Farewell February

We won’t miss you.

For the shortest month, February really wanted to leave its mark. We had lows of -5, highs of 11, far too routinely. And I’m thoroughly sick of this view out my office window.

hillside 1 hillside 2

I’m prepared for March to come in like a lion, have no real hope it will go out like a lamb, but it has to be better than February.

I long to see grass, and bulbs popping, buds burgeoning. I’m half mad to open my windows and feel air that doesn’t numb my fingers.

It’s coming. I had a sign on Friday morning when, as happens now and then, a bird bumped into my office window. Then only seconds later–which doesn’t happen now and then–a second bird followed suit. I glanced out, saw several birds on my various rooflines, had a instinctive Hitchcockian shudder.

Then a flock buzzed by. What the hell’s going on?

I looked closer at the couple just below my window.


And since they weren’t trying to break through the windows and Tippi Hedren me, I’m taking this as a sign spring will come.

Later in the day, my granddaughter came over, and through the back kitchen window we spotted a deer–a young one–grazing along on the ridge. Not long after my grandson joined us–and pointed out the side window. The young deer had been joined by a sibling, and they were working their way down, casually grazing on whatever popped up through the snow.

I decided that’s yet another sign–and it won’t be long until I’m chasing them away from my flowers instead of snapping their picture.

I look forward to the chase more than I can say.


Note from Laura:  When I had a chance to read The Liar in January all I could think was the book gave me spring.  I still think that.  And since spring is less than three weeks away and The Liar will be in stores in 45 days, it’s time to share an excerpt.  Enjoy!


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  1. Everything you said about February, I say a big AMEN! There’s at least 6 feet of snow outside my front door, the driveway is so icy I can’t get down it without help. At the stores, salt is at a premium, so we’re using our stash sparingly and it’s too cold to do any good, anyway. Spring can’t come soon enough, but my husband told me this morning, he saw some “spring” birds in the back yard and they were singing. What they have to sing about, I’m not sure, but hopefully they’ll continue and it will pick up my spirits. So looking forward to The Liar, and maybe in 45 days I’ll be able to see the grass, too. Enjoy March, Nora & Laura!!

  2. I had a robin warming its feet in my heated birdbath. I wished it luck, since our ground is too frozen to get worms, and will hang another suet feeder for it. Thanks so much for the bonus chapters. Happy March!

  3. Living in the southeast it’s “supposed” to be warm Not this year. Signs of spring haven’t shown themselves yet. I keep hoping that March will be the start of warm spring weather.

  4. I too saw some Robins. They almost brought tears to my eyes. We, here in Indiana, are looking forward to a tropical 42 degrees this coming week. Who knew 42 degrees would be something to look forward to? Maybe spring is on the way!

  5. WOW!!! Just read the excerpt — printed it out, for convenience, and know I’ll read it again! Now I REALLY can’t wait for the book! I found it interesting that the excerpt was Chapter Two; thought it was a mistake, at first — but after reading it, I could see why. This promises to be one of NR’s most fascinating books, and I look forward to how the situation will be resolved and what Shelby will encounter along the way. April 14 is a day I will set aside just for reading The Liar. (I pre-ordered the book in November.)

  6. I live in the south. Sorry, just can’t get on board with not loving winter. I understand those of you who live in the north suffer with brutal cold. The flip side of that is in the south we suffer with the heat. If I could escape I would. I would take cold and snow, even with rain over crushing heat and humidity any day. Sigh.

  7. Just finished reading Obsession in death. Absolutely loved it can’t wait for the next one in the meantime I’m looking forward to April and The Liar that seems to be a good one. Well all of Nora’s books are great I have read all of your books at least twice so I will find one or two to cross the bridge til April. Any suggestions?

  8. I just preordered The Liar and am looking forward to it and spring. I have had enough cold, too.

  9. More than ready for spring to at least give us a sneak peek, but alas, it won’t be this week! More snow, ice, cold…it goes on. Can’t wait for another new book…love
    Obsession in Death so much, already want to read it again. Thanks, Nora for continuing to give us wonderful stories to get us through this winter!

  10. Dear Nora, here in South Africaa we are already missing the summer and making ready for the winter. Definitely not a winter persone myself I am so not looking forward to the next few months. But I do believe you’re new books will help the time pass. Enjoy those last cold days!!!

    1. Yip, winter is on it’s way south of the Equator. I definitely prefer spring and summer over winter myself.

      Good luck with the last couple weeks of winter you’ll have to endure north of the Equator Nora, Laura and the rest of you all.

      Take care.

      1. I’m with you about preferring spring and autumn, though it hasn’t been a terribly hot summer here in Canberra.

  11. A day or so before i left home to head back out on tour i was playing with the horses. You know spring is coming when you head back to the house from the barn covered in horse hair. Now on my way to Tx enjoying a snow storm.

  12. Here in southwestern British Columbia, spring has arrived early this year. Temperatures have been above normal so we already have cherry blossoms, daffodils, magnolias, forsythia and even an azalea plant blooming on the next block. The ducks who live in the park where my work is situated are already starting to look for nesting places and, if I’m not mistaken – and I have over 20 years experience backing me up – the mother duck in the front pond at work is already laying her eggs! I do feel for all those who are snowed in and have had horrible winters. I hope spring comes to you soon.

  13. I say good riddance February! In the upper south, we’ve experienced some of those negative low numbers as well, not to mention record snowfall. You know it has been unusually cold when 41 degrees feels downright balmy! Bring on the springtime weather, just as long as the storms don’t come along for the ride.

  14. The robins are teasing my dogs as we walk. Nice to know spring is coming

  15. I too can’t wait for Spring. This cold weather is more then I can handle. NYC has had record number of days of cold and snow.

    Just read the chapter and now I really want to read the book. Looks like another gem from Nora.

  16. I am looking forward to spring too and living down here in Florida, we don’t have sleet or snow and the coldest we have had this winter was 29….but that is why I live here. Moved to get away from snow, ice and sub zero temps. Even though the summer months can be brutal, the spring, fall and winter make up for it. I too have deer out my window most of the spring, summer and fall. Haven’t seem any this winter and I am looking forward to having them roam my yard munching again. Bring them on….

  17. Those woods must be GORGEOUS in the fall. Very inspiring??
    I finished OBSESSION the other day. NOW I have to wait for the next one!!! HATE WAITING.
    I’ll start listening to the series on audio–only missing the last 2 books. The first is my fav.

  18. Those woods must be GORGEOUS in the fall, very inspiring.
    I finished OBSESSION a few days ago. Now I have to wait for the next one. HATE WAITING!!
    Guess I’ll start listening to the series on audio, I have all but the last 2. The first is my fav.

  19. I saw a bunch of robins yesterday and was surprised as well. They landed on the hood of my car. I live in SW Nebraska (middle of nowhere). The past week we have had a high in the 20s. I never thought about Spring coming…we usually have Winter weather that moves right into Summer.

  20. I think my seasons are really, JD Robb release, Nora Roberts release, etc so winter isn’t making much impression on me. Thanks for changing things for me, Nora.

  21. I only wish that with the melting of the snow the rest of the hurt, pain and nonsense that came this Feb. would also disappear. Either way I am so happy to see the end of this month.

  22. I loved everything about the Washington area when I moved here from Texas…..the crisp beautiful fall…the verdant spectacular spring. Then I got up close and personal with February. There is really no excuse for February. It should be eliminated completely from the calendar. No one would miss it. There is nothing redeeming about it. Can’t we just skip it and go directly to March from January? Bah Humbug!

  23. I am being good and not reading the excerpt. Nope, nope, nope (we’ll see how long I hold out).

    I haven’t seen any deer yet here. But I am ready for all the snow to be gone. We set all sorts of records for the most snow, coldest day, etc this February. Brr.

  24. I can’t wait for Spring and for the release of T he Liar!! Thanks for the sneak peek! I am looking forward to sitting on my patio in the sun with my Lab, Max, reading Nora’s new release!

  25. Amen! I’m so ready for spring and to feel the warmth and the sun on my face. We had four inches of snow this weekend followed by an ice glaze and I’m so very much over it!! I long for fresh veggies and tulips!!

  26. In Cajun Country we had an high of 77 and a low of 30. Biggest drop of 35 degrees. One more drop is suppose to be coming Thursday. All I can really say is that it never did drop below freezing long enough to kill the weeds. They are up and going and the lawn mower is ready for this weekend. I have gone through some really horrible hurricanes but never the weather that those of you up north are going through with the snow. My thoughts are with you and may warm weather and spring find you very, very soon.

    Laura, still hoping that you will do a ‘who do you read’ post soon. I really need ideas on authors and books and series.

    1. Try the Kinsey Millhone series by Sue Grafton. They start with A and go through the entire alphabet. I’m on S is For Silence. Kinsey Millhone is feisty & independent like Eve ~ you’ll like her!

  27. We’re lucking out here in Washington State. We only had 1 day of snow this year and by the end of February our apricot tree was blooming!

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