Enough Already!

I’m now officially obsessed with the weather. I’ve not yet stepped outside to shake my fist at the sky, but it could be coming. Sure, I should be grateful we didn’t get the snow this weekend as threatened–though there may be some Monday morning, so I’ll just save any gratitude.

Besides, here’s what my refrigerator told me this morning.
 This is not right. Usually by this time of year I’m starting to walk around, checking out perennials starting to push up. I’m thinking about how soon I can risk getting a truckload of plants so I can play in the dirt and have all that pretty color popping. But no, Spring’s decided to sleep in.
My tulip magnolia’s so anxious to bloom, and it keeps inching out more pink. So far, the temps aren’t welcoming, and it, too, is sort of sleeping in. I told it this morning–I can see it though the windows of my little gym–just wait until the middle of the week. I think it’ll be safe after that.

Here’s hoping.

I do have daffs trumpeting spring, such as spring is, but they don’t mind the cold.

 Obviously, I do!
Even the dogs want in more than they want out.

I’m telling myself spring will be glorious when it finally wakes up, and I’ll appreciate it more than every before.

Meanwhile I have a daily visitor in this enormous pileated woodpecker who digs on the suet cakes I hang. We’ve got a pretty redheaded one, too, and lots of little guys. They hang back when the big boy’s around.

So I can look out the window at the daffs and the birds, and that’s something.

Someone asked if I had a close-up of the shaving cream eggs the kids did for Easter. A goodly chunk went for egg salad and just a hard-boiled snack, but I had a few left which I deviled for my happy man. We have before and after.

Now, since it’s cold again and my man’s away for a couple of days, I think I’m going to clean myself up from my workout, pick up a bit around the house. Then maybe watch my Thor: Ragnarok DVD (again).

It feels like a good day to do pretty much nothing.


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  1. You know weather patterns are fucked up, when start to have coughing fits, then it escalates to fevers, body aches and sneezing. Yeah this weather has literally made me sick.

  2. I empathize! It’s only 22 degrees, and snow daily still this week in Northern Michigan. I’ve fought the doldrums by visiting favorites once again with The Quinn’s saga and the MacKade brothers. They cheer me up! Now it’s on to the Garden trilogy once again, because it’s a yearly visit for Spring!

  3. I, too, am sick of this weather. It was 72 on Monday and 22 Tuesday morning. I’ve had enough. My iris leaves are growing well, but nothing else is. The trees started to turn green, but that stopped. We have had incredible amounts of rain with numerous flash floods around town. The creek across the street filled to street level, which is about 40 feet from creekbed to street level.

    All I want is decent weather, peace and quiet, and to receive my pre-ordered Shelter in Place. Right now I am rereading the Key Series after ordering The Search on Kindle due to Laura putting little snippets of the book on Facebook. Nicely played Laura. I can’t be the only person who has done that!

    Have a great week!!!!!

  4. Well, for me or anyone on this site, it’s a good day to cuddle under the covers & read an old JDRobb book. I just came home from a week at a Poconos Hotel & spa. I packed well, but w/o boots or gloves. Come on- its freaking April! So off i go to the nearest Walmart. In the cold, my hands turn into sandpaper. What do i see- all spring florals! Do they have 1 measly pair of winter gloves- any color? NO. I just came home into a freezing cold house. My smart (?) hubby decided to turn the heat off, for the week we were away! I
    guess i’m lucky my pipes didn’t freeze. Men!

  5. Happy January 68th. It is snowing, again, in the Midwest. You might not have shook your fist at the sky, but I sure did! The weather forecast says 50s and 60s by the end of the week. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. Yes! Earlier in the week we were in the upper 60’s and then it plummeted into the 20’s yet again. Friday night, while driving home from work, I was driving at a crawl because we had whiteout conditions foe several hours! The snow didn’t hang around for long but the wind did! I want to put my Japanese Maples outside to sun. My ancient cat Chloe wants to play “Elsa of the Sarrenghetti ” on the deck before she passes away. She’s 18 years old and is in kidney failure but the vet says there is nothing they can do for. Since she is still eating and peeing and peeing and peeing, she fine. She’s in no pain so I won’t put her to sleep until her quality of life declines further or she has pain. I want spring for her and my Corgi Buster.

  6. It is barely 20F here, just had a neighbour drive 30 miles to pick up an implement he had to dig out of 4 feet of snow, he cleaned the driveway for us while he was here. Usually by this time of year, we have muddy, slushy crud all over, the pussy willows are happy and the culverts are running water. Nope not so! Waiting for brown dirt and slush.

  7. Texas was all the way up to the 80s then we had a cold front come through Friday night with thunderstorms full of rain, hail, thunder and lightning. Yesterday, Saturday, we hit 38 with a wind chill of 28. I didn’t step one foot out the door.
    This is getting ridiculous we’re all ready for the weather to warm and stay there.

  8. We’re having unseasonably cool temps, in the forties, and I couldn’t be happier. Every little bit of surprise coolness is a gift in my mind. If it’s one more day (or a few) that the soul crushing heat is pushed back, then I’m happy.

    The dogs look…..needy. They look like they’re hoping for a snack.

    1. They’d literally just finished a Milk Bone. They pretty much always look like that when I tell them to sit and point my tablet at them.

  9. I am not sure if we will have spring or not. After this Late Easter snap we had I think that we will just jump into summer like we did last year. This has been the oddest season I can ever remember.
    Your Easter eggs look so natural done with the shaving cream. I think that they are so pretty.
    Good Friday I lost my little dog Cisco. So Easter was sad for me. Oh who am I kidding. It was HELL and still is. He was my buddy and really my best friend for almost 15 years.
    I found a very neat form of creamation done with water that is more Eco friendly for my Cisco and the environment. That’s what I chose with his ashes under shade trees, native plants, squirrels and other wildlife. A family of Cardinals live there year around and some others types of birds are coming back to build their nests. A small comfort, but I miss him so much.
    I hope that you see spring really soon. I look forward to reading your post again. Enjoy your time. Beth

    1. Sorry to hear about your Cisco. I understand and feel your pain. I lost my Westie, Dickens, two months ago. He was my sweet boy, and best friend for almost 14 years. I miss him more than words can describe. It helps me to think of the good life he had He was a happy boy, always “smiling” and ready for a walk. Hope thoughts of your time with Cisco will, in time,bring you happy memories. Nora, your dogs look so sweet!

  10. Living in ??, we too are anxiously awaiting spring…wake up to snow in the a.m., it melts by noon – wash, rinse, repeat. In anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War (for which I’ve already preordered my tickets), I’ve watched every Marvel movie again – in order!!! LOL. Hope you enjoyed rewatching Thor!!! Looking forward to the next book also. Cheers!!!

    1. I’m rewatching the last few movies – Ragnorak, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man. I went to see Black Panther in the theatre again yesterday afternoon. I love that movie! I also have my ticket for Infinity Wars – as a matter of fact, I have two – one for Thursday night and one for Saturday with our geek group. 😉

  11. It’s warming up here, but we’ve had lots of rain. The tulip magnolias are blooming in Lewiston, Id and the trees and daffodils are in bloom. It won’t be long until the valley is full of blooming dogwoods.

  12. We had snow here all day, but none sticking. Supposed to warm up this next week. My Chinese tree peonies have big fat buds, so want some warm air and sunshine, as the flowers are HUGE and so lovely. Can’t wait–but know this is Kansas, and we can never count on the weather forecast. Just staying in, and hoping…….

  13. My tree looks the exact same way, I live about 5 miles from you! I feel your pain

  14. Come to Las Vegas. Hit 90 this week (first time in that decade of temps since October).

    If you really want to play in the dirt, there’s a place here were you can rent a full size excavator (with instruction) and dig to your hearts content. (Or move big tires, play basketball — barrel is used for “basket”)

  15. So, I probably shouldn’t tell all of you, I was sitting by my pool with a glass of wine while I reread Homeport? Beautiful day in Sunny Florida 🙂

  16. Nora, you’re starting to sound like a Canadian. Almost every phone conversation here starts out “so how’s your weather?” I’m with you though, I want warm westher. I’m done with snow!

  17. Mother Nature is sleeping in, I think. I live in Chicago – we had snow last week and are expecting more tonight. I went to St. Louis to visit my daughter, because they always have spring a month earlier than we do, and it was still winter there, too! Only a few daffodils and magnolias. Normally their spring is done by now and it hasn’t even started. I keep my bird feeders filled, and we have a cardinal pair that visit, several smaller woodpeckers and lots of goldfinch. They are the only color in my world right now.

    1. Yep, it’s still winter in St. Louis. We just played baseball in 35 degree weather. My tulip magnolia wants to bloom, but it’s 30 degrees here now. BUT the weather people tell us it will be the 70s by Thursday. Am I holding my breath? Nope!

  18. We had about an inch of snow yesterday and more is expected tonight. I live further south but in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. Hoping to see some warm temps by the end of the week.

  19. In wine country California we got a months worth of rain in one day. Now spring can get busy and I can plant veggies in my raised beds. Should be 70 and sunny all week. Yay

  20. We just finished being pelted with some major rain with the storm heading east to wreck havoc there. We’re due some warmer weather, then more rain tho’ not as much. Flowers are blooming, so I’m happy to see the colors. I’m ready for spring warmth especially since getting hit with a cold on my birthday. ? Do shake your fist at the sky, it couldn’t hurt and might even help.

  21. Spring is just waiting to jump out at us soon, but I feel the same snow coming very early Monday morning in Wisconsin. Cold too here high of 34.

  22. Thanks for the pictures! We’re in drought mode here, already having fires. Some of it alleviated with some moisture last night. My miniature daffodils bloomed, but look parched, poor things. Hopefully the coming rain will help. I see crocus shoots, but no blooms yet. C’mon spring! To the one awaiting a copy of The Search, enjoy! One of my favs, and the narrator for the audiobook made it a joy to listen to.

    1. This drought is awful. The wind is cold and we need all of the moisture we can get.
      I’m in Colorado Springs.

  23. Wow, Nora really opened the flood gates this time. I saw maybe 3 or 4 posts about warm weather and the rest , not so good. Cold here in SW Missouri, reading The Liar.

  24. I’ll just say Amen, no yellow flowers yet, and we have 2 bird nests on opposite sides of our sunroom. We have doves in the East and ? in the West.

  25. Today we are in Carlsbad CA, just up the coast from San Diego. Our home is in Portland, Oregon were we moved to from LA after we retired. Every year we say,” If the weather starts to get too us we’ll just go to some place warmer.” Well that plan finally worked and tomorrow we will enjoy sunshine and 80 degrees ?.

  26. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are desperately seeking Autumn! Temperature here in Sydney hasn’t been below 80 Fahrenheit during the day in weeks….somewhere there must be a happy medium ?

  27. 90+ degrees for the 2nd week here in Phoenix, even when overcast. Turned on the air conditioning, broke out my summer capris. Too hot, too hot, too hot for April.

  28. On my other side of Atlantic the Spring is the same – fits and starts. But oh how glorious it will be once established. Nature is pulsing to welcome it and forgiving the misses. And I always trust Nature… So I can wait… I think 😉 I so want to go into the garden and see it bloom in that crazy way… add more species… feel those drugging scents.
    Ok I’ll go outside to shake my fist at the sky 😉 enough already. Even Netflix is getting bored of my inconsistency 🙂 time to be out and not in “Casa de Papel” ;)… soon, Shelter in Place is here and a few rain – not for me but to soak the grounds make no mistake 😉 – will be welcome. Asked for. Demanded!

  29. It’s April 9th, and in Northern Kentucky I’m looking at snow on the trees. It should be gone by this afternoon. Mother Nature seems to be confused. Hang in there, Nora. Spring will find its way to us soon.

  30. Had to scrape snow off the car Friday when I went grocery shopping, not happy! Looks like everyone but Florida and Texas is in the deep freeze. My daffodils are still in hiding, just the crocuses are brave enough to show themselves through the snow. I know warm weather will come in a rush , but I wish it would hurry.

  31. A late cold front in San Antonio is sorta like a gift before the furnace of summer. lol . It’s a hit and run cold front.

  32. Loved pic of your pilated buddy. They are extremely skittish and will fly off if you even think about going to get the camera. Have you heard their psychotic cackle (the true Woody Woodpecker)? I am in denial— no longer listen to local weather reports. Lost weight this winter so am on a mission to replace my denim Bermuda shorts and all the cute little cheery skirts I had (no, I can’t take them in myself). Can we channel hot flashes to help out Spring.

  33. Yep, drove home in driving snow Friday evening, hoping that the roads really were warm enough to not freeze before I got there! Woke to about 2 ” Sat & a high for the day of 40. Our average is 63 at this point. Another inch of snow this morning, & yes, should be gone again by tomorrow, but the low of 22 Sunday AM had all my daffodils hanging their heads & they’ve not come back up yet. The grape hyacinths aren’t even showing yet, and the hellbores are keeping their faces down-turned & low! But they’re telling us 72 for a high on Friday. However, then back down below average! Ah well, at this rate, will be a while before the grass needs mowing!

    That’s a nice shot of the Pileated Woodpecker, Nora! Friend of mine seems to be on the travel route for one of them; he sees him every spring and fall at certain times, then not at all the rest of the year. They are huge!

  34. I loved that you were saving your non-spring day with a visit with Thor ? he can brighten any gloomy day ! But I agree it’s time for winter to loosen its death grip now – spring is my favorite time of year- and it’s wasting away here ! Here’s hoping the warm temps come this week ! P.S. loved the eggs.

  35. It h as been snowing in Michigan this morning, but it is not sticking. My Crocus have been blooming for a month in and out of snow. They give me hope and a smile. Thank goodness I have books to brighten my day. I am off to Pulmonary Therapy now for a workout. It is supposed to be warmer by Friday.???

  36. Ah, springtime in the Rockies . . . today: 60; tomorrow: 72; by Friday? 38 and snow. Damnit.

    Love the pic of the dogs; I think that’s my favorite “yum” about you, Nora — that you like dogs. Aren’t they just the best? I love it when you weave one or two into your books. Perfect.

    Happy week. You, too, Laura.

  37. HA, the guy on Channel 4 said Spring is a fight between winter and summer. Right now Winter is winning. 🙂

  38. We had a snow storm yesterday here in NE South Dakota. I refuse to shovel anymore snow! It should melt in a couple of days, I hope. My tulips are about an inch tall.

  39. I thought I would try my hand at gardening this Spring, but apparently Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

    Your puppies are adorable! I can tell the one on my left is a lab, but what of the other? I can’t make out its breed? Or is he/she a mix?
    And I’d just like to add as a non sequitur, that Roarke and Eve (and the gang), as well as the Bissets have helped me tremendously these past few months as I’ve recuperated. So thank you, Nora.

  40. Awe!! Such adorable puppies!! It’s cold and snowy in Ohio…I think it’s January 99th. I have gotten almost all my Nora hardcovers and paperbacks downloaded to my Kindle and am re-reading them all as I go! Thanks, Nora, for your fabulous writing! It is helping me get through the yuck.

  41. I hate cold and heat, and we get both here in Northern California. I’m about 90 miles southwest of Lake Tahoe on I-80 to give y’all an approximate idea of where Auburn is. We’re actually halfway between San Francisco and Reno where I-80 crosses Highway 49 in the California Gold Country.
    Our winter averages around 55 and we’ve been known to hit 115 in the summer. Blech.
    I’m actually about an hour’s drive from three State Parks that have to do with the Gold Rush; James Marshall Gold Discovery Park in Coloma (AKA Sutter’s Mill), Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento, and Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley.

  42. I guess the cold and snow just doesn’t bother me the way it does you. But then if I could make the weather the way I want it, it would stay in the range of the 60’s and 70’s. I wouldn’t do it, though, since it wouldn’t be fair to the people who like winter sports and the hot weather.

  43. My husband and I left Michigan with cold temps and snow in the forecast….driving southwest toward Arizona and encountered all manner of freakish weather. Cold temps through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, then cold wind and snow in Oklahoma. Slightly warmer in the Texas panhandle. Super windy in New Mexico, then boom…97 degrees in Arizona!!! What?!?!

  44. Color me crazy, but i Looooove the cold and snow. I also love Spring, and summer with available air conditioning. My people are all from PA, OH, and MI, so that may be it. I am planning a move from Southern Maryland to the more temperate north of our state within the next year. I can hardly wait.

  45. April 15th… Snow Flurries and cold in MA… Enough already! PS. I saw some where I saw a Mom uses cool whip instead of shaving cream to color easter eggs. Yours look great!

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