Italy travelogue, part X

We continue to have the most glorious weather. A balmy evening,  perfect for outdoor dining. After some debate, we return to the little trattoria  where we ate last night. Pots of sage on the table for us  tonight.
A long, leisurely meal, sitting elbow to elbow with a young couple.  Not American, not Brit, but the common language with the waiter seems to be  English. They’re both tall and blond and pretty, so I wonder Scandinavian maybe.  I should’ve just asked them. They get some gorgeous cheese plate to share,  served on a stand like pizza.
A guy comes by, sets up and plays the clarinet for awhile. He has  some backpack deal that adds other instruments to his. I expect he goes from trattoria to trattoria picking up coins as he goes.
We’re too full for dessert, but the waiter brings out a  bottle–obviously from the frost out of the freezer. Tiny glasses. It’s STRONG  and interesting, and Jason points out it tastes a bit like Nyquil. And it does!  LOL. We find out it’s made from herbs, so maybe that counts for the medicinal  taste. But we manage to drink it–it’s pretty good Nyquil. And it may account  for the excellent night’s sleep.
Going to take it easy today–that’s the plan that’s not a plan.  Plus I believe lots of places will be closed today to honor the BVM’s  Assumption.
I think I’ll do the full 75 minute Yoga flow with Zirka Landwitt–a  favorite and an excellent stretch for body, mind and soul after the 12,000 steps  (five miles!) of walking yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Italy travelogue, part X”

  1. I bet the aperitif was Sambuca. Jason’s right, it does taste like medicine.

    1. So glad your trip is living up to your expectations! Don’t expect any of us to believe that your grandchildren are just getting the one gift you buy them in Florence ;-), I’m a grandmother who shops early, I started in July, and it just means I keep seeing just one more thing I know my Raven would like! Her birthday being in December I don’t want her cheated because Christmas is same month, or that’s excuse I’m sticking with, lol! Keep posting. Enjoying all your experiences.

  2. That seems to be a common European after dinner drink. Cinzano also tastes like that. Germany has a bitters-type drink also. The name escapes me, but my son likes it.

  3. I am soooo down with this herb drink! I mean, I’ll try it anytime, but let’s say I’m already sick & miserable — enter Happy NyQuil! Yes! That is the business right there!
    I am super down with days when the plan is to not have a plan. At the end of those days, there’s never any disappointment. They’re like a little surprise in the middle of the hustle & bustle.

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