Happy and Merry

Christmas is coming, and I’m sure, somewhere, there’s a goose getting fat. Around here, we’re ready for it.

It felt good to get a solid work week in, and now that’s in the rear view. Next week won’t find me at my desk very much, and that’s fine. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the rewards of all the preparations.

Our tree’s trimmed with presents at its feet. All that wrapping and ribbon and bows will soon be pulled and ripped in the rush to find the wishes inside.

The stockings are hung, and happily stuffed as the kids won’t be around until it’s time to dig in. I love finding stocking stuffers, from the useful to the goofy. In our family tradition all the adults do the same, so those stockings will overflow and provide a lot of fun before the rush for the ribbons and bows.

This year I enjoyed creating a candlescape on my dining room table. Of course, I’ll have to dismantle it for the feasting, but in the evenings leading up, it’s given me a lot of pretty light.

I haven’t quite OD’d on schmaltzy Christmas movies yet. I’m fascinated by how many ways they can turn a misunderstanding or complete lack of communication into a conflict magically resolved into a happy ending by Christmas.

I’m a sucker for them.

We have lots and lots of cookies, thanks in very large part to Kayla. And for Christmas dessert, in addition to cookies, I do a sundae bar, so that’s easy and delicious.

Yesterday I made some mighty fine tortilla soup to get me and BW through the weekend. Today I’m going to bake bread, but other than my workout and this blog, that’s pretty much it for the day.

It’ll be nice to have the bulk of a Sunday afternoon without chores.

So as the hours count down, Laura and I wish you and yours all the magic of Christmas, warm times with family and friends, good cheer, happy faces, and a joy in those moments that last you through the coming year.

Since we do, I’ll end this with a picture of the sweetest of Griffin smiles.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for all the wonderful reads!

  2. What a lovely Christmas post! Every thing looks gorgeous. Griffin looks happy, the dogs look sweet and hopeful (for a taste!), your tree and other decorations are so cheerful. I just know your Christmas will be fabulous!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Griffin is adorable. Thanks so much for your incredible creations. I love all your books.

  4. Wishing you and yours, as well as Laura and hers, the happiest of holidays.

    Your words- whether in books or blogs – make me eternally grateful that my mother taught me to read, 62 years ago!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Such a beautiful family. And Griffin is so very sweet and such a wonderful addition. Thank you Nora and Laura for all the hard work you do. May you all have a very blessed holiday season.

  6. Beautiful decorations. Griffin is adorable and cuddly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  7. Your candlescape is very peaceful.
    Merry Christmas Everyone. I always enjoy Nora and Laura’s posts and also the readers’ replies. May we all have an enjoyable 2019.

  8. Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and all of yours. We had a family night yesterday and as I looked around, marveled at what this old body created over the years. I am so proud of and in love with each and every one down to the youngest at 17 months. Wishing your family and all of the millions of dedicated readers the best of holidays as we each celebrate in our own way. Blessed be!

  10. It’s so nice to hear your Christmas thoughts and plans. It sounds as if you have such a warm and happy family, so for Nora.
    You mentioned the ribbons on your tree. There is a wish attached? I’ve never heard of such a charming idea.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you family! Thanks for sharing.

  12. He is such a cute little boy. Happy Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your families.

  13. A very Merry Christmas to both you Nora and your family and you Laura and your family.
    My family are super ready to enjoy the break after an exhausting,hardworking year!
    And the best of it is I have a stack of Nora/JD.Robb books to read through which pleases me greatly!
    Family is my blessing and I know yours is too.
    Never stop the stories.xx

  14. LOVE is multiplied, you can tell that by the number of stockings hung by the chimney with care! Merry Christmas to all of you, blessed even more by the newest ADORABLE family member!

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you both you and Laura. Thank you for the wonderful stories and the hard work you both do to get them out. ?????

  16. Merry Christmas Nora! I love your books!! One of my favorite authors of all time ?

  17. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May God’s blessings be to everyone in 2019.

  18. I have found that Christmas, at least to me, is a time of reflection. And in reading your blog I reflected on Christmas traditions, gratitude for all I have, love of family and the joy reading and your storytelling has given me. I wish you and Laura, your families and all you hold dear a truly blessed Christmas and all the joy that Christmas brings and wishes that the New Year and each and every day is blessed.

  19. Merry Christmas!! Have and extra special time celebrating Griffin’s very first!! He is adorable.

  20. Merry Christmas-so much to be grateful for-enjoy Family & friends together.

  21. Happy Christmas and may you and your family be blessed.
    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card and all the wonderful reads.

  22. Merry Christmas to you and your family and to Laura too. So enjoy reading your blog and your books have kept me entertained over and over. Enjoy the Holidays with your family.

  23. Merry Christmas to both you and Laura and all your families. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Rest, relax and enjoy this holiday season. Till we meet again next year.

  24. I was lucky enough to receive a Christmas card signed by Nora! Wonderful surprise and much appreciated.

  25. Mery Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for filling my bookshelves with so many good reads!

  26. Griffin is so adorable! Love the Candle-Scape! Merry Christmas form our house to yours!

  27. Nora,
    Have the most Merriest and Blessed Christmas and New Year!???
    Thank you for all the many hours of reading pleasure.
    Sharon Boegel

  28. Merry Christmas Nora, Laura, and families. Your tree is beautiful. I’m a big fan of different shaped ornaments and yours are gorgeous. I know there have to be decorations made by your kids and grandkids on the tree.

    Griffin is very handsome. Aren’t babies a treat at Christmas? I’m sure that he will be a more active participant next year.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  29. Merry Christmas to you Nora and your family and Merry Christmas to Laura and her family!! Wishing all a fantastic New Year ahead!

  30. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your extended family????

  31. I did it! I actually said “Awwww!” when I got to Griffin’s picture! What a sweet and happy baby. Love the idea of the candlescape – so pretty. A warm and happy holiday to both Nora and Laura and their families. Thanks for all the hard work and have a great family time.

  32. Many thanks for the wonderful stories and the blog updates.

    Wishing you and your family a joyous, love filled Christmas… and a bright happy NewYear. All the best…

  33. May your Holiday season be blessed and joyful for you and your family!

  34. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your family life with your readers. Griffin is so precious!

  35. Merry Christmas to both Laura and Nora! That was a very special blog to me.
    Best wishes to all of your families.

  36. Merry Christmas to your family. I haven’t found anything better than a baby’s smile.

  37. A Blessed Christmas to you and Laura and your families from my home on Cape Cod.
    No snow but that’s OK. At my age (90) I really don’t need it.
    And a very Happy New Year with plenty of good reads to look forward to. Especially the in Death ones!!!!

  38. Merry Christmas to you, Nora, and your family and to Laura and her family. Also wishing a Happy and prosperous New Year to all, filled with warm and wonderful memories!

  39. Happy holidays to you and your family. It’s unbelievable that a workaholic like you is taking the holiday week off!! Good for you- you need to relax more. And i love Griffin’s smile- he looks very well fed..

  40. Thanks for sharing your family and the traditions with us. Thank you, too, for all the years of reading pleasure you have given us. I wish you, Laura and your families the most Blessed Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years. God bless all of you and please keep spoiling that darling Griffin, along with the rest of your grandchildren.

  41. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Griffin is adorable. <3

  42. To Nora and Laura and their families:
    May your Christmas be joyous and your New Year fabulous all of 2019! Cheers to all!

  43. Beautiful decorations. Thanks for sharing. I just finished all the chores for our gathering on the 26th. Tomorrow, I get a massage to kick off the celebrations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Laura and your families. A special First Christmas shout out to Jason and Kat with Griffin. He is adorable. See you next year!

  44. The best of Christmas and the holidays to Nora, Laura and your beautiful families. Enjoy!

  45. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year to you and your family?

  46. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Especially your precious new grandson. I so enjoy all of your books old and new. I just finished Of Blood and Bone. Can’t wait for the finale.

  47. A very Merry Christmas, and a happy new year; to you and yours.

  48. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and to Laura and her family. Eagerly looking to more great reading from Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb in 2019.

  49. May the Blessings, Peace and Joy of this Holiday Season be with you and your families throughout the coming year.?

  50. Merry Christmas, Nora and Laura!

    Nora, thank you so much for all of the reading pleasure over the years. Your candles remind me of my mother’s beautiful Christmas table(s) that she has created. Griffin is adorable and those cheeks are wonderfully smoochable 🙂

    Laura, thank you for everything you do (most of which we probably don’t even know about) to support Nora and all of her readers.

    Bright Christmas Blessings, Nora and Laura and families, and Happy New Year!

  51. Merry Christmas and wish you, Laura and your families a happy New year ?

  52. Merry Christmas to you,to Laura and all your family may the next year be up to your expectations and more

  53. Merry Christmas to you, to Laura, and to your families. May 2019 be filled with blessings for each and every one of you.

  54. Oh he’s so cute and so cuddly. Merry Christmas Nora and family and Merry Christmas Laura thank you for sharing Nora with us.
    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  55. Many happy memories to you for the upcoming holidays. Thank you to you and Laura and all those that support you to provide us with a super quality reading experience over and over. At least we have your work to look forward to in 2019.

  56. Merry Christmas back and thanks for The MacGregor Brides. Their Christmas Fairytales have become a tradition at my house.

  57. Baby Griffin is so adorable. Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you all much joy and peace.

  58. On this third day of Christmas sending holiday wishes and all the best for a wonderful derufl 2019!

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