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The day is finally here!  I write this post at 7:15 am on Tuesday, February 7 and I have a feeling some of you are just rounding third and heading for home in your first frantic read.    Just as I know there are many others who cleared this as a holiday from work to read in peace.  And then there are the strong and patient readers who have many different reasons to wait a little while longer.

However you approach reading an In Death book, I hope you enjoyed it.  IMO, Echoes is a lot of case and a really interesting one.  What did you think?  Did you find any of the things I mentioned in the teasers?

This is the safe space to discuss any and all of Echoes in Death.  And to forestall the inevitable question that follows — usually with a wink or smiley face but I know you sincerely mean it — Secrets in Death will be out on September 5.




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  1. This book was amazing. The end floored me! Eve, as always, since Roarke anyway, does the right thing. The characters were as amazing as ever. Even the murderer was engaging. It’s more than a little creepy when that happens. The survivor really pulled the heart strings and I completely understand why it’s Echoeso now!

  2. I can’t wait to start it. Woke up with my kindle and audible delivered. I’ll start with the audible as I walk the dog. I love all the recurring characters in these books. Thank you for such enjoyment!!!

  3. I was whining late Sunday about not having a new NR/JDR to read, when lo! the postman was early yesterday and delivered my new prize. Since I was home from having a surgical procedure Friday, I hunkered down and plowed through it. She’s done it again – always manages to keep it fresh. And the title makes sense now. So please, Laura, thank her for me – for all of us – for turning out yet another fabulous read. It made staying in bed a bit less boring. Oh, yeah – also love that the jacket is a “poster”. Good on the new publisher for that one. Cheers!

  4. Traveling from Sacramento to New York on Friday, so it will sit in my bag, taunting me, until then. Returning Wednesday. Should I ration it? Yikes!

  5. It was one of the most powerfully amazing stories yet…and when the ending came…BAM!! Just so well done..written. Eve gets to return to her own past…and use that past to help Daphne, the real victim. Echoes of the past..such a fitting title. The support from Roarke and the conversations between them that once again solidify them as one entity. Of course then there is the lighter side..the new bed and the new office changing the dynamics of the house that Roarke build…to the Home for both of them. Nora… never fail us…or Eve and Roarke. Time for me to go enjoy some coffee in my JDR cup!!

  6. Oh my goodness! Was lucky enough to get a copy during the signing and devoured it. It touched me and made me cry. Daphne’s plight is so relevant to today’s times and you could feel Eve’s emotions when dealing with Daphne. I was so emotional learning that Miko was pregnant and I was grieving along with their housekeeper. I was rooting for Peabody all the way during her snarky take on the perp’s opinion that she needs to lose 10 lbs! ? Such an amazing, relevant, touching, emotional story. This one has gone into my top 5 In Death stories! Congrats Nora/JD for another winner!

  7. I enjoyed this one a lot. The villain seemed obvious from their first appearence. And I figured out the twist as soon as Morris said what he did in autopsy. But even having guessed, it was fun to follow along as Eve and co put all of the pieces together.

    So many wonderful Eve & Roarke moments in this book.

    Ana yay, Nadine at least had a few mentions.

    I am so happy that the series is continuing with Nora’s new publisher.

    The only problem with reading the book in one sitting is having to start the long wait until the next one. Then again, that’s why there’s rereading.

    1. Rereading is necessary to life. What’s great is when you lend them to your daughter-in-law and she hoards them till she runs out of room then you get to read again. I love the list. Printing it out and putting in my box so I don’t have to sort.

    2. That is my problem also i hog the book in one night so now i start all of them over beginning with book 1

  8. I’m reading it now and all I can say is its so worth the wait! Can’t wait to see what happens! Also.. as always Eve and Roark are so awesome together!

  9. laughed at the sticky bun response, wondered what is it with gray on the walls everywhere these days, but loved the description of the rest of the bedroom (I just can’t get into gray; keep seeing it in the home renovation shows & think, “depression!”, but quite a few chuckle out loud points. Unfortunately, I had to keep a doctor’s appt, & now at work, with only 40% consumed; it’s calling my name & I want to go home & read the rest of it NOW!!! ah well, at least I’ll get paid, so I can continue my book habit!

  10. I still need to go to Target and buy it! But the next 2 days I am busy so I will not be able to start til Friday!!! I am in the process of trying to find a new place to live. But I will make time to read this book. I have loved JD Robb since I first found her at the book store.

    1. I had mine pre-ordered and tried to stay up and start in it last night but I just couldn’t do it. I am frantically reading it now.

  11. I have one thing in common with Roarke. I like a book as opposed to the E version. The problem with that, is you have to wait till today. My local target stopped carrying the ID book, even though they advertise it in their circular. So I’m hoping that Amazon delivers it today. The first read is always the best. I’ve been known to keep on reading thru the nite till I finish it, then going to sleep at 5:30 a.m., if I don’t have to work the next day.

    1. I usually get the e-book and read it then go get the physical book for my collection! I am not good at waiting for Eve and Roark!

        1. Just finished my reread of “Echoes”. And giggled my way thru the cover, which I’d missed on the first round . . . the snowflake hat, restraints, wine, JDR, and Galahad . . . almost as much fun as the read, and the “Seasons Greetings” card. Gotta hand it to the new publisher, and the border collie, and, of course, the Master . . . kudos!

          1. I’m new to this chatting stuff. In Echoes why wasLilia Dominick referred to as a border collie?

  12. DALLAS SMASH!!!!!
    Totally in love with this book and I can definitely see multiple reread in the future. (Not that I don’t love or reread any of the others. There’s always a couple that you gravitate towards more; this will def be one!) I love how we see so much more of Eve and Roarke in this one- definitely because of the echoes of the case, but still… I feel like this was a treat because we got so much Eve and Roarke time.
    Cannot wait to see when she actually starts using the comp in the closet. I wonder why Roarke just don’t program what goes with what already so she can just press a button and the whole outfit comes out? I can totally see how she’ll love the convenience of that! Hahah.
    The ending totally broke my heart. I just felt so much for Daphne and Eve and so much more thankful that Eve has Roarke. I love Roarke!!! ???
    Thank you so much, Nora/J.D. for this amazing book and these characters who mean so much to us! Now gotta wait until Secrets for another dose!

    PS. I had to Google “purple carrots” to make sure they’re real. Should’ve just trusted Roarke’s word on this.

  13. As I’m relaying to my husband what the book was about, something comes to mind: Dr. Mira once asked Eve when she remembered that she killed her father “What would you do if this case comes across your desk today?” This book/this case is exactly Ece’s answer to that question!

  14. Why has it taken so long to realise that Roarke would be covered in cat hairs? And how are they dealt with? Satisfying read as ever tho. Thank you Nora

  15. Holding it in reserve for vacation starting March 2. I really don’t have time before then to do it in a few sessions. And I love to read it fast the first time. Then will re read slower immediately after.

  16. Just starting to read it JD/ Nora roberts has out done her self again . I have been reading the books out of order since 2000. In 2003 I got my first nook and restarted from the beginning I finshed just before festive in death came out this replaces CSI for me . Please thank nora again a friend gave me naked in death I have been hooked sense . I am enjoying it I only finshed the last one only a few days ago .

  17. I always get the audio books! I’ve made it through chapter 18. (Damn why do I have to go to work in the morning?) Anyway, for the first time in a very long time….it made me cry. The music box. Looking forward to finishing tomorrow. Haven’t quite figured out who the killer is, but have my suspects. We’ll see if I’m right. This book will definitely be re-listened to over and over….

  18. Only one confusing point but otherwise I thoroughly enjoy reading this book. When it came in the mail, it made my day that much brighter.

    Was anybody else confused about Xena’s cousin? Eve never interviewed or met him during the meeting with the catering company and yet Xena is described as looking like him.

  19. I feel like a traitor, but I did not enjoy this one. I felt there was not enough build up to Eve’s zeroing on the perp and too much “echoes” involved. Not enough payoff for reading through the pretty gruesome crimes.

  20. They always go so fast. LOVED the reference to Cal Ripken/Ironman. Great book as always.

  21. I refused to go to bed until I finished it, which luckily was at a reasonable hour. I really liked how the villain was portrayed, and had to laugh because I once had a professional author read three chapters of a novel I was working on and he said the villain wasn’t believable because “he was too evil”. The scene and dialogue were very similar to several in “Echoes”. I think the main problem was that too few white middle-class folk these days have ever come up on ‘real evil’. They prefer to believe that bullies are ‘just misunderstood’ and needing a friend, or criminals just need a little more education and rehabilitation and less jail time and that God wants everyone to go to Heaven so nobody really needs to worry about their actions here on Earth. I have personally met real evil more than once in my life. I think the scariest was in the person of a 7-year-old boy who was trying very hard to kill another younger boy. The main thing I like about the In Death series is how the villains are portrayed. Good work, J D!

  22. Well, now must start planning what to do for the next 7 months as a result of finishing Echos In Death. Good thing I love to reread/relisten to this series. Excellent and gripping addition to the series. Thanks to Nora for her continued prolific work. Also love the “Where’s Waldo” aspects of the inside jacket poster. What fun!! Glad to hear that you;ll have more to say on this.

  23. I loved when Dallas got mistaken for Marlo. And the oscar buzz. It was a great book which I’ll reread in a few days. Now for the loooong time for the next book.

  24. WOW!! WHAT A GREAT BOOK. All of us have our favorites but this one just shot to the top of my favorites list. Was completely blindsided by who killed the doc. Never saw it coming and that was such a treat for me. Loved that we finally got to Roarke and the cat hair. My cat leaves me with his “love “every morning and I always wondered how Roarke, Mr. Perfection” avoided Galahad’s “love”. I had to laugh. I have sticky rollers everywhere, even in my car. I love all the characters and how you bring each in and we get to see them again somewhere down the line. Thanks so much, Nora, for all the hours of enjoyment you bring to me with your books. Your mind is amazing. Now the long wait begins again but oh so worth it.

    1. I think Roarke has some gadget that he steps into before he leaves the house (maybe in his closet??) and all cat hairs are whisked off in a matter of seconds. Then he’s on his way? Or the fabric of his clothing rejects cat hair? while I can see Summerset cleaning the hairs off Roarke before he leaves the house; I can’t see Roarke wanting him to do so. Therefore, he developed the gadget… Sure wish he’d market it! I want it, a drying tube and an auto-chef!

  25. This one floored me. Every time I think I know what’s going to happen in a Nora Roberts or JD Robb book, I get thrown. THAT epilogue. Holy Moses. I cried several times during my 4-hour straight reading experience. I barely went to the bathroom or took a sip of water. It was THAT good. And, it also bares repeating: that epilogue!

  26. First of all apologies for my English. Echoes in deat has seemed a farewell to me. I have not seen love between eve and roarke. Just like resignation. Is the end of the series on death written by JD Robb and will the series come in the death written by Nora Roberts? Eve and X? Something to do with the trilogy “The years”?

    Who would be X? McNab? Morris? Dennis Mira?

    1. Echoes isn’t a farewell. Secrets In Death will release next fall. I’m sorry you felt there wasn’t love between Eve and Roarke. I certainy tried to show it.

      Year One has no connection to the In Death series.

  27. Read until 2:30am, as i couldn’t stop without reading one more page. you know where that gets you. there was more fullness (does that make sense?) to their personal relationship. she has always used him as a sounding board, but it is evolving. their relationship is changing how she is being a cop. ….and i understand why nora would root for the orioles, but why they animosity towards the mariners? just askin’.

  28. OMG! You did it again. It was delivered on the day promised, finished it with 24 hrs! Could NOT put it down.
    Love Everything & Rourke, (esp. Roarke?)
    They all feel like family. The malaprops!…tears streaming down and laughing so much got hiccups!
    Plot twists, and ending…just WOW! Or, should I say magalicious!!!
    Thanks for excellent stories, but more importantly, the characters and the messages of hope.
    You are the best.
    P.S. You really do need to write a cookbook, please.

  29. Kudos on another In Death fabulous book. Just what was needed on a stormy winters night in Eastern Canada. Loved the inside of the Cover! So many little pieces to find. If you haven’t sent seen it yet, take a close look…. you’ll find them. The new publisher has stepped up their game. Thank you Nora and Laura.

  30. I finished it in 2 days! I know I know… I was slacking but I had stuff going on. AH-MAY-ZING read as per the usual with J.D. ROBB AKA NORA ROBERT’S! I LOVE Eve and Roark together and look forward to the next in the series!

  31. Another winner. Thank you Nora!! If the killer isn’t shown to us early in the book, I am pretty good at figuring it out. But, this time, I was 83 percent into the book before I had the Ah Ha moment. Thank you for keeping us in suspense long into the book. And the ending? Well that was totally unexpected. Thank you again.

  32. This, like all the books in the series before it, is a well-crafted and interesting book that has me totally hooked. But I asked this over on the Facebook page and then realized I might do better coming to the blog with my question. I’m displaying my ignorance here but I don’t know what the term “border collie” means when used in the book in reference to one of the women characters. What is a border collie when used in this sense?

      1. Thanks. We used to have a border collie and he wanted to round up all the dogs in town and herd them. When my husband was in the yard with the farm hands the dog tried to herd them into the shop building. That was all I could think of when I heard “border collie” and didn’t know how that fit. Again, thanks for answering.

        1. I’ve called myself Nora’s border collie for years because I bark at her and herd her everywhere – including telling her when to show up for paties. That was a little inside joke/nod to my unofficial job title.


          1. Thank you, Laura, for this reply. Now THAT definition makes sense. Each time I read this book (and it will be reread many times) I’ll smile when I see the term. I grew up with six brothers who hunted and I’ve often described myself as a bird dog because I functioned as one for my brothers when they hunted.

    1. Border collies are born and bred to herd–keep their charges in line. It’s just a reference to the ass’t making sure the client gets where she needs to go.

  33. Great, great read. The music box had me crying, such an emotional passage. The strength of Eve & Roarke’s love was richly portrayed throughout the book, and that love gave her a way to cope with the echoes this case evoked. Eve’s growth in her friendships was another aspect that makes this series so addictive. Nora, you never cease to amaze; and thank you for another outstanding book in this series. Loved it.

  34. I totally and completely loved this book. I think that most amazing thing for me is that reading it is like catching up with old friends. I am in awe of the talent Nora has and love the way she pulls us into a story.

    Have to say that “bad cop” Peabody was just hilarious!! I will never listen to “Tiny Dancer” again without my heart filling with special thoughts of Eve and Roarke, thanks in advance for that.

  35. Oh my goodness gracious! Tried to read Echoes slowly which I find very hard. Finally allowed myself to finish early this morning. Another awesome story. Nose is stuffy now from crying through last of it. Nora is so talented. How can she keep coming up with these involved stories that grab the reader from the first and refuse to let up even after you’re done reading? Hope that well never runs dry. Thank you Nora Roberts for giving us an escape into another world. All time favorite author!

  36. It took me a few chapters to really get drawn into my totally absorbed reading, but this book hit all the notes, and was quite compelling. I was totally blown away by who did it, and then blown away by his room, and I totally didn’t see the ending coming. Loved Peabody as the bad cop, LOVED what she said there at the end. The size of a kielbasa, lol. I don’t think I’ll ever look at one the same way again. Loved the music box, and frankly, I love it when Eve finally breaks and leans on Roarke. One of her best ones.

  37. Well heck , bought this book, devoured it same day and leant to my sis that evening . Thru all that I did not notice inside cover . Now I want it back asap to check it out . This book made me laugh in parts and made my heart hurt in other parts . Nora certainly delivers addictive stories and this is one of her best ( if you can even rate them ! ). It is when you can apply relevance to every day life that it hurts .. Cannot wait to reread and holy long wait til Sept . Please do not stop writing.

  38. Getting ready for my first re-read; try to figure out the teaser I missed. All the comments about inside the cover are driving me crazy! I’m reading a library book and the cover is sealed up and plasticized, so I can’t see anything. 🙁 I didn’t catch the killer on first appearance, but began to suspect him after the second, and reflecting back on his attitude on the first appearance – a little too over the top. I, too, guessed the twist ending from Morris’s report. I loved the music box – so sweet of Roarke. Peabody was great as bad cop. Thanks, Nora/JD for another enjoyable read. Now the long wait for the next one. Sigh.

  39. I’m a long-time fan of Eve & Roarke ~ always excited to get the newest installment. Echoes was very engaging and kept me guessing. Roarke and the music box the man has such a lovely romantic soul.

    Did we ever find out who the Candy Thief is? Did I miss that somehow?

  40. How on earth were there still sticky buns left the next day? Usually the bull pen would have eaten everything, including the box, within 15 minutes of coming through the door. But there are still some left the next morning?

  41. I haven’t gotten the new JD Robb yet. I have all the rest. I like to go back and read the first books again. Lovely start to a relationship that has been so insightfully grown. I don’t know how Nora does it, these characters just get more and more depth. I feel like I’d know Eve and Roarke if I met them on the street.
    I’m in the midst of the Guardian trilogy. I have PTSD and can’t read when I want to. I can no longer concentrate on audio books. I get headaches if I read too long on a screen. My house is wall to wall books. They’ve become my friends and I can’t part with them.
    Nora’s other novels (they don’t really qualify as just romance) have well developed, knowable, characters in each series but she never fails to astound me with the number of fresh, totally individual characters who people her books. It’s always new!
    I do love it when she goes back for a holiday visit to the people we still want to know about in Ireland, Chesapeake, or Boonsboro. I miss them and want to know how they’re doing.
    Nora wrote an early book set here in Myrtle Beach SC and I don’t remember the title. I can’t find it on the lists I’ve seen. If anyone knows the title I’d love to get a copy of the book. Back then I was using the library but now I can hardly blast myself off the farm. That reminds me, I love the way Nora goes in-depth with the jobs and crafts. I’ve found several due to her books that I had to try. She often has me researching these and other ideas from her books. Thank you, Nora, for enriching my life in so many ways for so many years. You mean a lot to me.
    PS. Guess where I had to go when I was in Ireland.

  42. I don’t know what you want. Do you need my address? Can’t I share how much I love Nora. My books and my 30 plus animals are my family now. I’m giving out now, starting to see double. If you don’t like my comments for the blog, please send them to just Nora. Spirit moved me. This isn’t for posting but just to answer you.

    1. Sorry you don’t like my name and address. Guess I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I just got excited reading thoughts from others who know same people, characters, that I do. Too old for this, too depressed. I felt good a little while ago

    2. Tonya,

      Comments from new posters need to be approved. Your post was just in the queue waiting for me to get back to the dashboard and approve.

      Both comments are now on the site.


  43. Took my time reading. I normally would have read it in2 days, but I wanted to savor it. Not that I did not enjoy the others, I do & have . I still like that Roarke has the button, he listens, he knows

  44. Do you remember what Nora / JD Robb wrote on February 3, 2015 on Facebook?

    Seven days — one short week — until Obsession in Death (#40)! I found Celebrity in Death (#34) to be a welcome change of pace from the emotional pounding in NY2D. We get re-grounded in the city as Eve and Peabody deal with their video alter egos, Eve and Roarke find their way back around the careful after Dallas, while Peabody and McNab have an important conversation. Oh and my heart sang as we met Kyung, a very sensible sort of media liaison. What did you take away from this one? ~Laura

  45. I really hate saying this but I didn’t enjoy reading Echoes in Death. It makes me sad to say this because I have always loved all the other NR/JDR books and look forward to reading them. (I’ve read all of them) There was just something about the way the characters dialogue was written in this one that seems off. Not as strong as the other books. I liked the overall storyline but in my opinion it felt like someone else wrote this book. Maybe I’m nuts but this was not my favorite. I’ve been reading NR/JDR for years and I hope I’ll like the next one better. Sorry!

  46. Okay, I know usually there is a significance to the location or building on the front of the book, however this time, I am confused. What did the Flatiron building have to do with the book. Did I miss something? I just finished reading it and I loved the book as usual. Sadly one of my favorite parts, however was that they watched the Avengers and what followed.

  47. Echoes in Death……she just gets better and better! I love them all but this one was one who made you read, think, read, think. GREAT!

  48. Obviously what happened in the book is set in stone but I wanted to get the readers opinion on a what-if scenario:

    While reading this book I kept having this visual of how the plot should’ve had Morris written all over it, like what if he ran to Daphne instead of Eve and Roarke. On one hand I think it would’ve given him a great opportunity to save her the way he couldn’t save Coltrane, almost to the point where he would request to Eve to get involved with the case in one way or another. I think Eve would’ve told him to stay out of it but they would have a civil disagreement about it. But in the end she would’ve let him do it.

    Now in terms of the plot in general I don’t think a lot of details would’ve been changed, but I do think Morris would’ve assigned a different coroner to work on Anthony Strazza just to keep personal feelings out of the case (probably that one guy out in Promises). There would also be scenes of him touring the new command center while volunteering to help with the drone work.

    But here’s my feeling on how Echoes would’ve been a great story for Morris, he really hasn’t felt any attraction for another woman not since Coltrane, but with him keeping occasional watch on Daphne while Eve and Peabody do the work, I think being with her would fuck him up emotionally because he’s still in a grieving phase while dealing with feelings of attraction for Daphne.

    But in the end, he would’ve let her go back to her family because he knows she needs them more than she does a stranger, but there would definitely be promises of frequent phone contact just so he can give her a shoulder to cry on.

    1. I think you have to remember that while Coltrane died for us in 2009, she died less than 10 months earlier in In Death time. Morris is moving forward but he was deeply connected to Coltrane and not ready for any kind of attraction yet.

      Daphne worked as a reflection/echo for Eve who still deals with her own ghosts, not a vehicle for Morris to move on.


  49. A bit off topic but I just read a news story that made me think of Eve. In Lenexa, KS, a cattle truck overturned setting cattle loose on the highway. Local law enforcement helped round up the spooked animals.

    Can you imagine Eve’s reaction as she hears the report during a Channel 75 news break?

  50. I just finished reading Echoes In Death. Loved it and devoured it quickly as always. I have to say I don’t know how she writes so many stories and keeps writing them so that you love the characters and they never get stale. There are always so many more threads I want her to pull at the end of each book. Thank you Nora! Please keep pulling.

  51. The music box was wonderful it made me cry. This book had a lot of wonderful aspects to it it would be a long post if I posted them all. I love how their relationship has grown in this book . I also love the fact that Morris went to Eve . I think it showed a new piece of their relationship in my eyes. You are an amazing Author I have recommended the series to my boyfriend and now his brother is reading it to I hope you never stop writing

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