Fall Into The Story Brunch 2019

Mark your calendar for the 7th annual Fall Into a Story brunch on Sunday, July 21 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at Vesta. The brunch is part of Turn the Page Bookstore’s 24th  Anniversary event.  Nora visits every table so everyone has a chance to say hello.

Brunch tickets are $25 per person. The deadline for tickets and refunds will be July 12th. The cost is still $25.00 and the seating raffle is still $5.00 for 3 chances.

We will be taking credit card payments again this year.

If you would like to attend the brunch, or have any questions, please email Jeannie at ttpbrunch@gmail.com. The reply email will contain all the information needed to purchase your ticket.

Hope to see you there!

Please note: seats are not reserved until payment is received.

Just prior to seating, Nora will draw the names of 5 people who will sit at her table.  Tickets for the Sit With Nora Raffle are purchased in advance for an additional fee ($5.00 for 3 chances).  Seating raffle tickets will not be on sale the day of the brunch.

As always, there will be a basket raffle after brunch.  We limit the number of baskets available, but you can count on one from Nora, Turn the Page/Gifts Inn BoonsBoro and Inn BoonsBoro.   Basket raffle tickets are $5 and will only be sold at the event. Winners must be present.

All proceeds go toward a charity supported by The Nora Roberts Foundation.

91 thoughts on “Fall Into The Story Brunch 2019”

  1. Hi Nora,

    Would you consider coming to Australia any time in the near future – I would to meet you should I get the chance.



    1. Hi Lisa,

      Nora had a wonderful trip to Australia in the late 1990s. She’s said many times that if only it wasn’t so far away (she’s not a fan of flying), she’d go back in a heartbeat.


      1. My daughter lives in Australia and I try to visit 1x per year … if lucky ( ie sell enough houses at work ) 2 visits! The flight is not fun. My mom – her grandma will not fly… I hope to some day take her via โ€œboatโ€ … to vist. Perhaps Nora will reconsider ? ? I also … suffered a from some intense migraines on that long flight – so I scheduled a 2 day stopover in Hawaii… that was pure bliss! And made the flight less intense!

    2. I wish she would come back to Australia. I remember when she came here, I was so tempted to go and meet her but my son was little. Nora is my favourite author.

  2. Staying at the Inn May 10 & 11 to celebrate a “monumental” birthday. So cannot wait — had to re-read the Inn series — feel like i have been to Boonesboro!

    1. Sharon ~ My daughter and I will be there on May 10th & 11th also, celebrating Mother’s day weekend. I suspect that we may meet and I can wish you “Happy Monumental Birthday” in person!

  3. I got to go to the book signing at Turn the Page a few weeks ago, unfortunately I had to leave before I got the opportunity to meet Nora, but the wonderful ladies at the bookstore got her to sign Whiskey Beach for me. I got a phone call for a family emergency and had to leave unexpectedly. I just want to express my sincere appreciate and gratitude to the wonderful lady at the bookstore who helped me and to Nora for signing Whiskey Beach for me, before it was my turn.

    1. Karen, I remember Beth asking us to slip your book in because you had to leave. I really hope everything is ok and that you come back (and say hello!) for another signing.


      1. I am sure that I will be. I can’t wait. I have read every book that Nora has ever written. My two favorite series are the Boonsboro Inn series and the Chesapeake Bay series. And I love the In Death Series as well. Thank you again for your kindness. And things are getting better.

  4. I don’t remember my first Nora/J.D, book but by far my favorite, I really hope I get to come visit some day. I feel like i know Boons boro, Just finished reading Whiskey Beach, it’s wonderful!

  5. Thank you! I was asked what I wanted for my birthday (50) something special – so I asked for Nora’s place! Wish it was an event time as I would live to have met her!

  6. I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Nora at the signing in Anaheim last year! I kept my signed copy of Celebrity In Death & gave my mommy-in-law the signed copy of The Witness.
    While I was a nervous, blubbering fool, my hubby talked to you, Laura, the whole time. He also told Nora that he always says she’s the “third person in our marriage.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope to visit Inn Boonsboro in the fall. I cannot wait!
    Btw, I LOVE this! Genius!

    1. Hi Anna!

      I remember how thrilled you were to meet Nora last year. And your husband was so much fun. Hope you can get to the Inn in the fall.


  7. My first Nora book was also Montana Sky…..I had heard of her books and one day decided to try this book and was hooked. My shelves are full of Nora’s books and now my kindle is full of Nora’s books as well as JD Robb stories….re read them often. Just finished Whiskey Beach – LOVED IT!…

  8. I started reading the J.D. Robb series from our public library in Fall of 2002. I am not that interested in the romantic type of books that the Nora Roberts author seems to portray . As a special treat I purchase the “in Death ” series @ Walmart, and treat them as treasures…..Is it so nice to read about a strong woman dealing with conflict in a futuristic setting….. thank-you for the escapism….Much appreciated…

  9. Will definitely be there in July! I can’t wait, I have been trying to get to a book signing but schedules wouldn’t permit it but this year I’m going. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  10. Awesome! i feel like i already have been there after reading the Inn series (3 times) lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Look forward to seeing you…

  11. Today is my mom’s 70th birthday, and she is staying at Inn Boonsboro. We are having a big surprise dinner for her at Dan’s Taphouse, and I’m pulling out all stops to try and see if I can get Nora there just to say hello and wish her a happy birthday. I’ve tried emailing her through her publicist and left a message on her facebook page….no response. I’d even offer to pay her to show up for 10 minutes. It would mean SO much to my mom….she was paralyzed from the neck down a few years ago, and has worked hard to now be able to walk on her own. She’s read all of Nora’s books, and it was her dream to stay at the Inn. Meeting Nora would just be the icing on the cake, and I’d love to be able to make that happen if I could.

    [phone number edited out by LReeth] Thanks, either way!

    1. It’s always wonderful that readers think of Nora as part of their family or close circle of friends. But unfortunately, if she responded to even a fraction of the requests for her to personally participate in celebrations, she’d never get to her own work.

      We hope you have a wonderful time at the Inn and Dan’s this evening. I know everyone from Fall into the Story joins in wishing your mom the happiest of birthdays.


  12. Hi Nora Roberts , I’ve enjoyed all your books . They’re all great !
    Any chance of you coming to San Diego, Ca. ? You have tons of Fans here ! It would be wonderful if you would .. I’ll be the first in line for a signing !!
    Thank you : )

  13. Thanks so much for the fantastic book signing and brunch experience. This is a great location to take a summer trip – affordable and easy to access even from Minnesota. I enjoyed visiting the Civil War battlefield in Sharpsburg and see Hagerstown and surrounding cities. I’m glad Nora settled in this spot. It was good meeting all of Nora’s fan’s that could attend as well. Hope all will join me on facebook and/or twitter. Peace – Melissa Blanchard.

  14. Hi Laura and Jeannie and gang!!

    Wowo! What a fantastic event on the 13th and 14th. Maureen and I had a wonderful time and lucky me got to sit with Nora at brunch.
    Congrats on a wonderful event-can’t wait til next year!
    See everyone soon!!

  15. Hi Everyone
    I am so excited to say that I am coming to visit, all the way from Victoria Australian. It’s my first overseas trip, let alone to the US, so I made sure my itinerary included a day at Boonsboro. Plus I’m going to spend some time driving around the country side to see the beautiful scenery Nora always writes about. See you around October 12, 2013.

  16. I was incredibly lucky to have been the winner of a trip to meet Nora, attend a signing and stay at the Inn back in December of 2013. I was incredibly nervous to meet Nora and worried what I would say. The night before the signing we went over to Vesta Pizza to eat, walked in and Nora was there with some of the wonderful authors who would be signing as well the next day. My husband was nudging me to go say hello and I simply froze and could barely move. He got us to a table and while we were waiting for our meal, Nora walked by, and my husband stopped her. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and just couldn’t form a single coherent sentence. But she was just so warm and charming to us both. Most surreal moment of my life: my husband and Nora Roberts discussing the various merits of the “magic toilets” at the Inn! It definitely broke the ice and helped me to relax and enjoy our stay so much. What a wonderful trip it was for us. And Laura, you were just so lovely to us the next day at the signing, thank you again for helping make this perfect memory for us.

  17. Hi.. Love the multiple series books.. especially about Boonsboro..lived in Hagerstown for a number of years and loved it. Need recipes..when dishes show up in a book.. give us a recipe.. Warriors Pizza..brookies..a Palace Salad.. for starters.. Thanks Amy

  18. Hi Laura, I need information on the September 14th signing. I have a few girls visiting from Serbia (I think it is) that are dying to meet Nora before they return home. I need to go ahead and make arrangements.

    Thanks so much,
    Lee Green
    Killarney B Inn B
    Cambridge, MD 21613

    1. Hi Lee,

      The signing is from noon – 2pm on September 14. When the store opens the TTP staff distributes tickets in letter groups, 1-24 (i.e., A1-A25) to people who are waiting. The staff will fill your guests in about when they should be back at the store for their group’s turn.

      You can also check out the Turn the Page website for more information.


  19. Hello,
    I am taking my 73 year old mother (she lives in Illinois) on a trip up the east coast from Sept. 16th through 30th. We are going to stop in TTP bookstore on the way up or back ( coming from southern VA. I’m treating my mom to a night at the Inn of Boonsboro. My mom is a great fan of Nora and has read all (I do mean all) her books. Then she passes them to me. Will there be a signing or any events during that time? I can move around the dates. Thank you so much for your response.

  20. When will the book signing events for 2014 be posted? I noticed that there is usually one in July and would like to attend but I have to make reservations ahead of time.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Dates for signings the first half of 2014 (including July) should be posted sometime in December, so you’ll have plenty of time to make reservations.

      The first signing of 2014 (get ready for Concealed in Death!) is scheduled for Saturday, February 15th.

      Hope to see you next summer.


  21. Hi! I’m a Brazilian fan (there are a lot of them here) and I would like to know if there is any plans for Nora coming to visit us! I know that she would have the best reception here, as we brazilians are really amazing fans! hahaha And we never had she here with us (I never heard about). Anyway, it would be like heaven to me and a lot of my friends here in Brazil, especially in Fortaleza (city where I live nowadays). I hope somebody could manage and bring her to us! =D

    1. Hi Kassia

      Right now, even though I’m sure Fortaleza would be so much fun — there are no plans for Nora to do signings anyplace other than Turn the Page.


  22. I have two favorite writers Nora Roberts,JD Robb and Diana Gabaldon.l Look foward to theire books even preorderthem. Read them more than once and let my imagination take over and see the people and places on my mind .l really enjoy the books quite a lot. They carry me over to different countries and people. I have problems waking so its wonderful to be carry away on my mind to the places they write about. They have make me see Ireland and Scotland one place I would like to visit. So please keep those book coming.

  23. My wife is like many, many other women that all love NR & JDRobb books, I was wondering if Ms Roberts does any signings at Boonsboro? this lovely wife of mine is a cancer survivor, a kidney transplant survivor and a survivor of a rare blood disease called Aceruloplasmenemia, she wants to go to Boonsboro and in my heart a trip there and a chance to meet Ms Roberts would be the highlight of her life. Do you have any tentative schedule dates for signings where and when please….so that I might be able to surprise her possibly…

      1. thank you… it seems the room my wife wants and dates of signings are already taken, when will book signings for the later part of 2014 be posted?

  24. My favorite thing to do is sit down and read Nora, I haven’t found a book she has written that I don’t like. I have all of her In Death series except the first, Naked In Death, I stupidly loned it out and never got it back, I am searching for it though and have high hopes, I admit to having it on my I-Pad but there is just something about having an actual book!! I look forward to all her new releases, and I have to say my favorite is the Chesapeke Bay series. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment Nora Roberts!!!

  25. Hello…My Mom and I are planning a trip in the later part of 2014 down your way (coming from Toronto). I would LOVE to attend one of the book signings and perhaps stay at Inn BoonsBoro for a night or two. We were thinking Sept or Oct of 2014. Do you have any confirmed dated for this time yet? I would love to start getting our plans underway!! Thanks so much

  26. On Amazon, Shadow Spell – Kindle Edition, is listed as not being released until April 29, 2014. Is that a mistake as the softcover is out March 25,2014? I love getting Nora’s trilogies on my Kindle — have purchase many of her past trilogies — but if it is not coming out for another thirty days I may switch my order to the book instead!


  27. My favorite book of all time is Montana Sky. That is the first book of Nora’s that I read and it is the book that got me hooked. I have given that book as a gift to so many of my friends and family so that they will see why Nora is my favorite author.

    I am like so many, always anticipating the arrival of a new book. And, although I do have an e-reader, I like to have all of my Nora books in “book” form. It isn’t the same to read her books any other way.

  28. I’m an ex long haul truck driver and I have loved almost all of Nora’s books, whether under her name or JD Robb. I’m a devout reader of Murder /Mystery, western, adventure, and others , all of witch have some romance involved in them. Has Nora thought of doing any more books based in the old west and is she going to be in Pueblo Co. anytime, I would love to meet her and buy her a cup of coffee. Thank her for me for all that she’s written!

  29. I’m coming to the July 19th book signing and can’t wait! Will there be another Fall into a Brunch on the 20th? If so, how do I sign up for it. We will be staying at Inn Boonsboro that weekend.

  30. Love all your books, Love the In Death series the best maybe. Thank You for the new magnet, it really helps me keep up with new and paper to hard backs.

  31. Hey, im a huge fan of your books and look forward to each and everh one that comes out. I would love you to come to midland texas at the barnes and noble here and have a booksigning. I kmow alot of people here that love your books as well and would like to to have their favorite signed by such an incredible writer. I hope you consider. Thank you

    1. Hi Bethany,

      Nora spent nearly 2 decades traveling the country on book tours — Texas was always on the list of states she visited. In 2006 she made the decision to stay closer to home to focus on work and family, so she doesn’t tour any more.

      She will be signing books at the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio on July 23. We’ll have more details soon.


  32. I Would love to attend a book signing with Nora Roberts! Any chance shell be coming to the west coast some day? Washington or Oregon?!

  33. I don’t see any books coming out in July. What book will Nora Roberts be signing? I already own all of her books, but I see that in the Rules and Etiquette that she will not sign one I bring.

    1. Hi Jill,

      Nora’s next new book is Festive in Death in September. The July event is centered on TTP’s anniversary and Nora will be signing all her current releases.


  34. Hi Nora, I love all your books! I picked up one when I was out and I got hooked! I would love to know if u come to the greensburg Pennsylvania to the Barnes & Noble for a book signing. Would love to meet ya!

  35. I am coming to my first book signing next Saturday and my husband and I are staying at the Inn. How early does the line start to get a ticket? I know you don’t start handing out tickets until 10:00, but am very anxious about getting in line early enough to get a ticket. We’ve been planning our trip for the past 10 months around this book signing.
    Very excited!

  36. I met Nora today!! It was an absolute dream come true. I was planning on making a trip to maryland to visit Turn the Page for a signing but I was so lucky to get tickets for her event in Ashford castle today!! I am still floating on cloud 9. I brought a little gift for Nora and was honoured when she accepted it!! Thank you so much for an amazing day!!!

  37. I had become a fan of yours, Nora, about five or six years ago when I had a friend suggest me to read one of your books. My first book I ever read was Chasing Fire and from then on I have become a huge fan!!! Nora you have captivated me with your stories. I love the intrigue, the magic, and the love that captures your characters and places where they live. I fall in love with your strong but vulnerable women and of course the men that make you swoon with the picture of them in your mind. I can honestly say that I hope one day soon I can visit Turn The Page to get a personalized signed book from you. I am happy to announce that I am also a bookseller and have turned many other readers into fans of your work. I am always excited to read your latest novels and also keep up with your newsletter. I do hope that you get to make it out to Chicago soon. I would love to meet you! Thanks again for your wonderful books! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Hello i would love to know if there is a way to get list of all the in death books i order i love the books but cant seem to get them in order please can u help me

  39. Love Nora’s books! Is there any chance she will be in Atlanta, Ga in the future. We have a great Barnes & Noble on Peachtree Rd & another one near Cumberland Mall. Would love a signed book from her and meeting her would be wonderful! Thank you.

    1. Marsha,

      Nora stopped touring about 8 years ago and signs at Turn the Page several times a year as well as the Romance Writers of America Literacy signing in the summer. You can order a signed book from Turn the Page so that’s the next best thing.


  40. Thank you Laura! I appreciate your answer. Are the books I would order from the bookstore in Md stamped with Nora’s signature or does she think personally sign them? Thanks again.

  41. I was wondering if you might be doing any book signings in or near Whittier, CA any time soon…I absolutely love your books and would love to get my favorite trilogy (Three Sisters Island) signed!

  42. Do you think that at some point in time if Ms.Roberts decides to make the rounds in the United States, we could see a list posted of possible signing sites? I’m afraid I’m not going to be anywhere near the northeast anytime soon, and I’d love to meet my favorite author!

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Nora stopped touring in 2006 — after more than 20 years of multi-city, multi-week cross country tours. Now she signs at Turn the Page and at the RWA Literacy signing each July. This year it’s in San Diego on July 13.


  43. We had an awesome time at the brunch. My sister and I could never have imagined just how much we got to actually be around Nora. It was truly better than meeting any president we’ve had, or any other famous person that anyone could think of. We were so nervous and excited! Laura threatened us about crying which was funny because we were both on the verge, (not sure why). This trip has been right up there with the one we took to Ireland.
    Oh! And I’m laying in the bed in Titania and Oberton across the street right now. It has sucked me in and I can’t get out!!! โ˜บ๏ธ

  44. I am trying to login to the email address to request the the information on purchasing 2 tickets to the brunch in July. I keep getting a message that the email ttpbrunch@gmail.com does not exist. Can you please help me, so I can purchase the tickets?
    Thank you

  45. This is a great excuse to make a trip to see family and friends in Maryland. Let’s see if I can make it all work, if not this year then definitely next year!

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