Here Comes The Sun

At last!

The weather reports called for 60s–and heading toward 70 last week.


It stayed stubbornly in the 50s (if it got there at all) except for one brief, fleeting afternoon, dipping down into the 30s at night. And it rained. It rained again. It rained some more.

But this morning, there’s actual sun instead of gloom. A chilly weekend–again–as we roll toward April, but the sun helps.

Meanwhile my tulip magnolia’s starting to get frisky, showing some pink. Wait! I tell it just wait or you’ll get fried again this year. I hope it listens.

Despite the rain, chill, gloom, we had a fine time last weekend dying eggs with the kids. We tried the shaving cream trick this year–next year Cool Whip because yum. This was a big hit with all–so easy, and messy in a totally fun way. If you haven’t seen this trick, there’s nothing to it. Using a glass baking dish, squirt about an inch of shaving cream (not shaving gel) or spoon Cool Whip into it. Smooth it out, drip food coloring–a couple shades–then using a toothpick and draw horizontal then vertical lines through it. You’re going to want plastic gloves, trust me!

Roll your hard boiled eggs through the cream, set them aside on some cardboard or whatever. Let them dry about ten minutes, and gently wipe with a paper towel.
We used a couple of dishes for more variety of color. Much pleasure in the results.
Colt, Logan & Kayla
 After egg fun–and kids playing (even teenagers) in the left-over goop–we had family dinner. Jason and Kat came up so a nice gang for our early Easter. My lasagna and garlic bread–I baked Italian bread the day before. A big salad.

Who needs dessert when you have marshmallow Peeps and chocolate?

The weekend before, I braved the outside world to attend the photo exhibit at the inn. A terrific afternoon, so many gorgeous photos of Ireland, and beautifully displayed. Add a little champagne, friendly faces, and it’s a pretty good way to break hibernation.

Congratulations to all the artists! (Especially, of course, BW and Laura.)

David Thackston, Suz Thackston, BW, Fran Byrne and Laura
from left: Laura, Nora, Michelle, JoAnne & Karen
 This weekend, as March slides into April–and happy Ostara, Easter, Passover–I’m going to burrow in yet again, make some soup since the 60s are still a lovely dream.

But first I’m going to work out, and tell my magnolia to hit the snooze button.


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  1. You always have so much going on. Being a hibernating type, I don’t know how you do it. Silly, but it makes me smile when you mention you are going back into your “burrow.” I understand the lure.

    Thanks for including us in your life.

  2. Happy Spring and whatever else people are celebrating! The cherry blossoms on my street are almost over but just starting in other parts of the city. Magnolia trees are also in bloom here. I think I may put my Christmas cacti outside this weekend, although it was down to 2C last night so I may have to wait a week or two.

  3. We were in the mid 40s today and low 40s yesterday so you are doing better than us. We are encamped with lots of mud due to all the rain earlier in the week but we got Good Friday off so no matter the weather, I am celebrating. Life is what you decide to make it. Reading David Baldacci, The Fix, at home and reading Kay Hooper at work during dinner break.
    Made Meat Loaf for dinner tonight and will have Easter dinner with the family of my pastor tomorrow. Happy Easter all.

  4. Here in Texas we hit the 80’s this week. It’s gorgeous, sunny, and windy today. We’ve had quite a bit of rain off an on. Not a biggie because we needed it. We were about 2 inches below normal and even dry enough for burn bans.
    Don’t blame you for hibernating. Sometimes it seems winter keeps hanging on and on and on forever.
    In Texas we never expect it to stay warm until Easter is over. This year it seems like it’s going to last.

  5. Here in the Rockies, putting out any plants before Mother’s Day is just begging for a snowstorm. Memorial Day for annuals. I have my early lettuce going, but that’s about it right now. The crocus, mini-iris and miniature daffodils are ignoring the fact this is one of our snowiest times of the year. You wouldn’t know that this year, though. Really enjoyed the pictures of the art show!

  6. Happy Easter???. Here in the U.K. we are expecting a bit of SNOW ( eek) again. When will it go away!!!!!! We’ve had rain,rain & more rain all week. We did manage to get outside ,Monday I think, whereupon we chopped down the buddleia plant in readiness for the new growth. Managed to do a bit of tidying before the skies opened up again, but now our green bin is full so nothing can go in until it’s been emptied this week. This week has been taken up with making a ‘thingie’ for my front door. It’s not a wreath so it’s a ‘thingie’ . First attempt & not bad if I do say so. And chocolate of course. Easter Egg Rocky Road & Chocolate Cake Pops for the step grandchildren. As well as their Easter Eggs off Grandad. Talk about chocolate overload. Anyway Blessings to you all this Easter. Come on Spring- I’m eager for you to arrive in full ??

  7. Forgot to ask if there were any close-ups of the eggs? I tried the same thing and my artist’s heart kept trying to direct where the swirls went – lol. Went much better when I quit worrying about it and just went with the flow.

  8. As I’ve said before, I have a black thumb, but congrats to anyone that can get anything to stay alive! You need to come here, to SC for the nice weather. Man, it has been awesome this week. Should be better next week!
    I dyed eggs with Jasper and Zoey last Monday and we had a terrific time. They opted not to take them home and my Mother(Nanny) has eaten them up! lol there’s a couple left.
    We have never used shaving cream ( not sure if we’d like the taste of the eggs afterwards) cause we eat ’em!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Happy Easter! Hope you have a great one!

    1. I saw a demo where you dye egg regular and then you have cups of uncooked rice, popcorn, barley and buy shaking the eggs inside the cups, you get a very interesting design. Keep the colors dark though so you can really see the designs!

  9. Happy Easter from California’s Central Valley, where we’ll be in low-mid 80’s all week long!!! Sending sunshine out to you all!!!

  10. Happy Easter from central west Michigan where we had wet sloppy snow on Saturday that melted off by sunset. Opened up, “The Kremlin Conspiracy” yesterday and made it halfway through as I hunkered down in my reading cave, my little slice of heaven.

  11. Happy Easter from Stafford, Virginia! Yesterday was a beautiful day and the azalea bushes are beginning to bloom. The weather is warmer but it seems the next ten days will be rainy. I am good with that although it hinders my walking time. Looking at the weather in Lynchburg, Tennessee, rainy on April 7th, the day I am doing the Oak Barrel Half Marathon. Yikes! Hope everyone has a wonderful week, may you continue to be blessed with health and happiness, along with great reading!

  12. The title of the post immediately made the song run through my head. My area had sun and 70s with a few 80s last week. We’re cooling down this coming week with rain possible Friday and Saturday. Other than that, the tulips are blooming everywhere and just brighten my day. Enjoy your burrowing as the real Spring is just around the corner.

  13. Any close-ups of the finished eggs? Be neat to see the end product.

  14. I feel your pain. I left new york and the 50s . Thats after another snowfall. I left for a week, to an inn and spa in the Poconos. I debated taking boots,,but i didn’t, no way is it snowing in april. Well, what do u know. We are expecting 6″of snow tonight. Enough!

  15. Enjoy the cooler weather while you can. It has been in the 90s here in Phoenix, AZ, the Valley of the Sun. Too hot too soon.

  16. Happy Easter! My hellebore and forsythia are blooming nicely here in NYC, and the early flowering cherry tree is starting. Easter parade in Manhattan was good as always. If you’ve never seen it, it’s quite harmless fun. Stay in and stay warm, more snow is coming! Re-reading Seduction in Death right now as my train book. Eve and company always entertain!

  17. Brrrrrr. Cold in southern Wisconsin….We had sunshine for Easter….but it’s currently 24 degree!

  18. You forgot to mention – on that weekend outing – the amazing and magical Irish Tunes in that lovely place that Laura bravely recorded and live transmitted on Instagram :happydance:
    This is a truly magical season. The rebirth’s so present in Nature and ourselves; wanting to get out of the hibernation 🙂 I love Spring. Even if it comes in starts and pulls 😉
    Yesterday we had a magical Sunny and Warm Easter Sunday and today oh wait Mr. Winter didn’t leave completely. But the rain is, still 😉 , welcome as I know that soon the drought comes with a vengeance in my Country and it will be missed. We need to trust, and respect, Nature. We and that Magnolia Tree of yours :). I also have one but that Southern Lazier one 😉 – August is as time-as-good-to-bloom-as-April-if-y’all-ask it 😉
    Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

  19. I love this particular holiday. Since I don’t eat candy from New Year’s Day to Easter, I’m always happy when it arrives earlier in the year. (Those late April Easters are the hardest.) The first thing I did Easter morning? Went for the Easter basket, of course, and had candy for breakfast.

    I have a tulip magnolia in the yard of the house where I work; not mine, but kinda is since I, you know, work here. The tree is trying to decide what to do . . . yesterday, oh, it was so beautiful here in Utah . . . low 70s, blue skies, little wind. The tree is slowly coming to life, and it’s such fun to see.

    The hubs and I took the boat for our first fishing outing yesterday. Oh, so lovely, and again, blue skies, warm. Yum. We did the Easter thang the day before out at the Duck Club with all the kids and grandkids doing the egg hunt, and afterward had a lovely ham dinner with all the fixings, adult beverages at the ready.

    Nora, Laura – – have a wonderful week. Thanks for the egg dye tip. I’ll have to try it sometime. Happy April!!

  20. I spent a quiet Easter weekend cooking all the fam’s favorite snack food, thanking God for all our blessings, spending time with the grands AND reading Book One!! I was hooked by page 3 and now have to await Book 2!! I hate having to wait for the next installment. You know you are so into the book when you read one page and put it down, then pick it up and read another 2 pages and put it down because you don’t want it to end. Thank you for your prolific addition to my world!

  21. Dahlin, I’ve never heard of eggs being done that particular way. Awesome!
    A little bird mentioned that Rebecca Zanetti may be invited to your bookstore. Yea!!!!!
    Third thing is that I won Shelter in the Goodreads contest!!!!!! I actually CRIED!! Seriously, I did! I’m so very excited about that piece of news. The only thing that would make that better is that it is autographed. Be still my heart……….
    Love ya much!!!!!! Julia

  22. It’s been really sunny here in Northern California where I am, although last year there were some people enjoying the extended ski season up at Lake Tahoe. I can’t remember which resort closed after the Fourth of July holiday weekend. I just checked my weather app, and it’s calling for sun through Thursday evening with highs of low 70s with temperatures dropping into the low to mid 60s when the Pineapple Express hits us Thursday night. We need as much rain as possible because this end of the state has some really bad wildfires.

  23. I had to laugh looking at your headline; this morning we have thunderstorms all around, plus flood & flash flood warnings, & it’s to continue into the night. Yesterday morning we woke up to 3″ of snow, but it melted & was gone by late afternoon. Yep, spring in sw Ohio. But spring isn’t for the faint of heart. Always a challenge!

    We had mid-40’s and a mix of clouds & sunshine on Sunday, a beautiful sunrise which is great for the Sunrise Service folks! I baked a pound cake on Saturday for Easter; great recipe of my mother’s that takes quite a while, a strong mixer, and a whole pound of butter, but done right, the texture is marvelous as is the rise, and without baking powder or soda. And it tastes wonderful plain or with fresh strawberries that have a bit of sugar mixed in to pull the juice. Yum!

  24. Primroses are growing wild already. Looks like the roses are also perking up everywhere. Beautiful springy weather in San Antonio, Texas. Soon the blue bonnets will be out. ?

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