Kerry, Day Ten

Pretty day, and a quiet one for most of it.

After some energetic play, JK&G head into town. We plan to go in for dinner later, and I want to get that laundry and packing started.

Kat calls in the midst of it to let us know there’s a huge fair in town—mostly Travelers from the looks of it. The town’s packed with people, and there’s no parking as stalls now spread through the car parks.

Bustling town. Photo by j a-b
Choice of wares. Photo by j a-b

Change of plans. The gang will now pick up what we need to expand our leftovers into dinner at home.

So I get a good start on packing and gathering and organizing, and enjoy the view.

When they get back, Griffin’s already out for the count, so it’s nap time. I see what I can do about making meatballs for the left-over spaghetti. 

I do not like this stove! It’s a complicated PITA, and I need Jason to get the oven on for me. Kat got a lot of meat! So we’ll have a whole bunch of meatballs. 

Griffin’s up, and while Kat makes a cheese and broccoli soup, I take him out for a walk in the stroller.

He sings to himself as we walk down our quiet road. No jacket required on this balmy evening. There are three cottages on this stretch, and the one at the far end isn’t occupied.

So we explore, go around the path—spot an orange tabby that streaks away—and around to the patio.

Play ball, Nana? Photo by Nora

We stroll back, but since we’re both having a good time, do the circuit again.

There’s a fountain formed by a huge ball, and he very much enjoys. There are bits of a river view, but mostly it’s gorgeous stretches of land, green and green, and the rise of hills.

The air’s so sweet, the light so soft, and the baby’s singing quietly to himself.

A view down the river. Photo by Nora

Back in for about a half hour of chaos putting the meal together. Stupid stove!

But it all turns out just fine. We have meatballs and some spaghetti with marinara. Some pasta with olive oil and herbs, the soup, salad, garlic bread.

Nobody goes hungry, and we’ve made a heroic mess of the kitchen.

Jason bought pastries in town, but I have something Griffin and I will like more. An ice cream bar. He sucks that down.

He plays with Daddy while Mama attacks the massive kitchen clean up. But wait—he spies my tablet, and lets it be known he hasn’t had his daily dose of Shaun T.

The minute it comes on he grins. We watch every one, with him mesmerized and often keeping time with one hand. He’s not done, so I switch to Brazilian Butt Lift. Hey, pretty girls.

He’s satisfied with this, but wants daddy to hold him and watch, too. The boy’s tired. He’ll flop his head on Jason’s chest or shoulder, then jerk back, waving his hand as if to say: No, I’m still partying! Flop, jerk, wave.

Until a flop involves eyes closing.

That seems to be it, so up I go finish packing.

It’s not long before I hear Jason, and those little running feet. Revived, Griffin’s ready for the nightly game of run into Nana’s room, get a tickle attack, squeal outrageously, run, run back, repeat.

Our boy ends his day as happily as he started it.

Happy Griffin

Packing’s about done. 

Gray clouds are streaming across the sky, and the wind’s stirring up. Likely rain coming in.

We’ll miss our views out our cottage windows, and the long hallways up and down for Griffin to run. But it’s onto Mayo in the morning, and lots to see on the drive through Clare and Galway.

Jason’s finishing up laundry as they’ve about got Griffin down for the night. It’s all quiet now, inside and out.

I’m writing the blog now so I’m not rushed tomorrow. We’ll take our time on the drive, enjoy the journey.


19 thoughts on “Kerry, Day Ten”

  1. I Enjoy your vacation blogs so much. You bring everything alive so I feel like I’m almost there with all of you. I would love to visit Ireland sometime and hopefully I will get to. Just finished reading “Under Currents “and it was fantastic as always. Thanks Nora for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us!

  2. Griffin reminds me of my younger nephew Chris. Chris was so afraid of missing something he would fight going to sleep whenever he was anywhere that wasn’t home. Babies are so cute to watch.

  3. Wonderful update along with the lovely pictures….made me hungry for spaghetti and meatballs..

    Have a safe trip to Mayo

  4. What a full day, even with staying at the cottage. And even with the cranky stove your dinner sounded fabulous. The views were lovely. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Lucky Griffin to be surrounded by so much love and positive energy!

    The place you are staying at sounds magical….beautiful and peaceful with the river for company!

    Enjoy the trip!!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful trip to Ireland! This will be my only way to see it an it means a great deal to me. I appreciate you taking your vacation time to include your fans. Griffin makes it even more fun. Safe traveling.

  7. Do enjoy ?
    Such a beautiful Country. My son’s pictures and stories already left me wishing for it. now I’m craving it like crazy… one day ✈️

  8. Just loving the travel log and look forward to each entry! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am enjoying your journey. I love Ireland and the people there were wonderful. A beautiful and terrible land.

  10. So much fun to travel with you. Such beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing and especially sharing that sweet boy.

  11. I’m doing a reread of Born of Fire, Ice,Shame. Cool to read your going through Clare and Galway!

  12. So very glad you all had an excellent vacation.
    From the pictures and sounds of it, Griffin had the best time ever!

    The pictures were beautiful, all of them. I want to visit Ireland, but some people have suggested I’m better off not going, due to race issues.

    Have a safe flight back. I know Griffin will flirt with the airline staff and maybe get wings!

  13. I’m loving the blog, feel like I’m on holiday with you, Hope you all have a great time in Mayo

  14. The Quiet Man. A wonderful old movie set in Ireland. Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne. The scene in the cottage doorway where he pulls her roughly to him for a searing kiss – with a raging storm outside. Your awesome descriptions and photos remind me of that favorite film of mine….keep enjoying and thanks for sharing!

  15. What is that magical place with that gorgeous twisted tree wrapped around the vivid greens??? Is that where the faeries. Live. ? Or is it more sinister?? The green shades in that country make me want to be there. Just absolutely lovely!

  16. More lovely photos, thank you. It’s a good thing Griffin brought 4 adults with him – he needs all of you to keep up with his boundless energy!

  17. Nora,
    I think your vacation sounds wonderful, except for the stupid stove. Griffin is a seasoned traveler now and he sounds like he’s just a joy to be around. The pictures of Ireland are beautiful, I hope I can visit some day. Thank you for sharing so much with us! Safe travels!

  18. You’re off to Mayo where my great grandfather was born. He came over to England during the potato famine and stayed raising a family of nine children. I hope to visit one day . Enjoying your diary so much.x

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