Kerry, Day Six

A little treasure of a day as it decides to brighten up and warm up. Kay, Jason, Griffin and I take advantage by heading into Kenmare to knock more shopping out. BW opts to stay back, walk about, take some pictures.

Kat’s got driving in Ireland down—and Jason serves as navigator.

In town. Photo by j a-b

I have a mission for specific people and the sort of gifts I’m after. I have much success as we walk around, browse through shops, check out pub menus for dinner later.

Shopping with Nana. Photo by Kat

Kat’s mission also goes well, and we’re loaded up enough Jason hauls bags back to the car. Arms free!

I bag myself a wonderfully soft cashmere sweater I’m sure I’ll wear before we leave.

Then it’s off to the art store to check out the pregnant Bird Goddess. Yes, I want her!

I ask the clerk if they ship, and the question seems to throw her off. She’s flustered—and I admit I’m surprised. Unless you’re local there are many, many things in the shop too large, too fragile to haul away yourself.

She has to check with the owners, who say they’ll ship—but she warns it’ll cost me. Okay, still better than risking breaking her. Though she really tries to convince me just to haul this weighty girl away myself.


Well then, she’ll need all my information. No problem.

I’m a little surprised she writes this down on a piece of paper, not a form like every other shop I’ve shipped from does, but okay.

Then she can’t find her card machine.

Griffin needs a nap—he’s been so patient—so I tell her just hold it, and I’ll come back tomorrow to do the sale. Fine, she says, but she’ll need a deposit.

I remind her she can’t find the card machine.


We head out, and she runs out. Found the machine! So I go back, do the business.

Off we go down to the next corner where a bearded man and a beautiful boy have set up strange (creepy) animatronic musician dolls. The boy’s playing the drum, and there’s a sweet dog leashed up to greet people.

Hmmmm. Comment by Laura, photo by Jason.

As we watch, the clerk rushes down. She forgot to get my email. I remind her I gave her my email, but apparently she needs it again. So there’s that.

We’re off to the car and the drive home where BW is just back from his photo walk—he found one of our neighbors, took a portrait. I didn’t see the little horses in the field, but will walk over and get acquainted later.

Out and about. Photo by BW
Out and about. Photo by BW
Out and about. Photo by BW

I take a walk about myself as Griffin gets his nap. It’s just gorgeous out.

Out and about, Nora edition. Photo by Nora

The nap’s short so Jason brings Griffin out for some sit in the grass time—a favorite activity.

Perfect posture. Photo by j a-b

We’re soon off again to hit a pub for dinner. We find one with the bonus of live music—a mandolin, harmonica and Irish accordion. We’re all pleased, especially the boy who needs to walk over a number of times to watch up close.

Aw. Photo by Kat

The food’s great and plentiful, the music lively, the pub filled with people and lots of families. Griffin makes several friends on his cheery walks.

The sky’s still bright and gorgeous as we leave, though it’s cooled off enough I’m glad I wore a warmer jacket. 

Sunset. Photo by j a-b

Just a pretty, pretty day, start to finish.

Another bright one today, and we’ll do some touring about, show Griffin a castle.

Workout done—and Griffin joined in toward the end. Then strongly requested Shaun T’s mash-ups. 

Following along. Photo by Nora

Time to pull ourselves together and get going. The day’s too lovely to miss.


22 thoughts on “Kerry, Day Six”

  1. What beautiful pictures and exciting time…hope that you statue makes it home safe and sound….

    Look forward to adventures from Day 6

  2. So many wonderful photos! But, I actually squealed over that tiny puffy vest Griffin was wearing when he was looking in a store window! I didn’t know they made them that small!

    Thank you for taking us along!

  3. We are taking our first trip to Ireland next September! Your books and travels have inspired me to make this trip! Any clothing advice would be appreciated! We will be staying in B&B’s.

  4. Wow, I noticed there are so many markings on the pavement; difficult to navigate I’m sure.

    I don’t Nora, best of luck on receiving your statue, no telling where that might end up.

    Sounds like all of you are having a very relaxing stay. I’m certainly enjoying it.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I do hope you get your statue! I love hearing about your trip!

  6. The clouds in the last photo just grabbed my heart! Such an enchanting spot by the river! And, I am impressed with Griffin, World Traveler!! What a trooper!!!

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  7. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place.
    I hope you get your statue in one piece, not sure it will be packed properly for shipping.
    Griffin is having himself a grand old time making new friends, in a different country.

    Keep posting.

  8. It’s odd isn’t it for all of the sudden stepping into last century doing business?! And somehow sweet how nice those people seem to live and strive in a different “step” from all world’s dance ?
    In my Country I refer to such happenings – when I find myself almost apologizing for knowing and expecting different – as “Portugal Deep State” ?. They sometime frazzle my ways of wanting to do business and move on but when I realize they are happy on their own and not just being bit*** and difficultI find me readjusting to their step. Still I would like to know that the statue arrives in one of those days you want to be in Kerry and suddenly are ?
    My son traveled to Ireland two summers ago and had no problem with the driving neither. It must be the artistic in their – his, Kat’s… – minds that adjusts almost immediately to the new settings ? something has to be as we listen to tourists telling about the horrors of it while on Ireland.
    Be Well. And Warm (weather is “turning” in all Europe so I think without having a proper Summer we’ll enter a sunny but coldish Autumn very soon)

  9. Love DW’s out and about photos. Nora and Griffin shopping is lovely. All the photos are beautiful, both then, it’s Ireland. I hope the pregnant statue makes it to Maryland. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I enjoy reading about the trip and seeing the pictures. I especially liked the first one by j a-b. I wonder, was that taken in the side mirror of the car? It’s beautiful on its own, but the way it was captured makes it stunning.

  10. Beautiful pictures and I’m really interested to know the outcome for the pregnant bird goddess. Love reading these travelogues.

  11. Here’s hoping you won’t be needing the luck of the Irish to actually get your statue shipped off.

  12. I’m glad you are getting (hopefully) the verdigris pregnant statue. I have just 1 question- is Griffin walking ? He seems way too young to be walking already. As much fun and relaxing as your days sound, it’s so much more entertaining when you have an adorable baby along.

    1. My brother was walking at nine months, so Griffin is in the ball park.

    2. Not quite walking on his own. He likes to take your fingers and goes—at a trot. Starting to stand on his own for short bursts. It won’t be long.

  13. I somehow missed reading about your previous days. I would love to read them . Anyway I can do this?

    1. If you type 2019 Scotland into the search box it will bring you to day 1. We’ve gone sequentially since then.


    2. Rita, just scroll to the bottom of post (above comments) and you’ll see link to previous day and next day.

  14. Here I am inAustralia, not only reading my favourite author but seeing parts of her wonderful holiday in Ireland. Thank you Nora for so generously sharing your holiday with us. My daughter is on holiday in theUK and sending back photos too so I am twice spoiled!Cant wait for the next Dallas — I’m addicted!

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