In and Out

It rained a lot last week, and though the gray gets tiresome, I had a full week without leaving the house. Full work days without: Crap, I have to do this or go there.

That, for me, was pretty much heaven.

We did have a visitor one morning. BW found this stunned mourning dove–and afraid the dogs might go to town on it, brought it in to show me. Before he started back down, the dove pulled itself together, started to flap. So out it went, safe and sound.

And I broke a stupid crown, somehow or other.

Now, I’ll call the dentist office first thing in the morning, right before I leave for Kat’s birthday shopping trip and slumber party. We’ll see if the dentist can squeeze me in after that, and before we leave on Friday for Logan’s Excellent New York adventure.

Can’t believe my guy is thirteen.

So a crazy week coming after heaven, but much fun in there. Likely two more stints in the dentist chair, but what can you do?

After the week of work, workouts and rain, we had the sun shine for us on Saturday for the signing at Turn The Page. To my recollection, it’s the first time we’ve done a June signing, but Come Sundown’s hit the shelves, so we worked one in. We’ll still have our traditional anniversary signing in July, with the Fall Into The Story Brunch on the Sunday following the signing.

But for this past one, we had sunshine and nice temperatures–and an unexpected power outage in Boonsboro. That was interesting, and fortunately only lasted about an hour. The readers, authors and staff handled it all with patience and good humor.

Laura and I did a little Facebook Live chat–just a couple minutes, before everything got going. Maybe we’ll do another one when we’re in New York. Logan’s main wish is a trip to the Nike Store–the boy does love basketball shoes–but we also have tickets for a ballgame, plans to take him down to The Flatiron, maybe take a stroll on the Highline, eat pizza–and just give him a fun, Logan-centric time in the big city.

I need to pack for our Kat-centric overnight (Girl Fun!), but I treated myself to a walk around the gardens–without the work this weekend as I have too much else to see to–and clearly the flowers enjoyed all that rain.

Dianthus and lobelia
Impatiens in the barrel
First tomato!
Johnny-Jump-Ups pushing through one of the walkways

I expect I’ll be in the dentist chair one day this week, then it’s pack for Logan’s trip–with, I hope, at least a little writing time in there.


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  1. i tried to find Come Sundown at Walmart today. is your new publisher not working with them? They should be out if they had them.

    1. St. Martin’s absolutely works with Walmart. Your store, for whatever reason, didn’t put the book out. Maybe ask the manager? Sorry you’re having trouble finding it.

  2. I love the beginning sentence. A full week without leaving the house…oh how I love that sentiment. I feel the same way. I am really enjoying Come Sundown. I try to drag it out and make it last. Thank you for such great stories. You are the best.

    1. Excited to start Come Sundown…you made it extra special by signing It this weekend. Meeting you has always been my Dream/Bucket List. Looking forward to September ?

    2. I’m with you on trying to pace myself reading Come Sundown, so tempted to keep reading as I finish a chapter!

  3. Loved, Loved, Loved Come Sundown! You outdid yourself on this one. Thanks for all that you do.

  4. I loved your flowers. And welcome to my town- NYC. There is no city on earth ,quite like it. We are having rain the next two days, but I hope the sun comes out to welcome you when you come.

  5. I loved Come Sundown!! I couldn’t take longer to read it to make it last, because I loved the story and wanted to get to the finish. Of course I loved the characters, and my heart went out to Alice and her interaction with the other people in the book. The picture of you on the back cover is great. Now I have to try and have patience until September 5th, and the new JD Robb. Thank you for always giving me books that I so enjoy. You are my favorite author.

  6. Reading In the Garden Trilogy again and waiting for your new book to be available in my area. Throughly enjoy your writing.

  7. Well, Nora, I am in the same boat regarding a crown. Mine is a bridge, so count three crowns basically. Sigh. Will cost us our Florida trip, but life marches on. Come Sundown will cheer me up! Good luck to you and enjoy your trip!!!

  8. I finally figured out why I no longer get mail from you .. I have moved & failed to give my new address ! So…. guess I send an email with it?!?

  9. Thank you for remembering my sisters and me!!!!! We had so much fun this weekend! The inn is beautiful and we will definitely make it a regular stop on our continued journeys!!!!! It was a memorable birthday for me!

  10. Have a great time on your trip. We were just there in December and it was chaos and madness but wonderful. You are such an influence in my life. Thank you for putting your epic talent to such great use and allowing us the opportunity to share in it. The world, like a barren garden, would be a much darker place without your books. xoxoxo

  11. Loved Come Sundown! Like most of your books just can’t put it down until I finish it. Can’t wait until the next book comes out in September. And I do so love your shots of flowers!

  12. We’re having an unusual Spring – in that we’re getting plenty of rain – and I’m enjoying many of the flowers in your pictures in my own garden. A clematis that I’ve been carefully nurturing is exploding this year and my sickly little rhubarb is finally coming into its own. Finally got the word – my turn for the new book and it’s waiting at the library – guess where I’ll be at 9am tomorrow! Thanks in advance, since you never miss.

  13. Loved Come Sundown. Love your stories about Montana. Have a great trip!

  14. Rain = blooms. Love the flowers. Two fun trips (Kat and Logan) and two darn-it trips (to the dentist) should come out on the plus side of the equation for trips. Thanks for sharing your week with us.

  15. Impatiently waiting for, “Come Sundown”. Haven’t been anywhere yet that I know would carry your books Nora, so that I can pick it up. I have been an avid fan for over 11 years. I especially love the trilogies. It has been so hard to wait for the next segments to come after the first ones….but well worth it each time!!!

  16. Do you know why the Kindle version of Come Sundown didn’t have an audible narration sync option with it? I’ve been going back and purchasing the Kindle and audible versions of older books because I love the ability to go back and forth from reading the book to listening to it (when I have to get up to fold laundry or drive somewhere in the middle of a book, for instance) and I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get it on your new book. I did buy both versions hoping they would sync and it just wasn’t marked the same, but no luck.

    1. The audio publisher and the book publisher are not one and the same. And that’s about all I know about audio syncing with ebooks. I suggest you reach out to Brilliance Audio on this (, there’s a customer service tab and they are very responsive to reader questions.


      1. I’ve gotten all of my synced Kindle books and audio books from Amazon and Audible. I’ll try to check with them. Thanks.

  17. I commiserate with you Nora. I have been so bad about going to the dentist I now have 3 teeth that just need crowns and one that will have to be dug out and replaced with a dental implant and a crown. Be glad you just have one. My life’s not all bad, though. I’m taking Sign Language classes this summer and they start tonight.

  18. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden photos! Good luck with your dentist! I have already read Come Sundown and it was wonderful! Love that in was set here in the West.

  19. Here in Western NY it is cold, rainy, and dismal!!! If this is the precursor of summer, I see a lot of Nora rereads!! Right now I am going through the Stars of Mithra!
    Gardening is a challenge unless one is wearing waders! And walking the dog is fabulous if one likes eau de wet dog! So I am heartily jealous of your garden photos!

    Have a fabu time in NYC…I remember as a tween loving the Museum of Natural History with all the dinosaurs…just a thought for a rainy day! And, of course, Coney Island!

    And and and am enjoying the cookbook!!!!
    Thank you

  20. Nora, sorry to hear about the crown. I have too many of those! I love all your “in death” series. I cannot put them down when I start reading. Love Eve and Roarke. I started out years ago collecting the hardcover and paperbacks but then after surgery to repair a Macular hole in my retina I had to change to reading them on my Nook so I can read with a large text and don’t have to sit under my magnifying lamp. I will be purchasing Secrets soon. I love the series. You are a fantastic

  21. I always wondered what ‘Johnny jump-ups’ where when you mentioned them and now I know. In New Zealand they are called pansies and there are quite a lot of colours and sizes.

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