Fun and Fabulous February

Mostly I tolerate February. It comes after January, which is something, and it’s short. You have to get through it to hit March, and once you get to March, spring’s coming right up. Plus spring training starts so baseball isn’t far off. 

This particular weekend in February was more than tolerable. It was indeed fun and fabulous starting for me on Friday evening when my son delivered my bestie Ruth Langan to the door. IMG_122620150207_112412 galaxy 387

Everything is fun and fabulous when Ruth’s around. 

I took most of Friday off to make lasagna, and a coffee cake for the mornings, one I know Ruth especially enjoys. Bubbly and hangout time for me and Ruth after dinner before we all tucked into bed to rest up for Saturday’s signing. 

On Saturday morning Laura arrives just after BW, Jason and Kat leave for TTP. A little girl consult over which jacket I want over my signing dress, and we’re off. 

It’s cold — one of the reasons I mostly tolerate February — but clear. And we’ve got a stellar signing line up. Ruth and I, with Laura’s and TTP Janeen’s help, hit the pre-sells and the virtual signing books. 

Nora and Sarah Addison Allen

And I’m especially thrilled to meet Sarah Addison Allen, whose books I simply adore. 

Due to good weather and that stellar line up we have a four and a half hour signing — over 300 people came through the line! But I can honestly say I can’t remember ever having a happier group of authors, or a happier group of readers. The bookstore rang with voices and laughter all day –and the strong, cheerful energy sang everywhere. 


Our Laura is only days into recovery from knee surgery, but she trooped through, taking photos, chatting with readers. And, as always TTP treats its authors right, she wanted to get breast implants afterwards so she contacted breast augmentation in utah which are the best. to Pizza in the backroom, and at the second quick break a bottle of champagne to share to keep that happy energy going. 

I sincerely want to thank all our authors for the happy, and all the readers who waited, stood in line, and remained cheerful. It was a really, really good day, on every level. 

It didn’t end there for me or Laura, for Ruth and our Kat. Home again where some pals waited — with food and drink. We topped that off with an amazing cake for Ruth. 

She’s hit 100. Publications, that is. Yes, that’s 100 books, and that kind of milestone deserves an amazing cake shared with pals who love you. Congratulations, my darling Ruthie! 

Afterward, we had a fun and fabulous time tearing through all those bags I’d purged from my closet. Nothing much more fun and fabulous than a group of good girlfriends stripping down, trying on clothes and shoes, finding things new to them that fit and look great. 

Nobody left empty-handed. 

This morning we had to say goodbye to Ruth–and Kat who took her to the airport on her own way home. And to Laura who headed the much shorter distance home. Ice that knee, Laura! 

Lots of good memories to keep (and far too much cake to tempt me). 

If you’re tolerating February, I hope you can do something fun and fabulous to make the cold days pass with some happy. I promise it’ll make spring come quicker.


Note from Laura: Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday.  I’ve been diligent about the icing since yesterday evening.  It was hard, but I did my best to let everyone else fetch and carry once the signing was over.  

22 thoughts on “Fun and Fabulous February”

  1. I love Ruth Ann and her books! Have them all….I wish I lived closer so I could have been there for this signing. I also love Sarah Addison Allen. I’m going to make a signing one of these days! On my bucket list for sure along with staying at the Boonsboro Inn…..

  2. Wow! I’m glad it was such a great experience. Nothing like good friends and a lil bubbly on cold days and night. May the rest of February continue to be enjoyable and full of “Happy.”

  3. Sounds like a great weekend with good friends and new ones. I’m hoping to get down there for one of your signings. Until then I’m snowed in with lots of good books to read here in Masscchusetts.

  4. Sounds like a fun time! A great way to spend a winter weekend. Stay off that knee, Laura!

  5. Glad to hear that the signing went well. I would have been there, but for the snow that keeps hitting us where I live (Upstate New York). Going down might have been a problem, that wasn’t it, it was coming home into snow, sleet and maybe freezing rain. Hope to be there for April signing. Laura, take care if that knee. Love to all. Judy

  6. How fab! As a long-time reader of Ruth Langan, I too send congrats on her 100th. I’ve her Copper Creek series on my TBR. I still reread the Lassiter Way series from my keeper shelves from time to time. A comfort read indeed.

    I have promised myself a trip to Boonsboro and TTP one day soon. Can’t wait! Here’s to spring. Take good care Laura. Don’t forget the arnica gel.

  7. Nora, your love for your friend, Ruth, shines through every word. It is a rare gift, indeed, to have a friend (or friends) like that in your life who brings that much joy and fun. I’m sure she feels exactly the same way about you. Glad the signing was a success, and maybe one day I’ll get there. Laura, hope you’re knee is doing well and yes, ‘keepeth the ice cometh’. Pardon me, I know, a very bad attempt at literary humor. It’s February and it’s cold, what can I say!

  8. Glad to hear the signing was a success.

    Sending Laura speedy recovery vibes. Which books did you decide to glom?

    1. It turns out that reading just didn’t work for this recovery. Lots of zoning out and sleeping.

      And I discovered the madness of HGTV,

      But I have the list compiled for our Girls Spa trip in April and will read away happily.


  9. Had a fabulous time yesterday and LOVE meeting new authors every time I come. Nora, you were wonderful as usual and Laura is such a trooper for making it through the day.

  10. I, for one, had a fabulous day at the signing! It was such a wonderful experience. All the authors were great signing a tote bad my sister bought me for my birthday. Yes, it was really awesome of you guys to schedule the event around my birthday this year 🙂 It was a magical day from shopping, to lunch at Dan’s, to the signing itself. My book club was right after I got back home to Virginia and I was still floating on the excitement. Everyone noticed and now the whole group wants to come out for a signing later in the year. Look forward to seeing whoever ends up there next time! It was too much fun not to repeat the experience. Thank you all for being a part of making my birthday amazing.

  11. What a delightful weekend! All of it! I’m going to make my way across the country to attend one of those signings!
    Rest & recover, Laura! You’re a gem!

  12. Love the comment about tolerating February. I’ve felt that way all my life just never thought to put it in those words.

    Glad you had great weather for the signing. Waiting to get my Kindle copy.

  13. Nora is always the perfect hostess. Can’t wait for next Friday (payday) to call TTP and order Obsession in Death. It’s such an awesome bookstore.

  14. thanks so much for sharing..sounds like you guys had a blast. wish I was there:)

  15. I’m glad you guys had a great day! wish I could have been there, but I’m trying to wait patiently for Obsession to arrive!!!! first time ever having Nora / JD personally autograph one. I’m so stoked about her signing it!!! Laura you take care of that knee and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery .

  16. I always have a fun time at your signings and a blast yesterday. Can’t wait to read all my new books!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your weekend with us. It clearly shows how much fun you had with everyone. One day I will make it to a signing as well.

  18. Great article! I always have a great time at the signings. The authors are always wonderful. I brought a friend with me and she really enjoyed her first signing. As always, you see familiar faces and enjoy saying hi. I was able to get a book signed by Ruth. Wish I would have realized one of her books was the 100th. I would have loved to have her sign that one also. Congratulations Ruth! Hope Laura is able to recouperate this week with the knee. Sounds like many of us will tolerate February. See you in the Spring!

  19. Every February, I go on a scrapbooking weekend with my friend Barbara. This year it fell on the same weekend as the signing. I had a great time scrapbooking, and it helps make February go faster. Love reading about the signing and and how many people still come out! Amazing.

  20. Just a shout out to Laura well you are icing down that knee, try heat on your lower back and other leg. This will help prevent cramping and soreness from over working the other areas of your body because you have to compensate for your sore leg. The other areas may not hurt yet but they will before you are done your recovery. Good luck and feel better

  21. I love all your Nora Roberts books and I think I have read them all. I personally love you trilogies and your books that relate to witchcraft a lot of them are trilogies. But best of all they mention characters from other books and that makes me fell warm and fuzzy. Silly huh? Well I am 73 and I can be silly if I want. Please take care of your knee and do what the doctors say. I need surgery also but because I have congested heart failure and COPD they say I am not a good candidate for any surgery, so I walk with a cane. I have never read any of your Robb books because your Roberts books have enough mysteries to suit me. Please keep writing I love your stories.

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