Love Between the Covers

Documentaries are labors of love dictated by låne penger finance.  Documentary filmmakers have to stop and start as financing dictates which can mean years before they share their passion with the world.

About five years ago, filmmaker Laurie Kahn approached Nora about taking part in her proposed documentary Love Between the Covers — which she envisioned as a feature-length documentary film about the powerful community of women (and some men) who read and write romance novels.  You can read that vision in Laurie’s words here.

During the next few years Laurie and her crew traveled where the information took them, including a visit to Turn the Page Bookstore to film what goes on at a signing.  They also spent time at the RWA conference in Anaheim in 2012, interviewing authors from Nora to Nalini Singh to Jill Shalvis to Beverly Jenkins.

Laurie has shared some clips that are in the film as well as some outtakes for your enjoyment.    And it’s classic Nora in each of them.

Nora on Romeo and Juliet:

Nora on falling in love with the process:

Nora and Ruth on finding each other:

Nora on the birth of JD Robb:

Nora on getting The Call:

Nora on how she started out:

An outtake from LBTC — Nora on the male POV:

Thank you to Laurie Kahn and the entire team from Love Between the Covers for these gorgeous, funny and informative clips from the film. Love Between the Covers is available for download from Amazon and iTunes and will be out on dvd in December.    For more information on the film please click these links: & —



27 thoughts on “Love Between the Covers”

  1. I love, love, love hearing these! Especially the part about the male POV. Thank you for posting this! I can’t wait to see you all on the 17th.

  2. Wow! This was great!! Thanks for sharing. I gotta see more now! ???

  3. So enjoyed these short clips. They brought Nora to life for me. I especialled loved hearing about Eve Dallas coming to life. She’s my favorite, all time character of any book.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these clips! I watched them with a smile on my face. Even Dallas is my favorite character, so I loved hearing how she came to life.

  5. This was wonderful! I’m always interested in how authors get started and the insight to the creation of JD and I’m glad she writes quickly because I read quickly and I’m looking forward to future books in both genres.

  6. Loved the clips. I agree with her on the Romeo and Juilet. I tried downloading it, but had issues. I can’t wait to see the whole documentary on DVD.

  7. Thank you. I enjoyed watching these clips. Love Nora’ s writing and thoughts on it all.

  8. Loved watching all the clips and getting a wonderful insight into Nora and hearing about JD Robb’s start.

  9. What a wonderful post. I enjoyed watching the clips and will have to see more.
    Thank you for sharing! Beth

  10. Nora speaking is exactly like I hoped she would be. No wonder her characters are interesting women with this gal as their creator.

  11. I’m probably the only one, but I’m still using Windows XP, & I couldn’t download the clips. I can’t wait to hear about the birth of my favorite character, Eve Dallas. I’m sure Nora will be the hit and the star of the show. Yes, I’m prejudiced. Can’t wait to see the film.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait til the DVD comes out. Eve Dallas is my all time favorite character ever. I am so excited for the next book to come out in just a few hours! I love you Nora!!

  13. I actually purchased this from Amazon the other day and I just love every minute of it. What a wonderful way to learn about Romance writers and what they are all about. Very well done.

  14. I really enjoyed the clips. Nora is such an interesting and talented woman! Now I have to go to Amazon and buy this!

  15. To me, one of Nora’s great strengths is writing the make POV!

    Cannot wait to see Love Between The Covers!

  16. I remember, way back in the day, Nora’s books being the ones I searched out simply because she included the male POV. It was such a little thing, and yet it made all the difference. So thanks for that.

  17. Thanks for sharing these clips. I especially enjoyed Nora’s wry sense of humor when describing her sons at that early age. As a single mother of two sons, I can absolutely relate! And I’m happy to report that my sons have survived their youth and are actually quite close – now that they don’t live under the same roof…

  18. The same goes for me, the baby sister. Now that we don’t all live together we get along much better. I don’t get picked on and treated like I don’t know anything. Maybe the trick to this is to kick all the kids out when they are old enough to not kill themselves!

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