As you read this, keep in mind I’m posting this for Nora while staying in a hotel in Long Island where the winds are up and the temps are down. I like her anyway. ~Laura
One of the biggest perks of being a writer is working at home. Even bigger is working at home when the thermometer reads one frigid, bitter, ridiculous degree. While I always do a February signing, I try not to venture out otherwise during this short, nasty little month.
I love hibernating. I’m an unsocial, solitary creature by nature, and winter gives me the perfect excuse to say: No thanks, not going anywhere. Mostly, I can always come up with an excuse, but winter builds one in for me.
There was a time I worked every day–a little less on weekends, but every day. Now it’s mostly a five-day week, but depending on where I am in a book there may still be some writing on weekends.
So that’s not an excuse, but a reason not to venture out. Hey, working here! I pull that reason out of my hat regularly. People who know me don’t ask me to meet them for lunch or go out to dinner or attend an event. People who don’t know me get the reason or the excuse.
A lot of them are sincerely baffled. My husband gets it, but there was a time. Several winters ago he said: You haven’t been out of the house is like six weeks. My response was: And your point is?
I understand perfectly that many people enjoy socializing regularly. My husband’s one of them. He went out in this deep-freeze yesterday to visit some pals. I stayed home, did some basic domestic stuff, baked bread and made an excellent pot roast–and got a solid workout in.photo 2
We were both happy.
Today the wind’s howling and I’m not going to even look at the temperature. I won’t be writing, because after all the shifting of books and files and clothes and shoes, our One More Room is a pure disaster. It’s the last on my purge list, and it’s getting the Big Treatment today.photo 3
After that’s done, I’ll get my workout in, then it’s time to pick a book off my TBR pile, pour a glass of wine, cozy up in front of the fire and go into someone else’s world for a couple hours. I hope it’s warm there.
Wherever you are–in the frozen tundra or some sunny spot, try to do one thing this weekend that makes you happy.

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  1. I share your feelings and I can relate to staying in. As I write this, we’re hit with yet another storm. I was only out once this week, and that suits me just fine. I am afraid of falling due to a bad hip, heart, etc., so I, too, enjoy the solitude and quiet. I will cook/bake when I can and, of course, read, read, read. My husband will walk our 6 month old yellow lab, Finn, and then keeps me company in our family room or work on some computer project he’s got going. The grandkids will come over for a visit, play with the dog, and tell me what’s going on in their lives while they eat the chips, ice cream and root beer that I keep in stock for them. Spoil them? of course, I do…it’s a right not a privilege, as I tell my sons. So, enjoy your solitude and wine and TBR list. I will do the same, except for the wine, sigh! Not allowed that any more even though it is suppose to be good for the heart, just not mine, I guess. Thanks for your wonderful writing that has kept me entertained for years! Stay warm, Nora & Laura.

  2. My very first apartment was half of the upper story of an old house. Your One More Room looks so much like it, right down to the hardwood floor! It’s so hard rearranging in a long, narrow room – good luck! Now, I’m retired and I also have the luxury of not leaving the house unless I want to – bliss! Stay safe, both of you.

  3. Am a Nigerian, and am trying so hard to get your books in Nigeria. Please I really need to buy and read them.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Katherine Ottah.

  4. Reading “Obsession in Death” is my happy thing this weekend. Thank you!

  5. My husband and I had a conversation yesterday similar to your thoughts. I thrive in alone time. I rebuild and regroup. He loves going out. 🙂

    Glad to see I am not alone in my desire to be alone.

  6. Amen. It was 12 degrees with wind chills in negative numbers when I ventured out briefly this a.m. Brrr. It’s the frozen and windy Big Apple here. The older I get the more comfortable I am in my shyness and I no longer feel the need to overcome it. As i posted to Facebook yesterday, “snowing outside, books, bed, and a blanket inside.” Here’s to spring!

  7. I’m really sorry that you’ve had winter storms. The wind is howling here also and it’s cold but the sun is shining . I made Taco soup yesterday and it makes a pot full so I’ll be eating leftovers today. I saw on your page a while back that you made a chicken tortilla soup I would like to try and make that one day soon.
    the weatherman. here is calling for some sort of frozen p

  8. I, too, am reading Obsession in Death this weekend. Looking forward to squeezing in a little bit of reading every now and then between grading papes and planning for my school week. Thanks for that gift!

  9. Precipitation. so who knows, mabe we will or mabe we won’t. lol! probably just rain! I hope you have a good day hibernating.

  10. I always say humans should hibernate over the winter months. Here in my part of Michigan we woke up to -11 degrees and it has only made it to -5, with a windchill bringing it down to -22.

    There is no way on earth that I’m going out in that. I can eat from the freezer and pantry for at least a month.

    Today I’m catching up on laundry and finishing my reread of Strangers In Death. If, by luck, the university I work for gets a snow day tomorrow, I’ll polish off another in the series.

  11. a fire, book and a glass of wine sound wonderful, but alas I am traveling in a Toyota pick up through WV to La Vale, Md. The temps are cold but not as bad as I expected, and the roads are way better than predicted so far! The book however, I can pull off! Home At Last to keep me company! Stay warm and stress free Nora and Laura, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. I wish i could relate. Here in Texas we haven’t really had a winter this year, at least one to speak of.

  13. Good luck with the big treatment on the “one more room”! Sadly, I have to brave the frigid temps to run some errands, but looking forward to returning home to curl up with a glass of wine, 2 cuddly cats, and a new book (a Nora-book, of course!).

  14. I understand you I have always said I am like a bear I would go in in the winter and not come out until spring.

  15. I have 4 consecutive days off this weekend, Yay me! But Thursday night after work I tripped on a chunk of ice and rolled my ankle pretty bad, I will live but boy it is tender. So far I have spent my long weekend with my foot up taking care of a bunch of little chores, some mending ect. that can be done sitting. And a lot of reading. I don’t work at home so Tuesday I have to venture out and head back to work. I don’t think I would be very good at working at home, to many other things to do and not nearly enough will power to focus.

    good luck with the hibernating and only 34 days till spring!

    1. I’m the same way. When I feel the need to concentrate on my schoolwork more, I spend time at the library.

  16. So thankful DH & I did our Valentine’s celebration mid-week (we are an hour away from Lake Michigan, so we spent time in Ludington, right on the big lake and spent time in the beautiful state park, taking pictures, exploring neat pubs, and had our 1st experience in a Victorian B&B). We are using today to recuperate from yesterday’s blizzard by enjoying yet another day of peace and quiet inside. I’m enjoying my own reading cave, while spouse is making a list of things he needs at the kitchen store we’ll visit tomorrow. We also have an Amish bulk food store in the area that we’ll visit tomorrow; good time to stock up on their flours, spices, popcorn, and maybe some soaps for the guest bath. I’m also using some time today to get my To Read lists in order (alpha by author last name, of course). I haven’t used my Kindle Paperwhite in a while, so have to inventory what’s what on there. Then I can cozy down in my cave and read away. Hope everyone can stay warm, cozy, and safe today.

  17. My winters are just like yours! Cook, purge, enjoy family time and grandchildren!
    Summers are to hectic here at the KOA so I cherish my winter downtime. Enjoy!

  18. Madison, WI is in a windchill advisory for today. I tend to veg when it’s that bad. I like cold weather but that’s ridiculous. Fortunately I have a built in excuse right now. I am a hardcore NCAA Mens’ Basketball fan and Wisconsin is playing Illinois right now.

  19. Well I have been hibernating six days a week. One of my daughters comes to take me out for lunch and grocery shopping on the weekend. We got another blizzard last night and 15 inches of snow here in Massachusetts. No where to put the snow like in Boston. I’m happy to hibernate with a good book and a glass of wine. Hope everyone is warm and cozy!

  20. My grandma and I are in hibernation mode as well. The wind chill is in the negatives, so we decided it would be a lazy pajama day. I took the opportunity to finish Obsession in Death this morning. I had a cup of coffee instead of wine, it was a little early for that-even if it is the weekend!

  21. Your pot roast looks delicious. I made chicken noodle soup yesterday, for today and tomorrow. Bright and sunny and windy and cold in SE PA. Staying in and reading Obsession In Death .

  22. If anyone deserves a glass of wine and a roaring fire you do!!!

  23. I definitely understand. I, too, am an unsocial creature. My friends do not ask me to dinner or lunch or girls night out anymore. Unfortunately, they do not get it. A good book, one dog curled up behind my legs, the other one stretched out along the couch in front of me, my husband laughing at something on the TV and constantly interrupting my reading with, hey, honey, you have to see this…This is my life, and it’s pretty great!

  24. Sub-zero temp here, bright and sunny Sunday. Had brunch with some friends, at a friend’s home in the country, send-off for one of our friends who’s going out of town tomorrow for some serious health tests. I was very warm inside.

  25. Totally are there w/you on hybernating — live in Rochester, NY south of Lake Ontario and are being hit yet again (although not as hard as other areas in the Northeast) w/blowing snow, more snow, frigid temps and wind chills dipping to -30. I’m not a wine drinker but will whip up a nice cup of hot cocoa and go sit on the couch, surrounded by pillows and my nice warm throw w/a good book. Finishing up on one other author’s book … but will definitely be reading another Nora Roberts for sure as my next guilty pleasure. Enjoy your couple hours.

  26. That IS a great looking pot roast. I made my favourite Tomato-Zucchini Soup last night, and roasted cauliflower, garlic and onions to make a cauliflower and aged cheddar soup today. Also making a caramelized pear and blue cheese soup.

    Since it’s sunny and mild on Canada’s west coast, I will try to get out for a walk in between, but I’m rereading Eve and Roarke while I’m waiting for the library to get Obsession and I just started Origin, so I will have to drag myself away. 🙂

    Enjoy your hibernation – I completely understand.

  27. At least your Hubby understands. Mine doesn’t. I have no desire to leave the house when it is cold, snowy and icy. I take my writing and reading to the dock in spring, summer, and fall…but not winter. Sometimes I wish I had a heated, glass room to sit in during the winter though.

    Homemade bread and your pot roast looks great.

  28. First, you must be a wonderful cook, the pot roast looks wonderful. Mine always falls apart and my vegetable shrivel up. I get it that it’s over cooked, but I only look at it twice. When I put it in and when I take it out. I can understand why you would want to be alone sometimes. I am reading ‘Obsession” (slowly, because I don’t want to be finished with it). I am always amazed at how entertaining the conversations are between your characters. I can’t write anything more then an e-mail but I love all the people that live in your head.
    I’m in Portland, Oregon and we have been blessed with mild warm weather. My tulips are up, my daffodils are ready to bloom and I planted pots with impatients and pansy’s today. Hoping our weather holds.

  29. So enjoyed this glimpse into your day to day and reading all the comments that followed. It was bitter cold in CT over the weekend. The winds were just terrible yesterday. Lucky for us we didn’t lose power as predicted. A glass of wine by the fire, while reading sounds delightful!

  30. I currently live about 30 minutes (on a good day, with no traffic) North of Atlanta, Ga. I did most of my younger days in Eastern Pennsylvania, and Southern West Virginia… So I understand the cold… currently, we are on the weather to watch list, but I keep telling these guys that Atlanta won’t get hit… the winds are blowing it to the North east… I drive a tractor -trailer for a living, and I’ve traveled all 48 and Canada and Mexico… So I don’t have the luxury of staying in. But once I’m home… it takes an extreme act of begging for my kids to get me out of the house… after driving and running heavy equipment for 18 hours a day, all I want is a book, and quiet… and of course delivery of food… Nora’s books keep me company whether I’m at home or in my truck.. I love to hibernate with her stories and jet off to Ireland, or new York (with Eve and Roarke) or wherever her adventures take me! So Thanks for writing the amazing stories you write, and taking me out of my own reality for a little while! 🙂
    Lawrenceville, GA

  31. As I live in mostly sunny Fort Lauderdale, I can’t use that as an excuse. What I can and do use is ” the new JD Robb book is out and I want to read it, thanks.” People who know me know that. LOL Thanks for once again writing an absolutely wonderful book.

  32. I used to live in the mountains in Germany and the Pacific Northwest ~ at that time I loved the snow and the winter sports. I live in Dallas now but I’m cold today, too! Nothing like the extreme weather in the north, though, and I send warm wishes to all who are stuck in it. My daffodils are up and beautiful which gives us hope.

    It most certainly is soup and cozy fire time, with snuggly blanket and hot chocolate. It will be 110º here before I know it, so trying to embrace the chill while it’s available.

  33. right now I’m reading the o’Dwyer trilogy I’m reading the third book I have to tell you Nora this is a fantastic trilogy I want to read it fast but I want to read it slow but you can’t read it slow because it is so good I know when I’m done I am going to want to start reading right from the start so any body reading this comment you are going to want to start reading this right away and you will not be disappointed I assure you .,you will fall in love with this trilogy also just as I did so Nora if you read this comment you will know hoe very much I love this trilogy and all of your books xxoo

  34. So glad to read this as I always felt weird wanting time alone. In addition to not really being into socializing I really don’t like the cold/snow. Most people don’t understand when I say I don’t want to go out when there is snow on the ground or it is cold out. I love to hibernate. I have Obsession In Death from the library and I will hunker down with it shortly.

  35. I just finished reading NEW YORK TO DALLAS. Oh mine had me on the edge of my seat. I also read TAKEN IN DEATH. what a story! Short and sweet. I am currently reading CALCULATED IN DEATH. For some reason I can’t fanthom I have yet to get through NAKED IN DEATH. I have it on my list for this weekend soon to follow by GLORY IN DEATH and FESTIVE IN DEATH. I fell in love with Eve and Roarke. Cant wait to read OBSESSION IN DEATH. I read all books by Nora I just put off reading IS ROBB until this year. Didn’t think I could deal with the murders but I’m getting through it better than I thought. A long time ago I read REMEMBER WHEN, TIME WAS and one more I can’t remember the name I had no idea The author was my one and only Nora. The good thing about the death series is that I have 40 books to read this year! Nora I love your books keep doing what you do best. TELL WONDERFUL STORIES.

  36. Glad to know there are other hibernators out there. Give me the sanctuary of my home and library, I’m a happy lady! Thank you Nora for all the great stories to choose from. I’ve collected all of the In Death stories, both in print and audio plus all the trilogies/sagas and many of the single stories. I came late in life (my early 40’s) to the joy of fiction, especially of contemporary romances. My Mon gave me the Born In trilogy and I was immediately hooked! When a new book is released I’m at the book store within the week if not the day. Reading Obsession right now…halfway through and it’s terrific! Just finished listening to “The Villa” another of my all time favorite stories along with the Quinn Brothers saga, The Collector, The Search…I could go on and on but I won’t today! Just sayin’…love all stories by Nora/JD. Thank you and looking forward to “The Liar” and the new trilogy coming at the end of the year!

  37. Nora, wish I could hibernate this week too . . . we have been dealing with lake effect snow here in Northern Indiana (yes, about 45 minutes from Shipshewana!) and the best thing I would do would be snuggle up with a book and/or take a nap while comfort food slowly cooks in the oven or the crockpot. I promise I won’t forget the glass of wine, either!

  38. I love seeing how much you line up with Eve’s characteristics. I suspected this was so, and this blog post confirms it. I feel a kinship with Eve and you because I feel the same. It’s very nice to know. No wonder I have such a connection to these characters!

  39. Hey guys, Nora’s book the The Dark Witch is #3 on Book Bub’s list of 10 Irish novels to read this St. Patrick’s Day.

  40. Sure would love the recipes for Turkey Noodle soup and pretzel buns. Looks yummy (as does the roast beef, potatoes and carrots).

    Eagerly anticipating The Liar.

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