the down low: their names should be sent out for all to see.
    It saddens me that my favorite world, the world of books, is now plagued with plagiarism. I will be staying away from known plagiarizers and more thoughtful when I read something that makes me think/know I’ve read it before. Be aware plagerisers, we are loudly proclaiming our displeasure.

  186. 1. Is there any way we would be allowed to post this article on Facebook, in toto, sans comments? I have many friends who read, and I think this article would educate them.
    2. I quit reading Janet Daily about 30 years ago as I deemed her formulaic. I started reading Nora Roberts about that time, and did not find her thus.
    3. I am so sorry that she had had to go through all of this. She is a great writer.

  187. I have read and kept Nora Roberts books as well as J D Robb. Like many I also read JD. I thought they were ok but began to feel they were repetitive. When I heard it wasn’t her work I felt not only disappointed but betrayed. How could someone do that? I can’t even imagine how N R would feel when it was her work. I’ve admired her work very much. Congratulations on standing up for yourself! You go girl!

  188. Personally, I’m surprised that Janet Dailey’s books- especially Notorious, are still around. The publisher should be ashamed for publishing it- if it were my company I would have pulled the book and dropped her as an author or made her rewrite the entire book, and give back a percentage of her royalties.

  189. I can not understand how someone can steal a writers work and claim it as theirs. When a writer, a real writer in my humble opinion, creates a scene they put a part of themselves into it. Pain, emotion, desire, fear… whatever the underlying emotion or feeling is, it comes from somewhere deep in the writer’s soul and life experience. I love reading a book and feeling those emotions stirred in me by the careful selection of words by a writer that understands how those emotions truly feel.

    Note that I understand how the plagiarists do it, I just can not understand what they are thinking. It is, as Ms. Roberts says, all about the money to the plagiarist. I’ve not yet had a novel published, but every word I write, and hope to one day have others read, is emotionally powerful to me because it helps to craft a scene that I pour my real experiences into. The loss of my parents, feelings of isolation or stress, fears, hopes, desires… it is a conveyance of my emotions and experiences to the reader. How I show others the world the way that I have seen and experienced it. For someone to think that they can take just a single paragraph out of a scene and have it carry the same impact… that’s a sign to me that they do not understand what it means to be a writer.

  190. Man, you are such a badass! All avenging literary angel and shit 🙌 I got chills reading the “and salt the freaking earth” paragraph.

    There’s a very special connection us readers have with authors. Especially in the romance genre. We’re trusting them to take us on a journey that ends with a smile on our faces. Our time, emotions, money, and Trust are theirs in exchange for the privilege of reading a book they’ve worked their assess off to give us. It’s such a sacred bond. And these fuckers have “bastardized”, as Nora said, it to the point where we can no longer trust any new authors or self published authors of being genuine to the craft. Fuck em all. And fuck Amazon for creating the breeding ground and encouraging the growth of this vile, shameless monster.

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