Obsession in Death teasers

obsession small - Copy - CopyWe’re six days out from the Obsession in Death release and I thought I’d share some teasers about the book.  Not outright spoilers, but things to pay attention to while you devour Obsession.

I’ll add to this post on Friday (2/6), Sunday (2/8) and Monday (2/9) so stay tuned.  ~Laura


Wednesday, February 4:

We learn Eve gets fan mail — and did so even before the media storm that was the Icove.

Candy and coffee are two different things in Eve’s mind.  And Feeney is a crafty man with his own cache of one of those things.

When Eve’s squad closes ranks, they dig down deep and sacrifice.  You’ll be surprised.

And I’m going to borrow Peabody’s quote about working with Eve Dallas for the next time someone asks me about working with JD Robb.  “I’m living the dream.”  🙂

Friday, February 6

Remember, these are just some things (with my interpretation) to look for as you read.

We see a completely off-duty Nadine.  Eve has an apt name for Nadine’s time off.

We learn that Roarke is working on Eve’s fear of cows.

We revisit one of my particular favorite people.

Sunday, February 8

Det. Carmichael has an interesting way to stay motivated in her fitness during the holidays.

Eve shares a small part of what pushed her to be a cop with Peabody.

Sexual-free-for-all comes up in an interesting context.

Bella wants a new toy.

Monday, February 9

The teasers flow through the book in sequence and yesterday’s brought us pretty near the end of the case so I’m going to post just one. Soon enough you’ll read them all on your own.

We learn that Summerset has been known to…reminisce.









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  1. This teaser makes me think Feeney might be the mysterious candy thief!

      1. I’m curious to know if even JD Robb knows who the candy thief is. Or if in her mind she just knows there is one but hasn’t decided who it is yet 🙂

        1. I suspect on the subject of the thief, the point is not who the thief is, but that as smart and as intuitive as she is, there is someone out there continually outsmart her.

        2. I’ve had my suspicions, because I don’t recall the candy thief showing up before a certain character was brought into Eve’s sphere.

          1. On the other hand, it could be that in JD’s mind that would be a red herring since she could have just started it at the same time.

        3. I have been wondering the exact same thing. I believe in Treachery in Death it was hinted that Carmichael or Santiago might know. Actually Dallas made a straight out comment “you know who my candy thief is” or words to that affect.

    1. No it has to do with his favored almonds he is always munching on in his bags! lol

    2. I’m thinking that may be referring to his constant stash of candied almonds.

    3. I couldn’t find it again but I thought I had read that Nora does know who the candy thief is?

  2. OMG I don’t know if I will be able to wait for the library to get to me on the waiting list… If they haven’t gotten to me by March, I am going to be buying this immediately, because I do not think after this, I will be able to wait any longer than necessary to get my hands on it!

    I’m sure the wait is really starting to kill all of us!!!!

    I sure as heck hope that everyone in Eve’s squad is going to be okay. That is a very vague teaser and Now I’m going to have it nagging at me until I get my hands on the book!

    1. The wait isn’t killing me. I’m so convinced that my thinking between the blurb on amazon.com and Laura’s teasers is right that I am not worried about what will happen. I think it will all turn out ok in the end. Fortunately I will be able to find out after tonight.

  3. I know this is unrelated and it won’t be revealed, but I think the candy thief is Peabody.

    1. There is no single candy thief. Its everyone in the squad. I wouldn’t doubt that Whitney is in on it too. lol

      1. I had the same thought Missy! Everyone takes a turn, And since they are all guilty, they can’t rat out each other 🙂

      2. This was always my thought as well. It is like an ongoing competition among her squad to find and raid her candy stash without being caught. There is probably betting and a scoring system involved, and of course, extreme bragging rights.

    2. My vote’s on McNab. He showed up, and her candy started going missing, and she walked in on him in her office shortly after he was introduced, and then she checked her “stash” and it was gone….yet she eliminated him as a suspect.

      1. I thought the Candy thief was McNab too, but now I really think it’s Trueheart – he’s just too sweet and innocent. I think there’s something deeper about him.

  4. Laura, you just know how to raise anticipation! Nicely done………….

  5. As much as I love to hold a book in my hands and smell the smell of a bookstore, I am so glad I have a kindle so that I can instantly download this!!! So excited for the new one to come out. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Duh!!! Not what I meant but thank you for pointing it out. (My hat, I can’t believe I just did that, hahahaaaaaa!!!)
    My apologies.

    Of course you’re Laura and you ARE living the dream!!!

    Take care.

    1. Is making me wait. It’s keeping me wai-ai-aiting! Sorry Dana. I just had to do that.

  7. We should all live the dream:) Looking forward to the new chapters of LT Eve Dallas…thanks for the teasers!

  8. I’ve been enjoying re-reading the series in order, in anticipation of the new book in another week. What fun it has been to revisit these wonderful characters! Can’t wait for the new one!

  9. And how exciting is that? Looking forward to getting my copy of Obsession when it’s mailed out on Friday.
    Thanks for the teasers. Will read extra carefully so I don’t miss anything.

  10. OMG, I have 18 more books to reread in 6 days! I’m gonna have Obsession (pre ordered ages ago) on my Kindle before I catch up. Of course I can read faster if I give up housework. We all have to make sacrifices after all.

  11. Can’t wait! Already have it pre-ordered for my Kindle. So I will start reading first thing Tuesday morning. As to the candy thief, I think there is more than one. I don’t think it’s any one person. My money is on Baxter leading the way! LOL! He’s the only one in her squad that isn’t as intimidated by her as everyone else.

  12. So what’s most intriguing to everyone?

    I’m real curious about the fan mail. The fact that it was never mentioned before now makes me wonder just how entertaining they might have been that Dallas probably ignored most of them due to her embarrassment over such things.

    1. I suspect that the fan mail is going to form her suspect pool, and that Roark will be unhappy to find out that she never bothered to mention it before.

      She had some difficulty accepting Peabody ‘ s hero worship when they started working together.

  13. I can’t wait for the 10th! The fan mail teaser really has me intrigued. I love when we learn new things about Eve. I will be buying this book the minute I can. lol I always stay up late on release mornings to get the book as soon as possible.

  14. I am so excited for this book! Can’t wait! Plus this is the first book that I ordered from TTP and having it signed! I will be haunting my mailbox everyday!! Love JD Robb!

  15. Can’t wait, rereading Delusions now since you mentioned it today. 🙂

  16. I personally think the candy thief is Feeney by my sister who died in 2012 and his memory lives on with me each time I read these books thanks that it was Roarke I hope that Nana leave squad members die in this book because that would be terrible but I will have the teasers but I love the teasers that were given out and it doesn’t surprise me that Eve has not that into her fear now because she’s just not that kind of person thank you for giving us this opportunity to glimpse into obsession in death before the book is released and thank you for bringing them on audiobook because without that I would not be able to read them I meant to say that it does not surprise me that he has not found out about the fan now she’s just not that kind of person sorry about the typos I am using a dictation program on my phone

  17. Thanks for the teaser. Keep them coming. It certainly will have me ready when I get the book from the library (wish I could afford to buy the book).

    I love reading everyone’s comments. I hadn’t thought of Roarke’s reaction to her fan mail, thanks for pointing that out. Also, thanks for the reminder about Eve’s embarrassment with such things. I thought I already read a teaser somewhere about a killer being someone sending her fan mail.

    As for the candy thief – I like the idea that it is more than one person and that Baxter leads the crowd. I can also see Feeney as someone who has his own stash of candy. Someone pointed out he always has candied nuts with him.

    1. You’re right – I DO like the “more than one candy thief” angle. The squad takes turns NEATLY tossing her office to get the candy that day. Starting to think Peabody’s in on it, too.

  18. Can’t wait! Wondering how Eve reacts to fan mail. Should be funny. You are blessed Laura to work for someone you admire and respect. Makes going to work so much more pleasurable if you love what you do. Keep the tidbits coming. thanks

    1. I think it’s cool that she gets to see the actual InnBoonsboro and the actual Vesta and the actual Turn the Page, too.

  19. Loving the teasers! I hope we never find out who the candy thief is!

  20. I don’t think I’ll be surprised by the reason Eve’s squad pulls together. I just reread the blurb on Amazon.com and with the two of them I have a really strong idea about it. Although I do have to say that JD is really good at throwing curves into it. But I still don’t think I’m wrong.

  21. I can not wait for this book! I have read them all several times and in short order. This book perfectly describeds me Obsessed! Thank you Nora I am very appreciative! Thanks!

  22. I can’t wait to go to Books a Million and buy this new book. I’m Obsessed for all books by JD Robb and Nora Roberts!!!

  23. I enjoy the suspicion of the candy thief and never finding him/her.
    Beyond that I’m thrilled beyond measure that soon we’ll have another “In Death” to read..I have all the books in audio format for when I have to drive for work. Nothing quite makes my day brighter than the interchange between the characters and there have been hundreds of times I’ve laughed out loud while listening.
    Susan Ericksen does a great job at reading the stories and my favorite is “Born in Death”. Between the horror of Eve and Roarke going through birthing classes, and Peabody’s insistence on the things Eve “should” do for Mavis and the baby shower, I nearly giggle myself into hiccups every time I listen to it.

    Of all my books, The In Death series is the one I go back to time and time again.

    1. Oh, I so envy you having them all on audiobook! I want to do that too… I love Susan Erickson as the reader and seriously enjoy all the books… when I listen to them I feel like I’m hanging out with old friends and it makes the commute go by so much easier!

      1. I Love the audio books too! I always read the book first, though. I get a totally different perspective when I listen. The combination makes each book that much deeper! Nothing gets me motivated to clean or do laundry better than knowing I can listen to the next chapter.

    2. Love the audio books too! When I first discovered the In Death books I spent most of a summer reading them; at the time there were “only” about 20 books. I savored every syllable! Then I discovered the audio books…to hear the interaction among the characters brought a whole new level of enjoyment. I always read the books first as there is nothing like a book in my hands, but now as I read I hear Susan Erickson’s “voices” for each character in my head. I listen to audio books like most people listen to music…while I’m driving which makes traffic jams way more easy to tolerate and often when I’m doing dishes or making dinner. Call me obsessed with these stories…I plead guilty! Going to Barnes & Noble today to get “Obsession In Death” today….I’m a little late…usually get my copy of a new book on release day (yesterday)!

  24. What would make me die laughing is if the Candy Thief were Roarke, or Summerset! Think about it – just about everyone in Homicide has been to their house, so they’ve met Summerset, and everyone in the known universe knows who Roarke is. If someone doesn’t happen to know who they are, I wouldn’t put it past them to bully or bribe their way in. Hell, Summerset would probably not be above bribing someone in Homicide to do it for him – but Roarke would want the satisfaction of doing it himself!

    1. I like that. But I think the candy stashes were going missing before Roarke. (I could be wrong though)

  25. I am counting the days!!! I “introduced” my sister in law to Eve, she started the first book about 7 weeks ago and is reading them in order. She is reading Strangers in Death right now. She is hooked too!

  26. I’m forced to wonder if Dallas goes through the fan mail or if it’s filtered through the department. I would think it might be a security issue; she might get threaten letters too. If it goes through the department then she might not be aware of just how much fan mail she receives.

    I like the idea of the candy thief being the whole squad.

    Preordered my copy for my Nook as soon as it became available. Can’t wait to read it on the 10th.

  27. My husband and kids are going to be gone all weekend! Why cant Friday be the 10th!

  28. One of the most intriguing ones to me is “When Eve’s squad closes ranks, they dig down deep and sacrifice. You’ll be surprised.” I recently re-read Treachery and Festive and realized that some of the scenes I keep coming back to are the ones that feature the squad and most particularly the ones that reference their respect and pride in Eve as their Lieutenant.

  29. Well, apparently I’m a little obsessed with this too. I could have sworn it was being released on the 2nd, so I went to BJs to get it and it wasn’t there. What?! I asked and they didn’t have it. Oddly, there was the next in another series I’ve been reading that I didn’t think was out until the 10th. Not really obsessed, just confused. But I got the next book in that other series a little “earlier”, and I’ve finished it 🙂 so I’m ready for the 10th.
    Listening to Thankless again. Really sick/creepy bad guy in this one too.
    Hopefully recruiting a new In Death reader. My niece borrowed my copy of Naked to loan to a co-worker. I love recruiting new In Death readers. It’s kind of like forming a cult, but we’re not really scary. Much. 🙂

  30. I can’t wait!!! This is the first time I’m getting a book personally autographed by my favorite Author… Nora/JD. love the teasers Laura! my pick for the candy thief is… the whole squad . like strangers on a train…. everyone is in on it!!!

  31. Eve needs to find a copy of the “Far Side” cartoons to combat Roarke’s insistance that cows don’t have ulterior motives.

  32. Laura What kind of hint is that? They’re all my favorite characters LOL. Can’t wait

  33. Eve is wary of any farm animal but why she is so wigged by cows is beyond me. There must have been an episode early in her life that formed that.

  34. Omg! I can’t wait. I wonder what time Amazon sends books to my Kindle? I usually just wait until the morning when they have magically appeared during the night but for this one I would set my alarm!!!

    1. They’re usually after midnight. I want to say around 1 or 2 but I don’t remember for sure.

  35. I think the candy thief is mcnabb….he’s some kind of naughty and would probably do something mischievous like stealing candies from eve, but then it could be anyone too. I’ll just keep on guessing ’til JD Robb fin’lly reveals who, til then I’ll just enjoy reading about eve and roarke and the whole squad…loved them all, thanks JD Robb 🙂

  36. I hope the revisit from from a tertiary character is Jamie Lingstrom! I miss that kid! (although he is sort of an adult now)

  37. Just enough to whet the appetite and get me more excited – thanks Laura! I hope we see Nixie, Jamie or Sean, they always add some levity. Could the fan mail be the key to Obsession? Not long to wait now.

  38. Can’t wait to see how Roarke helps Eve with her fear of cows. Does he get her a calf? – Maybe an “Oreo” cow? (Scottish Belted Galloway) They’re so cute and funny at the same time cause they look like Oreos. Eve might like a cookie cow. Oreos still have to exist in 2060, don’t they?
    Lorrie – yes! The Far Side cartoons would be perfect! Especially the ones where the lady cows are wearing those nasty pointy glasses and housedresses. Good idea.

  39. It’s been great fun watching the dynamics of the Somerset/Eve relationship change from outright dislike, to some respect, to trust.. all the while keeping the snarking at one another, although the tone has changed, throughout the series. Innocent brought it home more than other books (except maybe Portrait) when Somerset and Eve’s concern for Roarke was more important than their differences. We also got to see Somerset admit to Eve she is the right person for Roarke.
    My favorite part of Innocent was the Eve and Roarke seen after the last scene above, when they finally got down to the “heart” of what was happening to them. I can read this book a million times and never tire of that scene.

  40. Like Nadine dancing in a strip bar was not enough. Lol.

    I hope the person we revisit is Crack. I like him.

    Good luck with that one, Roark, the only cow she likes is cooked med-rare.

    1. re-reading PORTRAIT now and the one character I’d like to see again is that really whacked-out photographer, Dirk Hastings. Eve had a certain soft spot for him 😀

  41. I love the In Death books and re-read them in order at least once a year. I can’t wait for the new one.

  42. Was just checking and this popped up! Really looking forward to the book – keep the teasers going!

  43. “Eve shares a small part of what pushed her to be a copy with Peabody.”

    NO NO NO!! Eve is completely unique!

  44. Several of us on GR have decided there isn’t one single candy thief. Since the candy has gone missing from her office and her vehicle, and while some obvious suspects are not in town. I am in the group that believes the whole squad is responsible. But I also agree there is no way Nora reveals this one to us.

    Thanks for the teasers Laura, it has been a long time since I read the first chapter snd the last 30 days leading ip to the release is always my longest month.
    Take care of that knee

  45. I can’t wait to see her interact with Bella again. Susan does such a good job reading those parts. Love the teasers Laura. Thanks. Think I’ll wait up for Audible to send my book.

    1. I see Bella as always being the center of her Mommy’s world. No siblings for Bella, but maybe another character could produce a playmate.

      1. Mavis said in Concealed in Death that she wants to have more children just not yet. So siblings for Bella may come in the future.

  46. Hi everyone, my favorite in death book was New York to Dallas. The way that Roark know how Eve needs the cat and Dr. Mira, and finding out that the person she was chasing was her mother. Love the in Death series I reread them when I have no new books, then of course I cant put them down. The 10th is my birthday so a new book for me yahoo.

  47. I was gonna post my fave “teaser”. However, reading them all over—I can’t wait to see them all come into the story

  48. Love it when Summerset remembers the past, gets that rod out of….ummm……you know – lol. Getting up bright and early in the morning, ready to go! Loved the teasers and hope you’re improving, Laura.

  49. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Guess what I got today? Now I look for all the teaser answers.

  50. OK just started the new book and it makes a lot of references to a prior case and the defendant’s lawyer. Does anyone know which book/case she is referencing? Although I have read them all I can not seem to place it.

    1. I believe Jeff barrow was the musicologist in Rapture in Death that promised Get Mavis’ career off the ground. He used technology of music to control people and was a murder suspect bit not guilty of that particular crime.

  51. Just got Obsession yesterday and can’t wait to start it Friday…work you know. :-). Don’t want to have to stop to go to work or sleep so plan is to wait till the 3 days I have off. I have read all of Nora’s books I think, and have all of the In Death books.
    Thank you Nora for being there with your books, I love them. Your books helped me get through the loss of a son at 28, a little light in the darkness. Hubby even looks for them for me to make sure I have the ones he sees.
    Thanks for the teasers Laura.

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