Litographs Naked in Death collection

Today’s the day!  The Naked in Death collection — t-shirt, poster, tote — is live on Litographs.   I think the final design reflects the first book in the long-running series, really well.

You see here how the copy of the book makes up the design (so you’ll never be without a beloved book again.



Today — March 3 — only you can save $5 with code: MARCHBOOKS.  Click this link to order.  And don’t forget to click to see the back design on the t-shirt and tote-bag on the order page.




26 thoughts on “Litographs Naked in Death collection”

      1. I had a problem as well “Your cart does not meet the requirements for the MARCHBOOKS discount code”

  1. I have been waiting months for this to come out. Kind of disappointed. Her laser is in the wrong hand. It just looks awkward.

    Still love In Death, Nora & Litographs so I am definitely buying one for myself and my daughter.

    I hope you would consider doing a 2nd choice with the original cover art from Naked in Death. Now that would be a great representation.

    1. I don’t have the rights to any cover art. The publisher and/or the artist hold those rights.

  2. Placed my order and the code worked. Looking forward to seeing it – I think the back is better than the front!

  3. My code didn’t work until after I put in all of my other information. Plus, free shipping! WooHoo! I can’t wait to get mine.

  4. Yes!! Bought a red v-neck. When I followed the link it didn’t auto populate the code but I entered it in myself and got the $5.00 off. Plus free shipping makes this shirt a great deal!

      1. I had trouble with colors on my old XP computer and had to use my new laptop to order unless I wanted red. I may go back and get a red one, too!

  5. I don’t know the In Death Series but I know awesome and very beautiful items when I see it 😉
    Congratulations on the Designer’s choice!
    Since I can’t wear the tee (it’s tricky to a fat lady to order online) I think I’ll go for the Tote. I have a passion for Totes and this one is a Winner.
    Thank you for sharing, Laura 🙂

  6. Hi everyone – Jack from Litographs here! Sorry to anyone who had trouble with the code earlier today. It is valid through tomorrow so please feel free to try again for a smoother checkout experience and let me know if you have any other questions!

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