Concealed in Death teasers

It’s been quiet here on the blog, but the first release of the year is right around the corner, so time to turn on the lights, dust off the posts and dive right in.  If you are not a person who likes any information about a new book, if you prefer to let the story unfold at your own pace, in your own time, then skip this post.

If you like to know some tidbits about a new book, I’ll be posting some teasers about the first In Death of the year — Concealed in Death (in stores on February 18) — throughout the week. These aren’t going to be too specific in terms of dialogue or scenes because the fun is finding them on your own.

First, Concealed is set in early December, Just after the Irish have headed back to Ireland post-Thanksgiving.  For those of you who love to see her pick up gifts, it’s still too early in the season for Eve to Christmas “shop.”

concealed 3

Keep an eye out for how many trees are in Eve and Roarke’s home.   There are many — all decorated by Summerset and his elves.

But they decorate the one in their bedroom and we get to see them carve out the time to do so — and share how they celebrated Christmas before meeting each other.

I’ll post another little bit — in this space — on Tuesday morning.


We’ve seen how Roarke offers hints about what Eve should wear, or leaves something out for her.  In Concealed, the day after decorating the tree, he outlines an entire outfit for her.  She’s surprised because it’s all black but he tells her the lines and the textures to it will make her look “just a little dangerous.”

Eve has a chance to put that look to use within hours.

But before she does she learns about Peabody’s hobby of ass-watching.

Next one late tomorrow.  Then the last one on Thursday.

2-13-14 Weather delayed Teaser 3 so here are 3 and 4:

#3  Mavis tells a story that shows us why she’s already a great mom.

#4  Garnet DeWinter, NYPSD’s new forensic anthropologist, is as good at her job as Eve is at hers, but I think no one ever tells Garnet what to wear.  Concealed is a good first round between Eve and Dr. DeWinter, and any skirmishes going forward will be interesting.

And a bonus:  Dennis Mira ensures Eve’s hands stay warm.

When Concealed is officially released, how about we open a thread for discussion so people have a place to talk freely about the story?  That work for you?



Rethinking what you may (or may not) know about JD Robb

Long time In Death readers are familiar with the story of how Nora started writing as JD Robb.  But as I learned yesterday, maybe we don’t know all the nuances.  At the 2012 RWA conference in Anaheim, Nora sat down with filmmaker Laurie Kahn whose current labor of love is The Popular Romance Project: Rethinking Love and Romance.

Yesterday, Laurie’s team sent us this clip in which Nora discusses how a projected trilogy has expanded to 38 books with February’s Concealed in DeathCreating JD Robb.



3 QQ for Susan Donovan and Christi Barth

Since we’re all busy this holiday season, I’m going to pair up the 3QQs with the six authors who are signing at Saturday’s Turn the Page Bookstore event from noon – 2 pm.

1375251_710144875665704_1102425780_nSusan Donovan is another seasoned Turn the Page signing vet, but this is her first return since spring 2011.   Christi Barth is another TTP rookie who’s thrilled to be part of the Holiday In Boonsboro event.  Let’s meet Susan first.

Susan Donovan studied journalism in college and worked as a newspaper reporter for years, always certain she would write her first book by the time she turned 40. Before she knew it, that deadlines was a year away so she figured she’d better get started. A year later she’d written nearly three books and had a book deal soon after that milestone.

1. You introduce readers to Bayberry Island in your novella “A Seaside Christmas” in the book Christmas on Main Street.  What — besides a mermaid legend — are the other attributes of this small island?

ds-christmas-150Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard may be about regattas and cocktails, but nearby Bayberry Island is more the fishing-boat-and-cold-beer kind of crowd. The locals don’t fit the Yankee Puritan stereotype. Bayberry is home to a nudist colony, a weeklong festival that is known as the Mardi Gras of New England, and a history rich in eccentric souls who see the magic in everyday living. But when the book begins, Bayberry is at a crossroads:  Will they agree to commercial development plans that would rescue their economy yet destroy much of what makes their island unique? I have to admit that while writing this book I was struck with a sad realization – Bayberry Island exists only in my imagination. I really wanted to vacation there.

2. Sea of Love is the first full-length book set on Bayberry Island.  Could you tell us about the book?  What do you find appealing about a “coming home” sort of story?

ds-sea-150I am drawn to “coming home” stories because they explore the concepts of unresolved emotions, personal growth, and forgiveness. Fortunately, I’ve always found comic gold in those serious issues. When a character comes home after a long absence, they suddenly see their once-familiar world with the eyes of an “outsider.” When I send a hero or heroine home again, I make sure they have to summon the courage to clear the air with loved ones, seek a richer understanding of their own journey, and choose to move forward with love and forgiveness. In SEA OF LOVE, the heroine, Rowan Flynn, has spent her adulthood distancing herself from Bayberry Island, its fixation on the mermaid legend, and the Flynn clan, which she calls the “island’s first family of cray-cray.” When circumstances force Rowan to return and manage the family’s rundown Bed & Breakfast, she must face her demons before she can open herself to happiness again.

3. What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

When my kids were little, I treasured all the little rituals that brought them joy, including tending to the Advent calendar every day, writing letters to Santa, leaving carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, and watching NORAD’s real-time radar tracking of Santa moving through the sky. Seeing excitement and joy in their faces is still my favorite part of the holidays, even though my kids are now “adults” attending college. But no eggnog. Please, God, don’t make me drink eggnog.

4 . “A Seaside Christmas” and Sea of Love are your first stories in two years as your writing career was put on hold two years ago when you in your own words were ” bitch-slapped by a rare infection that should have killed you.”  You’re blogging about the illness and the long, slow road of recovery on Unbalanced: Diary of a One-Legged Romance Writer.  It’s a different kind of writing, but it’s compelling reading.  How do you find the experience of blogging so honestly about yourself, your family and your new normal?

I had no choice but to write about my illness. In fact, as soon as my brain started to function again, I began writing journal entries, just for myself. I found that all the trauma and shock had clogged my psyche, much like a cork in a champagne bottle. I had to clear my mind of some of the pain before I could start to write the “funny, sexy contemporary romance” that had become my brand. So within eight months after my return home from the hospital, I had completed a 120-page proposal for a memoir. It sat in a file on my laptop. I shared it with a few people, but that was it. I never really tried to get it published.

But about a month ago, I realized that my healing process was stuck. I was still carrying around a lot of anger and shame about what had happened to me, though I desperately wanted to move on. So I decided to share my story on I write two or three short essays a week. I find it ironic that the blog has attracted thousands of readers though I’ve never once promoted it. From the comments I’ve received on the blog and in private, I can see that my story resonates with a lot of people who are struggling with some kind of life challenge – physical, emotional, or mental. Hey, and since that’s every single one of us here on earth I can expect my readership to increase, right?

I still hope to publish a memoir one day. And, just for the record, “new normal” is one of the many disability-related expressions that makes me cringe. Yes, I ’ll be writing a blog entry about it.

ChristiBarth-amyjphoto-680x1024Chrisit’s turn!  Christi Barth is the current president of Maryland Romance Writers.   After she earned a Masters in vocal performance and a career on the stage,  her love of romance drew her to wedding planning.  Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance.

1.  You’ve been a real-life wedding planner.  How did that translate to your Aisle Bound series?  Did you find truth really can be stranger than anything you can imagine?

bc-planning-150Nine out of ten people who learned I was a wedding planner would say ‘you should write a book’! Then they’d launch into elaborate eye winks about bridezillas, and mother of the bride horror stories.

Except, in my experience, 90% of weddings are wonderful. They are a celebration of friends and family and enduring love. Most people do pull it together and behave like grown-ups. So I didn’t want to write a scathing tell-all. But a series that focused on the wedding industry, showcasing people who spend every day creating the perfect happily ever after? That felt like a good place to start. And maybe a few crazy hijinks did slip into my book. It is a comedy, after all! You’ll have to guess which ones are real and which ones are just figments of my imagination….. I like to say all names were changed to protect the happily married.

2. Can you describe — in three sentences — your path from aspiring to published author?  And would you change anything?

Wasted too many years toying with a manuscript whenever the mood struck before getting the courage to just freaking finish it. Started writing as though contracted before I was, to treat it as a business. And now I’ve found my voice, I have an agent who believes in me, a wonderful editor, a great publisher, and I just finished my eleventh book.

3. What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

The music. I spent years performing in Christmas choirs, and as a professional singer, in holiday shows. I love the magical way it infuses people with the spirit of the season.

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Susan and Christi besides the signing? Check out Susan’s Facebook page as well as Christi’s.  And you can follow them on Twitter: @SDonovanAuthor and @christi_barth. Enjoy! 


3QQ for Donna Kauffman and Kimberly Kincaid

Since we’re all busy this holiday season, I’m going to pair up the 3QQs with the six authors who are signing at Saturday’s Turn the Page Bookstore event from noon – 2 pm.

Donna Kauffkd_cookie-150man is a seasoned veteran of Turn the Page signings and — judging by the lines, laughter and photos taken — a reader favorite.  Kimberly Kincaid is a TTP rookie who’s thrilled to be part of the Holiday In Boonsboro event.  Donna and Kimberly contributed to The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap, which serves as a launching point for Kimberly’s new series.  Donna’s also signing Pelican Point, the first of her Bachelors of Blueberry Cove series.

We’ll start with Donna’s 3QQ:1380808_415008305265309_854875575_n

1.  In Pelican Point, you leave behind all the sweet folks on Sugarberry Island, to bring us the Bachelors of Blueberry Cove.  How hard was it to say goodbye to a fictional place you’ve known for years?  And what can you tell us about Pelican Point?  (yes, that’s 3 questions in one, but I cheat.)

It was hard to leave the gang behind on Sugarberry Island, but have no fear, I’ll be back again!  It’s just a brief hiatus.  (I can’t leave Alva alone too long, goodness knows what troublekd_pelican-150 she’d get up to!)  I’ve spent a lot of time in Maine this past year and have been chomping at the bit to share my wee village of Blueberry Cove with readers.  Set on the northern stretch of coast, it’s above the more toursity towns, so a close-knit community and one of the oldest in Maine, home to sixth and seventh generation fishermen, shipbuilders, lighthouse keepers…   A little quirky, a lot of fun, with a rich history…and some pretty hot heroes!  It’s been an exciting tapestry to weave.  I hope everyone finds something to love there.

2. You blog a lot about pop culture shows like Dancing With the Stars, American Idol and Castle how did that start for you and what does it bring to your fiction writing?

It started as a fluke.  I began blogging in the dark ages of the concept, as a way to connect readers to a “Day in the Life…” of a writer.  Only our lives are just not that exciting.  (I got up.  I wrote.  I ate.  I wrote some more… )  So I was struggling to find other things to chat about and get a conversation going.  Back then I wasn’t comfortable with putting my family up for conversational fodder, so I talked about books, movies, music, popular culture, things we all have connections to, but it was still hard to find a new topic Every. Single. Day.  One morning, after a particularly shocking exit on American Idol the night before, I decided to make that my topic of the day.

Somehow I won the Google Search Lottery that day, as when anyone Googled the name of the surprise bootee, MY blog was the first thing that came up.  To say I saw a slight traffic increase from post the day before about what I was going to make for dinner would possibly be the biggest understatement in recorded history.  No fool I, the following week, though a more predictable episode of Idol, I posted about it again, and lo and behold, the numbers for that day were still huge.  Driving traffic through my website and exposing new faces to my books was the point of the blog, so once a week, I continued to chat about Idol.  It increased traffic and gave me one less day to agonize over what I was going to write about. Win-win!

When that show ended, readers begged to know what I was going to chat about next….and so it began.  I tied in giveaways and such to the recaps, and the audience has grown to the point that now,  many years later, I am a weekly contributor to USA Today, recapping various shows for them. (This season, it’s ABC’s Castle!)  They put my name in the headline and plug my books every week to their millions of readers, and I get to watch and chat about a show I watch and chat about anyway – Best. Gig. Ever!

3. What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

This is where I’m supposed to say the joy of giving, and peace on Earth, right?  And, of course, I love giving presents. So much so, I can never wait until Christmas when I find just the right thing for the right person.  But my very favorite thing about the holiday season is the Christmas lights.  It was a big deal when I was a kid, my dad would drive me and my sisters around the neighborhoods, giving us a chance not only to look at lights, but to spend time and talk with him, and I did the same with my boys, who  are grown now and still talk about “going light looking” every season. I hope they do the same with their kids.  Pretty to look at, and some wonderful, wonderful memories.  It’s a holiday two-fer!

kimberly-kincaidKimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance novels.  She’s a strong believer  in fiery yet flawed characters destined for a crash-course in falling in love– usually the hard way– and injects humor and poignancy along the way.  Here are her 3 QQ plus 3 Quick Answers:

1. Your novella in The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap introduces readers to Pine Mountain, the setting of your 2014 releases.  What can you tell us about Pine Mountain and the people who live there?  (Bonus Q: and can you tell us a little about Sugar and Spice — your contribution to the book?)

Pine Mountain is a fictional resort town nestled in the (quite real) Blue Ridge Mountains. I am a sucker for “real” people in small-town settings finding extraordinary love. My heroes and heroines are all passionate about their careers and their families, even though those families rarely look traditional and some are even chosen families rather than blood ties. Everyone knows everyone else in Pine Mountain! Sugar and Spice introduces us to Lily Callahan, a cake caterer with her eye on the prize– the ten-thousand dollar prize in Pine Mountain’s Cookie Competition, that is. Of course, pastry chef Pete Mancuso wants the title, too. It’s just wanting each other that neither of them banks on!

2. Can you describe the journey — in three sentences — from aspiring author to published?  And knowing what you know now what would you differently?

I sat down to write my first book four years ago with no experience and no guidance, and it was eye-opening to say the least! But I joined the Romance Writers of America and took some classes, then landed my fabulous agent a year later. I sold the Pine Mountain series last July, and that was when the whirlwind really started! But I wouldn’t trade a single rejection or deleted draft. Even the frustrations were lessons, and I’m glad to have had them all.

3. What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

My favorite part of the holiday season is baking cookies, of course! I love to bake, especially with my daughters (ages 12, 9 and 6) We put on holiday music and take out the butter and eggs and flour and make a holy mess. It’s a ton of fun, and we end up with lots of cookies to gift to friends. I look forward to it all year.

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Donna and Kimberly besides the signing? Check out Donna’s Facebook page as well as Kimberly’s.  And you can follow them on Twitter: @DonnaKauffman  and @KimberlyKincaid. Enjoy! 

3 QQ for Jill Shalvis and Sarah Morgan

Since we’re all busy this holiday season, I’m going to pair up the 3QQs with the six authors who are signing at Saturday’s Turn the Page Bookstore event from noon – 2 pm.

First up?  Jill Shalvis and Sarah Morgan.  TTP customers have been saying for years that they would love to meet  Jill at a signing and we were finally able to find a place in her busy schedule to fly east to sign the latest addition to her Animal Magnetism series.  Sarah’s flying west from London for the big event where she’s signing copies of her first single title book.

IMG_3231-700x685As luck would have it, Jill was one of the earliest readers of Sarah’s “big” book and she provided the cover blurb.  But these two talented writers only met in person at Nora’s RWA party this past summer (where they hit it off quite nicely) .   Let’s meet them and see what they have to say in 3QQ.  Actually, it’s going to be more than three.


Jill Shalvis’ official bio describes a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of nearly 50 contemporary romances.    But the bio doesn’t capture the warmth and fun of Jill’s daily blog which gives readers a glimpse of a life full of kids, dogs, and even bears.  Jill easily admits she’s a misplaced city girl living in the Lake Tahoe area, but somehow you know it’s grown on her.  Nor does that bio say that she’s found some interesting photos of inspiringly gorgeous men – which has gotten her into some trouble with Facebook at times, yet manages to delight her readers everywhere.   I pried her loose from her current obsession, Sleepy Hollow, to ask her 3QQ.

JS_RUMOR-1501. Rumor Has It is the newest Animal Magnetism.  It’s the story of Griffin Reid, who’s back stateside after being injured in a blast, and second grade teacher Katie Evans, who takes care of everyone but spouts scientific facts when she’s nervous.  I’m not sure what to ask:  A) What is it about a wounded hero that’s so appealing?  or B) How do you find out those facts for Katie?

I find a guy in uniform (or out of it, as the case may be) appealing.  It implies he’s strong of heart and spirit, able-bodied, and … well, tough.  Now you take a guy like that and injure him?  Well, that’s just yum on yum. (in my humble opinion).

As for Katie’s facts, I just loved making her so smart, and yet so utterly socially inept that she spouted science tidbits whenever she got nervous, which was just about in every scene she had with Griffin.  Thank you, Google.

sj_always-1502. Always on My Mind is your latest Lucky Harbor book.  This is the story of firefighter Jack Harper and pastry chef Leah Sullivan. Which is more appealing: a fireman or a pal who gives you pastries? 

A firefighter is always appealing.  Hello, the uniform itself guarantees it.  Again, you have a hero who is, by the very nature of his job, willing to put life and limb on the line for perfect strangers.  That’s the definition of appeal, if you ask me.  Now that said, a friend who will bring you pastries?  Well, that might be the one thing that is hotter than being a firefighter…  just sayin’.

3. What’s your favorite part of Christmas?

Cookies, snow, twinkling lights, cookies, Mistletoe (!), COOKIES, presents…!

Nora and Sarah Morgan pose with their RITAs at RWA 2012.
Nora and Sarah Morgan pose with their RITAs at RWA 2012.

Sarah Morgan is an equally accomplished author, but again her official bio about 11 mNora and Sarah Morgan pose with their RITAs at RWA 2012.illion books sold and winning back to back RITA’s ( she’s first Harlequin Presents author to receive a RITA) doesn’t give us a full picture of the effervescent woman who lives near London, England and vacations in fabulous places like Corfu.  This fall, after years of writing extremely popular Harlequin Medical Romances and Harlequin Presents, she took the leap into single title release with the first book in her trilogy about the O’Neil brothers of Vermont.

1. Sleigh Bells in the Snow is set in a fictional Vermont ski resort.  Where’s the best place you’ve ever skied?  And were there any O’Neil brothers lurking about?ms_christmas-150

The best place was Zermatt, high in the Swiss Alps at the foot of the Matterhorn, probably one of the most famous mountains in the world. The old part of the village has cobbled streets and a mixture of artisan shops and high end boutiques. There are horse drawn sleighs, an ice rink, and some of the best skiing in Europe. You can ski high up on the glacier with views of the Matterhorn or weave your way down through pine-scented mountain forests. There is nothing better than a perfect blue-sky day in the mountains after a fresh fall of snow. Sometimes I’d take my skis off and sit and look at the view, or if I wanted extra comfort I’d find a mountain restaurant. Hot mulled wine flavoured with cinnamon and spice tastes extra delicious when you’re outdoors with the cold stinging your cheeks and mountains stretching in front of you.

There were no O’Neil Brothers, but I was there with my husband who is an expert skier and did his best to teach me. I spent a lot of time flat on my face in the snow but I was very happy!

2. What has been the best part about writing about three brothers and their loving, nosy family?  What’s been the hardest part?

We have two sons and the interaction between boys fascinates me. The three O’Neil brothers are all very different and I enjoyed exploring their relationship with each other and with other family members, as well as with the women in their lives. There is plenty of brotherly banter which was so much fun to write.

The hardest part will be ending this series because I’ve enjoyed writing it so much. The place feels real, the characters feel real and moving on to something else will be a real wrench.

3. What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

I love Christmas and we have lots of family traditions but my favourite is choosing the tree. We wrap up in lots of layers and go to the forest. It’s usually freezing cold and occasionally snowy, but the foresters always have a fire blazing in a clearing and they roast chestnuts and sell creamy hot chocolate so the whole event becomes a seasonal party. When it comes to choosing the tree itself, our family tradition is that the boys and I pick an enormous one, and then my husband points out we’ll have to move house to accommodate the tree so we choose a slightly smaller one.  But only slightly smaller.

Bonus Q — You’ve been to NY, Anaheim, Atlanta, but not Maryland?  What do you expect to find in Boonsboro?

I can’t wait to visit Turn The Page Bookstore! Like most writers, I love all bookstores and I can’t imagine anything better than a store crammed with Nora’s books. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Inn BoonsBoro,, complete with Christmas decorations. Maryland is a new place for me and visiting new places is always an adventure. Like most writers I’m endlessly curious. If I have time I’d love to put the toe of my boot on the Appalachian trail and then bring my family back to explore it properly at some point in the future.

Since Jill and Sarah were asking me so many questions about what to expect at TTP, I shot out a speed round of questions.  First up, Sarah:

1. What three words come to mind when you think of Jill Shalvis?

Warm, funny and super-talented (that’s four words but never mind. I always talk more than I’m supposed to).

2. What is your definition of hot (as in “is he hot?” – one of Sarah’s favorite questions)?

Mm, the body, the smile, the look in the eyes………

3. How often do you see the Queen ?

I see the Queen as often as the two of us can make time in our schedules (HAHA only kidding).

Now Jill:

1. What three words come to mind when you think of Sarah Morgan?

Sweet, fun, special, fellow cookie lover (yes that’s more than three words, I don’t tend to follow directions very well)

2. What is your definition of hot? (See above and add a British accent).

Hot is a wicked and naughty sense of humor, a twinkle in the eyes that says he can back up said sense of humor, and … don’t judge me for being shallow … a sexy bod.

3. How often do you see a bear? (Which are probably more scary than the Queen).

ALL THE TIME. There is one in my yard right this very minute, sitting there with my trash like he’s Winnie-the-Pooh with his pot of honey.

Even if you can’t make it to the signing, you can take advantage of Turn the Page’s Virtual Signing feature by ordering a book and having your favorite author personalize it for you before the event is finished.

And where else can you find Jill and Sarah besides the signing? Check out Jill’s Facebook page as well as Sarah’s.  And you can follow them on Twitter: @SarahMorgan_ and @JillShalvis. Enjoy!


A note from Nora on reprints

A reader posted a comment on Facebook that started out:
Why is it that you not writing very many new books but publishing older books under a different title.  This should be called fraud.  When your fans think they are buying a new book and start to read it and find they just bought a book they had already read…
Nora saw the comment and took the time to answer a little more fully:
Though I’ve addressed this issue before, it’s been  some time. I realize there are many, many readers who don’t know how copyrights  work, and when there are so many reprints, repackaged, with title changes, the  confusion and annoyance leads those who don’t know to assume I’m doing  it.
I get that, but . . .
As long as a publisher keeps a book in  print–somewhere–they retain the rights. A book must be out of print for a  certain number of years, contractually, before the writer can ask for the rights  back. I don’t have the rights to the books Silhouette repackages, reprints,  re-titles. I have no control, at all, over the reprints. Changes in copyright  laws mean that–I think it’s 33 years after initial publication, whether or not  the book is in print– the author can request, during a certain window and in  writing, for the rights back.
At this point, I’m simply not in control of the rights  or the publication of the Silhouette titles. We do everything we can to let the  readers know what’s new. The new titles are listed on my website. The new titles  have the NR logo in the corner of every book. I also encourage readers to check  the copyright page, see when the book was published.
I understand, absolutely, the upset of thinking you’re  buying a brand new story, then realizing you brought a reprint, repackaged with  a new umbrella title. I hope you’ll understand I can’t do anything about  it.
It’s great for a brand new reader to discover an  author through a reprint. Not so great to feel you got stung, as a long-time  reader, because the cover and title changed on you. Please, look for the NR  logo, check for the list and schedule of new releases, and flip  to the copyright page if you’re just not sure.
Believe me, I value readers, and don’t want any to  feel I’m taking advantage of them.

Quick note from Nora

Hi to all!
I wanted to address the wantings and wishings that the trilogy  books come out all at once, or one right after the next. I’ve twice done  trilogies that came out in sequential months. It was fun, and a challenge.  However, in general, my trilogies span six month per book. The first reason for  this is — pretty simply — I have to write the books. I’m a fairly speedy  writer in the big scheme, but not so speedy I can write as fast as you guys can  read. There’s the research, the head-scratching, the blank-staring, the  what-comes-nexting and everything else that goes into getting a story down. And  even after all that, the book must be edited, put in production, a cover must be  created and so on. This all takes considerable time.
Add in, I don’t just write the trilogies, but two-full length In  Death books and a stand-alone Roberts hardcover every year–with a novella  tossed in now and again. They all take time, for me to write, for the publisher  to produce and schedule.
Even if I rushed it all, or was somehow able to write 24/7,  ignoring actual life, I just couldn’t write as fast as you can  read!
It’s incredibly flattering, exceptionally satisfying for me, as a  writer, to know readers are eager and anxious for my next book. It’s such a  tremendous compliment. I wish I could give you more, but I can only thank you  for the compliment, and continue to write the best books I can write, at the  pace I can write them.
When the wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Shadow Spell as much as  you have Dark Witch. And when THAT wait’s over, I hope you’ll enjoy Blood  Magick–which I’m working on right now. In fact, I’d better get back to  it.

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