Fun, Family and Females

It turned into a busy week at and away from the keyboard. Away started Thursday when BW and I joined the crowd at Boonsboro High School for the Track and Field Regionals. Our Kayla ran in the 4×800 relay and the 3200.
We almost missed her first race as they started a little early AND had the meet going right before school let out. Boonsboro campus includes elementary, middle and high schools. Parking was a challenge with parents and busses waiting for kids, lots loaded with cars for the meet and so on.
But we got to the fence and saw our girl running her leg–for a personal best. And the win goes to Boonsboro! It was very exciting becasue the first place won a motorized scooters for children.
Post race
 A little break in the action during a downpour that interrupted my kind of day–hot and sunny. But the sun came back.
I love watching these kids, the focus and dedication, the teamwork, the fun along with the work and training. And it’s rewarding to hear the stands cheer and call out encouragement, no matter the team.
The 3200–two miles, and that’s eight times around the track–requires endurance, speed and strategy. Our girl has all three, places fourth and qualifies for States. You go, Kayla! The girl’s only a Freshman, finishing her first season as a runner, and she’ll represent her school and her team in States this week. Obviously, Nana is stupid proud.
I want to say a little something about the girl who placed first. She is a bullet. I’d seen her run another race and marveled. I don’t remember her name or the school she runs for, but kudos to her. She crossed the finish way, way ahead of the rest. Just sailed.
And Boonsboro, both the boys and the girls, win Regionals.
Another shortened work day for me on Thursday as it’s Girls Night Out in Boonsboro. It’s always a fun time, and the pretty weather makes it even better. At TTP there’s champagne and snacks, and cupcakes from the soon-to-open new bakery across the street. Mmmm.
It’s easy fun, hanging out with girls, doing a little shopping, showing off and signing copies of the Inn BoonsBoro Cookbook–and Kat’s there, too, so even better. This twice-a-year event has become a highlight. I love seeing the groups of women who come together, those who plan well in advance and book rooms at the inn to make it an overnight party. We even had a woman from Australia who’d come to stay at the inn with her husband on their American tour. She’d found out about the event from another guest, and extended her stay so she could come. What fun!
Friday’s back to work.
And Saturday’s for mostly indoor chores–they sure do accumulate during the work week. But I did carve out some outdoor time for a walk around the garden, to gather some flowers. The weather’s gone cool and cloudy. I have to turn on the heat in the gym to knock the chill off. Jeez.
Sunday’s a big treat. We drive to Jason’s and Kat’s for dinner. We haven’t been there since they finished their kitchen/great room addition. It’s just fabulous. I have some serious pantry envy. Jason’s made red sauce, and Kat’s made meatballs. Yum. While that’s simmering we walk around their big yard–and watch the deer come to play in the far back of it. We hang out in their gorgeous new kitchen, talk about ideas for how to turn what had been their dining room into a library.
And then we make pasta! Or Kat makes the pasta dough, and we take turns running it through the pasta machine. This is ridiculously entertaining.
Plus delicious. We have a wonderful meal in their happy, welcoming new space–and take home leftovers. Woo!
We can’t stay late as I have a dentist appointment first thing Monday morning, but have a really lovely day. It’s pretty rewarding for a mom to see her kids (they’re both MINE!) so happy as they make such a warm, welcoming home.
Monday? I get an A plus on oral hygiene. And still have two tiny cavities. Back in the chair on Wednesday, damn it. I’m not nearly as annoyed by the actual dental work as I am being pulled away from the keyboard in the middle of my work week.
Oh well. Better get to work and make up for it.

15 thoughts on “Fun, Family and Females”

  1. Congrats to Kayla! So accomplished! And that hanging pasta looks incredible. Thanks for sharing your life Nora!

  2. A Big Congratulations to Kayla and all who participated! WTG!!! Yum that pasta looks awesome and I bet that it was delicious. Nothing better than left over pasta! Other than a new kitchen and being able to spend time with the kids! That is always a big reward.
    Toothaches, cavities and dentists are making their rounds here. My kid has a nasty tooth that has to come out. A round of antibiotics first. My appointment was canceled the day before. I showed up only to be told the oral surgeon was not there! Nice of them to let me know. So I am rescheduled for June 14th. I really didn’t want the reprieve. I am more than ready to get this over and done.
    Your girls night out sounds so fun. My best friend is coming to spend the weekend with me on Friday. We are going up to the Oasis for drinks and an appetizer but mainly the view of lake Travis at sunset.
    Have a great week. Beth

  3. MY son is in Special Olympics for track. He also made State in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He does the 50 meter and standing long jump. He does very well, he’s 45 and has worked at McDonald’s since 1993. Proud of him!! Love your books and your posts.

  4. Hey Nora, Reading your ‘journal’ reminds me of my own advice: Take every day by the teeth and live it to the fullest. Life circumstances can change in the twinkleing of an eye and nothing is granted except for grace. The enjoyment of family, work, and recreation can create positive memories that can be relied upon during bumps in the road and savoured in quiet moments. Reading is my ‘thang’ and as you are my favorite author, to you I say, “thank you” for reminding me not to get stuck in my own head and and just live. Keep on trucking?. Tami Stefko

  5. Congrats to Kayla, and to Kat on that fab kitchen! I’m so excited to hear the bakery in town is reopening, I’m making my annual birthday pilgrimage to Boonesboro next month. I can send hubby over there while I browse in TTP. Despite having the chewing capacity of an 11 year old (never saw those 12 molars) I have had SO many dental issues over the years. Sorry you had to go through it Nora, no one ever quite feels someone else’s dental pain!

  6. Kudos to Kayla! It takes dedication, perseverance, and a will to win to run! So great to learn everyone was cheering and encouraging everyone!

    Shopping, wine, pasta …just abut perfect!

    Highly recommend fluoride at the dentist! I was beginning to think I would wind up with ore crowns than Queen Elizabeth…and then I began having the fluoride treatments!

  7. Congratulations to Kayla. I know you’re a proud Nana!
    Wow! That was a lot of pasta! I’ve never made my own, I bet it was fun and also very tasty!
    Thanks for letting us share your days I really enjoy it!!

  8. What a lovely weekend. Outdoors time, family time, garden and flowers time. Kudos for oral hygiene; phooey on the cavities, but such is our lot in life. My last visit to the dentist, also on Monday, I got a gold crown – my pirate tooth – arg! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Congrats to Kayla! and to her nana too! Just in case you didn’t realize it, where do you think Kayla gets her endurance and strategy from? Notice I didn’t add speed?

  10. Congrats to them for the new addition. That pasta looks fabulous! Yum! Congrats to Kayla. Good luck in the email address for me.

  11. Can’t wait for Come Sundown! Just visited the Inn for GNO & had a wonderful time, but I’m hoping I can make it for the booksignings too. Excellent experience, love TTP & the JD Robb series.

  12. I hope the dental appointment went well. But on to better things, I’ve never seen so much homemade pasta – glorious! I could smell the sauce, really I could. Sounds like wonderful family time. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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