Friday roundup

Time for some Friday updates to posts on this blog and around social media.

— Nora finished the One More Room last Sunday, but sadly decided to forgo reading since she was more tired than she expected.  She DID have the glass of wine to celebrate.

photo 3 omr nearly done omr done



— The By The Book column in the New York Times Sunday Book Review last weekend featured an author we all know and love.

— We discussed book covers on Facebook, specifically the covers of Sacred Sins that spanned nearly three decades.  I asked which cover would draw a reader in if they looked at all three on a shelf.  Many commenters said they buy based on Nora’s name, but I think that was a given.  It was more about which cover attracted your eye.  I like the original.  Which do you prefer?

sacred sins cover
ssacred sins cover 2
sacred sins cover 3










— Last, but definitely not least, a reader asked for suggestions for series of books that follow a couple (married or long term) a la Eve and Roarke.  I answered Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter Series (Nalini answered Eve and Roarke).   Share your own suggestions in the comments.

Stay as warm as you can if you are in the eastern half of the US!


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  1. I have to say that picking up a book based on a great cover is not always an indicator of a good story. Of course with a Nora Roberts/JD Robb book, it wouldn’t matter if the cover was a plain brown wrapper, I’d buy it or as is the case now, download the e-book. I checked my bookshelf and I have the 2000 edition of Sacred Sins. I find the1987 cover rather bland, so its possible that at the time, it wouldn’t have grabbed me if I didn’t know who Nora was. When I look for new authors, I often do it in three stages: 1) Google a search with “if you like NR/JDR, then try…”. That can be hit or miss, too, but its a start. 2) Then I go to the authors website (if they have one) and read about the author and maybe read an except if one is available. 3) Check Amazon to see if I can download one at a reasonable price. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. But one thing I do know, with Nora/JD, I’m definitely NEVER disappointed!! Hope you both have a great weekend, and. as hope springs eternal, may it bee snow-free!

    1. I agree with most of the above post. Since I buy books on Kindle now (no more room for bookshelves!), the cover is not an issue. When I have an author recommended, I try one book. If I like what I read, then I look for more. When I was buying books over the past twenty or so years, I bought what was available in hardcover. That is the case with Sacred Sins and Brazen Virtue. I had recently discovered Nora’s books when these were released in hardcover. I scoured the local bookstores’ clearance tables for all the recent hardcover releases I could find. Then I started searching the paperback racks for all the rest. Once I became friends with Amazon, there was no stopping me. I don’t have all Nora’s early books yet, but I’m getting there.

  2. I’d buy it because I know Nora wrote it, but I like the second cover ( the red one), it makes it look like there’s a juicy story in there, and when it’s your favorite author, you know there is.

  3. I own the 1987 version but really like the 2010 cover! Other than Eve and Roarke, the only other series I have read that follow the same couples are Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins…just dated myself 🙂

    1. I LOVED the Bobsey Twins, and yes, I guess it dates us, but I read the Bobsey Twins when I was, oh, was it under 10, and I’m still only 40 (just for a couple more weeks), but I understand that they were around well before I was. But that was what my school library ran to in those days, lol.

  4. I have the 2000 cover but absolutely love the 2010 cover. Sorry, Laura, not really fond of the original one.

  5. I agree that I buy based on Nora’s name. However, looking at the three covers, I prefer the 2000 one. I like the red cover and the color and type style of the title and author. However, I buy all of Nora’s books when they come out, both the Nora Roberts and the J.D. Robb books. I need to hold the book. Sometimes I may download one I have already read from the library to my iPad, to take on a trip, but I want to own the actual books. Currently, I am saving the newest J.D. Robb, which I just bought, to take on a trip, and I am waiting for the April “The Liar” to take, as well. It will be very hard not to read them before then. We will see if I make it.

  6. I have the 2000 cover but I really like the 2010 the best. Loved the interview at By the Book (Mary Stewart author and Jane Eyre book are still some of my go-tos … and I appreciated Nora’s response to the “last book you didn’t like/finish”) … long term couples – I read quite alot of the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus mysteries by Fay Kellerman though I haven’t read any of the more recent ontes. Also really like the two Anne Perry mystery series: Charlotte&Thomas Pitt and William Monk & Hester. I’d have a hard time choosing between the two but I’d probably pick William Monk first even though the “couple” part is much slower development than in Charlotte & Thomas.

  7. I just loved that article you shared Laura! Thanks so much for sharing it here. I would have never seen it otherwise. It was funny to hear the person doing the interview continue to ask about her favorites and her response to the word ‘favorite’!
    In regards to the book cover art for Sacred Sins, I definitely liked the 2000 cover the best (just so happens to be the one I own). I’ll be honest and say the first one creeps me out a bit and the last one seems impersonal to the story (although, to be fair, I generally don’t care for cover art with pictures of people on it….I’d rather form an idea of what the character looks like in my imagination.)
    Love how Nora’s One More Room came out! Way to go Nora!

  8. I would also select the 2000 red cover. When I first looked at them I thought that the 1987 cover is reminiscent of the early ID blue lady covers.
    As far as series – I too read Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins. But also Hardy Boys. However, I cannot think of any other couple series I have read that I would recommend.

  9. I prefer the 2000 red cover. Although color & book cover is not indicative of a wonderful story, it still catches the eye & makes you wonder about the story inside. Best of luck.

  10. I have been thinking about any series featuring a married couple in a long running series. The only one that I can think of is Catherine Coulter’s Savich and Sherlocke FBI Series. I buy everyone of those novels and the new series, A Brit in the FBI, but I have never found any series other than In Death with a whole cast of recurring characters. I also would like to hear of any other long running series with married heroes.

  11. Oh, no one comes close to Eve & Roarke in the future. However, Sam & Nick in Marie Force’s Fatal Series are pretty great in the right now! Anyone who can’t stand waiting for the next “In Death” should check out this series! You will totally be hooked with the great characters!

    1. This series sounds really good – I’ve downloaded the first book for my plane trip tomorrow 🙂

  12. I had the original purple & blue cover, it was the second or third Nora Roberts book I bought. All the covers are nice. I would have bought the book regardless of the cover., what got me hooked was the first few pages. If I am hooked through the first few pages, I get the book. As for character couples continuing Ina series, iris johansens eve Duncan series , Catherine coulters fib series. Though, nothing beats Nora Roberts. Thank you ms. Roberts I have enjoyed all your books, which I now get from the library.

  13. I prefer the 2000 cover, though like many readers here I would buy the book because Nora wrote it. As for couples, I too go with Nalini Singh’s guild hunter series! Or her psy-changeling series which has many couples who make appearances here and there.

  14. For me, I like the last two covers the best – the second cover is when I bought it in paperback, and the third cover is the cover it had when I finally was able to download it for my Nook (re-creating my NR collection, many of which were shared books with my mom and sister, and many of which were damaged when our home was damaged, on the e-reader is taking some time. I have a list about a mile long, and every few months, I’ll go through the Barnes and Noble listing of NR/JDR e-books, and make sure I either have the physical book, the e-book, or that it’s on my list to get, because I ALWAYS re-read her books. I have at least 5 in line right now, and I’m currently re-reading Montana Sky – a book I haven’t read since it came out (and from the looks of it, I downloaded it just in time – I just checked the website, and they’ve changed the cover from when I dowloaded it last month, and I liked that one better).
    Anyway, the third cover is by far my favorite, although it doesn’t indicate anything of the story, like the picture of the amice tied across the cover on the second cover did.
    With Nora’s books, well, the covers really aren’t an issue, EXCEPT the cover for “Hot Rocks” put me off of for quite some time, I don’t know why. And with them being on my e-reader, I DO like looking at the covers all lined up, lol.
    As for recommendations for series – well, this doesn’t follow a COUPLE, but it follows a group of friends – the Women’s Murder Club series. I always grab those up as soon as they come out, now that I’ve been turned on to them by my Dad. And I do have to agree with Coulter’s Savich and Dillon, and I think Georgette Heyer writes period books set in Britain with the same couple, although I haven’t read them in about 15 years.

  15. I have two of the Waterford biscuit jars shown in your pictures!! Some of my favorite purchases from the factory. Hate that it is closed.

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