Did Ya Miss Me?

It’s been weeks! I’ve been crazy busy with no time to do a blog. Squeezing some out now as the rest of the time until Christmas is even crazy busier. But that’s the holidays. While I thank God it’s just once a year, I wouldn’t change a thing.

BW and I took our November week at the spa–a working week for me–and I’m ready for another. It’s a nice break, and a different routine. Workout early, write for about four hours, then get a lovely spa treatment. Somebody else cooks dinner and cleans it up. A pretty good deal.

Straight to Boonsboro on our way back for Logan’s middle school production of Charlotte’s Web. Altogether adorable.

We had our November Girls Night Out in Boonsboro with lots of happy faces–along with champagne and yummy snacks. A fun evening for all, and a lovely way to celebrate being a girl!

Then boom! It’s Thanksgiving here with the gang. That means making pies–yes, from scratch–on Wednesday, and a full day of kitchen duty on Thursday. With round two with leftovers on Friday. I love the smells of Thanksgiving cooking, and the fussing–and the fact that our Kat can always be counted on to deal with the piles of dishes.

I got smacked with some mild vertigo last weekend, just enough to screw up my schedule. But that’s over, for which I was extremely grateful on Thanksgiving. Still, it meant the wrapping I had planned for last Saturday didn’t get done until this weekend. Done now, and whew.

Presents wrapped–except for the few stragglers coming in this week. I can’t count the number of schmaltzy Christmas movies I’ve watched while I wrapped boxes and bagged gifts. I’m not ashamed of loving them.

Since I leave in the morning for my most cherished annual holiday with girls, decorating came a little early around here. I’m having my agent and editor for dinner next Friday–along with grandkids–and our holiday signing Saturday, another holiday deal on Sunday, so this was it. BW hauled up the tubs of holiday decorations, and we hit it, and hit it hard. A couple more wrapping sessions carved in there, and we are so ready for Christmas.

The tree

There are several more marks on the calendar through December, but we can now take them as they come, and enjoy every minute of being with family and friends.

Stockings for all

I hope to squeeze out time for another blog before the first of the year, but just in case: Here’s wishing you and yours all the joys, chaos, bright lights and merriment of the season.

Santa collection

However crazy the next few weeks are for you, don’t forget to light a candle, eat a cookie, give a hug and celebrate the moments.


And in the holiday spirit, some Random Katness:

Not one caption that comes to mind is polite. so I’ll just say Yellow!~Laura

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I wanted to let you know I am grateful for your imagination, your talent and you. Your books have helped me through some very tough times. I look forward to more stories and blogs and maybe some pics of those yummy sounding pies. ?. Happy Holidays! With thanks and love ❤️ Katie

  2. Happy holidays! I enjoy the glimpses into your life on your blog. I hope to visit Boonsboro one day. Reading your books is one way I relax when life gets hectic.

  3. Thanks for carving the time out for the blog. It does sound like your calendar is packed. Your tree is adorable. Is that the one you put gifts under? I would think they would spill out into the room. I can almost feel your Christmas excitement.

    I want to Thank You also for all you give us. Each release is a major milestone on my personal calendar. Especially reading of Eve’s grumpiness, and Peabody’s special humor helps smooth out my individual lumps. It’s all appreciated.

    I hope your Christmas is everything you wanted.

  4. I’m glad that your vertigo seems to have ended. I totally understand since I am dealing with the same thing. My doctor had me take physical therapy , but not much difference. I’m also using a cane with feet which is frustrating. I mean, I am a little old lady, but I don’t want to look it.

    I’m very eager to read the next series. I get so much enjoyment from your books. Right now I am rereading the brides quartet. It is a fun series. I want to be just like Parker when I grow up. Enjoy your next vacation. You’ve earned it.

    Mickey Merritt
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  5. Oh my gosh! Does that yellow glow in the dark? Bet it does. A very Merry and Happy Christmas to all! My dad has moved closer, so I will revel in having him here for the holidays and we’ll have as much fun as the weather allows. At 84 he’s decided if it’s snowing out, he ain’t going – lol.

  6. An early Merry Christmas ? and Happpy New Year to you, BW, your sons, Katness, growing rapidly grandkids and rest of family. Don’t forget Laurs!
    You have given your fans do much enjoyment this year, whether writing as Nora, or my favorite, JD!

    I went through a horrible period of pre and post surgery depression and pain. I’m still dealinh dealimj with the pain on a bad, but more tolerable level. I couldn’t read (a first for me since I was 4-1/2 yrs old, I ‘ll be 70 in 3 months) and barely ate (still down 14 pounds). I decided to go back to the beginning. A collapsed ceiling and broken hot water spigot czused me to lose my entire paperback & HC library of 4 custom made, 12ft high bookcases. I had many books autographed by you from the VERY early days, including “Without a Trace” and “Dance to the Piper”, the O’Hurley’s, pre JD(Eve). Fortunately, I had started buying your older books for my NOOK. I love going on vacation and reading about the location I’m in, while on vacation. Even though I had the very first “Naked in Death” in paperback, when it started to yellow and curl at the edges, I bought the digital copy. I had also just bought the new HC copy of “Naked in Death” earlier this year, which was ruined! I now have about 25 of the Naked books in digital format. Fortunately, I was away and had my NOOK with me, when the accident happened. I have about 1, 268 books in my NOOK and decided to try reading “Naked in Death” to perk me up. That did it! I ‘m still sad over Echoes, Apprentic and all the other HC and paperback books I lost, especially as the insurance company considers them “used” and worth almost nothing, but reading about the start of Eve and Roarke and how they’re love has grown and how both have become better people & better at their professions has helped me tremendously! I hope I get B&N gift cards for Christmas and my birthday. My plan is ti buy digital copies of the Naked books I don’t have, and start buying HC copies of all the books. They’ll be the start of my new library.

    Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! Thank you for the break from the deep depression!

    1. Hi Laura. I just have to say that I read your email to Nora today. I hope your feeling much better now after the op. It’s going to take a while probably isn’t it? I know what you mean though about losing ALL those books?. I’d feel devastated if it were me. I moved a few years back now & HAD to pare down my books. It was heartbreaking. And that was BEFORE I’d started reading Nora/J.D. Now my collection is quite good again & on the iPad but I still remember the chicks I had to give up. Books are life aren’t they. Not just knowledge, they can be friends on a sleepless night. Travel companions, comfort in pain. Anyway I just thought you’d like to know there are others out here who think just l8ke you about books. Take care & feel well soon xx

  7. Love to read your blog. Your books have helped me through a hard summer. Our 36 year old daughter had several strokes with some kidney and bleeding problems thrown in and a horrendous bedsore. We’re so thankful she survived but we spent many days and nights by her bedside. She’s home with us now so we can take care of her. She loves your books too. The Wednesday before thanksgiving is always known as pie day in our house. Merry Christmas to your family. Everyone be thankful and appreciate your family because you never know what the future holds.

  8. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless you and your family, and Laura and her family, too.

  9. Dearest Nora,

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy holiday season to connect with your fans. I for one do appreciate it so much. It’s fun knowing and seeing little bits and pieces of your life.

    Thank you too for all the wonderful writing you do. I escape all the time into your books. Especially the In Death series. I’m always looking forward to the newest releases to see what your brilliant mind is up to next!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope you enjoy your holiday completely and get some rest in there too somewhere.


    Donna Hill
    Hurst, TX

  10. Dear Nora,
    A very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you and your whole family. Thank you for allowing us glimpses into your real world as well as your fictional ones!

  11. Nora, Wishing you and Laura and your loved ones the best of the season. Your Christmas decorations are wonderful. I am currently rereading “Fantasy in Death”, having started rereading the series from the beginning after reading the most recent book from the library. (I have all your books in paperback.) My PVR has been filling up because I’d rather read about Eve and Roarke and the gang than watch TV. 🙂

  12. Many happy wishes to you and your entire assembled gang for another special holiday season. Sorry to hear about your vertigo and hope it doesn’t reappear any time soon. I’ve found that staying hydrated helps stave off an attack. It’s no fun being seasick on dry, stable land!

    Thanks to you, Laura and Kat for sharing. Happy New Year.?

  13. Happy Holidays to you and BW and Laura and her husband. Your pictures of the tree and mantle look gorgeous and festive.
    As I am just now sitting down in my recliner and reading your blog, I am resting up. I patient sit with an elderly lady, and was with her on thanksgiving, we had to celebrate ours today.
    I baked two pies yesterday ( one Chocolate ? and one banana pudding pie)
    Today I cooked turkey breast, ham, dressing with gravy, mac and cheese ?, baby limas, deviled eggs, creamed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls and made several gallons of sweet tea . ( cooking all that is a job all by itself) then there was the grand babies to play with, and the cleaning up afterwards.
    Finding a place to store it in the fridge was a hoot! But I finally managed it.
    Now I’m sitting here relaxing in my recliner, have just read your blog and am typing this long text. Lol. It was a long and tiring day, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    I think now I’m gonna head to my room, put on a vid of something blowing up or maybe rewatch Atomic Blonde again. Watch Charlize Theron kick some major ass, and call it a night!
    Happy Holidays to all of you and goodnight!??

  14. I”m not surprised u have vertigo- I got dizzy just from reading about your crazy schedule. My husband had vertigo for 2 years- we tried it all- the head twisting to move the ear crystals, the therapy, etc. The only thing that worked, upon a doc’s recommendation, & it’s non-toxic to boot- was 4-5,000 mcg of vitamin b12, sublingual, every morning. I suggested it to a friend w/the same problem. When she went to the health food store & asked for b12, he asked her- why, are you dizzy? She called me up 2 weeks later to thank me- it worked.

    Thanks for updating us , & more than that- thanks for the gift you give us- the ID books are on the top of my list.

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. May you be blessed this holiday season.

  16. Nora – wishing you and yours a wonderful, love filled holiday. Your books and blogs have truly brightened my year! And Laura – the same wishes go out for you and your family!!!

  17. Happy, happy holidays! There is nothing like watching schmaltzy holiday movies! I love them all! Looking forward to more books and blogs!

  18. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Nora.
    I so appreciate your books, and little stories of your life via emails.

  19. Nora & Laura: My goodness, after reading all of the above comments, there is not much I can add. Your fans truly care for you and so enjoy your books, blogs, etc. You share your life with us and that’s makes the books even more special. So a huge thank you to you, Nora, and Laura, and your families who don’t mind sharing yourselves with us. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  20. Merry Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to share… and to write. You make our lives all the merrier!

  21. It was so fun to read your words and view the pics. Thanks for keeping us all in mind, we who hang on your every book. Worked all weekend to put my house into the holiday mood; just a few more tweeks to the tree tonight and I’m home free. Sitting here watching it rain, hoping it will turn to snow (not yet, dang!) will make the preparations complete. Hate to say it, but I’m glad Thanksgiving came “early” this year — makes for a longer Christmas season, and more time to prepare.

    Nora, Laura: Merriness to you and yours during these holidays, may you enjoy the comforts of hearth and home, warmth of family and friends, yummy food and lots of adult beverages.

    Until the next, love and hugs from Julie in the Rockies.

    PS – what do you get those adorable dogs for Christmas?

  22. I wish for you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I enjoy the fact that I was probably watching the same schmaltzy Christmas shows at the same time! I hope you are able to take some time to smell the poinsettias during your busy December schedule!

  23. Nora, que todas as bênçãos recaiam sobre você e sua família, neste e em todos os natais que vierem.
    Obrigada por sua criatividade que torna meus dias muito mais felizes e agradáveis.
    Tomara que seus livros sejam publicados mais rapidamente, aqui no Brasil.
    Tenho muito orgulho de compartilhar com meus amigos que tenho todos os livros escritos por você e publicados em meu país. Algumas vezes, em formatos diferentes, tanto em publicação digital, como em papel!
    Obrigada querida, pela felicidade que você proporciona a todos os seus fãs. E, que tudo isso retorne em dobro para o seu clã!

  24. Merry Christmas to both Nora and Laura! Thanks so much for the update and sharing your holiday decorations. I got an early Christmas present last night- I am attending the first murder mystery party at Inn Boonsboro in January! My first time to stay there, though we come to Boonsboro every year for my birthday (turn the page, warrior pizza and battlefield tours!) we have been nursing a geriatric pup so always stayed in pet friendly places since I wouldn’t board him. I’ve been so sad since he passed right before thanksgiving, and my dear husband has decided to take me to the only place on my bucket list that can cheer me up. Year One will be MINE that weekend- I’m going to wait to buy it from Turn the Page in person! Anyone who has stayed at Westley and Buttercup- sing out. I’m really excited about the whole weekend and I can’t wait!!

    1. Sympathies on your loss. We lost our sweet Pancho a few weeks ago. It’s so hard.

      I’ve stayed in W&B! I think you’ll love it–and I hope you enjoy the inn’s first murder mystery party.

      1. Oh Nora – so sorry for YOUR loss too. They really leave a huge hole. Hubby says no more dogs, but he has to go out of town, or sleep, sometime. I am re reading Inn Boonsboro trilogy in anticipation of the weekend, and the dogs in the Montgomery family are truly as much part of the story as the characters!

  25. Happy Holidays, Nora and family.

    And so cool Eve Dallas/In Death series was a Jeopardy! question tonight.

  26. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours…
    May this season fill your hearts with joy, peace , and love.
    And may this season find you surrounded by friends, family,
    and fun.

    Love you and the worlds you take us to.
    Peace out.

  27. a total non sequitur: For Nora and her fertile imagination
    WSJ Monday November 2017 Article
    Murder, she built…an exhibit at the Smithsonian. Frances Glessner Lee and the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

  28. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. I have my Christmas ready and will spend time reading and family and cooking and being Thankful for every thing I have. A wonderful family, good friends and Grand kids… Just have a new one now…. a little boy so all is good. Enjoy your crazy and I will take your advice, eat a cookie and light a candle… Beth xx

  29. Just read the entry about you losing Pancho. Dammit. As a pet parent, I am SO sorry for your loss. Please accept my most sincere sympathies.

  30. This was an amazing saga – I wish I had waited for Year Two and Year Three, so I could read all three and know that the world had come to a good place.

    I love your novels. I am addicted to your Eve and Roarke stories, but I enjoy everything you have written. I can see how you have evolved and how you blend previous story lines into newer stories. I look forward to future novels of all genres. Congratulations for a wonderful dystopian trilogy! You have a talent that transcends romance fiction!

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