Echoes in Death teaser thread

We must be less than a week out from release if I’m putting together teasers for Echoes in Death!  As always these do not spoil the case in any way, just consider them some nuggets you’ll unearth along the way.

As a refresher, the Echoes in Death excerpt is here.

And I recently shared the Echoes in Death commercial from St. Martin’s Press on social media. I think the universal response has been “Cool!!!”

I’ll add a teaser to this post the next three days.   Come back and check tomorrow.

Feb. 1

Three small things:
1) When Peabody sees how Eve dressed for the charity ball, she immediately coins a new word.
2) Sticky buns get to everyone, even Eve.
3) New closets can get to her too.

St. Martin’s Press created this fun infographic for In Death basics. Some readers commented on Facebook that there are 54 published pieces in the series, but SMP took the facts from the Did You Know feature on the website where I deal with full-length books only. There’s so much more to add, but for a piece on the basics, I think it’s fun.

Now for today’s teasers.

Feb. 2
Two things that come and go quickly, one that is dear to my heart:
1. What do an inventor, a tragic Greek hero and an egg-laying mammal have in common?  Peabody will help you out on that one.
2. Dr. Mira is braver than Eve.
3. Who is Nora’s border collie?  (That may take some time.)

Feb. 3
Three more passing things:
1. A snowy night brings out Eve’s protectiveness to a certain butler, for pragmatic reasons.
2. A snowy night is a good time to fill in pop culture gaps.
3. Some gifts are sheer perfection.

That’s it for the teasers — a lot of this book is the case and you want to encounter that at your own pace.  Come Feb. 7 you can discover the rest for yourself.


Notes:  This is the final reminder of the Echoes in Death sweepstakes from St. Martin’s Press (open to readers in the US and Canada — except Quebec).  The grand prize is a leather coat and all the details are here.

There’s also time to  submit your pre-order receipt for a limited edition pop-art In Death poster.  Again, as this is Nora’s US publisher the offer is open only to readers in the US and Canada (ex. Quebec). Unfortunately rules on sweepstakes are imposed country by country and it’s just not possible to open this to international readers — as much as we’d like to.  For information and how to submit your receipt, please click here.



43 thoughts on “Echoes in Death teaser thread”

  1. Something tells me the sticky buns ‘get to’ Eve in a different way than closets. I’d be wondering if the closet is full of dolls – lol. Thanks, Laura!

    1. Or they’ve redone the bedroom which Roarke mentioned as a possibility.

      1. That was my first thought on reading this. And she wi)l be wondering why the need so much more closet space.

    2. just look out for the closet faerie and the boot elf, they will have a lot more space to fill with the bedroom redo that was suggested in the last book.

  2. Now I have aggida waiting for February 7th. I’ll be up all night checking to see if download is ready. By time HC arrives later in day, I will have read 1/3 or more of book on NOOK, will switch to HC and read rest of day, until book is finished. Next day I start my re-read, for hints, clues, etc., I may have missed.

    They’re my early birthday present (20th) and early Christmas present to myself. ??

  3. Ahhhh! I’m dying!!! How can I wait 7 more days?!??! Lol!

    Super thrilled to read about new renovations to the bedroom!

  4. Delia Peabody probably had a word that related to Eve’s ass (she is always obsessing about the size of her own) or her legs.

    Sticky buns: Nadine brought some by the office and everyone, even Eve pigged out.
    Closet: Roark is having their bedroom remodeled so she may have made a wisecrack related to the size. I am no doubt wrong about all of my guesses, but it is still fun.

  5. Can’t wait! Have been listening to all of the previous books and boning up on all the characters and waiting anxiously for the new release!!! And yes, sounds like new bedroom closet….

  6. Sticky buns. Isn’t that Roarke’s new nickname? I can imagine Peabody imagining Roarke all nice and sweaty and yummy then taking a bite of a sticky bun and deciding that’s sorta what her fantasy would taste like.
    If you look at it that way, it would get to me too, lol.

  7. Do sticky buns come in chocolate?
    Will the closet choice be as fast as the office choice? I don’t think so.

  8. Looking forward to see what Peabody and the gang think of her new “command center”!

    1. That is what I’m waiting for. I just reread Apprentice In Death and laughed all over again at “the Dallas Palace”.

  9. I wonder if they kept the bed. Eve was not happy about a change at all but the bed was an issue. She probably didn’t give the closet much thought until it was too late. I will be waiting up for my download. Thanks for the tips.

    1. She’s happy about the bed- the bed that Roarke had in storage. Yeah. They’re good on the bed.

    2. No, they’re not keeping the bed.
      Eve liked the huge bed that Roarke found and showed her. It was fancy, but Eve liked it

      1. I can’t wait to read about how they christen that new bed!

  10. I can’t wait to hear Peabody’s reaction to the office renovation. I hope it’s in this book.

  11. I do not think they have finished saying good buy to the bed as well as they did her old desk in her home office.

  12. Love the teasers, love everyone’s comments, just reinforces my belief that great books bring people together, make them think and give them joy!

  13. I can’t wait for the book I will finish it in one day but that’s ok just start all over again when is the next one coming out after this? Love them

  14. Closets can get to any girl! Someday I’ll be redoing mine! Thanks for the teaser Laura! And thanks Nora for all of the Magalious adventures! Can’t wait until next week!!

  15. Laura – is there a link to view the “In Depth in Death?” Cant’ read the tiny print *pout* getting older isn’t always sexy – LOL – today’s #3 almost caught me as I was still in “Eve” mode – not Nora. Good one!

    1. Darlene

      Are you reading it on a mobile device? If so you can push it out to make it bigger. Will see what can be done from a desktop.


      1. Hi Laura,

        At the time was reading on desktop. Got home, saw your post, grabbed the iPad – cool! Why didn’t I think of that, #facepalm, thank you!

  16. I’ll be tapping my foot, waiting for the mailman! Love the teasers!

  17. I think the tragic Greek hero is Oedipus and the egg-laying mammal is the platypus. Still working on the inventor with a name that ends with “pus”.

      1. Thanks Laura! I brought it up twice and nothing was there. Got it now ?

  18. Wow! Team Nora now has a publisher that treats fans well. Hope the love continues.

  19. Hi Jenny from Australia

    I thoroughly enjoyed Echoes, great story line and the new characters were enjoyable to read.

    1. I too, really enjoyed Echoes in Death!
      I have read every book, since Naked in Death 22 years ago and they keep getting better and better.
      I have also become friends with two women, who also read the in Death books and post about them.
      I already pre-ordered Secrets in Death, that comes out in September 2017.
      Enjoy the books!

  20. I get my books through Audible, so I no longer have a physical book in my hands. Is there anywhere I can go to see the Infographic on In Death Basics?
    I loved the book. It was great as always!
    I’m looking forward to the first In Death book of 2019!!

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